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Pastor Chris Christian "Truth Liberation"

Fountain Gate Church

We would love to connect with  you. Prayer Request  Go to Church Center for Important Information and to give. 


8 Nov 2020

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Are you a fast food or a Ruth's Chris Christian? | Pastor Johnny

Crown Church Podcast

13 Sep 2020

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The Christian music history series - Chris Christian

a soul encountered with Host Kevin Collard

Chris Christian’s 40 years in the music industry have led to albums that have received nine Grammy Award nominations and four wins as a music producer, artist and publisher. He has also been nominated for seven Gospel Music Association Dove Awards as an Artist, music producer, publisher and songwriter, winning five Dove’s. Chris is also responsible for starting the career of Amy Grant and has produced over 100 albums that have sold more than 10 million copies. If you added each individual song he’s written or published on each album that sold, times the number of sales of each album, the number of total sales would be more than 100 million. He has written over two thousand songs, many of which have been recorded by such artists as Elvis Presley, Olivia Newton-John, Natalie Cole, Al Jarreau, Patti Austin, The Pointer Sisters, Ali Lohan, Take Six, Marilyn McCoo, Leanza Cornett (Miss America), Jerry Reed, Dionne Warwick, The Carpenters, Jeannie C. Riley, Sheena Easton, Cheryl Ladd, B.J. Thomas, Debby Boone, B.W. Stevenson, Jane Olivor, Darryl Cotton, Cotton, Lloyd & Christian, and Donny and Marie Osmond.


17 Jul 2020

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03: What It's Really Like to Be Homeless with Chris Christian

The Do Gooders Podcast

On any given night in America, more than 550,000 people are homeless.  To put that in perspective—that’s more than 8 times the capacity of Gillette Stadium, home of the SuperBowl Champion New England Patriots. It’s more than the number of people who live in all of Sacramento, California, or Tucson, Arizona.    That number includes men, women and children—each with a unique story.  And while the number of those who are experiencing homelessness has declined by some 100,000 people since 2007, there is still work to be done. And it’s work The Salvation Army, for one, is committed to.  That’s why we turn to people like Chris Christian.  Chris was homeless on the streets of Santa Barbara, California, for nearly 5 years. He and his wife slept in their van—and eventually a tent.  Chris was a lawyer for more than 20 years prior to that. But he was called to ministry—and he found it in the midst of homelessness.  Today on the show, Chris shares what it really means to be homeless, how it feels and what the hardest part about it is. He talks about his own crisis of faith in feeling abandoned—and how the stories of struggle and pain that we see reflected in so many biblical characters became his story.  He reveals insight and compassion for those without a place to call home and he lets us in on the way out of homelessness.  Find show notes for this episode and more at caringmagazine.org/podcast.


10 Jun 2019

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God's Call and Ordination. By Rev Chris Christian.


GOD’S CALL AND ORDINATIONEach time God wants to accomplish a particular task on earth, He sets men aside for it. It is the kind of men God raises that determines what He accomplishes in a particular season. It is also the ability of God in men that determines what He accomplishes through them. It is not given to any man to choose how God will use him and what God will accomplish through him. The grace of God that is meant to determine what God will accomplish through any man is a sacred gift in all called men. It is the call of men that determines how God relates with them. It is the harvested ability of God in men that God ordains. The call and ordination of God in men reveals the nature of their lives and inherent abilities. God doesn’t give men assignment until He is sure that they have inherent abilities to accomplish it.

2hr 11mins

1 May 2019

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REELTalk: Broadway Critic Lauren Yarger, Grammy Award-Winning Artist Chris Christian and Major Fred Galvin

REELTalk with Audrey Russo

Joining Audrey for this week's REELTalk - CHRIS CHRISTIAN is a Grammy award winning artist, music producer and publisher, winning 4 Grammy's. His songs have been recorded by Elvis Presley, Olivia Newton-John, Natalie Cole, The Carpenters, Sheena Easton, The Pointer Sisters, Al Jarreau, Amy Grant, Patti Austin, Dionne Warwick, The Imperials, B.J. Thomas, Marilyn McCoo, Jerry Reed, Cheryl Ladd, Jane Olivor, Pat Boone, Robbie Patton, Steve Archer, and Donnie Osmond, to name a few. And he's written about the incredible journey of his life in: A Grandmother's Prayer: Moments in a Music Life...and he'll be with us to discuss the book and more! Plus, The Democrat Party no longer finds a need for the Electoral College…do they think they’re smarter than the Founders, or is there something more menacing up their sleeve? And it now seems that the enemies of free speech, aka the Democrat Party, will bully you into financial freedom of you disagree with them…isn’t that un-American in nature? MAJ FRED GALVIN will be back with us to discuss this and much more! And, Broadway Critic extraordinaire, LAUREN YARGER will be back with us let us know what's hot and what's not On & Off Broadway for the Spring/Summer theater season! In the words of Benjamin Franklin, "If we do not hang together, we shall surely hang separately." Come hang with us...

