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How to Detox from Perfection with Petra Kolber

Yes, And

Are you a perfectionist? If you answered no...you might actually be wrong! Digital nomad and perfectionism expert, Petra Kolber, joins Judi today to chat about all things perfectionists, and what it really means to be one. She dives deep into why women hold themselves to unreal standards, how she’s challenging the status quo when it comes to aging and beauty, and why she made the decision to pack everything she owns into a storage unit and become a world-traveling digital nomad!In this episode of Yes, And:What it means to be a recovering perfectionistThe pitfalls of perfectionismHow Petra became a digital nomadRedefining the conversation around aging and beauty Why taking a step back from alcohol set her onto her greatest adventure yetResources:Workbook: The #FearBoss ProjectPetra Kolber websitePetra's FacebookPetra's InstagramPetra’s book: The Perfection DetoxPetra’s TEDTalk: The Perfection DetoxBook on alcohol freedom: This Naked MindBook on sobriety: We Are Luckiest Surprising MagicBook: When Things Fall Apart DifficultMatthew McConaughey’s audiobook: GreenlightsAlicia Key’s audiobook: More MyselfReusable Keurig coffee podsBamboo neck pillowLalicious Body ButterConnect with Judi:Send Judi a voice message: speakpipe.com/JudiHoller Book: Fear Is My HomeboyInstagram: @judiholler Website: judiholler.comEmail: hello@judiholler.comThis show is produced by Soulfire Productions


7 Apr 2021

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Petra Kolber: Speaker, Author, Host of The Perfection Detox Podcast

In My Heart with Heather Thomson

Heather and Petra Kolber discuss going against the societal norm, her new life as a digital nomad, finding peace with aging, helping women live a life of their dreams, and finding freedom in living in the moment.


9 Mar 2021

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The Mindset Of Resilience With Petra Kolber

The Conscious PIVOT Podcast

Successful people have many characteristics in common, but probably the most important trait they share, which is necessary to navigate and survive in today’s world is resilience. On today’s podcast, Adam Markel sits down with Petra Kolber to talk about resilience. Petra is an author, speaker, podcast host, DJ, and wellness leader. A two-time cancer survivor, she shares how resilience has helped her elevate her strengths to continue being a crusader for change and a beacon of authentic happiness. Resilience is who you are and what you can still do in the future should you choose to. You’ve got to use it, or you lose it.Get the newest Conscious PIVOT Podcast episodes delivered directly to you – subscribe here. And, if you’re enjoying the podcast, please give us a 5-star rating on iTunes! For instructions click here.DOING THIS for 10 Seconds Can Change Your Life! Click here to watch Adam’s Inspiring TEDx Talk!


10 Nov 2020

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Banish Your Inner Critic with Petra Kolber

Highlights with Erin King

How do you know if you’re striving to live your best life OR teetering on the edge of unhealthy perfectionism? If you’re having one of those corona coaster moments where it seems like everyone else is living their best pandemic life besides you- despite working as hard as you can to elevate- you may need this episode more than you think. We’re so lucky to have one of my favorite people: fitness guru, happiness facilitator, and bestselling author of the perfection detox, Petra Kolber. Over the next hour, she is going to help us tame our inner critic, live with more bravery, and unleash more of our inner joy. Highlighters, I can’t wait for you to soak this one in. Let’s go! How to stop ruminating and start reflecting (and how to determine the difference between the two) How to determine if you have perfectionist tendencies Why perfectionism is just “fear in really good shoes” How to stop comparing your life to others- especially online The first step to putting your perfectionist tendencies in the back seat How to find acceptance instead of “stoke” when it comes to where you are Reframing “microwave moments” to see them as they really are Optimize how you process how you think about what you think Replacing the “disease of enoughness” with a healthier alternative How to put “should” in its place once and for all The line between healthy and unhealthy “feedback” Deleting the negative voices of the past and leaving false narratives behind Determining whose voice is actually in your head How to stop seeing ourselves through the perfectionist’s impossible lens Identifying “bucket emptiers” vs. “bucket fillers” How to stop seeing ourselves through “broken eyes” Why it’s sometimes more important to at least LIKE yourself, than to strive to LOVE yourself Make sure you’re measuring the metrics that bring you joy How to actually figure out what it is that you DO want Take Petra’s Confidence Catalyst Course Follow Petra on Instagram Read The Perfection Detox here The post Banish Your Inner Critic appeared first on erinking.com.


