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Barefoot changed my life! First, I no longer got injuries from sprinting. Then I started a shoe company! with Steven Sashen


Steven Sashen is one of the fastest sprinters over the age of 55 in the country. But he didn't start sprinting (since high-school) until his 40's. Along the way he discovered running barefoot not only resolved a lot of foot and leg injuries, but improved his speed and endurance. That twist of fate led to him creating a new sandal-shoe, then start Xero Shoes company, being on Shark Tank and living life to the fullest.


31 Mar 2021

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Experience Outweighs Enthusiasm Every Time with Steven Sashen, Xero Shoes

Beyond 8 Figures

On today’s podcast: Catching up since the last show visit - 1:05 The history of modern athletic shoes - 9:13 Trends Sashen is seeing that aren’t beneficial - 23:45 A trend Sashen is liking - 25:47 “Experience outweighs enthusiasm every time” - 26:50 Probabilities of success - 29:30 Subscription models - 35:15 Sashen’s street performer days informed his abilities as an entrepreneur - 38:18 An evangelist for movement - 45:33 Profit motive - 49:49 Sashen’s legacy - 53:59 Mental accounting - 56:30 Reasons why Sashen brought on an equity partner - 1:14:50 There is no such thing as true to size - 1:22:00 Key Takeaways: The modern athletic shoe is based on a design by Nike Xero Shoes are made for people to use their feet naturally The trend for real businesses that make real money is to build something that will last Providing something of value or experience is the only way you’re going to make money No matter how much money you have, you’ll still have mental accounting on certain things You’ll make money if you figure out how to improve people’s lives Connect with Steven Sashen: Twitter: @XeroShoes Facebook: Xero Shoes Website: xeroshoes.com Email:  steven@xeroshoes.com Show: www.jointhemovementmovement.com Youtube: Xero shoes Instagram: @xeroshoes Connect with A.J.Lawrence: Website: ajlawrence.com Email: aj@b8fpodcast.com Instagram: @ajlawrence LinkedIn: A.J. Lawrence Follow Beyond 8 Figures: Website: Beyond8Figures.com Twitter: @beyond8figures  Facebook: Beyond 8 Figures Instagram:@b8fpodcast Email: feedback@beyond8figures.com

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25 Mar 2021

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178. Are Minimalist Shoes For You? Xero Shoes CEO Steven Sashen on the Promises of Minimalism

The Strength Running Podcast

Steven Sashen is a Master’s All-American sprinter and one of the fastest sprinters over 50 in the United States. He’s a former All-American gymnast, a professional stand-up comic, a cognitive psychology researcher, and he previously tought Tai Chi and Zen Archery. Steven has quite the background which is probably needed for starting a successful company in one of the most competitive industries in the world: footwear. He's now the cofounder and CEO of Xero Shoes. We’re going to talk about the beginnings of Xero Shoes, the benefits of minimalism, how to transition, plus feature a whole host of questions from members of Team Strength Running, our group coaching program. If you’d like to impact future podcast episodes, you can learn more about the team at strengthrunning.com/join/ Follow Jason Fitzgerald on Instagram and subscribe to the Strength Running YouTube channel!


11 Feb 2021

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Steven Sashen - Episode 405

Behind The Shield

Steven Sashen is a former elite gymnast, comedian and current tech guru and founder of Xero Shoes. We discuss the coach who changed his life, enjoying the journey of physical excellence, overcoming injury, barefoot training, creating minimalist shoes and much more.

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11 Jan 2021

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Shoes, Speed, and Success, with Steven Sashen, Founder of Xero Shoes

