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8 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Juan Trujillo. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Juan Trujillo, often where they are interviewed.

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8 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Juan Trujillo. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Juan Trujillo, often where they are interviewed.

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50:HERTZ #216 - Host DAVID LEESE / Guest JUAN TRUJILLO (DI.FM / Diesel Fm / Deep Radio)

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The weekly 50:HERTZ Radioshow is hosted by MITCH DE KLEIN, FULL ON FUNK, DAVID LEESE, KEVIN HELMERS, STEVE MULDER & PRECURSOR. The show is broadcasted on Tuesday nights on DI.FM (6pm >> 8pm CEST), Thursday nights on Deep Radio (NL - 8pm >> 10pm CEST) and on Friday nights on Diesel FM (Washington, USA - 6PM >> 8PM EST). Powered by "Vision Acoustics" they're taking their edge on techno all over the world, uniting people and making new things possible.

1st Hour: David Leese (@djdavidleese)

Javi Lago & Maria Singer - Blank Word 04 (Original Mix) [Planet Rhythm]
David Löhlein - Seyla (Original Mix) [SK Eleven]
Setaoc Mass - Kunfus (Original Mix) [SK Eleven]
Simone Tavazzi - Ephemeral (Original Mix) [Planet Rhythm]
Phara - Hyper Mediocrity (Original Mix) [Voltage]
Flug - Echoes (Original Mix) [Format]
Linkan Ray - 2020 Reset (Original Mix) [Be As One]
Deas - Time Tool (Original Mix) [Materia]
Deas - Theory (Original Mix) [Planet Rhythm]
Takaaki Itoh - Endorsed (Cristian Varela Remix) [Black Codes Experiments]
Phara - These Bright Lights (Original Mix) [Voltage]
Flug - Onirico (Original Mix) [Format]
Steel Force - Manganese (Original Mix) [Chromium Music]
Yan Cook - Counterclockwise (Original Mix) [Cooked]

2nd Hour: Juan Trujillo (@juan_trujillo)

Dangelo - Server Collapsed (Original Mix)
PWCCA - Mutacion (Original Mix)
FFanstrøm - IL62 (Original Mix)
Sin Sin - Analog Signal (Original Mix)
Juan Trujillo - Mandale (Original Mix)
PWCCA - Alteracion Simultanea (Original Mix)
Augusto Taito - Renegator Generator (Original Mix)
Jörg Rodriguez- Controlled (Original Mix)
Das - Respect Quarantine (Original mix)
Juan Trujillo - Unreal (Original Mix)
Temudo - Kira (Original Mix)
James Cherry - Bridge (Original Mix)
Juan Trujillo - Mutation (Original Mix)
Mossed - Recents (Original Mix)
Hod - Catalyst (Parde Grilon Remix)
Dubspeeka - County Lines (Original Mix)

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May 25 2020 · 2hr
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Episode 383 - Juan Trujillo Live @ Decode, Buenos Aires

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Alleanza Radio Show
Episode 383


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Dec 28 2019 · 1hr

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Episode 372 - Juan Trujillo

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Alleanza Radio Show
Episode 372
Juan Trujillo

1. LLY - The Ascent_1644 RS
2. Uvall - Irregular texture
3. Juan Trujillo - Telestic
4. Redacs - Counteraction
5. Ogend - Nomad (A. Morgan remix)
6. Mike Rud - Interval
7. Robert Johnstone - Arpeggiator (T-DOK remix)
8. Uvall - Inversion
9. 0010x0010 - After the same rush 
10. Crime as service - Blue boxes
11. Kapoor - Track C
12. Spiros Kaloumenos - Orion Nebula (Juan Trujillo remix)
13. Dykkon - Hell Bell (Version3)
14. Frankie Serious - Perspectives
15. Melier Avenue - CY-BM_V14

Sep 11 2019 · 53mins
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Episode 353 - Juan Trujillo

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1 - Ket Robinson - (I don´t give a fuck (Klines remix)
2 - Yanamaste - Hatred (Original Mix)
3 - H. Paul - Unbeatable (Original Mix)
4 - Simbiose - Default Setting (Original Mix)
5 - Robert S - Acid from east (Original Mix)
6 - Juan Trujillo - Sending (Original Mix)
7 - Alex Dolby - Patch01 (Original Mix)
8 - Prophaen - The overseer (Original Mix)
9 - Axel Karakasis - Disruptive (Original Mix)
10 - Deano - Tension (No vox given version)
11 - Juan Trujillo - Bucklehead (Original Mix)
12 - Mossed - Zero (Drop-E remix)
13 - Kristopher Morder - Death Struggle (Original Mix)
14 - Insolate - Warehouse jam (PVS remix)
15 - Jalex (Italy) - Spaceout (Original Mix)

Apr 02 2019 · 1hr

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Devotion Podcast 048 with Juan Trujillo

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Feb 18 2019 · 1hr
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[WP076] Juan Trujillo - Wunderblock Podcast 076

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Buenos-Aires-based Juan Trujillo is an owner of Simplecoding Recordings, and he's well known for his classy funky yet hypnotic techno sound. After releasing excellent Bit Massacre EP on WR, now he presents his amazing Xmas techno set for Wunderblock Podcast.

Vacuumed Memories - Forest On Stasys - Danza Nativa
Gabriel D'Or & Bordoy - A-42 (Alex Randal Remix) - Selected Records
Juan Trujillo - Mono Sequence - Wunderblock Records
Yanamaste - Cirk (Moddullar Remix) - INNSIGNN
Eafhm - Cisma (Ketch Remix) - Concepto Hipnotico
Juan Trujillo - Electric Dialect - Wunderblock Records
Ingwaz - Tjue To - Utopica Vision
Insolate - Warehouse Jam (PVS Remix) - H.omevvork
Juan Trujillo - Doblenalog - Wunderblock Records
H. Paul - Unbeatable - Counter Pulse
Dr Cyanide - Balaam - Dark Fields Records
Juan Trujillo - Bit Massacre - Wunderblock Records
Ja010lex - Spaceout - ???
Worg - Rapsodia Sciamanica (Svarog Remix) - Lykos Records

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Dec 27 2018 · 1hr 1min
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atomar audio –110– Juan Trujillo

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Podcast 110 of atomar audio, featuring cutting edge techno artists. This week we present you Juan Trujillo from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Enjoy!

Juan Trujillo:

Visit Atomar Audio on Facebook:
Feb 05 2018 · 1hr 3mins
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Episode 025 with Juan Trujillo in the mix

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Juan Trujillo
Aug 03 2016 · 1hr