8 Sep 2020

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Episode 3 Petra Kolber : Step Into Greatness

"Learned it from an 80's Song"

Petra Kolber, former dancer, born in the UK, and author of "The Perfection Detox,. She shares her story of how she was able to push through limiting beliefs that success means that someone else has to sacrifice themselves or "not think above their pay grade". Petra teaches us, through her exposure in the dance community, that greatness is fulfilling one's potential.  She demonstrates that when you dream big and work hard, the curtain lifts and you can step into your greatness.  Here are some "totally rad" tips you will learn from this episode How to see through the lens of possibility and not doubt How her inspirational story truly resonates with a message in an incredible 80s song  How making friends with our fears can lead to success 


24 Aug 2020

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Episode 09: Petra Kolber on Ditching Perfectionism & Increasing Confidence

Your Inspired Life with Ana Cabán

Ana talks with Author, Speaker, Podcast Host and DJ Petra Kolber about letting go of perfectionism, increasing confidence, and more..."We don't connect in perfection. We connect in the cracks." - Petra KolberLearn more about Petra Kolber, and her amazing work, at https://petrakolber.comBe inspired and entertained. It's Your Inspired Life.Instacart Get groceries delivered from your favorite stores with Instacart.Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.


23 Aug 2020

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Petra Kolber

Live Your Best Life

Meet Petra Kolber, self-proclaimed recovering perfectionist. When debilitating panic attacks overtook this internationally known fitness expert, Petra made space for them and, in so doing, took back control. Now a certified positive mindset coach, Petra says: “‘What you don’t own will own you.’ So if you try and condense anything -- fear, anxiety, whatever -- it actually gives it more power.” Listen in and learn how Petra took back control of her life and how she is helping others do the same.#liveyourbestlife  petrakolber.comIf you have a guest idea, or want to learn more about Brunner Communications, contact Liz at info@LizBrunner.comTo join our mailing list and never miss any of Liz’s stories, tips and techniques, click here.


13 Jul 2020

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Interview with Petra Kolber


One Sharp Sword - Cutting Through To What Matters Most with Dr Wayne Pernell is meant to be thought-provoking and inspiring.   This show offers no advice or counsel related to law, finance, or health (either physical or mental).  You are listening at your own discretion and interpreting what you hear in your own way.  This show is meant for entertainment purposes and no claims of enhancement or enrichment of any sort are indicated or implied.  Nope, this show doesn’t promise to make you better looking.  But hey… look at you now!  Listen in!  Enjoy! Transformational coach, speaker, former dancer and dj Coming from a place of service makes a HUGE difference Leaders need to come back to humanity and open up lines of communication for their organizations - authentically, vulnerably. No one, NO ONE, has all the answers (but we might just have the ability to figure things out and get through) Show up in service to others - to your team, organization, family, and yourself! Cut through to what matters most - there’s A LOT of noise out there.  Cut through the noise, get your information, and get off line before you’re inundated further.   We’re used to stress in stages and we can handle that.  We’re experiencing a stress marathon with messages changing all the time.  Recognize that we’ll go through the ups and downs of hope and fear.  Keep looking forward and point yourself in the direction of possibility www.PetraKolber.com Thank you for listening to One Sharp Sword!  Be sure to also check out Wednesdays With Wayne for quick, fun, and inspirational mid-week reading.  www.WaynePernell.com/blog


21 May 2020

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197: Should You Start a Podcast? "It's A Love Game" — Interview by Petra Kolber

Pivot with Jenny Blake

Is the market too saturated? Have people stopped listening to podcasts given that they no longer have a commute? Is it worth all the effort? How do you know if you have something meaningful to say?Building on yesterday’s Listener Q&A around Agile Public Original Thinking, I’m sharing the interview from Petra Kolber’s recent Re-Imagine summit on the pros and cons of podcasting.What’s on your mind? Submit follow-up questions for a future conversation at http://pivotmethod.com/askCheck out full show notes from this episode with links to resources mentioned at http://pivotmethod.com/197 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