1hr 59mins

5 Apr 2019

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EP20: Chris Christian - It All Started with Elvis Presley

Make Your Mark

“I’ve had a thousand songs recorded, The Carpenters, you name it, and there’s only one person in my whole career who ever asked me how I felt about what they did with my song, and it was Elvis Presley.” He recorded a song for Elvis Presley. Yes, that Elvis. The King. At just the age of 21 to boot. But my guest today, Chris Christian, didn’t stop there. 2000 songs, 100 albums, discovering Amy Grant, and a Wikipedia page chock full of accomplishments has led Chris to release a collection of his experiences titled “A Grandmother’s Prayer”. Mixed in with all these stories are valuable lessons that we should all heed! “I decided to go to L.A, and if you go to L.A and make it, you’ve really competed with the best in the world. The first guy I met was Robert Kardashian.. And he gets me a record deal with Boardwalk Records. Sure enough we had a top 10 record with that.” Chris has recorded music with an enormous array of musicians, owned a TV / movie production studio, and oh, right, happens to be a co-owner of the WNBA’s Dallas Wings. This man has accomplished so much so far, and he’s still going at it, 40+ years after Elvis recorded his song. The timing couldn’t be better, as “A Grandmother’s Prayer” is available on December 10th, a book filled with one great story after the next, and lessons learned and advice offered! “I like blue jeans, t-shirts and a guitar. I am a small town guy. All the other things that happened...it just kind of comes and you deal with it the best you can. But at the core I just want to sit on a stool and write a song.” So many amazing stories in this episode! How about having lobster for breakfast courtesy of Wayne Newton? Sharing a 5 hour flight with George Harrison? How Robert Kardashian (yes, dad to the you know who’s) was his best friend, manager, and signed him to a new record contract. Best of all, how Elvis sought his approval. I can’t express how much of a pleasure it was to have Chris as my guest!  Happy listening! “Elvis was a character. There was him, and then there was the real Elvis, not the guy he was playing- just like an actor. He seemed to be always searching for the why. Why he has all this fame and why his character has done so well? I think a lot of us when we have big success wonder “why?”. Why was I chosen / why did this happen to me and not everyone else?” “What I really want to do when we do this tour is have an Adopt A Grandchild Foundation.  There are so many children who do not have a grandparent or they are estranged from their grandparents, and we want to find people who have some expendable time and are willing to invest that time in a grandchild at least once or twice a week. We want to even connect grandparents that can't afford to see their grandchildren and pay for the flights etc. So I think this Grandmothers Prayer is not just a book, it’s a movement.” Some Topics we talk about in this episode: Intro/ Chris Christian in the building - 2:00   A Grandmothers Prayer -3:30 The beginning of an incredible journey- 4:20 The first encounter with the King of Rock and Roll- 6:25 “What did you think about what I did with your song?”- Elvis Presley - 8:39 Just the beginning -10:30 A Man of Faith-12:00 Elvis didn’t want to miss heaven on a technicality- 13:00 Why me? - 14:00 The Answer to my Grandmother's Prayer- 15:00 Contemporary Christian music - 17:30 Signing Amy Grant at 16 years old- 20:10 Chris Christian the Producer - 24:00 Robert Kardashian and L.A- 25:04 I just want to be creating/ A small town guy at heart-26:10 PSA: Book release- 27:12 Wayne Newton: the greatest performer- 29:00 Kids came into the picture- 32:30 Buying a movie studio- 33:34 A call from Radio Shack to an integrated media company- 35:20 Not a book but a whole movement- 37:00 Only one real regret- 39:20 Other amazing encounters - 41:00 Definition of Success- 43:12 Hit Your Mark - 43:53 How to get involved Be sure to connect with me on Social Media @MarkMoyerCoach and go to my website, www.markmoyer.com to get access to the tips and strategies that my coaching clients get directly. If you’re looking for ways to Make Your Mark, send me an email Mark@MarkMoyer.com and I’ll get you going right away. If you liked this episode, be sure to subscribe and leave me a quick review on iTunes. Your reviews and ratings will help me reach more people with ways to make their mark in life!


21 Nov 2018