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48 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Reggie Watts. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Reggie Watts, often where they are interviewed.

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48 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Reggie Watts. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Reggie Watts, often where they are interviewed.

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Best Of Stand Up From Conan: 2010-2011 (ft. Ron Funches, Tig Notaro, Kumail Nanjiani, Amy Schumer, and Reggie Watts)

Earwolf Presents: Black Voices Friday Curated By Jacquis Neal
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To keep you entertained at home, we're rereleasing some classic Earwolf and Premium episodes from behind the paywall! You can find the rest of this series on Stitcher Premium.

This week Laurie presents stand-up sets from Conan in 2010 and 2011, including sets from Ron Funches, Tig Notaro, Kumail Nanjiani, Amy Schumer, and Reggie Watts.

Jun 17 2020



Ep. 45: Joe Rogan & Reggie Watts use Brave browser, Brave reaches 15M monthly users, Brave #2 app in Japan

BAT Community Podcast
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The Weekly BAT + Podcast Ep. 45 (Jun 8, 2020) — Brave surpasses 15M MAU & 5M DAU and flies 1530 privacy-preserving ad campaigns in 1 year, Brave ranked #2 free app in Japan, Brendan Eich (Brave CEO) on The Outlier Ventures Podcast, Joe Rogan & Reggie Watts reveal they use Brave!

Jun 10 2020



418 - Paul McCartney and Wings - Band on the Run - Reggie Watts

The 500 with Josh Adam Meyers
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Experimental musician and comedian holds Wings in higher regard than frontman Paul McCartney's earlier contributions to rock history, using the group's 1973 album as a prime example of their superiority. For new music influenced by this album, music history and show notes, go to . Join the movement.

Jun 03 2020

1hr 16mins


#1484 - Reggie Watts

The Joe Rogan Experience
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Reggie Watts is a musician, singer, beatboxer, actor, and comedian. His improvised musical sets are created using only his voice, a keyboard, and a looping machine. He is also currently the announcer and band leader on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Jun 02 2020

2hr 46mins

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It’s the most relaxed dream restaurant yet, as this week’s guest is Reggie Watts – comedian, musician and James Corden band leader. This episode was recorded on bean bags in Reggie’s LA studio.

Watch Reggie Watts’ Netflix special ‘Spatial’.

Follow Reggie on Twitter: @reggiewatts

Recorded by Ben Williams and edited by Naomi Parnell for Plosive Productions.

Artwork by Paul Gilbey (photography and design) and Amy Browne (illustrations).

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And go to our website for a list of restaurants recommended on the show.

Watch Ed and James's YouTube series 'Just Puddings'. Watch here.

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May 20 2020



Bandleader, Comedian, and Beatboxer Reggie Watts (From the Archives)

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Vocal artist, comedian, actor, beatboxer, musician, and bandleader Reggie Watts is versatile and unpredictable. But to watch him do his thing live, is even more extraordinary. He's masterful at looping layer upon layer of beats and rhythms, melodies and countermelodies, entirely with his voice, to create a dense and soulful, hip-hop-infused sound. And his hilarious lyrics seem to be pulled out of thin air, improvised with impossibly quick wit. Watch Reggie Watts demonstrate his brilliant skills in an improvised performance in studio in this 2014 performance from the archives. 

May 14 2020



54: Faux Feminists, a Bunny in a Stroller, and Tons of Foreigners (w/ Reggie Watts)

Podcast But Outside
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Another pre-pandemic episode! Guests include a pair of "feminist activists", a nice British bloke visiting his girlfriend's family, and our pal Reggie Watts. Recorded on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles, California.

Apr 22 2020

1hr 2mins


How to "Reopen" California, Taxes in the wake of a pandemic, Reggie Watts

Take Two
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Gov. Newsom on how California can emerge from the quarantine, the deadline for income taxes has been extended to July 15 and some comedy relief with Reggie Watts.

Apr 14 2020



#215: Comedy Bang! Bang! Theme (Cover, by Reggie Watts)

The "Weird Al" Phabet
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It's Comedy Bang! Bang! With tonight's guests: Michael William Hunter! Fun-factavist, Andrew Frola! Featuring our castleader, DJ Splash! And your host, David Spencerman!

Fest of Al 2020 has been POSTPONED.

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Apr 13 2020



Reggie Watts Becomes a Super Hero!

Minor Adventures with Topher Grace
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Today's Minor Adventure: Becoming super heroes!

Adventure-Seeking Guest: Reggie Watts

Supplies Needed:

  • A vivd imagination
  • A villain to defeat
  • A super power

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