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MENtors that Make a Difference Featuring Michael Ashford

Tech in the Right Direction

Our next guest on MENtors that Make a Difference is Michael Ashford, the Director of Marketing at The Receptionist. Started in 2013, The Receptionist paved the way as the first-ever visitor management company. They are now in over 4k+ locations and 36 countries worldwide. You can learn more about The Receptionist here: https://thereceptionist.com/ Today we talk about Michael's career journey and how his different experiences working in a wide variety of roles helped shape his business skillset. We also talk about the positive shifts that are taking place for women in tech and how gender stereotypes are being broken to create change. Thank you for listening; we hope Michael's story helps inspire others to seek or grow their tech career.


5 Oct 2021

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Episode 380: The Four Tenets of Storytelling with Michael Ashford, director of marketing at The Receptionist

Integrate & Ignite | Marketing Insights to Inspire

“Placing yourself in the story you’re trying to tell is where marketers hit gold.”   Listen & Learn: The four tenets of strategic storytelling. The importance of people-first storytelling. The power of narrative. Why it’s never about what you make or why you make it. It’s not about selling a story; it’s about telling a story. Creating a compelling narrative for your brand from the beginning Michael Ashford, director of marketing at The Receptionist, is a builder, a communicator, and a strategist. But his path has been anything but typical…from starting out as an engineering major to becoming a sportswriter and then on to project management and then ultimately the sales and marketing world, Michael considers his journey one that has prepared him for anything. He works best when demands for growth fall in the category of "it's never been done before." He enjoys being on the move, loves competition, and relies heavily on his intuition to make decisions that are then backed up by facts and data. He values authentic communication and making personal connections to better understand people and their needs. We use the power of storytelling to build brands. Learn more from Lori Jones by calling today. 303-678-7102. TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE RECEPTIONIST, CLICK HERE. TO FIND MICHAEL ASHFORD ON LINKEDIN, CLICK HERE.


15 Sep 2021

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Developing, Celebrating, And Validating Esports As A Whole ft. Michael Ashford, CEO Esports Awards

Esports Network Podcast

Esports is still in its relative infancy but its important that we celebrate and validate content creators, sponsors, organizations, teams, players, and everyone in between. The Esports Awards promises to do all that, whether its a virtual or real-life stage. Michael Ashford talks about the efforts the Awards have undergone since their 2020 iteration to bring to life the 2021 version. On top of that he talks working under the pandemic and working with his brothers! Watch The Gamer Hour - Esportz Network's new show from Times Square. If you are interested in being a sponsor for the Esports Minute, Esports Network Podcast, College Esports QuickTake or The Gamer Hour, please reach out to Esportz Network CEO Mark Thimmig by emailing mthimmig@esportznetwork.com. If you enjoyed the podcast, please rate and subscribe, it helps us out a ton! For daily esports news, check out the Esports Minute. If you're interested in learning about college esports check out the College Esports QuickTake. Follow Kevin on Twitter @Correa24 Follow Esportz Network on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @EsportzNetwork Or visit our website esportznetwork.com for updates on what's to come!Special Guest: Michael Ashford.


23 Aug 2021

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How to determine cost per lead per marketing channel and navigating COVID with Michael Ashford of The Receptionist

Big Break Software Podcast

Michael Ashford of the Receptionist talks about changing the company's marketing and growing amidst economic challenges triggered by Covid. Get insights from the podcast. Michael has navigated various fields before getting to where he is today. He started in the engineering field before transforming into a sports writer and plunged into project management along the way. He would then end up in the sales and marketing industry. Michael admits that his vast experience in different fields has prepared him to thrive in any field. He tells Geordie about his journey in this must-listen-to podcast. What you'll Learn Importance of working together as a team The best approach to adopt as a marketing manager Strategy Michael and his team used to identify highly valuable leads How to get a precise picture of your marketing activity Importance of reviews What to do after getting a bad review How the visitor management system works In this Episode While some organizations experienced hard times at the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, others like The Receptionist thrived. However, it took a change of strategy to navigate through the hard times. Michael talks extensively about the concept behind The Receptionist. He gives an illustration of walking inside a company building as a guest or visitor, where you have to sign in to inform the authorities of your presence. Listen to the podcast for more details.  Michael joined The Receptionist some years back to help build the marketing team. The Receptionist works with numerous businesses that deal with walk-in visitors and have no front office staff, probably because they cannot afford to pay them. How the system works is that; you are a health practitioner for example, handling a client and your next client is waiting at the front office. The system lets you know that someone is waiting in the line and eliminates the need to keep walking to and from your office to find out whether you have clients waiting. Michael describes his experience when he first joined The Receptionist, which you can only understand by listening to the podcast. Regardless of the team's efforts to boost the organization's performance, none was designed under the go-forward strategy umbrella. Michael's first task was to outline everything the company was doing and bring it under one cohesive go-forward approach. Working together as a team is critical even when you are the overall manager. According to Michael, collaborating with the entire team played a significant role in boosting the organization's performance. Acquiring traffic and leads as a new company can be a difficult task. Michael says that a big percentage of their leads and traffic was from referrals and organic traffic. He mentions that the company was already excelling from an SEO point of view, and the team needed to focus on getting paid search. Michael also discusses another area they needed to focus on building, and you can get the details from the podcast. Michael explains how to get started as a marketing manager in detail. If you want to enter the marketing world, you cannot afford to skip this part of the podcast. Breaking down data and separating valuable and non-valuable leads was a straightforward process, in Michael’s words. He explains how they did it, and you can get the comprehensive details from the podcast. Data is critical when defining the direction a company is taking and what the team should do to boost performance. However, Michael admits that he did not appreciate data before he ventured into the marketing field. Still, he mentions that other factors are critical for performance enhancement. Listen to the podcast to learn some of the surprises that Michael encountered along his marketing journey. When Michael joined The Receptionist, they did not have a robust strategy to get reviews. Instead, they relied on natural and organic traffic. He highlights the company's only strategy then was the post-customer drip campaign. The Reception has since evolved and adopted an advanced traffic generation approach. He talks about this concept in detail in this podcast. To acquire reviews, Michael and his customer experience representatives had to work hard and implement a solid strategy. Listen to the podcast to learn more about it. The Receptionist team values reviews and usually incentivizes clients that leave honest reviews with an Amazon gift card. Michael talks about how they address negative reviews, and you can learn about it from the podcast. He also discusses how the company operated during the onset of the pandemic down to the peak of things. How did they navigate the challenges? Listen to the podcast to find out. Michael also explains the strategy they used to keep the business afloat in detail. It would be best to listen to this part of the podcast whether you are a startup or an established entrepreneur. Resources The Receptionist Michael Ashford LinkedIn


