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Providing Jobs For People Where Opportunities Are Scarce With Matt Strauss, Co-Founder & CEO of RiseKit

What The SaaS?!

Matt Strauss, CEO of RiseKit, left the venture capital world to pursue his passion for solving social problems. Matt discovered this passion from volunteering when he was asked to mentor a handful of young people. While trying to connect his mentees to jobs and resources, Matt ultimately met with over 1,000 public and private sector leaders across his favorite city, Chicago. He hit a moment of volunteer and activism fatigue when he realized he couldn't mentor more Chicagoans. That's when he went on to create RiseKit.RiseKit’s platform connects overlooked job seekers with the community support, training programs, and employers they need to rise to better employment opportunities.Podcast Summary: In this episode, Matt Strauss shares his journey on how RiseKit provides solutions to employers, nonprofits and community-based organizations to connect overlooked jobseekers to individualized job training, employment opportunities, and resources.Key Takeaways in this Episode:Challenges faced in the government and non-profit sectorHow to sell to non-profit organizations and identifying their pain pointsWhy passion for social changes is necessary in the funding partDiscovering His True PassionWorking as a venture capitalist 5 years ago was when Matt had the opportunity to mentor job seekers and entrepreneurs in Chicago. This constant interaction not only allowed him to understand their needs as challenges, but also discovered his true passion, which was helping people by combining VC and technology. How RiseKit Provides an Even Ground for Job SeekersMatt found out that  under-resourced job seekers rely a lot on non-profit organizations. Oftentimes, staff members of these organizations use outdated technology to equip their job seekers. Employers, on the other hand, need to integrate a tracking system to automate the feedback loop of what happens in the application. Those steps take the employer front line recruiter 2-4 hours per non-profit partner to report that back. Having all that in one place as well as having access to real time data allows recruiters to simplify the process. How to Sell to Non-profit OrganizationsMatt admits it is a tough market. However, there is a high level of loyalty once an organization becomes your customer. What worked for Matt was to create a free-to-pay model where they can have the first tier for free, an upgraded version, and the highest tier that is a version where they can customize everything based on their daily needs. This selling format has been way more effective than trying to sell to every single non-profit organization.Challenges in Government and Non-Profit OrganizationsGovernments have legacy systems in place and therefore, there is a lot of education and mindset perspective shifting. For non-profit organizations, the CEOs tend to lose perspective of what happens in the front line: Trying to find more employer partners, trying to track job applications, and communicating with job seekers. Most of the time they become customers if a solution is provided for the first two pain points but still requires a particular approach. Passion and RelationshipsBecause of the type of solution RiseKit offers, any venture capitalist included in the first raise must have the same level of passion and desire to make this social impact. Matt admits that networking and relations were the main difference makers for the first funding obtained. If you are going to target this market, making a change in society must go first before profit-making.  Connect with Matt:Matt Strauss on LinkedInApply to be our next guest speaker here: https://bit.ly/wtsguestspeakerapp


22 Sep 2022

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134. Matt Strauss, MD - Unscientific Mandates and Public Health Policy

The Canadian Story

Matt Strauss is an ICU physician, former professor at Queens University and currently the acting Medical Officer of Health for Haldimand-Norfolk. Citations:  https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamanetworkopen/fullarticle/2795654 https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-022-30884-6 Find Matt online:  https://twitter.com/strauss_matt Find us online: https://www.thecanadianstory.com/ https://www.facebook.com/thecadstory https://twitter.com/thecadstory https://www.instagram.com/thecadstory/ https://anchor.fm/thecadstory


30 Aug 2022

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Covid has torn apart our social fabric (Feat. Dr. Matt Strauss)

The Candice Malcolm Show Podcast

Over the past two years, Canadians have suffered through some of the strictest lockdowns in North America. While some restrictions have been lifted, many Canadians are trapped in Covid purgatory. Unvaccinated Canadians aren’t able to board a plane or a train, many have lost their livelihood and the federal government refuses to lift travel mandates that have caused chaos at Canada’s airports. While Canadians continue to feel the chilling effects of heavy-handed government measures, the elites remain maddeningly out of touch with the concerns and anxieties of Canadians. How did we get here? What can be done to rebuild our civil society? On today’s episode of The Candice Malcolm show, Candice is joined by Dr. Matt Strauss, the acting Medical Officer of Health for the Haldimand-Norfolk region in Ontario. Candice and Dr. Strauss discuss the unreported stories of the pandemic in Canada, the unintended consequences of the government’s lockdowns and pushing back against the lockdown authoritarians.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


31 May 2022

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Matt Strauss

Just B with Bethenny Frankel

On staying innovative in a big corporation and paying your way through college. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.comSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


