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What Does Maintenance Mode Look Like? featuring Ryan Lazanis, Anna Wolf, and Tamara Kemper

Break the Ceiling

I've been spending a lot of time this year thinking about capacity. A lot of the work I do focuses on helping clients streamline their operations to increase their capacity without increasing their costs or business complexity. ScaleSpark actually started as an outgrowth of me running businesses and holding a full-time job. We owned a guest ranch and a brick-and-mortar store while I worked full time and ran all the back ends of those operations.I had to figure out a way to make that backend run seamlessly and efficiently because I only had maybe an hour or two a day before I went to my day job and I needed to be really effective with my time… which led me to software. I used software tools to make the operations mostly run without me. Understanding how to use technology to boost capacity was something I had to learn for my businesses to survive. And eventually I started ScaleSpark to help other businesses harness those tools and boost their own capacity.Even though increasing capacity is one of my core competencies, capacity has been a real issue for me over the last year. So the first question I asked was: what can I stop doing? It actually turned out that there was a lot of stuff that, when I really examined it, wasn't bringing value into my business, but it was sucking up my time. I needed to get my business back to a place where if I needed to, I could set it and forget it. Maintenance mode. For this episode, I wanted to figure out what maintenance mode means to different people and what it looks like in different kinds of businesses. I started asking podcast guests and people around me what maintenance mode meant to them and I never got the same answer twice. Listen to the full episode to hear: Growth mode versus maintenance mode and how you can be in both at the same time How the skills, systems, and tools that you would build and develop for maintenance mode are pretty much the same as the ones you would build for scaling Why process can be so powerful for increasing your capacity, whether that's for  maintenance mode scaling or just to make your job take less time How maintenance mode affects product-based businesses and how to define which products require you to be more involved and which ones can run on their own Learn more about Ryan, Anna, and Tamara: Ryan Lazanis – futurefirmaccelerate.com Anna Wolf – superscriptmarketing.com Tamara Kemper – trainual.com Learn more about Susan: Scalespark Dollars + Decisions Roundtable Twitter @ScaleSpark LinkedIn @thesusanboles


23 Mar 2021

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How Your Process Impacts Your Business' Ecosystem with Tamara Kemper

Break the Ceiling

Do you know the secret to scaling profitably and effectively? In reality, it’s not much of a secret. It’s just something that not a lot of companies prioritize: building a solid process and making sure it's documented.It’s unfortunate, really, because creating well-documented processes is the one thing that I consistently see that makes a huge difference in growing lean, resilient companies. It's not necessarily sexy but documented processes affect every area of your business ecosystem and make a big impact. A rock-solid process allows you to deliver better service to your clients, onboard team members with ease, deliver projects and services more profitably, free up time for you and your team, and use software to automate tasks.My guest today is one of my favorite fellow process geeks. Meet Tamara Kemper, the founder of The Process Mavens where she helps CEOs get back time and peace of mind through systematizing and documenting their business. As a former classroom teacher, she puts humans first when it comes to improving business processes and patiently guides her clients through a clear plan to make things work better.Listen to the full episode to hear: How having solid processes make your business more profitable and effective Why your processes inform your software and team choices Why it’s so important to document your process And the giant return you get out of investing in your process Learn more about Tamara Kemper: The Process Mavens Connect with Tamara on LinkedIn Learn more about Susan: Scalespark Dollars + Decisions Roundtable Twitter @ScaleSpark LinkedIn @thesusanboles


11 Aug 2020

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9: Owner of The Process Mavens and Trainual Certified Consultant, Tamara Kemper

SMB Consulting Show

In this episode, Bradford talks to Trainual Certified Consultant and Owner of The Process Mavens, Tamara Kemper about how to adapt to the current business climate. After 16 years of working in schools and ed-tech companies, Tamara Kemper had accidentally become an expert in getting things done. Now, as the founder of The Process Mavens, she helps small businesses scale through better back-end processes and training. Tamara is passionate about focusing on the very human reasons why business systems break down and use her teacher superpowers to make sure every team member succeeds with their new-and-improved ways of working. Watch this episode on Youtube. Learn more about Trainual.


