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How To Win BIG & Take Risks with Snap Fitness Founder Peter Taunton

It Takes Grit

Do you feel like there could be something holding you back but your just not sure what it is? Join me this week as I sit down with Snap Fitness Founder & best selling author of Impossible Hill, Peter Taunton as we discuss that taking risks is better than regret, and the steps you need to take to WIN BIG!We Cover:Keeping your foot on the gasDiscipline and motivationWhy fitness is important in lifeMindset is everythingLearn More About Peter Taunton:Book: Impossible HillInstagram: @peter_tauntonWebsite: https://www.petertaunton.com/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/peterjtauntonJoin our Monthly Challenge & Newsletter to get the most recent updates and new podcastsCheck out the Inner Transformation ProgramFollow the ItTakesGritPodcast on Instagram!If this podcast has helped you in ANYWAY, please share with at least one person and leave a REVIEW, it makes a huge difference to the podcast and I want to hear from you :-)Get the It Takes Grit book with a ton of BONUS features !


2 Sep 2021

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Episode 1017: Important business lessons, with Peter Taunton

Onward Nation

Peter Taunton is a pioneer in the fitness industry. In 2003, he had a vision for Snap Fitness: to create an affordable, 24-7, results and value driven gym concept that was differentiated from the impersonal, expensive big-box experience. Today there are Snap Fitness franchises open or in development in 2,500 locations in 26 countries. Taunton, as the Founder and CEO of Lift Brands, didn’t stop there. Peter is an expert at understanding consumer desires and fulfilling them. Over the years, he has acquired or founded several brands to round out the consumer-fitness experience: 9Round, Farrell’s, YogaFit, STEELE Fitness, Fitness On Demand. Together with the Snap Fitness brand they comprise the world’s largest wellness franchise organizations with over 6000 locations open or in development across multiple brands serving 165 million workouts and counting. Peter Taunton went on to become the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the year and founder of one of the largest wellness brands in the world. Over the years Taunton has been featured in several prestigious industry and entrepreneurial magazines such as Forbes, Entrepreneur and Inc. 5000. Taunton credits his success to the fundamental advice passed down from his father; “Don’t wait for business or success to fall in your lap…you need to put yourself out there and go get it!” and Peter did just that…today he has expanded and diversified his business holdings around the globe. What you’ll learn about in this episode: How Peter learned his first important business lessons at just eight years old, selling popcorn in front of his father’s grocery store Why one of Peter’s most important business lessons to share is that sometimes it’s necessary for things to get uncomfortable for you to achieve your success How Peter helps his coaching clients recognize the changes and pivots they need to make to restart the growth of their businesses Why getting your entire team aligned is vital, and what key lessons Peter’s book “Impossible Hill” teaches about discipline, accountability and perspective Why we usually see a curated, fictional version of people’s success, and why those who are truly giving of their wisdom are the best teachers How Peter built out a thriving, successful team full of coachable people at Snap Fitness, and why this team was crucial for the brand’s success Why recognizing team members who are “pulling deep on the oars” with love and respect is vital for building loyalty and strengthening relationships How Peter tackled the tough challenge of turning around a failing business by focusing on the opportunity it presented rather than the difficulty How 22-year old Peter led by example and created a shared purpose for the club’s team of 50 employees, and how he turned things around in just 8 years Why Peter wrote his book “Impossible Hill”, and why he considers himself a “hill-taker” who can overcome unbelievable odds Resources: Impossible Hill by Peter Taunton: https://amzn.to/3hKHbjv Instagram: www.instagram.com/peter_taunton/ Website: www.petertaunton.com LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/petertaunton/ Facebook: www.facebook.com/Peter-Taunton-105472747590615/ YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCbhhYacl1jtVPURqqXGP0dA Twitter: @petertaunton


18 Aug 2021

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How to climb your impossible Hill with Peter Taunton

The Jacquie Blaze Show

Founder of 3 global brands, including Snap Fitness is Global Entreprenur of the year Peter Taunton! He joins The Jacquie Blaze Show to share his journey!  Please note, this podcast was filmed remotely due to Peter being in a different country.  Follow Love Unraveled on: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/loveunraveledofficial/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/loveunraveled/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQtvjWpX25OJc2TWqfTXTbA Follow Jacquie Blaze on: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jacquieblaze/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jacquie.blaze Follow Peter Taunton on: Instagram: @Peter_tauntonSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


22 Jul 2021

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He BUILT a FITNESS EMPIRE from SCRATCH | Peter Taunton | The 2%