26 Aug 2021

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The Harms of Lockdowns, with Dr. Ari Joffe & Dr. Matt Strauss

Solving Healthcare with Dr. Kwadwo Kyeremanteng

KEYNOTE SPEAKINGsolvinghealthcare.ca or kwadcast99@gmail.comBETTERHELPSign up today: http://betterhelp.com/solvinghealthcareand use Discount code “solvinghealthcare"Solving Healthcare Seminars & Merchandise.solvinghealthcare.ca/shopUse promocode kwadcast20 for 20% our seminarsProceeds will be going to Feeding Frontline Healthcare Providers:gf.me/u/xstpfkDepartment of Medicine site: https://ottawadom.ca/solving-healthcareResource Optimization Network website: www.resourceoptimizationnetwork.com/Follow us on twitter & Instagram: @KwadcastLike our Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/kwadcast/YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLmdmYzLnJeAFPufDy1ti8wBridges Over Barriers:https://donate.micharity.com/education-foundation-of-ottawa/3796079647/donate?campaign=33

1hr 2mins

22 Mar 2021

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Dr. Matt Strauss - On Failing Covid Policy

Trish Wood is Critical

Events at the Capitol in DC and the failure of rolling COVID lockdowns world-wide expose how our experience of the world is captured by information corrupted by disparate interests.    In Washington, DC events at the capitol are being shaded in media depending on what side the outlet supports. In Canada, Dr. Matt Strauss bravely explains why physicians are afraid to criticize lockdown policy.   All of it adds up to a dangerous time for people attempting to find their equilibrium and a way through these difficult times.

2hr 29mins

8 Jan 2021

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Matt Strauss, MD: Lockdowns, Trust, China, Philosophy, and Doctors.

Letters from a Contrarian

0:05 Introduction, Strauss’ ostensibly contrarian opinion, media biases and framing, how lockdowns save lives, herd immunity, Great Barrington Declaration.0:20 How we should be dealing with the COVID pandemic, masks, HIV, adults taking risks, additive vs. multiplicative risks, externalities, and seniors.0:40 Governments, continued discussion, terror, democracy, cover-ups of Chernobyl and trust, China, Hong Kong.0:50 Block the trolls, write well, learn your values and your arguments for them (by heart). Do you truly want a meaningful life? Soul crushing yet great payoff work EKG signoffs for $10. Soul-suffering. How to find meaning in your life. How Strauss got into journalism thanks to Jon Kay and the Monk School, taking care of a Neo-Nazi.1:08 Russell, Mill, Frankl, Descartes, religious upbringings, Jordan Peterson.1:16 PhD work, cognitive dissonance between doctors’ knowledge and their actions (like not biking when all-cause mortality is 50% less. Rotting institutions, over-payed doctors, professional hazing a la 36-hour-shifts.1:32 Trudeau, Meritocracy, JWR, Philpott.Mentions: The Great Barrington Declaration Manual for Survival by Kate Brown Mr. Money Mustache Man’s Search for Meaning On Liberty, JS Mill Bertrand Russell Peterson v. Harris debate #1His twitter page: @strauss_mattMy twitter page: @eugenefdsMy website: eugenefernandes.com--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/eugene-fernandes1/message

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28 Nov 2020

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Dan Wootton Drivetime | The Welsh Firebreak Lockdown, Dr Matt Strauss, Chris Bryant and Tom Harwood

The Dan Wootton Show

As Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford announces a new firebreak lockdown in the country Dan tells us why Wales is doomed. Dr Matt Strauss of Queen's University Ontario gives us a medic's take on why we shouldn't have another lockdown, things get heated with Welsh Labour MP Chris Bryant and Guido Fawkes writer Tom Harwood gives us his thoughts on the Brexit negotiations. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


19 Oct 2020

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Episode 120: 2X2: Accounts Payable at a Masonry Company: Why Are They Letting Me Touch This Stuff? (Molly Tighe and Matt Strauss )

An Archivist's Tale

Molly Tighe and Matt Strauss tells us their stories of moving from a masonry company and Japan into archives, how they met, and how they keep their archives thriving and relevant in the middle of a worldwide pandemic.

1hr 1min

19 Sep 2020

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Escape from Lockdown Archive - Episode 8 - Matt Strauss, MD

The Reclaim Pod

Alex talks to intensive care doctor and writer, Matt Strauss, about why he opposes the lockdown, his experience treating Covid-19 patients and the occasional challenges he faces making his voice heard in journalism and medicine, with a couple of detours into Iggy Pop and fantasy roleplaying games. Matt Strauss, MD is the former medical director of the critical care unit at Guelph General Hospital, Canada. He is now an assistant professor of medicine at Queen’s University. He has bylines in Vice, National Post and the Spectator 

1hr 29mins

24 May 2020