The Money Advantage Podcast

Now and then, you have the chance to meet extraordinary people and learn more from their story than you ever thought possible. This conversation with Steven Sashen of Xero Shoes is one of those opportunities!https://youtu.be/ZxaGb90SUtYIn this episode, we’re talking with Steven Sashen about shoes, speed, and success. He’s one of the fastest men over 55 in the country, co-founder of Xero Shoes that’s creating not only a brand, but a movement, he’s also turned down a $400K funding offer on Shark Tank.So if you want to learn from a successful entrepreneur, so you can build a life and business you love … tune in below!Table of contentsIn the Business of Making Xero ShoesFrom DIY to Worldwide RecognitionTurning Down Shark TankXero Shoes: A Fast-Moving CompanyChance vs. ControlTaking Responsibility of Your FinanceCash Flow in BusinessXero ShoesAbout Steven SashenWe believe that his ability to create a community and a movement is something that you can benefit from as business owners and entrepreneurs. No matter where you’re at in the journey, we think you’ll find something valuable in this conversation with Steven Sashen. Enjoy the show notes below.In the Business of Making Xero ShoesWhen you think of how a business gets its start, you probably think of all the planning, designing, and prep work that goes into a brand. However, that’s not quite how things happened for Sashen.[3:27] “The way it actually happened is my favorite thing, which was a complete accident. So what happened was...a little over 13 years ago, I was 45, I got back into sprinting after a 30-year break, which I don’t really recommend. I was getting injured constantly for like two years. And finally, a friend of mine, who’s like a world champion runner...said, ‘Try running barefoot and see if you learn anything about why you might be getting injured.’” This planted the seed, and Steven discovered that running barefoot allowed him to correct his movements with more ease and fluidity.From DIY to Worldwide RecognitionWhen Steven Sashen finally hit his stride, everything changed. That’s when he knew he must lock-in the benefits of this natural movement. He had heard of natives in Mexico who ran with sandals made from scraps of tire. So he created his own version.With some rubber from a shoe repair shop and cords from Home Depot, he created what we could consider his first prototype. Here and there, friends would request their own. Then one day, he was approached with the opportunity that started it all. A barefoot running coach was writing a book, and said that if Sashen treated this hobby like a business and made a website, he’d feature it in the book. In the following three and a half years, Xero Shoes became a DIY sandal-kit company. Now, Xero Shoes sells a complete line of casual and performance shoes, boots, and sandals. Turning Down Shark TankEarly on, Xero Shoes appeared on Shark Tank. And though they were offered $400,000 Sashen turned the money down. This sparked a lot of discussion on whether he made the right decision. [12:38] “People kept telling us all along that we should be on the show, we didn’t even know what they were talking about. And then we found the show.”Steven Sashen realized that, were they to get on Shark Tank, regardless of the outcome, it would be free exposure to millions of people.[13:37] “The thing that was really valuable is that once they told us they wanted us on the show, it really made us focus on who were are, what we did, and what we wanted.”[15:40] "So the key moment though, was that thing with Kevin, where he offered us 400 grand for half the company, [and] we were offering 8% of the company. We had done a lot of research about valuations of footwear brands. And so we knew what the range for yes and no was, we were very negotiable. We just didn’t get that far, and so it was a non-starter.”Xero Shoes: A Fast-Moving Company

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11 Jan 2021

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101: Xero Shoes is Running by their Competition... Find out How w/ Shark Tank Contestant: Steven Sashen.

Entrepreneur Stories 4 Inspiration

Steven Sashen is the developer and CEO of Xero Shoes. Steven and his wife, Lena Phoenix, started the "Barefoot... PLUS!" sandal business in late 2009... This Episode is Sponsored By: Skillshare is an online learning community with over 20,000 classes in business, marketing, technology, design, and more. Get 2 months of classes for only 99¢, using this link: millionaire-interviews.com/skillshare. Fundrise is the first investment platform to create a simple, low-cost way for anyone to access real estate's historically consistent, exceptional returns. Diversify into real estate today with just $500. To support the show, please visit: millionaire-interviews.com/fundrise.  For Show Notes, Key Points, Contact Info, Resources Mentioned, & the Fabulous 4 Questions on this episode visit our website: Millionaire Interviews. 

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1 Jan 2021

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Steven Sashen on the Truth About Minimalist and Fancy Sports Footwear

Muscle for Life with Mike Matthews

What’s the deal with athletic footwear? On the one hand, you have fancy, expensive running and sports shoes coming out every couple of months claiming some new technological “breakthrough” for more comfort, safety, and even performance. And then you have the crowd that dismisses those products as pure marketing puffery and that swears by minimalist shoes for all athletics or even none at all. What are we supposed to make of this? I’m no expert when it comes to running or the best footwear for healthy feet, so I invited someone onto the podcast who is. Specifically, my guest is Steven Sashen, who’s a Masters All-American sprinter—meaning he’s one of the fastest men over the age of 50 in the US—as well as the founder of Xero Shoes, a brand dedicated to designing thin and flexible shoes for walking, running, and all other athletic activities. In this episode, we chat about . . . The truth behind the “Big Shoe” marketing machine Why more padded shoes can be worse for your joints How to pick a good training shoe What people with flat feet should do The benefits of strengthening your feet with "natural movement" How to transition to minimalist shoes And more . . . So, if you want to learn about how to build stronger, healthier feet, listen to this episode! 4:31 - Is it better to run barefoot or with shoes? 11:26 - Are padded shoes worse for you than running barefoot? 13:12 - What is the proper method of running? 17:35 - Why is it hard to run properly with a fancy pair of running shoes? 29:33 - What about people with flat feet? 30:35 - What are some other benefits of strengthening your feet? 39:32 - Are there any tips for transitioning from fancier shoes to a more minimalist approach? Mentioned on The Show: Books by Mike Matthews: https://legionathletics.com/products/books/ https://xeroshoes.com/ https://www.instagram.com/xeroshoes/ Steven's Podcast - The MOVEMENT Movement: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-movement-movement/id1456342261 Want free workout and meal plans? Download my science-based diet and training templates for men and women: https://legionathletics.com/text-sign-up/


