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Nutrition For Energy, Brain Power & Stress Relief w/ Chris Albert

Better Health & Body Radio

Coach Coop sits down with Marine Corps veteran, podcast host, and trainer, Chris Albert.  Once a homeless veteran, Chris shares how he rebuilt his life and health to become a worldwide trainer & positive influence in the veteran community. Together, they talk about nutrition, sleep, training, and issues affecting the veteran community.  Chris is one of the originals in the keto wave and talks about how his nutrition has evolved since. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS How Chris went from a homeless, struggling veteran to a worldwide trainer and personality in the veteran community Nutrition that helped Chris with his autoimmune condition How a lack of quality nutrition affects the health and performance of those in the military How bad lifestyle habits when you're young stack up Chris's nutrition, sleep, and lifestyle advice for veterans Top Supplements for brain health Vitamin D & ketones as a neuroprotectant and recovering from traumatic brain injury (TBI) Chris & Matt's top supplements for the brain, energy, mental & emotional health Supplements to reduce anxiety Listen to the Warrior Soul Podcast Connect w/ Chris on IG Connect w/ Chris on Twitter Connect w/ Chris on FB--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


28 Sep 2021

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How to Overcome Setbacks and Achieve Your Goals with Chris Albert

Be Better with Michael Kurland

Chris Albert is a trainer, entrepreneur and US Marine Corps Veteran. As host of The Warrior Soul Podcast, Chris delivers strategies and information to help the US Military Veteran Community. In today’s show, Chris shares how you can pick yourself up after setbacks to achieve your personal and professional goals.


23 Aug 2021

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EP 59: Warrior Soul with Chris Albert

Postmodern Patriot Podcast

My guest on today’s show is Chris is the founder of Warrior Soul Agoge, which is a community of Veterans seeking to reawaken and hone their warrior spirits for success in the modern world. With the Agoge consisting of an apparel line, a podcast, and a mastermind group called the Warrior’s Obituary Society. Prior to this Chris was an Infantry Marine, Founder of a major gym in Long Beach California, and pursued a doctorate in political science and has developed skills as a social scientist. His story is an honest one, full of ups, and downs that I think each one of us can relate to. I’m excited to share that story with my listenership. Links from today’s showMy interview on the Warrior Soul Podcast Stats on the relationship between crime and fatherlessness Is Alcoholism hereditary or genetic?Mike Rashid C.T. FletcherThe correlation of success in life and being a member of a Fraternity or Sorority Delphi 48 Laws of Power Gary John Bishop The Brother KaramazovWarrior Soul: The Grand Inquisitor Fearvana: The revolutionary science of how to turn fear into Health, Wealth, and Happiness This Podcast is Brought to you By: Our MISSIONThe Aaron Redd Foundation is a 501C3 Charity dedicated to inspiring hope, strength, and joy in our communities by supporting programs and opportunities that encourage leadership, honor, and respect in our youth, and aiding veterans, active duty military, first responders, and their families in times of need.I’m a huge fan of the Aaron Redd Foundation and fortunate enough to sit on their scholarship committee. I hope you all will support the organization however you can. Thank you. Support ARFThink our Podcast is Awesome!! Subscribe below. I-TunesAndroidCheck out some of our other posts and episodes.TT 28: Breaking Ranks TT 27: Thinking Generationally TT26: The Unraveling of The American Myth TT25: The Fall of Kabul Part Two TT24: The Fall of Kabul Join Our Email List Join my email list Processing… Success! You're on the list. Whoops! There was an error and we couldn't process your subscription. Please reload the page and try again.

9 Sep 2020

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Psychedelics & Ceremony: Our US Veterans Healing and Showing the Way: Episode #37, Chris Albert