21 Jul 2020

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Jumping into the Messiness with Tamara Kemper


Today, Maria interviews Tamara Kemper, the founder of The Process Mentors. Tamara shares what she learnt during her years as an elementary school teacher, why she joined the ed-tech world and how she decided to run her own business coaching company, The Process Mentors. Tamara talks about how investing in a personal coach helped her kickstart her business and how she discovered a greater joy for writing. An insightful and delightful conversation! Production team: Host : Maria Xenidou Producer: Julie-Roxane Krikorian Introduction Voice: David Bourne Contact us: impactlearningpodcast@gmail.com Music credits: Like Lee performed by The Mini Vandals Transition sounds: Swamp Walks performed by Jingle Punks Mentioned in this episode The Process Mentors Tamara's writing The altMBA The ruckus makers weekend workshop The Mastering the Rockefeller Habits book The Rocket Fuel Book Listen to this episode and explore: Tamara’s childhood (2.20) Becoming an elementary school teacher (5.30) Why she went into the ed-tech world (10.55) How she created her company: The Process Mentors (17.07) The power of investing in learning and coaching (24.45) Her altMBA journey (28.08) Her story with writing (31.50) The importance of jumping into the messiness (40.40)


15 May 2019

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Tamara Kemper: Process Mentors

Women Developing Brilliance® - The Spirit of Business With Kc Rossi

Here are the highlights of my interview with Tamara Kemper: Process Mentors on Women Developing Brilliance.Who is Tamara Kemper?After 16 years of working in schools and ed-tech companies, Tamara Kemper had accidentally become an expert in getting things done. Now, as the founder of Process Mentors, she helps small business owners scale their businesses through better back-end processes and internal training. Tamara lives in Phoenix, AZ where she can frequently be found singing and playing the ukulele with her little ones or continuing her quest to read all the books.Lightbulb momentTamara experienced not having a lot of power or flexibility when she worked in the educational system and uncovered a lot of limitations. This opened up an opportunity to work with a local tech ed company where she quickly realized that she loved working with adults and helping them learn.She herself is a forever learner and problem solver. She started focusing on how to make things work better and more efficiently. Something clicked! Her skill set and passion for “figuring things out” and then helping others do the same lead her to create the Process Mentors.Shining a bright lightTamara loves to work with small teams.Unlike most business efficiency consultants, she is passionate about focusing on the very human reasons why business systems break down and uses her teacher superpowers to make sure every team member is successful with their new and improved ways of working.It’s a delicate balance especially when the system revolves around one individual. She has a style of inviting them in and making it a collaborative endeavor.Communication is key right off the bat. The intention has to be pure and in alignment between the leadership team for true success and implementation.Define the why across the board and be communicative about that...address the elephant in the room and talk about it.Big truthOn the subject of raising 2 kids and operating a small business, Tamara shared that she is blessed to have a reliable support system of great caregivers. This allows her to stay 100% directed on work tasks during her business hours.She said, when her daughter was very young, she tried to multi-task but she always felt like she was failing at something. At any moment, she felt like she was being terrible at either being an attentive Mom or a focused business owner.If I can block longer periods of time to focusing on one category, I’m so much more successful and focused...I feel better about it. Tamara’s top tipTry using the Pomodoro Method, which utilizes a 25-minute timer to block a mindful slot to get this done (with 5-minute breaks). The key is to define exactly what you are going to work on during that time with the goal of getting in 3 rotations.I’ve personally started to use this after our talk and it’s made a huge difference in my efficiency.You can read her blog about it here.Her parting words of wisdomGet Support!When you’re building a business - You have to invite other people in, you have to connect. You have to let other people see where you’re struggling and where you’re making mistakes. Don’t be proud or thinking something’s wrong if it’s not working.I loved my time with Tamara becauseShe is so real. Not only is she wicked smart but her gentle, giving spirit shines through and so does her eagerness to help small businesses level up.Tamara is a changemaker and someone to watch as she creates big things in the world!


2 Feb 2019

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