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Interview with Jessica Johnson (NTSP)

MTMV Sports Podcast Network

C-Micah & Rob Redeemed interview concert promoter Jessica Johnson.  They also ask, "Why are Christians Timid regarding certain jokes?"  Plus get music from 1KPhew feat. 1KPson and a Live performance by Phil J.--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


27 Aug 2022

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Pivoting to a Copywriting Business with Jessica Johnson

The Fit Femmes Movement

In this episode, Julia chats with Jessica Johnson, owner of content marketing agency Buzzworthy Content. They discussed her journey of leaving her job and starting a business in the health and wellness industry and eventually realizing that her calling was in copywriting.   After scaling her business to multi 6-figures in its first year, Jessica now mentors writers on how to create their own profitable freelance business as their own boss. She has a degree in journalism, has been featured in HuffPost and Ad Age, has managed global content teams, and is the host of the Bright Life Podcast, sharing conversations with women around entrepreneurship, self-development, and how to create their biggest, brightest lives.   We hope that this episode gives you so much inspiration and permission to reinvent yourself whether you’re just leaving your 9-5 or you’re starting a new business.   To connect with Jessica, you can go to her website https://hijessicajohnson.com, her IG https://instagram.com/hijessicajohnson, & YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrKIn2_xqPJ-ssvxNsERuVg.   You can download her Free Copywriter Starter Kit: https://bit.ly/copywriterkit   To connect with Julia, you can go to her FB page: https://www.facebook.com/fitfemmesmovement/ or IG www.instagram.com/juliamhickman.   If you’re ready to start your dream business, OR launch or hand off the management of your podcast to Julia and her team, you can schedule a free discovery call here: www.calendly.com/juliahickman/gettoknowyou


21 Jul 2022

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The Importance of Differentiating Emotion From Intuition with Jessica Johnson

Super Expander

I think authenticity is one of the most sexy things that there is in a human being. And Jessica Johnson is really one of the most authentic and genuine human beings that I have ever met. She is a light in the world. She shares so much of herself and really just shares the realness that I feel is kind of a rare thing these days. Jessica Johnson is a seven-figure online business coach that helps coaches and course creators gain clients through social media. There is so much gold in this conversation that I just cannot wait to share with you. Connect with Jessica on IG @jessicajohnsonofficial Check out her website: www.smartcoach.com Connect with me on IG @corene.phelps


23 Jun 2022

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#312 Blessings From Tragedy: Jessica Johnson Witnesses Her Sister's Eating Disorder First Hand and Has Her Own Fight With One


Today is a slightly different rendition of this series. I actually got to sit down with Jessica Johnson, the sister of Nicole, who we had on last week to detail her experience overcoming an eating disorder. Her sister came on and gave her perspective of Nicole's situation and what that was like and played into her own brief battle with an eating disorder. It's another powerful, perspective giving episode that I very much enjoyed and I hope you do too. The Website Project Heal Jessica's Blog #309 Nicole's Story--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/theramblingviking/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/theramblingviking/support


20 May 2022

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Murder Mystery or Suicide - The Death of Jessica Johnson Debrief Part 2

The Murder Project

In this episode Justin and Mike breakdown the mysterious case of Jessica Johnson. We take a deep dive into this one so if you are not comfortable with the topic at hand, you might want to sit this one out. As always, we don't go into graphic detail and try to be respectable to the parties involved. I would also like to apologies to True Crime Daily for messing up the reference in the part 1 episode. The have a really good article on the case and I would recommend anyone click on the part 1 episode and read the link in the description. Thank y'all for listening to the podcast and showing us some love. We really appreciate it and look forward to bringing everyone new episodes. If you are listening on Apple or Spotify, please hit those 5 stars if you feel we are worthy, and Apple listeners please leave us a review. It helps us out more than you know. Thank you to everyone that has already done so. Much love everyone and I'll see you on episode 50 for 2 not Cops!!!