The 2% with Eric Partaker

The secret to success is simple! Join Peter Taunton (Founder of Snap Fitness) and Eric Partaker as they share their secrets on how hard work and persistence can help you reach your full potential and succeed in life!KEY POINTSLife Is Unpredictable - Life is uncertain. In moments of uncertainty, when you face adversity, you can not view it as a failure. Learn from it, grow and move forward better than you were before. Fail Fast And Learn - Don't get hung up on being a failure. You're not a failure. In fact, if you haven't failed, you're not trying hard enough. Anyone can be an all-star if you set the bar at your ankles. Get your head in the game, don't be afraid to fail, and believe in yourself.Your Deserve Success! - Believe that you are as deserving of success as the person next to you. You deserve it, but it's going to be hard work. Adopt the right mindset to know that there's going to be not only hard work but sacrifice.Push Yourself To Your Limits - As soon as the work towards your goals gets uncomfortable, as soon as you feel yourself struggling, that's when you have to push yourself beyond your pain or discomfort.  If you want to grow in business, you must push yourself.Anyone Can Run A Business With The Wind On Their Back - It's just smooth sailing. It's easy. Your character is defined in moments of strife. Push yourself, don't give up!Opportunity Is Usually Disguised As Hard Work -  Opportunity, it doesn't knock, it whispers. You have to recognize when opportunities come your way. See it, feel it, embrace it. The biggest failure in life is a missed opportunity. Surround Yourself With Winners - Winning in business is a team sport. Surround yourself with great people that share in the same passion, the same vision, and they're willing to walk on fire for you. Those are the people who will lean forward and take the shots with you.Success is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it.Hard Work Works - There are no shortcuts, in life or in business. Get your head down, work hard, and celebrate your successes along the way!Believe In Yourself! - Every day, look in the mirror and believe in the person looking back at you. In moments of difficulty, you've got to believe that you're capable of powering through it. FREE EBOOKFree Digital Copy of my best selling book The 3 Alarms:https://www.ericpartaker.com/the3alarms Please rate and review my podcast here: https://ratethispodcast.com/eric


17 Jun 2021

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Building a franchise with Peter Taunton

WillPower | Mind Growth

Peter is a Forbes online instructor and the founder of Snap Fitness. He built this company to over 200 locations and became a multi millionaire. On top of that, he is the best selling author of "Impossible Hill." In this episode, he talks about how he evaluates companies and how he grew and franchised his own company.


8 May 2021

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How To Go From ZERO To 2500 Gyms In 26 Countries | PETER TAUNTON | Millionaire Secrets #133

Unlock Your Potential with Jeff Lerner

From dropping out of college and becoming a top-ranked athlete to being appointed ‘Entrepreneur Of The Year’, Peter Taunton’s story isn’t one to miss! Claim Your Free 'Millionaire Shortcut' Book Here 👉 https://millionairesecrets.com/PeterT Welcome to another episode of Millionaire Secrets! Today I’ve been joined by one fantastic human and a pioneer in the fitness industry - Peter Taunton. Peter Taunton is a true pioneer in the fitness industry - before founding the industry giant, Snap Fitness, he owned nine America’s Fitness Centers, and designed an entire franchise-development operation. For Peter, all of this success started in a small Minnesota town. Peter, who was one of 7, came from humble beginnings. After finishing high school Peter paid his own way through the first three years of college but by junior year he was already feeling frustrated and burdened by all of the debt and he was tired of living paycheck to paycheck. After deciding to quit college with his brother, they began to hone in on their racquetball skills. With a tremendous amount of practice, his level increased dramatically eventually becoming a sponsored player for Ektelon and turning pro. The discipline and dedication learned while playing led them to be ranked as the No. 2 doubles team in the country and later fuel his success in business. In 2010, Peter was named an Ernst and Young “Entrepreneur of the Year”, his companies have been featured for six years running in such prestigious industry lists as Entrepreneur 500, Inc 5000, Top Global, and Franchise 500, and Peter shows no signs of stopping. In 2003, he had a vision for Snap Fitness: to create an affordable, 24-7, results and value-driven gym concept that was different from the usual impersonal, expensive big-box experience. Today there are Snap Fitness franchises open or in development in 2,500 locations in 26 countries! Peter has since acquired or founded several other brands over the years: 9Round, Farrell’s, YogaFit, STEELE Fitness, Fitness On Demand. Together with the Snap Fitness brand, they comprise the world’s largest wellness franchise organization with over 6,000 locations open or in development across multiple brands serving 165 million workouts and counting! Peter says that it comes down to one word: passion. He has it, he teaches it, and the results speak for themselves. Hear all about Peter’s crazy path to success for yourself… Check Out More of Peter’s Content Here 👇    💻 https://www.petertaunton.com/ ℹ️ LinkedIn 👉 https://www.linkedin.com/in/petertaunton 📺 YT 👉 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbhhYacl1jtVPURqqXGP0dA 🖥️ FB 👉 https://www.facebook.com/peterjtaunton ⌨️ Twitter 👉 https://twitter.com/petertaunton 📲 IG 👉 https://www.instagram.com/peter_taunton/ 


