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The Future Of The Coaching Industry With Mike Bledsoe

The Strong Coach Podcast

Without clarity and direction in your business, how can you determine whether or not your strategy is effective? Prioritize your vision and set your course! Get your 6 figure coaching foundation. Scroll down and click “Get Free Access”https://www.thestrongcoach.com On social media, we share how to grow your coaching business. Follow us: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Education/The-Strong-Coach-1836711473110013 Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/thestrongcoach Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/mike_bledsoe Twitter - https://twitter.com/michaelbledsoe?lang=en The fitness industry sidelines great coaches by distracting clients with unhealthy expectations on Instagram, magazines, movies, and more. The Strong Coach programs guide coaches to stand out by becoming world-class so they can get life-changing results for their clients. Head to our site and click “Become a Strong Coach” for a free call that will answer your questions. https://www.thestrongcoach.com

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21 Apr 2021

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#44: Mike Bledsoe - The Strong Coach

Welcome To The Winners Circle

On episode 44 of Welcome To The Winners Circle, Derek Pang interviews Mike Bledsoe (IG: @mike_bledsoe), a mentor Investor, Strength & Leadership Coach and CEO of the Strong Coach where he teaches coaches how to stand above the noise of the fitness industry.Here are some of the subjects we touched on:- The importance of community.- His goal with The Strong Coach.- His desire is to positively impact coaches worldwide to heal the fitness industry.- His personal mission.- Connecting with the land and getting in touch with nature. - His continued awakening.- Mastery of one’s body and breath.- The importance of listening to your intuition in business and in life.- His views what’s both wrong and right with the health & fitness industry today.- The profound role of psychedelic drugs for him on his journey.- Healing oneself. - What his mentors have taught him.- The foundations of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.- Effectiveness over efficiency. - His greatest life lesson learn thus far.- Love being a choice that expands.- An beautiful message gleamed from a dream Mile had the night before our podcast recording.I hope you guys enjoy this podcast as much as we did. We are all on the same path, The Hero’s Journey, just at different points along the way. Thank you so much for listening!Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/welcometothewinnerscircle/WTTWC Facebook Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/wttwccommunity/Connect with us on Instagram: WTTWC Podcast: @wttwcDerek Pang - @pangyogahttps://www.welcometothewinnerscircle.com

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10 Mar 2021

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Episode #417 “The Strong Coach w/ Mike Bledsoe”

The Vinny Brusco Show Podcast

Mike Bledsoe is a Journeyman, coach, a podcasters and the CEO of The Strong Coach. Mike has taken his years of experience with Crossfit, Psychedelics, and his own personal story to develop The Strong Coach.  A  program that gives coaches the tools they need to become better listeners, better coaches and ultimately better versions of themselves. Mike is looking to change the physical trainer/coaching industry by starting with the self and going deep within,  to discover what is holding back the trainers and coaches from becoming the best versions of themselves. Which will ultimately make them better trainer/ coaches.  Mikes and his team take active listening to a new level when working with their clients. Mike has done the work on himself and has seen the results. With Mike’s approach to  becoming a more mindful trainer/coach can not only change a person but he change an industry. Mike and I spoke about: - Life After Crossfit - Tool to use to go inward - The effects of Psychedelics - The power of journaling - How to reset once you have fallen off the path - Our cultures relationship with food - Religion and Government And Much More.... Subscribe, Rate and Review Connect with Mike Here: IG: https://www.instagram.com/mike_bledsoe/?hl=en Website: https://thestrongcoach.com/sc-build-main/?r_done=1 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bledsopia/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=mike+bledsoe Connect:: Wesbite: https://www.vinnybrusco.com IG: https://www.instagram.com/thevbshow/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thevinnybruscoshow/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheVinnyBruscoShow Email: TheVBShow@gmail.com How Can I Help? *Book your FREE 30 Min Coaching Consultation Call 914-712-8845 or VinnyBrusco.com *Get 15% OFF your purchase of high quality/ full spectrum CBD @rutcbdco www.rutcbdco.com