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28 Apr 2022

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Murder Mystery or Suicide? The Death of Jessica Johnson Part 1

The Murder Project

This week we are going to be covering the mysterious death of Jessica Johnson. The reason it is such a mystery is because of the divide in how people think Jessica met her unfortunate death. Police are going to rule this as a suicide, and it looks like the public is taking the opinion it was a murder. How could we have such a difference in opinion? Well, the investigation appears to have some large holes in it as well as mistakes. Plus, we find ourselves in a situation where we go to look for evidence that has disappeared. Jessica was last seen alive on June 1, 2017 and was found tied or hung (depending on opinion) to a mailbox on June 2, 2017. We have some suspicious characters and events involved and that leaves most of us with a lot of unanswered questions. In this weeks 'sode, Justin will give you the details and be looking for the debrief that will drop the following week where Justin and Mike break the case down further. The upcoming debrief will be a deep dive into the crime scene and investigation.If you are still reading this, please subscribe to the podcast on Spotify or whatever platform you are listening on that has it available. If you are listening on Apple Podcast, hit that subscribe button, leave us a review, and hit that 5 stars. Please and thank you.Sources for this episode include:Suicide or murder: What happened to Jessica Johnson? | Truecrimedaily.comJessica Johnson Murder: How Did She Die? Who Killed Her? Update (thecinemaholic.com)


21 Apr 2022

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199: Being Vulnerable with Jessica Johnson

Bikini Diaries

This episode gets JUICY! Today's bikini pro comes to us from the other side of the world, Australia. Not only will you love her story, but you will also love her accent. This beauty spent six years in the military. After finishing up her contract she became a bikini pro and full-time coach living on the beachside. What a dream! We go deep into her story of becoming pro, the closure of a past relationship, her experience going through therapy, and the huge role this played in her life. Life is tough, and this beauty doesn't shy away from the real stuff. I am so excited to have IFBB Bikini Professional Jessica Johnson with us today! Here's what you'll hear: [4:15] - Bikini Hack  [16:00] - Deciding to go into the military [19:15] - What did you study? [20:00] - Where did the desire to do fitness come from? [26:00] - Tips for getting started in this industry [30:30] - Was there pressure to be a pro when starting your coaching business? [35:00] - Does Australia normally only give out one pro card a year? [37:00] - What was it like going for your pro card this year? [39:30] - What helped you peak perfectly? [41:40] - Living with an ex and going through a breakup during prep season [51:00] - Seeing a therapist and doing the inner work [1:01:30] - How would you describe yourself without using the things that you do [1:08:30] - Future goals [1:11:00] - Bikini Diaries Find Jessica on Youtube and IG @jessjohnsonfitness https://www.jessjohnsonfitness.com/ ----->Head HERE for your FREEBIES, coupon codes, and other links! https://vibe-athletics.mykajabi.com/links

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8 Feb 2022

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26: Sparks of Inspiration w/ Jessica Johnson

Fain House Radio: Creative Living Podcast

By the age of six Jessica Johnson was already hooked on singing and loved collecting her seashell, snake skin, rock "treasures." Eventually she picked up the guitar, studied herbalism and wellness, started a garden and became a mother. Through struggles along the way she has found that lots of healing and creativity can come from being in community with others. She reminds us that if you need to take a break or hit the reset button on your creative path, tell yourself you'll be back again some day soon and always stay open to the sparks of inspiration as they come. Learn more about Jessica and her work here: Website: www.familynestwellness.com Shop: www.etsy.com/shop/LilaHerbals Instagram: @jess_of_joy All things Fain House: -Signup for our email list: www.bit.ly/FainHouse -Website: https://afainhouse.com -Instagram: @fainhouse & @fainhouseradio -Donate to support this podcast: https://paypal.me/anniefain?locale.x=en_US Your Quote for the Day: “Making the simple complex is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity.” ~Charles Mingus


2 Feb 2022

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034: Critical Driscoll Theory: Dr. Jessica Johnson on The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill Podcast

