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Do You Have a Winner’s (or whiner’s) Mentality with Johnny Wimbrey: From the 2019 archive

Entrepreneurs on Fire

From the archive: This episode was originally recorded and published in 2019. Our interviews on Entrepreneurs On Fire are meant to be evergreen, and we do our best to confirm that all offers and URL's in these archive episodes are still relevant. Johnny Wimbrey inspires people to overcome adversity and achieve greatness! He left behind a world of crime and drugs at 18. He turned his life around and created immense success for himself and others. Top 3 Value Bombs: 1. Winning or Losing is a choice 2. You don’t have to consult your past in order to determine your future. 3. If you're going to act like everyone and anyone, then you are going to become everyone and anyone - and that makes you average. Check out and follow Johnny on Instagram! - Johnny’s Instagram Sponsors: HubSpot: Building a business is challenging enough; your tech stack shouldn’t make it harder! Learn how HubSpot can help your business grow better at Hubspot.com. Speakeasy: An app that allows you to organize your own live talk show! Visit GetSpeakEasy.com to download the app and start interacting with your audience LIVE!


29 Oct 2022

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Ep 201: From Teenage Felon To a Multi-Millionaire || Guest: Johnny Wimbrey

The Dash Podcast

Becoming a millionaire is a mindset and world renowned speaker/author Johnny Wimbrey teaches us how he went from a life of crime to a life of making millions, legally! Learn the small changes that made a HUGE difference!


14 Jun 2022

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SPS 139: From The Hood To Doing Good with Johnny Wimbrey (The Millionaire Author Mindset)

Self Publishing School: How To Write A Book That Grows Your Impact, Income, And Business

Today I'm joined by Johnny Wimbrey, author of "From The HOOD To Doing Good" and "Building A Millionaire Mindset". We talk about: -How to overcome adversity & imposter syndrome to write your book -What is the Millionaire Mindset - and how you can use it to be more successful as an author -Why I chose self publishing for my first few books, and why I’m traditionally publishing my most recent book I hope you enjoy this episode!Watch the free training: https://selfpublishing.com/freetrainingSchedule a no-cost call with our team: https://selfpublishing.com/schedule


12 Jan 2022

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Building a Millionaire Mindset - Johnny Wimbrey

Book Talk @ Book Place

Johnny’s incredible rags-to-riches story touches a chord in audiences from cultures from around the globe. He transformed his life from poverty and abandonment into wealth and opportunity. When he had nothing but dreams, he created a unique high-energy style that is as sought-after as an international currency. Because he has literally been there and done that, people feel the connection to him that they have never felt to any other public personality. He inspires his listeners who dare to take the “Journey to Wealth” with him, no matter what their background, race or religion. Connect with him on https://www.johnnywimbrey.com/


8 Jan 2022

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Kick-off October w/ Your Black Diamond | Flight School w/ Johnny Wimbrey, October 2, 2021

Flight School

1hr 30mins

4 Oct 2021

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Building a Millionaire Mindset with Johnny Wimbrey

Just Start Real Estate with Mike Simmons

For this episode, I am excited to welcome Johnny Wimbrey, an internationally-acclaimed talk show host, #1 best-selling author, and motivational speaker whose charismatic nature inspires everyone from inner-city youth to corporate moguls and celebrities. Author and writer of the best-selling book, From the Hood to Doing Good, Johnny has just released his new book, Building a Millionaire Mindset: How to Use the Pillars of Entrepreneurship to Gain, Maintain, and Sustain Long-Lasting Wealth. Johnny Wimbrey expounds on critical concepts in his book and also shares his incredible rags-to-riches story with us in this powerful interview. Johnny introduces himself and shares his personal and professional history. He describes his rough past and run-ins with the law, noting how this affected his ability to get a job since it deterred companies from hiring him.  Talking about his book, Building a Millionaire Mindset, Johnny points out how it focuses on the mindset regarding wealth, describing that he wrote it like he was writing to teach his descendants how to keep making wealth. He strongly recommends the book for first-generation millionaires as it explains the impact of your inner voice on your success and the success of your children. We discuss the need to walk away from negative or harmful situations that you may encounter in life. This is done by exercising your mental muscle, the muscle of being able to walk away from controversy and acting as if you have something to lose. Mike also explains the importance of a successful mindset over being spoon-fed with tactics or methods. Johnny agrees that the inheritance for his kids is not his money but the principles to manage the money. Johnny narrates the experience of trying to turn his life around, what he characterizes as participating in your own rescue. He describes his work as a temporary insurance agent and trying to get his license during this time. He details the many failures along the way, and the persistent effort he put at each point of failing, taking part in rescuing himself from the impending demise that would have been a fallout of his previous actions.  Johnny explains the importance of having a mentor to hold you accountable for actions taken and how dangerous it can be to not have another person’s council. A mentor can't just be a cheerleader as they are supposed to shake you up and help you make real change in your life. Johnny stressed that you can't mentor anybody unless you have a genuine interest to see them level up in life. I asked Johnny to describe what he means by being busy versus being productive. He said when people equate this to be the same thing it is a huge lie. Being productive requires intention and direction. If someone takes a step towards something and it has nothing to do with their goal, even if it is helpful in another area, it cannot be considered as truly productive in regard to what they have said is important to them. Additionally, if being busy doesn't mean being productive, it follows that you can be productive without constantly being busy. We also discussed how adopting someone else's mentality wholesale should not your reality. In every industry there are influencers and you have to be able to discern between voices that are in line with your goals and voices of disruption. How people around you see the world should not affect you and you have to break out of such a mindset. Johnny points out that a friend is a person, place, or thing that's going to push you towards your goals while a foe is a person, place, or thing that's going to pull you away from your goals. You can't allow someone else's thinking to become your reality because if you do, it could change the DNA that you were designed to put out in this lifetime. Johnny’s book is filled with actionable steps and instructions to provide the reader an opportunity to live each experience that goes beyond the written words. You will not want to miss this powerful interview on the Just Start Real Estate Podcast with popular influencer and successful businessman, Johnny Wimbrey! Notable Quotes: "My story is basically this: where you come from doesn't have to dictate where you're going, your past doesn't have to determine your future." Johnny Wimbrey "It's just amazing what abundance some people start with and not appreciate how much farther ahead they actually started." Mike Simmons "The bottom line is, what voice are you going to entertain the most? That is the reality you are going to manifest." Johnny Wimbrey "How do you develop muscles if you're not forced to lift anything?" Mike Simmons "We are not raising 'try' babies. We are raising 'do' babies" Johnny Wimbrey "One of the worst things you can do to someone is to give them something they didn't earn or have no idea what to do with." Mike Simmons "If I give you fish, I rescued you. If I teach you how to fish, you rescued yourself." Johnny Wimbrey "You can't mentor someone unless you have a genuine interest to see them level up in life." Johnny Wimbrey "You don't need permission to create accountability." Johnny Wimbrey "Taking risks takes a moment, but not taking that risk becomes a lifestyle that leads to regret." Johnny Wimbrey "You either do or you don't." Johnny Wimbrey Links: From the Hood to Doing Good Building a Millionaire Mindset Johnny’s Website Mike’s FREE Coaching 7 Figure Flipping Return on Investments Just Start Real Estate JSRE on Facebook Mike on Facebook Mike on Instagram Mike on LinkedIn Mike on Twitter Level Jumping: How I Grew My Business to Over $1 Million in Profits in 12 Months