8 Mar 2021

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#551 - Peter Taunton - What It Really Takes To Be Successful

Next Level University

“Don’t let the world pass you by. Don’t be a spectator in opportunity.”If someone tells you that becoming an entrepreneur is “not hard” or “easy as a pie”, we’re very certain that at the end of the speech, training, or webinar they are going to sell you a product. We’re not discouraging you from taking this route, but we’re just giving you a warning that entrepreneurship entails hard work, dedication, passion, and patience. Today’s guest is going to prove to you that you can earn millions and be successful, but it takes more than just enrolling in a program or buying a guide. All about our guest:Peter Taunton is a self-made pioneer in the wellness industry with over thirty years of experience. His expertise includes building a franchise system, international franchising, bootstrapping a start-up, expansion, and roll-out strategies both domestic and international. He learned the first critical lesson of entrepreneurship at eight years old selling popcorn in front of his father's grocery store.Don't forget to visit Peter's socials and learn more about what he can offer:Web: https://www.petertaunton.com/IG: https://www.instagram.com/peter_taunton/FB: https://www.facebook.com/Peter-Taunton-105472747590615/We love connecting with you guys! Reach out on LinkedIn, Instagram, or via email Website: http://www.nextleveluniverse.com/Instagram:Kevin: https://www.instagram.com/neverquitkid/?hl=enAlan: https://www.instagram.com/alazaros88/?hl=enLinkedIn:Kevin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kevin-palmieri-5b7736160/Alan: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alanlazarosllc/Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/The-Hyper-Conscious-Podcast-106871136824274/Emails:Kevin@nextleveluniverse.comAlan@nextleveluniverse.comShow notes:[1:28] Peter Taunton: who he is and his success story[5:58] Childhood experiences and how it shaped who he is today[9:11] Strengths, weaknesses, and fear of failure[14:38] Peter’s recent road rash[16:01] Business mindset — the misconception[19:30] Money and growing business[25:32] Determination and perspective[27:29] Do you want to level up in life, love, and wealth? Join our private Facebook group #NextLevelNation[28:02] Preparing for the big day[33:54] On having $47 million, yet still celebrating the small wins[37:52] Intentional mentorship and challenging questions[42:34] Watch out for Peter’s book: Impossible Hill  [45:37] Outro


14 Feb 2021

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Peter Taunton: Fitness and Wellness Pioneer

The Tyler Wagner Show

Peter Taunton joins us on The Authors Unite Show! This episode is brought to you by Authors Unite. Authors Unite provides you with all the resources you need to become a successful author. You can learn more about Authors Unite here: https://authorsunite.com/ Thank you for listening to The Authors Unite Show! Tyler --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/authorsunite/support


20 Jan 2021

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Create Your Own American Dream with Snap Fitness Founder Peter Taunton

Rock Your Money, Rock Your Life

Most people will sit and wait for their 'big break' to just fall into their laps. Unfortunately, the only people who will ever become successful are those that go out and fight for it. So, my question to you is this, Are you going to sit and wait, or are you going to get up, take action, and create YOUR own success?Peter Taunton grew up in a middle-class family. He didn’t have a lot of money, but what he had was willpower and determination to create a life of success. Fast forward 50 years, Peter is now known as a pioneer in the fitness industry. In 2003, he had a vision for Snap Fitness: to create an affordable, 24-7, results-driven gym differentiated from the impersonal, expensive big-box experience. In 2010, he was named an Ernst and Young “Entrepreneur of the Year.” His companies have also been featured for six years running in such prestigious industry lists as Entrepreneur 500, Inc 5000, Top Global, and Franchise 500.Today Peter is the founder of Snap Fitness, which franchises in 2,500 locations in 26 countries, and is the CEO of Lift Brands, which consists of 9Round, Farrell’s, YogaFit, STEELE Fitness, and Fitness On Demand.On this episode of the Rock Your Money, Rock Your Life podcast, Peter and I discuss how he created and scaled Snap Fitness from 1 gym to more than 2,500, the trials and tribulations of being a leader and an entrepreneur, and how the American dream is possible for anyone who wants it bad enough.


11 Nov 2020

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Episode 93: Peter Taunton: Happiness and Success

Finding Direction

Peter Taunton is the founder of the world’s largest wellness franchise, with over 6,000 locations. He is also involved in an incredible amount of other projects that aim to give back as well. In this episode, we talk about: How everything you do starts with your attitude Growing your confidence How to make happiness a silver lining in your life Peter’s IG: @peter_taunton


27 Oct 2020