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4 Mar 2021

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AH156: Mike Bledsoe

Alpha Hippie Podcast

Mike Bledsoe is a leadership and performance coach who specializes in developing coaches to actualize their full potential.CEO of The Strong Coach, helping coaches build 6 & 7 figure coaching businesses, and co-founder of Training Camp for the Soul, an emotional resilience training program.He leaves nothing off the table when it comes to creating and attaining the vision for his clients & and himself.Pulling from an eclectic toolset he cultivates leaders through physical, mental, emotional and spiritual practices.Connect with Mike:FacebookInstagram | @mike_bledsoeYouTubeTwitter | @michaelbledsoeProducts & Launches:Program | The Strong CoachConnect with Angelo & Alpha Hippie:WebsiteInstagramFacebookFree Facebook GroupSubscribe to the Alpha Hippie Podcast:Apple PodcastsSpotifyIf you are called to support the podcast, please share the show with a friend!!! This is the best way to spread the message ❤️🙏🏼

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4 Jan 2021

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#14 - Mike Bledsoe: Life After Barbell Shrugged

OPEX Fitness Presents: Back Room Talk

Mike Bledsoe is a legend in the fitness podcasting world.In this week's episode of Back Room Talk, he shares:- Life after Barbell Shrugged, including hitting rock bottom- How his perception of health has shifted- What he's doing now with @thestrongcoachInstagram: @mike_bledsoe


26 Nov 2020

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Building a Heart Centered Culture with Mike Bledsoe

The Story Engine Podcast

On today’s episode, we have Mike Bledsoe. He shares his personal journey of accessing empathy and connecting his mind and heart. He also shares how he has created a heart centered culture in his businesses and how empathy played a huge role in getting him where he is today. Mike Bledsoe is the founder of The Strong Coach. The Strong Coach helps coaches build six and seven-figure coaching businesses. He is the program developer for Training Camp for the Soul. He is a multiple seven-figure business founder and coach.  He is a nationally competitive athlete, coach, and a Navy veteran.  He is also the founder of Barbell Shrugged, a #1 fitness and nutrition podcast on iTunes. In This Episode: Being able to connect your mind and heart is not a quick easy process.  Every business has a culture whether they put attention to it or not.  Every company has a culture and it is based on the leadership and how the leaders are behaving and speaking.    You need to have space to have clarity of vision.  And so much more!!!


3 Nov 2020

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053 | Mike Bledsoe | The Strong Coach

Powerline Podcast

Mike Bledsoe has a passion for coaching. He's been in the fitness industry since he was a teenager. Mike served in the Navy, became an entrepreneur and cofounded the very popular podcast Barbell Shrugged. This podcast spent many years amongst iTunes top 10 podcasts in health and fitness. He now hosts his own podcast called The Bledsoe Show and is CEO of The Strong Coach. Mike is a coach, leader and mentor. There is a ton of value in this episode so please enjoy! Feel free to share this episode with anyone you feel would value its content. Show guest: Mike Bledsoe | Instagram @mike_bledsoe | @thestrongcoach Show host: Ryan Lucas | Instagram: @ryanwlucas Show Sponsors:  Tallman Equipment Co. | Instagram: @tallmanequipment Linestar Utility Supply | Instagram: @linestarutilitysupply To support this show visit my online store

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12 Oct 2020

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There is More to what STRONG means with Mike Bledsoe

Positive SparkPlug

In this episode Mike and have a conversation on coaching, building his business the Strong coach, the power that communication has and so much more. Mike is a man full incredible insights on bringing fitpros and coaches beyond the workout aspect of the fitness industry and truly helps provide them all with a more holistic approach that serves a human as whole, their mind, body and soul. If you enjoyed this episode please let's us know by tagging us on the IG at @mike.beldsoe & @sparkplugwellness also please subscribe and rate the podcast for it truly does help. Thank you --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app

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4 Oct 2020

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Ep. 62 - Synchronicity w/ Mike Bledsoe

Barbell Buddha Rediscovered

Today on the show I have Mike Bledsoe on to recap episode 62 of Barbell Buddha, talk about music & synchronicity, and create a "brave space" for your eardrums. Listener beware!

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4 Sep 2020

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S4 Ep. 12 Mike Bledsoe on Ownership, Responsibility and Results

The Biz Body Podcast

Mike Bledsoe is a leadership and performance coach who specializes in developing coaches to actualize their full potential.  CEO of The Strong Coach, helping coaches build 6 & 7 figure coaching businesses, and co-founder of Training Camp for the Soul, an emotional resilience training program.  He leaves nothing off the table when it comes to creating and attaining the vision for his clients & and himself. Pulling from an eclectic toolset he cultivates leaders through physical, mental, emotional and spiritual practices. You can find what Mike is up to: The Strong Coach Training Camp For The Soul Instagram YouTube Facebook

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20 Jul 2020