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Creating New Rules with Mandela SH Dixon

The Creative Brink podcast

LaTecia connects with Mandela SH Dixon, CEO of FounderGym, to discuss the importance of creating new rules, building your tribe, and investing in continuous self-care. The two women discuss Mandela’s history of “firsts, her take on the expansive opportunity available to investors who invest in diverse founders, and how freelancers can benefit from the new creator economy. We also talk about: Finite resources and how to take care of yourself How her priorities have shifted as a mother and founder Showing up as your full self in the world Sponsors: O-P-E-N | Use Code “CREATIVES” for 30-days free at open-together.com/creatives Top Level Design | Use code “CREATIVES” for 1-year free at porkbun.com About our Guest: In 2012, Mandela SH Dixon became one of the first Black women to raise venture capital from Silicon Valley investors. A few years later, she transitioned into the investing world, and became one of the first Black women to work at a venture capital firm. Now as the CEO of Founder Gym, Mandela leads the #1 training program teaching underrepresented founders how to raise venture capital. Founder Gym was launched in 2017 and leverages the best investors and funded-founders to help teach underrepresented entrepreneurs how to raise capital to scale their tech startups. To-date, Founder Gym has trained 550 founders across 25 countries, spanning 6 continents who have gone on to raise over $106 million. According to the ProjectDiane Report, only 93 Black women in all of history have ever raised $1 million or more, and 1 out every 10 of these trailblazers are Founder Gym Graduates. Prior to Founder Gym, Mandela was the Founding Portfolio Services Director at Kapor Capital, and the Global Director of Startup Weekend Education (acq. by Techstars). Mandela is an angel investor, Limited Partner, Sequoia Capital Scout, and inaugural member of First Round Capital's Angel Track. Her frameworks for success have been shared on over 150 stages and in more than 100 publications. Mandela has received various recognitions, including being named Entrepreneur magazine’s 100 Most Powerful Women, LinkedIn's Top 10 Voices in Venture Capital and Startups, and a Forbes 30 Under 30 awardee. Resources: Start your week on an insight high with fresh takes delivered straight to your inbox via The Creative Brink Newsletter. Get everything you need to level up your founder journey and level the playing field at Founder Gym.


11 Oct 2021

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Founder Gym - A Conversation With Mandela SH Dixon

The Money Script

We are thrilled and pleased to feature the phenomenal Mandela SH Dixon! Our long-time friend is a Forbes 30 Under 30 Awardee, part of the Top 100 Powerful Women by Entrepreneur mag, and LinkedIn's Top 10 Voices in Venture Capital and Startups.Mandela is the CEO & Founder of Founder Gym. Founder Gym is the leading online program, training underrepresented founders on raising money to scale their tech startups. To describe the type of businesses they currently serve is the difference between being an influencer on Instagram or being Instagram, or being a t-shirt vendor on Esty or being Esty.By using technology, they help build platforms of scale to help become the next unicorns. Founder Gym is about the redistribution of wealth. Helping people who historically have been left out of venture capital. Founder Gym will teach you to understand the language, the rules, and how to win!Did you know that less than 2% of all venture capital goes to black founders?Did you know that less than 0.2% of all venture capital goes to black women founders?Tap into the next FG Fundraising Cohort! This is THE first-ever cohort specifically design for #BlackWomen founders. To apply 👉🏾 foundergym.com/apply


16 Apr 2021

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Mandela SH Dixon: Diversity, inclusion, and representation in tech

Invested in our New Reality

Founder Gym is the first online training program designed specifically to help underrepresented tech start-up founders raise money to scale their start-ups. Founder, Mandela SH Dixon is paving the way for underrepresented business owners to find a path to success through advisement and expertise. In this episode we find out how Mandela has created a community where ALL entrepreneurs can thrive.