Worth The Fight Podcast

Bridging Military Service-time to Civilian Life w/ Psychedelic Medicines & Ceremony with Warrior Soul: Chris Albert, the host of the Warrior Soul podcast, is a peaceful warrior doing vitally important work for our veteran nation. In our podcast conversation, we outline why our struggling but resilient war veterans are poised to lead our great nation into the unknown and precariously challenging times forthcoming. Chris’ servant's heart and commitment to leading and loving by example are deeply inspiring. Episode #37 Chris Albert/Warrior Soul - Psychedelics & Ceremony: Our US Veterans Healing and Showing the Way  We Discuss;  3:15 - How psychedelic medicines informed Chris' path and his service. His first DMT experience and what he learned about his past lives.  12:47 - Chris' military service, what life was like for him after The Marines, and his current orientation toward service and ceremony.   22:12 - Misconceptions about war veterans and combat trauma, and post-service civilian life trauma.   29:34 - Thoughts about what is going on in our current world; George Floyd, police force, individual freedom, and how we all need each other, and to work together, for society to work.  36:30 - Labels and the concepts/stories that we're told and we tell ourselves. Chris opens up about his parents and the stories he's told himself for 40 years.  40:13 - Chris' podcast, The Warrior Soul Podcast, and empowering the veteran community. Chris' favorite podcast guest? Robert Greene (https://warriorsoulagoge.com/articles/robert-greene)  45:29 - Thoughts on a love revolution centered around healing the hearts and minds of war veterans.  Sponsor Info: This show is supported by: Worth The Fight Book - Social Tags: Connect with Chris Albert @warriorsoulagoge www.warriorsoulagoge.com


29 Jun 2020

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Existing Vs Living - Chris Albert (E95)

The Gospel of Fire

Chris Albert is a serial entreprenur and US Marine Corps veteral with a passion for bringing out the best in people. His company Warrior Soul and podcast by the same name empower veterans to live their best lives through tools, tactics, and strategies to help them become the most resilient versions of themselves. We discuss his career in the Marine Corps, how he went from living in his car to changing people's lives, the reality of veteran suicide, and more.


4 May 2020

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Conversation #151 (ep.258) - Chris Albert - Marine Veteran & Host of the Warrior Soul Podcast

The Kristof Lewis Podcast

Chris Albert is a Marine Veteran and the host of The Warrior Soul Podcast. Chris and I speak about making YouTube videos while living in his car, we deep dive into analysis of our initial thoughts, who the sleeping giants of the country are, and so much more! DOUBLE THE EPISODES ON AUDIO: www.kristoflewis.com/podcast View the Conversation on YOUTUBE: Subscribe Now! Conversation #151 is LIVE on your favorite podcast app or www.kristoflewis.com/podcast. https://www.instagram.com/kristoflewis www.kristoflewis.com/podcast https://www.instagram.com/warriorsoulagoge https://warriorsoulagoge.com https://warriorsoulagoge.com/the-podcast A few dollars goes a long way! Donate to help keep the Conversations going ~ https://patron.podbean.com/kristoflewispodcast


13 Apr 2020

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Soul Healing For Warriors| Chris Albert

Beyond Homo Sapien

Go to https://beyondhomosapien.com/phoenix/ to check out the Phoenix beta program. Soul Healing For Warriors Soul healing is a topic that rings of hippy woowoo nonsense. Especially when considering an audience of military veterans, connection with the soul is oftentimes seen as the realm of charlatans. However, a deep warrior culture has survived in our civilization. These warriors walk in the footsteps of Samurai, Cherokee Braves, and medieval knights. At the same time as these individuals practice violence, they also teach the paths of stoicism, mastery of skill, and honor. In 2020, we can learn about warrior cultures and how these teachings approach the human soul. When done, this work reveals a tradition of chivalry, martial excellence, and ceremonial practice. Warrior soul culture runs deep. Young men and women feel this call inside their blood. In my book, I describe how and why I joined the US Army back in college. You can read that story here. As a result of joining the Army, I also found Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and developed a passion for physical fitness. During my time in the Army, I led Soldiers, managed operations, and learned from capable mentors all over the world. It was a wonderful experience that left me with a deep respect for the teachings of warrior cultures all over the world. A deep connection with soul is needed in 2020 and the time for soul healing is at hand. Chris Albert is a marine who hosts the Warrior Soul Podcast. On his show, Chris talks about mindset, holistic living, physical fitness, and healing for veterans. When it comes to the topic of understanding warrior culture, Chris Albert is a demonstrated expert. Chris Albert came on the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast to talk about soul healing, plant medicine, and mindset. Check it out! On this show, Paul Tokgozoglu and Chris Albert discuss the healing potential of psychedelic plant medicines. Inside of warrior cultures, young men and women have experienced initiation through communion with the plant teachers. Thanks to emerging research at places like Johns Hopkins, we have now entered into a greater conversation of the magical healing properties of plant medicine. Currently, researchers at foundations like MAPS are pursuing the legalization of substances like MDMA in the treatment of PTSD. This research is groundbreaking and opens up new potential for soul healing for warriors.


