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🎤 How To Fail LIVE: Caitlin Moran on parenting failures, body image and big vaginas

How To Fail With Elizabeth Day

TW: eating disordersAll this week, I'll be dropping the recordings of our How To Fail live shows, held at Shoredtich Town Hall earlier this year.Now, I know we shouldn't have favourites. Having a podcast and labelling one of your episodes as your 'favourite' is akin to choosing your preferred child. But, sod it, this is one of my favourite conversations of all time. Caitlin Moran is as brilliant, witty and generous as you might expect. Here, she talks about the terrible sadness of realising her daughter had an eating disorder and how she didn't deal with it in the right way at first. She also talks about childhood insecurities, learning to love herself, the joy of female solidarity and plenty more. You will laugh. But you might also cry, so do bring some tissues.--This podcast was recorded on 6th October 2022 in Shoreditch Town Hall and is sponsored by Sweaty Betty. You have a chance to get 20% off everything until 14th December with the code HOWTOFAIL20. That’s 20% off everything until 14th December with the code HOWTOFAIL20 on sweatybetty.com Terms and conditions apply, and can be found on sweatybetty.com--How To Fail With Elizabeth Day is hosted and produced by Elizabeth Day. To contact us, email howtofailpod@gmail.com--Social Media:Elizabeth Day @elizabdayHow To Fail @howtofailpod Caitlin Moran @caitlinmoran

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7 Dec 2022

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Bonnie Hancock + Bledisloe + Caitlin Moran + Georgie is so old she remembers radio

The Sport Social

[Sidebar: We’re dealing with sick kids, bad internet connections and average audio. It must be school holidays. Please bear with us and apologies to Producer Jase! We’ll be back to normal next week.]  Australia’s former ironwoman Bonnie Hancok just circumnavigated Australia in a 10kg surf ski. Just let that sink in for a minute. She paddled over 10,000kms in 8 months and 10 days, and in doing so has raised over $80,00 for Gotcha4Life. And after she broke the record for the fastest circumnavigation and furthest paddle by a female over a 24 hour period, she went on to do another 24 hour paddle to break the men's record, paddling 234kms in 24 hours off Hamilton Island. As well as being in total awe of this, you’ll be able to hear us struggling to deal with her tales of crocodiles and sharks as she travelled around the top end, and about how she was able to keep paddling month after month, despite the fact that she was ready to stop.  In weekly sporting news: Georgie despairs that the Bledisloe Cup was handed to New Zealand via a referee. We wrap up the AFL and NRL, and get cranky about the treatment of NRWL player Caitlin Moran over an Instagram post. We reflect on how you don’t have to be a hard core couch warrior to watch sport, and get excited about the upcoming Basketball World Cup!  Sticking with the theme of boats, Georgie can’t stop talking about Australian solo rower Michelle Lee and her latest challenge to row from the North America to Australia. And despite declaring that she might never go on holiday again, Libby’s pretty stoked about all the kilometers she walked yesterday without even trying.  Show Notes Lifeline: 13 11 14 Gotcha4Life: https://www.gotcha4life.org/ You can follow Bonnie Hancok @bonniehancok and donate here: https://gotcha4life-fundraising.raisely.com/bonniehancock You can follow Michelle Lee @firstaustralianfemale and track her boat here: https://solorower.com/  and listen to her Conversation with Richard Fidler here: https://www.abc.net.au/radio/programs/conversations/michelle-lee-solo-adventurer-rowing-atlantic-ocean-rpt/13908878 Hosts: Libby & Georgie Trickett Instagram: @thesportsocialpodcast Producer: Jason Strozkiy www.strozkiymedia.comSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


19 Sep 2022

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Ray Hadley calls on Caitlin Moran to apologise after punishment revealed

The Ray Hadley Morning Show: Highlights

Ray Hadley is calling on Newcastle Knights player Caitlin Moran to apologise for her offensive post about Queen Elizabeth II.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


13 Sep 2022

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Steve Price: Australian correspondent on NRLW star Caitlin Moran handed ban after Queen post

