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#133 w. Kym Power - Mindset hacks to reduce stress and maximise performance

How To Be Successful With Money

In this episode, I chat with Kim Power, who is a holistic wellbeing practitioner. She's a mindset coach and she helps people basically improve their mindset, avoid stress and work at their peak performance. She's also a massage therapist at the stars, including users and Lady Gaga and a whole bunch of other people. She's been in a space like 20 odd years or something and we unpack how to have a better mindset and how it can impact the money decisions as well as some of the other choices and relationships. We sort of went a little bit down the rabbit hole with that and some of Kim's tips from her money journey and some of the lessons that she learned as a business owner along the way. Kym Power is a Wellbeing, Mindset Coach & HolisticTherapist trusted by international celebrities such as Kylie Minogue, Lady Gaga, Russell Brand, Anthony Robbins, Bruce Springsteen and many other global stars. Kym supports stressed, stuck, overwhelmed, burnt-out business leaders and high achievers recharge their energy, health and wealth in business and life. Personal LinkedIn profile link https://www.linkedin.com/in/kympower/ Company and Personal (if you want to be tagged) Facebook links https://www.facebook.com/kympowerwellbeing/ Instagram handles you'd like included in promotion https://www.instagram.com/kympowerwellbeing/?hl=en Want to keep making the right money moves with complete confidence? Upcoming online training events: https://bit.ly/PivotEvents Book a Money Breakthrough Session with a Pivot Adviser:  https://calendly.com/ben-nash-pivot/breakthrough-podcast Free download of my Amazon best-selling book ‘Get Unstuck’: https://bit.ly/PivotGUSPod Pivot Blog for other money tips, tools and hacks: https://bit.ly/PivotBlog


21 Jul 2021

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050: Quit hairdressing in 1993 aged 21 to pursue her passion, now has 9 FTE and 100 contractors providing mobile massage and beauty services in 800 4 & 5 star hotels around Australia. From $20k in year 1 to now $2m (Kym Power)

Grow A Small Business Podcast

In this episode, I interview Kym Power, the Founder of Rejuvenators Health Massage, Australia’s largest professional mobile massage company. Kym passionately believes in holistic wellness, self-care, and taking personal responsibility for one’s health and life success. In 1993, aged 21, she quit hairdressing for the love of providing massages. Now 27 years later, her mobile massage business is in all states and territories except Tasmania. They provide massage and beauty services in rooms mainly in 800 4 or 5 star hotels such as the Stamford, Pullman, Novotel, Mecure, Meriton, Rydges, Adina, Mantra, Pan Pacific and Park Royal Hotels to name just a few. They also help celebrities on tour such as Lady Gaga, Richard Branson, Matthew McConaughey, and Russell Brand. Kym started the business as the one full-time employee earning $20,000 in the first year, which was more than she was earning as a hairdresser. She now has nine full-time employees  at her head office with around 100 independent contractors providing their services. Their pre-covid annual sales was around $2 Million. Kym recommends putting in good systems, procedures and training because that allows her to take three months a year off and travel overseas.  Her only external business funding was a $5,000 car loan when she was starting out, and from there she funded the business purely from profits. She really struggled to find work-life balance earlier on but now feels she has it at the right place. She felt she had succeeded when she found things doing better and she was actually helping people. To her, the hardest about growing a small business is self-sabotage. She says that the one thing she would tell herself on day one of starting her business is, “It’s harder than what I think, but it’s worth it” Stay tuned and be inspired. This Cast Covers: Running a mobile massage company that operates all across Australia. Starting from very humble beginnings 27 years ago to build a successful business. From being clueless on pricing when she started out to growing the annual revenues up to $1 Million. Building a strong team of 80 to 100 independent contractors and up to 8 contract employees. Getting success from refining things all the time and finding ways to do them better and smarter while consistently helping more people. Being able to step away from the business and having it run well by itself. Marketing the business by forming strong and lasting business partnerships. Self-funding the business from the get-go and how that has worked out for her. How being creative and big-picture minded affected her ability to work on the numbers/financials. Having to fire sale her house to save the business from failure. Challenging herself and her beliefs so she could change her business mindset. The satisfaction of experiencing the positive impact that her business makes in people’s lives. Going from being a sole therapist to bringing on other therapists to join her service delivery team. The importance of small business owners focusing on their overall health and wellness.  The mistake she used to make by hiring people she liked and how she dealt with it. Successful Hiring 101: Hiring people who are really good in doing what you’re hiring them for. Constantly changing things up in their culture to meet the demands and needs of employees. How she succeeded in finding work-life balance despite the challenges she was facing initially. Investing in tons of professional development and how it has impacted her life over the years. Self Sabotage: The one way that small business owners hinder themselves from growing their businesses. Using NLP techniques to clear her mindset of negativity and improve her productivity. The power of automation and outsourcing in growing a small business. Additional Resources: Kym’s Website Rejuvenators Health Massage The E-Myth By Michael E. Gerber The Barefoot Investor By Scott Pape Music from https://filmmusic.io "Cold Funk" by Kevin MacLeod (https://incompetech.com). License: CC BY (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/


1 Nov 2020

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HP 77: Rejuvenators with Kym Power