15 Mar 2021

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⭐ Best Selling Author & Motivational Speaker: Johnny Wimbrey LIVE Interview! #OAGOT

Over A Glass Or Two

Episode 176 - Feb 21, 2021⭐ Johnny Wimbrey LIVE Interview! #OAGOTJohnny Wimbrey is a Best Selling Author, World Renowned Motivational Speaker, & Celebrity Life Coach on #overaglassortwo 💯@wimbrey https://www.johnnywimbrey.com/ https://www.facebook.com/JohnnyWimbrey/ https://youtube.com/c/JohnnyWimbreyBuilding A Millionaire Mindset:https://www.amazon.com/dp/1260475077/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_imm_t1_F2T6AM2W8C08PP5G2KJYFrom The Hood To Doing Good:https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IKSCA7U/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_t1_8B21Y4MQCNETZ5GWRM8KMultiple Streams Of Inspiration:https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IKSC1TC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_t1_NF1EBMRJS5HKHPJJNH7C#OAGOT #filipinopodcast #newyork #newjersey #pinoyusapodcast #pinoypodcast #pinaypodcast #filipinapodcast #filampodcast #PodcastPH #OFWpodcast #OFW #JohnnyWimbrey #MotivationalMonday #BeMotivated--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/oagot/support

1hr 36mins

22 Feb 2021

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JOHNNY WIMBREY I Somebody's going to win big today... so it might as well be YOU

Leap of Faith

Join over 3,000 entrepreneurs who used this FREE resource below to max out their online business below!Link: https://www.sashakarabut.com/optin-372321411584504259362Today we go live with motivational speaker and best-selling author, Johnny Wimbrey.  Johnny is known world-wide for his solid reputation as a dynamic motivational communicator along with his best-selling books “From the HOOD to Doing Good” and “Building a Millionaire Mindset”.  By seizing control of his life and developing a brand-new mindset, Johnny was able to change his lifestyle by leaving a world of drugs, has created a business that's now worth over nine-figures, and is presently living the life of a multi-millionaire.During our discussion he expresses how he was always a risk-taker, but needed help calculating risks. How he turned over his weapon to a minister and dramatically changed his life… for the better.  He transformed his life from poverty and abandonment into wealth and opportunity.He recounts his youth and recalls memories of his father and how his words changed his life forever.Johnny’s story is a true inspiration to many, and one I highly encourage everyone to hear.Follow our guests:Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wimbrey/Twitter: https://twitter.com/wimbrey?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5EauthorFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/wimbreyFollow Sasha below:Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sasha_karabut/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PushPeakMentoring/Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfVhWUtWBs_Hm-FrQJot8-Q


27 Jan 2021

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Black Diamond Takeover- Johnny Wimbrey

Flight School

2hr 29mins

14 Oct 2020

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Growing Bolder: Johnny Wimbrey; Sheila McCauley Keyes; Tony Handler; Anne Karpf

Growing Bolder

It's never too late to turn your life around. Johnny Wimbrey was smoking pot by 8, dealing crack by 14 and grew up living in shelters and on the streets. Today, he's a top motivational speaker. He explains how to flip the switch in your own life. Plus, Rosa Parks' niece looks back on her aunt's extraordinary legacy, sharing never-before-told stories from the family's perspective.


21 Jun 2020