11 Nov 2020

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The Power of Visionary Leadership with Steven Sashen

Someone Gets Me Podcast

The Power of Visionary Leadership with Steven Sashen “We're trying to change the world. That sounds grandiose and hyperbolic, but we know that what we're doing is legit.” — Steven Sashen, CEO of Xero Shoes As a visionary leader, you cannot expect others to sacrifice like you are willing to do. It’s not their vision; it’s yours. Part of being a visionary is the intensity that runs through our veins. You make things happen. In this episode, we are joined by Steven Sashen to share the power of visionary leadership.  Part One of ‘The Power of Visionary Leadership with Steven Sashen’ Steven Sashen is the co-founder and CEO of Xero Shoes. His wife, Lena Phoenix, started the company after discovering the comfort, benefits, and FUN of natural movement, by getting out of thick, padded, motion-controlled shoes.  Steven likes to ask, "Do your feet feel better at the end of the day than they did at the beginning?" If not, you're not wearing Xero Shoes. Xero Shoes include a complete line of shoes, sandals, and boots that let feet function naturally -- bending, flexing, and safely FEELING the world. People in 97 countries wear Xero Shoes for everything from a stroll on the beach to running a 256k 7-day race across Madagascar. Steven and Lena appeared on Shark Tank, Season 4. See what happened at https://xeroshoes.com/sharktank/ Prior to jumping into the footwear business, Steven was an internationally-known Internet marketing expert, Search Engine and Social Media marketing consultant, and software designer. He also co-hosted the Emmy award-winning, internationally syndicated TV show, Disk Doctors. Steven is also a Masters All-American sprinter, one of the fastest 55+ years old in the United States. Specialties: barefoot running, SEO/SEM, marketing, meditation, turning ideas into products. “Let go of old energy that is no longer serving you.” – Dianne A. Allen We all have moments when we realize how much of a creative visionary person we are. Fortunately, Steven came from a family of entrepreneurs and small business people. For whatever reason, it never occurred to him not to do what he thought was interesting. His mindset is, “If I do those things well and they generate enough money, I don't have to have some other job.” Which is why he never had an actual job or an interview. The way he thinks is — he always pictures the big future ahead of him.  Part Two of ‘The Power of Visionary Leadership with Steven Sashen’ Running a business isn’t rocket science! He doesn’t like it when people make money by lying to other people, which is what most of the footwear industry is. He wants to change the world by being right and proving that what he’s doing is legit. In fact, according to the majority of some billion-dollar footwear brands, Xero shoes are real, which is like admitting that what they’ve been doing for fifty years is a big lie. Like most successful entrepreneurs out there, he hopes to live long enough to see the fruition of his works.  “Being a visionary is in your DNA, and it's how you are.” – Dianne A. Allen As someone who’s been in the business for many years, here’s an interesting thought: If you don't need to work for a living, what gets you out of bed? What makes you want to do something, especially when you know that some of the things that you're going to think of are going to add more stress and difficulty in your life? Sometimes, it takes some practice of living differently than you think to discover whether what you thought is enough, if you need more, or if you need less. When Steven and his wife retired, they gave away twenty percent of their earned money because they didn't need it. And it was amusing to find someone new every month who needed a couple of thousand bucks. He says, "Surprising that crap out of them was a blast!" If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, this episode will hopefully serve as a reminder that you can achieve anything because you have a big purpose. How to Connect with Steven Sachen + Learn More About Xero Shoes https://facebook.com/xeroshoes/ https://instagram.com/xeroshoes/ https://youtube.com/xeroshoes/ https://twitter.com/xeroshoes/ www.xeroshoes.com -------------------------------------------------------------------- How to Connect with Dianne A. Allen You have a vision inside to create something bigger than you. What you need are a community and a mentor. The 6-month Visionary Leader Program will move you forward. You will grow, transform and connect. msdianneallen.com Join our Facebook Group Someone Gets MeFollow Dianne on Facebook: Dianne A. AllenEmail: dianne@visionsapplied.comDianne's Mentoring Services: msdianneallen.com Click now and share it with anyone you think will benefit. Until next time, remember the world needs your special gift, so let your light shine!