The Mike Hosking Breakfast

Newcastle utility Caitlin Moran has been banned by the NRL following an investigation by the integrity unit after an offensive social media post referencing the Queen's death. Moran, a former Jillaroos representative and Indigenous All Star, has since been forced to delete the Instagram post, which featured a picture of Queen Elizabeth II. "Todays a good fkn day, uncle Luke announces his tour, and this dumb dog dies Happy fkn Friday," the post read. She deleted the comment from her Instagram story approximately eight hours after posting it. The NRL handed down the ban on Tuesday with Moran set to be suspended for one game along with being fined 25 per cent of her salary for the season. "The breach notice proposes a fine equivalent to 25 per cent of her current NRLW contract, wholly suspended, provided she fulfils a number of conditions," an NRL statement read. "The breach notice also proposes a one match suspension in the NRLW. The fine will be suspended for a period of 12 months to be payable immediately should the code be further breached in that period. "Rugby league is an inclusive game and has a proud and strong relationship with many communities. Regardless of any personal views, all players and officials must adhere to the professional standards expected of them and on this occasion, the public comments made by the player have caused damage to the game." Moran has five days to respond to the breach notice. The since deleted post drew widespread backlash with radio presenter Ray Hadley described the social media post as "perhaps the most reprehensible thing ever seen connected to rugby league". "I agonised over whether it should be revealed," he told 4BC. "If she plays tomorrow it will be a disgrace of monumental proportions." Moran played 24 minutes off the bench in her side's 18-16 loss to the Sydney Roosters. Indigenous leaders in Australia were critical of the Queen's legacy, which they say included the Stolen Generation and erasure of indigenous cultural identifiers. Newcastle NRLW coach Ronald Griffiths threw his support behind Moran, a proud Gommeroi man himself, who said it was a complex issue given she's a proud indigenous woman who holds strong views about historical injustices. "I wasn't worried," Griffiths said. "The relationship between indigenous people and the monarchy is a complicated one. If Caitlin has done something then it will be investigated by the Integrity Unit and we'll work our way through the process."See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


13 Sep 2022

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34. Caitlin Moran: Being my own pet dog

The Joe Wicks Podcast

The UK’s favourite fitness coach is back with series three of his podcast. This summer, Joe is speaking to inspirational friends and some of his favourite people to ask them what they do to keep themselves feeling mentally and physically strong.In this episode Joe chats to one of the most successful writers in Britain today – Caitlin Moran. She's the author of seven books including How To Be a Woman, which has sold over a million copies, How to Build A Girl, which has been adapted into a film, and More Than A Woman, which came out in 2020. She also has two popular weekly columns in The Times. Catlin Moran was born in a council estate in Wolverhampton, the eldest of eight children, and went on to become globally famous for her writing. From becoming a published novelist aged 16, to being a star columnist at The Times aged 18, she tells Joe her incredible life story. Joe and Caitlin connect over their shared experience of a difficult childhood, and discuss how this still affects them today. Opening up about her struggles with anxiety and her daughter's eating disorder, Caitlin reveals what she's learnt along the way, and how a good dose of humour and optimism has got her through. This is sunshine in a podcast. Joe Wicks is here for you, and he won’t stop until you’re fit and happy.If you need support with mental health and self-harm, details are available at bbc.co.uk/actionline.Producer: Eliza LomasEditor: Dimitri HoutartA BBC Audio Bristol production for Radio 4


3 Aug 2022

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Curvy Brides Boutique - with Caitlin Moran

Comfort Blanket

Writer Caitlin Moran (How To Be A Woman, Raised By Wolves, How To Build A Girl) talks about the comforts of the television series Curvy Brides Boutique. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


27 Apr 2022

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Ep 4 Caitlin Moran: Eating Disorders and Parenting


TW // References to suicide, eating disorders and self-harm.// Caitlin Moran is a hilarious author, scriptwriter and Times columnist famous for skewering the patriarchy. She wrote the seminal feminist manifesto 'How To Be A Woman' and her latest memoir, 'More Than A Woman', is a celebration of middle-age, taking on the joys of 'maintenance sex' in long-term relationships, the overwhelming to-do lists, and looking after everyone but yourself. For this episode I picked PAGE 204 of 'More Than A Woman', which details how Caitlin learned to help her teenage daughter when she was anxious, depressed and suffering with an eating disorder. Caitlin openly admits that when you have a child self-harming and suffering with an eating disorder every parenting tactic you've ever used is useless. She reflects on how growing up she was given a stigmatised view of mental health compared to the way her teenagers discuss mental health without shame and embarrassment. Here, Caitlin shares what she now knows about how to respond and listen to someone with a mental illness, the books that helped her family (see the Eva Musby links below), the script she followed word for word and how surviving the unimaginable has changed her. Parents can feel so helpless and alone in these situations, there is no manual for how to parent a mentally ill child, so Caitlin's honesty in discussing something so personal is much appreciated and extremely helpful.---Links:BEAT - https://www.beateatingdisorders.org.uk Eva Musby - https://anorexiafamily.com/?v=79cba1185463 Anorexia and Other Eating Disorders by Eva Musby - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Anorexia-other-Eating-Disorders-compassionate/dp/0993059805/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3LZ8NS8GAGYE&keywords=eva+musby&qid=1645090842&sprefix=eve+musby%2Caps%2C301&sr=8-1 NHS Eating Disorder support - https://www.nhs.uk/mental-health/feelings-symptoms-behaviours/behaviours/eating-disorders/overview/ NHS Self-harm support - https://www.nhs.uk/mental-health/feelings-symptoms-behaviours/behaviours/self-harm/Samaritans - https://www.samaritans.org NHS Suicidal thoughts information and support - https://www.nhs.uk/mental-health/feelings-symptoms-behaviours/behaviours/help-for-suicidal-thoughts/Mental Health and Self-Harm Information and Support: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/1NGvFrTqWChr03LrYlw2Hkk/information-and-support-mental-health-self-harmEating Disorder links on the BBC Action Line website: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/2DRkg4JC7SLT3B7hlrn6DKN/information-and-support-eating-disorders---Social Media:Abby on Twitter and Instagram - @abbyhollickCaitlin on Twitter - @caitlinmoranCaitlin on Instagram - @mscaitlinmoran---Page is hosted and produced by Abby Hollick for Good Tape. To contact us, email abby@goodtape.orgSound Engineers: Hunter Charlton and Chris SharpOriginal Music: Paddy Gervers and Rob Sell for Torch and CompassGraphic Designer: Tim HughesWeb Support: Daniel Benoliel