Veterans of Culture Wars

Dr. Jessica Johnson (author of Biblical Porn: Affect, Labor, and Pastor Mark Driscoll's Evangelical Empire) returns to talk about her new piece in Religion Dispatches critiquing Christianity Today's "The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill" podcast. We also discuss Driscoll's recent pamphlet "Christian Theology Vs Critical Theory".  Read her article here: https://religiondispatches.org/sharing-many-of-the-same-flaws-as-its-subject-the-rise-and-fall-of-mars-hill-podcast-puts-blame-anywhere-but-where-it-belongs/ Follow Dr. Jessica Johnson on Twitter:  @dr_jessjohnson Order Dr. Jessica Johnson's book "Biblical Porn" here:  https://www.dukeupress.edu/biblical-porn Mentioned on the Pod: Book:  Richard Delgado "Critical Race Theory.  Order here:  https://www.worldofbooks.com/en-us/books/richard-delgado/critical-race-theory-third-edition/9781479802760?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIvIqtie_D8wIVxT2tBh3Eygi_EAQYAyABEgIoP_D_BwE#GOR011122618 Book:  Kimberle Crenshaw "On Intersectionality".  Order here:  https://www.target.com/p/on-intersectionality-by-kimberl-crenshaw-hardcover/-/A-82947255?ref=tgt_adv_XS000000&AFID=google_pla_df&fndsrc=tgtao&DFA=71700000012510700&CPNG=PLA_Entertainment%2BShopping%7CEntertainment_Ecomm_Hardlines&adgroup=SC_Entertainme... Book:  Derrick Bell "And We Are Not Saved:  The Elusive Quest for Racial Justice". Order here:  https://www.thriftbooks.com/w/and-we-are-not-saved-the-elusive-quest-for-racial-justice_derrick-a-bell/315727/item/4398451/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIqa6s0-_D8wIVkLh3Ch2nrwGDEAQYAyABEgL-UfD_BwE#idiq=4398451&edition=2401748 -Check out Zach's music by going to:  https://muzach.bandcamp.com -Read Dave's occasional blogging at:  www.dangeroushope.wordpress.com Twitter: @vcwpod Zach- @muzach Dave- @Davejlester Podcast music by Zach Malm Logo by Zach Malm

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12 Oct 2021

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The Complexities of Being a Single Adult in the Church | An Interview with Jessica Johnson

Leading Saints Podcast

Jessica Johnson works in leadership development with the RBL Group. She holds an MBA from Brigham Young University and previously worked in management and marketing consulting, and in television sports.Highlights2:14 “Tell us about your journey as a single member inside the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints”4:21 What defines your journey as a single member of the church?I’ve been able and willing to serve in any capacity. Not being categorized by others.8:01 Describe the Focus Group work that has been happening in relation to this Single Saints Summit: It’s non-scientific data gathering from single adults across the United States.9:35 How do we help single member feel more welcome or more like they belong? Use President Hinckley’s advice about things all converts/members need:A friend (10:47) If someone is sitting alone, it’s ok to ask if they’d like someone to sit by them. But it’s also ok if they want to sit alone. Inviting them is more important. Are there things that you only invite other families to? Or other couples? Single people usually want to be included in those things too. This builds deeper connections. It’s important to know as a single member that someone thinks of you and is concerned for your welfare (especially in a pandemic) Also If you are a single member and feeling overlooked it’s important to speak up! Story of no ministering priesthood assigned. Responsibilities: What calling should a single person have? Any calling! Get to the individual! Story of New Member Meetings. “Callings are an anchor to the ward.” Nurturing with the good word of God: Home-Centered Church Supported…. Singles may love to be invited to participate in family study on occasion. If you are preparing a lesson stop to consider multiple demographics. Single, divorced, widowed etc. do you prepare broadly so all feel included?26:45 Do Single Adults in the church prefer a single ward over a neighborhood ward?Globally single wards not available It’s up to the individuals in the areas that have them. It’s also important that they be allowed to choose, not told where to attend.30:00 Story of “You’re NOT welcome here”; figure out the “warm hand-off”32:00 What do good-intentioned people say to singles in the church, that they should stop saying?Check your blind spots: do you have biases or superficial relationships? The single members don’t want to be labeled or lumped into groups. Get rid of the “ites.” Men will often refuse to meet with single women, especially in their homes. It’s smart to be cautious, but it’s also important to be thoughtful and kind. Sometimes there’s a hierarchy that is referenced that single lives are “less than or less celestial” than married lives. They don’t need pity or assumptions that they don’t live up to their covenants. Read Elder Gong’s GC talk “Room in the Inn.”37:28 Have you noticed improvements in the way Single Adults are treated over the last few years?In GC talks, for sure! It’s cultural to have “menace to society talks” that needs to stop. Most people engage in the self-similarity principle: we need to step out of that. “Can’t we just treat all people like they are individuals?”40:17 Are the needs of the single/divorced/widowed etc. treated differently?In short yes. It’s important to remember that we will never become one in Christ if we keep defining people by their differences. People don’t want to be known by their marital statuses.42:00 Final Thoughts?Get to know individuals Take time to know or understand what it is like to walk in others' shoes.LinksRead the TRANSCRIPT of this podcast.


18 Sep 2021