13 Mar 2020

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16. Chris Albert, Entrepreneur, Trainer, Marine

The Full Monty

We discuss Chris's path, his auto immune disease, mindset, productivity, victumhood mentality etc...

1hr 6mins

27 Feb 2020

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Tapping Into Your Warrior Archetype | CHRIS ALBERT

Order of Man

Warrior is a term that gets thrown around a lot these days. Most men have the desire, to some degree to develop and hone their warrior spirit. And, despite the fact that many men have never considered themselves warriors or served in the military, it is possible and advantageous to approach your life in the very much the same way a warrior approaches his. Today, I am joined by Marine Corps veteran and entrepreneur, Chris Albert to discuss exactly what it means to be a warrior. We discuss how to lead yourself when no one is telling you what to do, what it means to “slay dragons” and make yourself capable of doing so, improving your internal dialogue, and how to tap into the warrior archetype. SHOW HIGHLIGHTS Delivering veteran solutions Learning online business Teaching people how to be free Falling into tyranny Facing confrontation Slaying dragons Becoming passive Letting yourself go Deep family roots Getting started Absorb everything you can The epidemic of suicide Alienating yourself Harnessing your skills CHRIS ALBERT My guest today is Chris Albert and, as I said before he is a Marine Corps veteran and founder of Warrior Soul. After leaving the military, Chris went into bodybuilding eventually owning one of the most well-known gyms in the world – Metroflex Gym. In addition, he is a trained social scientist with expertise in conflict resolution and decision making. He’s taken his skills and experience and applied them in helping business owners and other individuals tap into the warrior spirit and produce incredible results in their life. LEGACY Gents, allow me to hit the pause button very quickly and tell you about our first-ever Maine Legacy Event. This experience will be held June 11-14th, 2020 on my property here in Maine and it’s a father/son event like no other. If you’re anything like me, ushering your son into manhood is one of your biggest concerns. It’s one of the few things that really keeps you up and night. Over the course of 3 days, we’ve designed an experience to push, test, and inspire both you and your son to do and be more. We’ll be shooting archery, participating in physical challenges, competing in Jiu-Jitsu, and learning the frameworks for success in life with the 20 other father/son combos that will be joining you. If you want to learn more and lock in your seat, head to www.orderofman.com/legacy. Join our exclusive brotherhood, the Iron Council. Subscribe to our YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/orderofman Connect with us on Instagram and Twitter Please leave us a rating and review Support Order of Man by picking up some new merchandise in our store Show notes https://www.orderofman.com/253

1hr 9mins

21 Jan 2020

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Ep. 261: How To Become A Real-Life Warrior & Adopt A Warrior Mindset W/ Chris Albert

The SuperHuman Academy Podcast

Greetings, SuperFriends! Today we are joined by Chris Albert. Chris is a trainer, nutrition coach, and podcaster. His show, the Warrior Soul Podcast, empowers US Military Veterans to live their best lives through tools, tactics, ideas, and strategies that he and his amazing guests provide. Chris is also a US Marine Corps Veteran, and he got his start in training and nutrition while he was working on his Ph.D. in Political Science at UC Santa Barbara. He then went on to co-found the world-famous Metroflex Gym Long Beach where he advised pro-bodybuilders and pro athletes on nutrition. Chris has had some crazy experiences around discovering his identity and his genetics, and around growing up without adult figures in his life, plus much more that I'll let him talk to you about in the episode. My goal for the episode was to get in the mind of a real-life warrior and figure out what we can learn about adapting a warrior mindset in our own lives. How can we embody more discipline? How can we reach our goals by staying true to that discipline, and what kind of things can we learn by someone who literally is a warrior and works every single day with warriors? I really enjoyed the episode which is always a good indication that you will as well. Enjoy! -Jonathan Levi


21 Jan 2020