21 Feb 2022

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Caitlin Moran

Happy Place

Over the last ten years, author, journalist, and broadcaster Caitlin Moran has learnt that we have to allow feminism to evolve as both society and our own priorities change. In this chat with Fearne, Caitlin explores the benefits of social media in amplifying women’s voices, why it’s so important for women to stop picking apart their own bodies, and how best to prepare children for the adult world they’ll soon find themselves in.CONTENT WARNING: This episode contains frank chat about eating disorders and sexual assault.Thanks to Stripe and Stare for sponsoring this series of Happy Place. Use the code HP20 when you make your purchase at stripeandstare.com for a 20% discount. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

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19 Jul 2021

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86 - Caitlin Moran

Paul McKenna's Positivity Podcast

My guest today is a multi-award winning journalist, international best-selling author of ‘How To Be A Woman’ and broadcaster. She has been named as one of Britain’s most influential women and her new book is called ‘More Than A Woman’. I am talking today with Caitlin Moran.The Positivity Podcast sees Paul McKenna interview some of the world's most interesting people. From film stars, to entrepreneurs and entertainers, you'll learn the tips and tricks that the best in the business use to stay positive.Don't forget to rate and subscribe to the podcast and share your best bits from the episode online.Paul McKenna Twitter: @ImPaulMcKenna Paul McKenna Instagram: @IamPaulMcKenna


12 Jul 2021

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Female truckers; Dealing with disappointment; Caitlin Moran; Maternity failings

Woman's Hour

There is currently a huge shortage of road hauliers in the UK. According to the Road Haulage Association, up to 100,000 more lorry drivers are needed to transport the food, medicines and equipment vital to the UK economy. It’s estimated that 95% of all the products we consume are at some point moved around by road freight. And with Brexit, the Suez Canal blockage, and coronavirus restrictions causing big logistical issues, more people are urgently needed…. But of the half a million licensed lorry drivers, only 5% are women. Why is this? And what would encourage more women to get behind the wheel? Emma speaks to driver Suzy Mackenzie and Kate Lester, the Chief Executive of Diamond Logistics.Disappointment is a fact of life, but that doesn't make it any easier when it comes. At last night's Wimbledon, 18 year old British wildcard Emma Raducanu had to retire from her last-16 match after suffering apparent breathing difficulties. Although we're still not sure exactly what happened, it's not a huge leap of imagination to say that she'll be disappointed to see the end of her dream debut. But what can us mere mortals take from it? Annabel Croft, BBC tennis commentator and former British number one, and Julia Samuels, psychotherapist and author of 'This Too Will Pass: Stories of Crisis, Change and Hopeful Beginnings', talk about the nature of disappointment and the strategies we can use to pick ourselves up again.Caitlin Moran is a journalist and columnist at The Times. Her first book ‘How to Be a Woman” came out in 2011 and has sold more than a million copies in 28 countries. The sequel ‘More than a Woman’ came out last year and is out in paperback today. She is currently on a live UK tour and joins Emma to talk about motherhood, daughters, female friendship and coming to terms with getting older.Maternity services in England are failing mothers and babies leading to hundreds of avoidable deaths each year, according to a damning report by the Health and Social Care committee on maternity safety in England. It also describes a "debilitating culture of blame" preventing lessons being learned from previous tragedies. Jeremy Hunt, the former health secretary and chair of the committee pointed out that 1,000 more babies a year would survive if England's maternity services were as safe as Sweden's. The committee's report found although maternity safety had improved, the deaths of a number of newborn babies at several hospitals in recent years were a reminder that much more needs to be done. Emma is joined by Dame Professor Lesley Regan, Head of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at St Mary’s, Imperial College and past President of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.


6 Jul 2021