24 Apr 2020

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Tap Into Your Whispers | Ep. 68 with Petra Kolber

Todd Durkin IMPACT Show

Quote:  “Live as if you were to die tomorrow; learn as if you were to live forever.”   ~Ghandi What a great quote to affirm us LIVING and LEARNING every day during these precarious times. Now more than ever do I want you to focus on being positive, staying active, eating right, staying in gratitude, and getting your mind right.  Today, I’m joined by my friend Petra Kolber, who is an enlightened spirit of energy, positivity, and love. She epitomizes someone who has overcome perfectionism, fear, and anxiety and shares all of this in today’s episode.  In this episode, you will learn: How to be a passionist instead of a perfectionist. How to take calculated risks in the craziest of times to manifest your ultimate destiny. How to tap into your whispers and answer the scariest of them. How to find peace within yourself, despite tumultuous times. Top lessons learned from her 2-bouts of cancer. Buckle up and enjoy the conversation. I think it will allow you to think deeply, reflect soulfully, and ultimately touch your spirit. Be sure to tap into your whispers today--there is profound wisdom waiting to speak.  Please tag me @ToddDurkin and @petrakolber on your Social Media. TIMESTAMPS: 5:46 Todd intros Petra Kolber, author of The Perfection Detox, International Fitness Authority, and Belief Builder 7:29 Petra’s Yearning to Change 9:31 The Itch - Am I doing what I’m supposed to be doing? 12:50 Take risks to leave Impact and legacy- leave no regrets 13:59 Don’t look in your rearview mirror 20:06 The shift to answer the whisper 23:55 The perfection detox - Petra shares perfectionism 26:09 Petra’s wakeup call 28:52 The fear of making a mistake  32:56 Pretty and perfect - own your own beauty “Learn it to teach it, Live to preach it” - Petra Kolber 35:22 3 Great questions from Petra  - call to action 38:38 Move from a Perfectionist to a Passionist 43:26 Make Peace with the Mirror 49:26 Petra offers advice to parents with kids struggling to be perfect 50:57 Lessons from being a 2-time cancer survivor -- 3 Questions from Petra that I ask you to answer and share on your Social Media…. What are you proud of in your past? What is something in your present that excites you? What is something in your future that excites you? Thank you, Petra Kolber, for being a guest on the IMPACT Show!She can be contacted on IG & FB: @petrakolber or website at www.petrakolber.com -- If you enjoy the Todd Durkin IMPACT Show, can you please do a few things: Give us a 5-star rating on iTunes. Write a great review of what you love about the show. Please SHARE the episode on your Social Media or in a newsletter. Thank you in advance! We always LOVE your questions for the podcast!! To ask a question to Todd for the podcast, please go to www.todddurkin.com/podcast and ask a question on anything on your mind! -- Follow Todd… --> Instagram & Twitter: @ToddDurkin --> Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ToddDurkinFQ10 --> FB: @ToddDurkinFQ10 --> If you are a fitness pro or trainer and want to be coached by Todd, visit:  https://todddurkinmastermind.com/ABOUT: Todd Durkin is one of the leading coaches, trainers, and motivators in the world. It’s no secret why some of the top athletes in the world have trained with him for nearly two decades. He’s a best-selling author, a motivational speaker, and owns the legendary Fitness Quest 10 in San Diego, CA where he leads an amazing team of 42 teammates. Todd is a coach on the Netflix show “STRONG” that is must-watch TV. He is a previous Jack LaLanne Award winner, a 2-time Trainer of the Year, and he runs his Todd Durkin Mastermind group of top trainers and fitness pros around the globe, coaching them with business, leadership, marketing, training, and personal growth mentorship. Todd and his wife Melanie head up the Durkin IMPACT Foundation (501-c-3) that has raised over $250,000 since it started in 2013. 100% of all proceeds go back to kids and families in need. --> To learn more about Todd, visit www.ToddDurkin.com and www.FitnessQuest10.com. --> To join his community of fire-breathing dragons and receive regular motivational and inspirational emails, visit www.ToddDurkin.com and opt-in to receive his value-rich content.


30 Mar 2020