13 Jul 2021

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Michael Ashford on How To Be A Better Listener & Communicating With Emotional Intelligence


In this episode, Michael Ashford, an award-winning newspaper reporter and editor on the podcast, talks about journalism and media, how to be a better listener and how to disagree in an emotionally intelligent way. Connect with him on his socials: Website/Podcast: https://www.thefollowupquestion.com/ Book: https://www.amazon.com/Involved-Man-fight-things-matter/dp/1794886575 LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-ashford-32620531/ Thank you for joining me on this MIRROR TALK podcast journey. Kindly stay connected by subscribing or following on any platform. Please do not forget to leave a review and rating. Let us connect on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mirrortalk.podcast/ More inspiring episodes and show notes here: https://mirrortalkpodcast.com/ I love you, I see you, I appreciate you. SPONSORED BY KITCASTER: Dear friend, you can grow your personal and business brand by creating a strong network through podcasting. Create real human connections, have the ability to share your story and interesting point of view. To get started, you can make use of the special offer for friends of this podcast on https://kitcaster.com/mirror


6 Jul 2021

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028: Fitness for Dads w/ Michael Ashford

Everyday Fitness w/ Coach Marc

About Michael Ashford:Michael is a certified personal trainer and the founder of Fit Dad Fitness, as well as the host of the Fit Dad Fitness Podcast, the largest and longest running podcast dedicated to fathers and their fitness. Michael started Fit Dad Fitness with a goal of equipping fathers to live an active, involved, healthy life with their kids. Michael and his wife and their two children live in the Denver, Colorado, area, where Michael is a full-time marketing director at a software company.


27 May 2021

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Your Summer Body Starts NOW! With Michael Ashford of Fit Dad Fitness

Dad Bod WOD Podcast

#059 - Well, summer is around the corner, and with that comes the reality that you'll soon be walking around in shorts, t-shirts, and even more threatening: topless! And I know you're feeling insecure about taking your shirt off at the lake this summer. Well, the good news is you still have some time before it's fully lake season. The bad news is you have all that extra COVID weight that needs to come off NOW! On this episode, I'm joined by Michael Ashford of Fit Dad Fitness to discuss our top tips to getting into summer shape NOW and the pitfalls to avoid in the process!For a FREE copy of my Top 10 Go-To Workouts, head over to ForgingEliteFathers.net and get yours today!Additional LinksFit Dad Fitness on InstagramFitDadFitness.comFree Top 10 Go-To WorkoutsFacebook Group15% off Ten Thousand Apparel with code: TORRES


13 Apr 2021

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Strong Dads - Michael Ashford - The Involved Man - Episode 86


Michael Ashford is the host of Fit Dads Fitness Podcast.  He is also the author of, The Involved Man.  Michael is the perfect guest for the Strong Dads Podcast as he is actually doing the work that we so strongly promote.  He is first and foremost a follower of Christ.  Secondly, he loves his wife and two kids.  Michael recognized in his own life and those around him that the status of manhood was rapidly declining.  As a man that is concerned about the status of men in general across our country, he became motivated to speak to and encourage men. He created the Fit Dad Fitness Podcast and is now the longest running podcast in this category.  With this momentum, he organized his thoughts and wrote a book that speaks to the passion that he has to serve men, The Involved Man.  In his book he outlines and discusses the four pillars that every man must understand and take hold of.  Purpose, People, Passion, Profession.Listen in as Michael and Hutch have a great conversation aimed to challenge and celebrate what it is to be a Man of God!Support the show (https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=R4Q39E32XTBEC)

1hr 4mins

26 Mar 2021

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Training Dads: Considerations & Helpful Hints with Michael Ashford

The TrulyFit Podcast

Michael is the owner of FitDadFitness, where he hosts a Podcast, Personal Training Business, Coaching, and much more. Michael's passion and focus is centered on helping busy fathers understand the importance of carving out time for their health & fitness. He gives fantastic insight into the psychological and programming side of working with fathers. You can find all of his information through the link below:https://www.fitdadfitness.com/https://www.instagram.com/trulyfitapp/


17 Feb 2021

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96. 4 Steps to Better Storytelling w/ Michael Ashford

The Customer Experience Podcast

Customer experience is the emotions that a customer feels about your organization. The gateway to strengthening the positive emotions of your consumers is great storytelling. In this episode, I interview Michael Ashford, Director of Marketing at The Receptionist, about the importance of storytelling in marketing. Listen to Michael and I discuss... - What it means to build heroic content - Dos and don’ts of marking using car commercial examples - Donald Miller’s Building a StoryBrand - How storytelling begins with intentional listening Subscribe, listen, and rate/review the Customer Experience Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play or Google Podcasts, and find more episodes on our blog.


15 Sep 2020