10 Nov 2020

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Steven Sashen from Xero Shoes speaks with Brig Graff from Gear.com

Gear.com Show

Steven Sashen was a sprinter during his earlier years, and discovered the joys of barefoot and minimalist running as he read about the native people of Tarahumara from the region of Chihuahua, Mexico. It was inspiring, and he began building sandals for minimalist runners who began adopting the running practices of the Tarahumara. Today, Xero Shoes is winning awards and fans from across the spectrum of outdoor enthusiasts, not just runners. In today's podcast, Brig Graff from Gear.com interviews Steven about the founding of Xero Shoes and his views on everything from zero-drop shoes to overall foot health. For any runner, this is a must-listen episode.


28 Oct 2020

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#30 Steven Sashen on Running Barefoot

The Darin Olien Show

25% of the bones and joints in your entire body are located in your feet and ankles. Also, you have over 200,000 nerve endings on the sole of each foot. So why are we covering up these sensory powerhouses with padding and cushioning? Walking around or even running barefoot, or with footwear designed to let the feet be feet, can improve our overall physical health in ways we never imagined. WELCOME TO THE DARIN OLIEN SHOW. On this podcast, you'll hear me, Darin Olien, "the superfood hunter," have honest conversations with the extraordinary people that inspire me. I hope that through their knowledge and unique perspectives, they'll inspire you, too. Although our ideas and approaches to life may differ, our ultimate goal is the same- to save the planet one conversation at a time. So, if you're interested in expanding your view of the world by learning new perspectives on health, nutrition, and healing the planet, this podcast is for you.  Steven Sashen dives into things feet first. In fact, it’s his company motto. Xero Shoes was built out of a need for Steven to free his feet. After picking up sprinting again following a 30 year hiatus, Steven would injure himself constantly. Every couple of weeks would bring another pulled muscle or ankle strain. When a friend suggested a barefoot run, everything changed. After his first run with a barefoot running group, Steven was awakened with a new awareness of how his feet interacted with the ground. He ran 5K on that very first go around and was shocked at how easy it felt on his body. He was even able to pinpoint a reason for why he was injuring one leg more than the other. All this knowledge was too empowering to ignore, and Xero Shoes was born. In this conversation, Steven and I get into how incredibly powerful and intuitive our feet really are. We explore the foot to brain connection and how the modern day athletic shoe is counterproductive to the way we physically interact with the ground under our feet. Steven gives us the origin story of Xero Shoes, which gives you an understanding of why I refer to him as a “Master of Movement”. So kick off your shoes, and take a listen to this one, guys! Other topics in this episode: Steven’s history with movement How to recognize  “Big Shoe” propaganda How Steven’s research background at Duke helped fuel Xero Shoes The lies we’ve been fed about our feet How watching a child run barefoot can give you better idea of how the body is supposed to work The truth about your arch The copycat nature of the athletic shoe industry Dr. Irene Davis and her contribution to barefoot running Balance and the elderly How tricking your brain can keep you young Steven and Lena’s Shark Tank experience with Mr.Wonderful Links & Resources: Steven’s Website Xero Shoes Steven on LinkedIn Steven on Twitter Xero Shoes on Instagram Dr. Irene Davis Barefoot Running by Michael Sandler The Brain That Changes Itself: Stories of Personal Triumph From The Frontiers of Brain Science Born to Run by Christopher McDougall Watch Steven and Lena on Shark Tank Netflix’ Down To Earth’ Official Trailer Download Darin’s amazing new lifestyle app and get 3 days free at 121Tribe.com Barukas Nuts 15% discount with code “DARIN” The Darin Olien Show is produced by the team at Must Amplify. If you’re looking to give a voice to your brand, and make sure that it’s heard by the right people, head to www.mustamplify.com/darin to see what Amplify can do for you.

1hr 6mins

20 Oct 2020