Herpreneur Show

Now known as the go- to-Holistic Therapist trusted by Kylie Minogue, Lady Gaga, Shania Twain, Anthony Robbins, Bruce Springsteen. Kym Power’s business  journey  started out 27yrs ago from a passion in something so simple…just wanting to serve her massage clients with the highest level of etiquette When Kym started her little 1 woman massage service saw her booked out for 3-4 weeks in advance. Quickly the news traveled fast about Kym’s special healing abilities. For the next 4 years had Kym working around the clock; 24hrs a day This demand left Kym no option but to scale her, 1 person, massage business to today what is the largest hotel massage serve in Australia. Today’s story is about the journey of Rejuvenators and also takes a holistic twist…of course, it does! Mentioned on the show: Kym’s free mediation download Rejuvenators Website: Kym’s Powers holistic coaching Register to Kym’s upcoming private wellbeing coaching program – Recharge Me I never shed so many tears as I have in an interview. She truly is one special women. Blessed! Annette Listen on Annette’s website The post HP 77: Rejuvenators with Kym Power appeared first on The Wellness Couch.


8 Sep 2020

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Kym Power - "Everything is figure-outable"

On Her Mind

On this episode, I chat with Kym Power from Revujenators and Kym Power Wellbeing. We talk about how everything is figure-outable, the ups and downs of business and life. If you would like to know more about Kym or get in touch you can follow her on Instagram @kympowerwellbeing Check out her website www.kympower.com


18 May 2020

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A Conversation with Self-Made Well-Being Guru Kym Power

Mind Matters with Rex Urwin and Catherine Connolly Podcast

Well-being guru Kym Power shares her passion and dedication to her craft with Catherine Connolly in this compelling new Mind Matters interview.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


28 Nov 2019

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Being on-purpose is masseur to the stars, Kym Power’s secret success formula | #477

The Small Business Big Marketing Podcast with Timbo Reid

Masseuse to the stars (we’re talking Kylie, Sir Richard Branson & Tony Robbins), Kym Power shares how she’s built Australia’s largest independent supplier of in-room massage services to over 900 4 and 5-star hotels across Australia. It’s a star-studded episode 477 of The (award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing Show. A little bit more about Rejuvenator’s Kym Power … So I was emceeing an event recently for American Express at Brisbane’s beautiful Carlisle Hotel where I met today’s guest, Kym Power. She actually came up to me afterwards and said what a great job I’d done … so, of course, she had my full attention! Anyway, it turns out she’s the founder of that business that places cards in 4 and 5-star hotel rooms around Australia offering mobile massage services. And she’s been doing it since 1993. Kym now has over 90 massage therapists working for her in every state of Australia, which has allowed her to focus on her own personal brand and side-business in which she is the go-to masseur for the big stars that come to Australia. Now, don’t let Kym’s relaxed nature fool you ... she’s well and truly experienced the ups and downs of starting, growing and scaling a small business, and as she says herself, her “dogged determination has enabled her to create a quality of life that her teenage self would never have dreamt possible!” She kindly made the trip up from Brisbane for this interview, and I was lucky enough to enjoy a two-hour massage from her the night before she joined me in my Noosa studio where we talked about: How and why she launched Rejuvenators How she strikes partnerships with the big hotel chains The moment during her business journey where she stood to lose everything How she gets some of the world’s biggest celebs as clients The role marketing plays in her business “Why I do what I do is so incredibly clear that it totally drives my passion and love of my business.” -Kym Power, Rejuvenators Here’s what caught my attention from my chat with Rejuvenator’s Kym Power: I love the fact that she implemented systems and processes early on in the business’s growth. I love the fact she clearly recognises that people buy from people, as opposed to brands or businesses. She’s proved this by the fact that she could have easily enough launched a second iteration of Rejuvenators if she’d lost that Supreme Court battle, and brought the majority of her clients across with her. And I love how she’s focussed on building strong partnerships with all the big hotel chains across Australia. Kym Power Interview Transcription Tim  Kym Power. Welcome to the small business big marketing show.  Kym  Thank you. It was a pleasure to be here.  Tim  Do you feel successful? Click Here To Download Full Transcription Resources mentioned in episode 477 of The Small Business Big Marketing Show: Rejuventaor’s official website - Use discount code 10timbo for 10% off all services Kym Power’s personal brand website Last week’s interview with Surefire Board’s Mick Slattery Interviews I’ve done with other celebrities: Interview with LA concierge to the stars Steve Simms (his clients include Elton John and Elon Musk) Interview with Michelle Bridges (on how she built such a strong personal brand) Interview with AFL Legend Matthew Pavlich (on creating a business-life after football) The winner of this week’s Monster Prize Draw Andrew Simpson of My Health Team Please support the following businesses who make this show possible: American Express Business Explorer Credit Card Let your business expenses reward you. Every year. Yellow Check out their online marketing packages tailored for businesses just like yours. Switchnode Australia’s Internet isn’t great. That’s why Switchnode exist. The solution is here and it’s wireless. If something in this episode of Australia’s favourite marketing podcast peaked your interest, then let me know by leaving a comment below. May your marketing be the best marketing. [ For more interviews with successful business owners visit Small Business Big Marketing ]See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


5 Sep 2019