5 Mar 2021

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Mandela SH Dixon On How To Train Yourself As A Founder | Evolve 011

Brandon Stover On Life

This weeks guest on Evolve with Brandon Stover has helped hundreds of founders raise startup capital and build successful businesses. Mandela Schumacher-Hodge Dixon is Founder & CEO of Founder Gym which is bringing Silicon Valley to the streets of hundreds of underrepresented founders to help them build successful businesses, across 16 countries, and raise $35 million dollars in funding to scale their tech startups. She was the founding Portfolio Services Director at Kapor Capital, the Global Director of Startup Weekend Education, and a tech startup founder backed by Kapor Capital, 500 Startups, and Imagine K12 (acq. by Y Combinator). Mandela is also a member of First Round Capital’s prestigious Angel Track program. In this episode she talks about lessons learned while failing her first startup, the key skills every founder must have, and how to deal with crippling impostor syndrome & analysis paralysis.Visit https://www.evolvethe.world/episodes/mandela-sh-dixon


17 Sep 2019

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183 Mandela SH Dixon on Reinventing Herself and Flipping Failure into Success

Behind the Brilliance

Mandela SH Dixon is the founder and CEO of Founder Gym, an online training center for underrepresented founders. During our conversation, we talked about how flipped a talent for teaching into a dynamic career in Silicon Valley.  Behind Her Brilliance: Nature and Nurture  Say hi to Mandela on Instagram @mandelash and Twitter @mandelash TOPICS COVERED Mandela's perspective on failures and how to keep moving  Why Mandela started Founder Gym and what she's learned in the process  Mandela's thoughts on starting a company with a romantic partner  How Mandela went from teaching elementary school to empowering hundreds of founders  And much, much more! Show Notes: http://bit.ly/BTB183

1hr 15mins

4 Apr 2019

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REWIND: Mandela SH Dixon - How to build a successful startup


This is a special edition of the OF10podcast - a revisit in honor of Afrotech 2018 with guest and my homegirl Mandela SH Dixon who is not only passionate about - but super insightful and helpful for tech founders trying to raise funds, get traction, and build good businesses. As the dynamic founder of FounderGym, an online training center she developed to help underrepresented tech founders at scale, she gave the playbook to a standing room only audience at Afrotech this year. She was also the MC for the entire 2017 event, and she just shines bright.   So, I hope you enjoy this interview.   If you have a business, maybe you are your business, or maybe you just have a super-lit IG that more people should be following, you’ve got all these great things, but how do you get your content and your profile in front of a larger audience? And not just any audience, but the right audience based on their location and interests.   That’s where PopSocial.com comes in. PopSocial.com turns your 1 man Instagram crew into an entire team helping you get your content out to a larger audience - the right audience based on superior demographic and location targeting.   Use my code of10podcast (no spaces, all capital letters) to get $20 off the first month. Visit popsocial.com and use my code of10podcast to get $20 off your first month today!

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16 Nov 2018

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Mandela SH Dixon - Starting Small & Giving It Everything You've Got!

The Founder's Mind

Named after Nelson Mandela, Mandela SH Dixon is the Founder & CEO of Founder Gym, an online training platform for underrepresented founders, and has helped Founder Gym participants raise over 20 million dollars in Venture capital. Since her childhood, she has been deeply connected to social justice issues due to her parent’s occupation as civil rights attorneys, and started Founder Gym way before she physically put it together and launched the company.In this episode Mandela talks about why entrepreneurs have to be a little crazy to do what they do, JFL mentality, starting small, and being motivated to go hard.To listen to bonus episodes, receive a shoutout in an episode, and become a Founding Funder of The Founder's Mind go hereLinks:Mandela’s TwitterMandela’s InstagramFounder Gym’s TwitterFounder Gym’s Instagram Links (books):The AlchemistThe One Thing ★ Support this podcast by donating ★


12 Nov 2018

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10/10 Mandela SH Dixon (Founder Gym): How to get your startup funded, Networking hacks, and Love languages


Mandela SH Dixon is co-founder at Founder Gym, an online training center that teaches underrepresented founders how to build successful tech startups. She began her career in Silicon Valley in 2011 as a startup founder backed by Kapor Capital, 500 Startups, and Imagine K12. She led a global entrepreneurial program called Startup Weekend Education that spanned six continents and empowered thousands of entrepreneurs to launch edtech startups. Most recently, Mandela worked at venture capital firm Kapor Capital, where she supported the success of over 120 tech startups. She’s spoken for TEDx, Google, and Facebook. She’s Forbes 30 Under 30, LinkedIn's Top 10 Voices in Venture Capital and Startups, and Medium's Top 10% of Writers. Subscribe to my Youtube Channel at: http://bit.ly/2kymc8n Follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wlucasii Learn more about OF10podcast at: https://willlucas.co

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8 Dec 2017