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13. Ian Shepherd: Mastering Engineer; Podcast Host; Audiophile; Entrepreneur -- On Mastering Hit Records; the Loudness Wars; His Path From Youth Orchestra to Music Entrepreneur; and More!

Brenton Hund Podcast

Our next guest accepts that he has become “The Loudness Guy.”  So buckle up!  This is an audiophile master course where we’ll discuss everything from what the heck is “U-matic” to did Metallica make the loudest record ever?Ian Shepherd is a professional mastering engineer, owner of Mastering Media Ltd., and host of “The Mastering Show” podcast.  Over twenty some years he’s worked on thousands of CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays for all of the major record labels, TV stations and independents.  He’s worked on number one singles and award winning albums, with clients from The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra to Deep Purple, Keane to Culture Club.  Ian also runs the Production Advice Website with over 50,000 readers each month. Ian and I take a deep dive into such topics as: lossless vs. lossy audio; compression, limiting and EQ; LUFS; the Loudness War in music; correcting the misunderstanding that a “picture disc” is NOT a Blu-ray; and we’ll even discuss whether D&D is cool again.  He describes the art of mastering as a weird mix of arrogance and humility, and there’s no one better to simplify these concepts and get us up to speed, than Ian Shepherd. ========================IAN SHEPHERD- Mastering Media Ltd:  https://mastering-media.co.uk/ - Production Advice Website: https://productionadvice.co.uk/- Dynamic Range Day Website:   https://dynamicrangeday.co.uk/- Twitter: http://twitter.com/ianshepherd- "The Mastering Show" Podcast:  https://themasteringshow.com/- Meter Plugs (Ian's Recording Plugins): https://www.meterplugs.com/SHOW REFERENCES- Endlesss app:  https://endlesss.fm/ - "You Are Not So Smart" Podcast:  https://youarenotsosmart.com/podcast/- Ian's "Wired" Article About Metallica's "Death Magnetic" (9.16.2008):  https://www.wired.com/2008/09/does-metallicas/========================BRENTON HUND PODCAST   - Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/brentonhundpodcast- Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/brentonhundpodcast/- Email:  brentonhundpodcast@gmail.com========================SOCIAL MEDIA BY:  The Social Sweetheart- Website: https://www.socialsweetheart.co- Email:  thesocialsweetheart@gmail.com========================LOGO DESIGN BY: Taylor Hembree- Website:  https://taylorhembree1993.wixsite.com/ohokmedia

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22 Jul 2021

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Ian Shepherd - Owner, Right Start Newcomer Services

The Sanctuary

Ian Shepherd is the owner of Right Start Newcomer Services, a Halifax-based business that provides newcomers with English training, settlement information, city tours, settlement coaching, and business services.Ian has been working with newcomers to Canada for over 15 years as an English instructor, curriculum developer, activities coordinator, and orientation coordinator.He has a talent and passion for educating and helping new Canadians learn the ropes and make meaningful connections. Ian lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with his wife Michelle and cat, Gracie.In his free time, he likes to read, run, travel, spend time with family and friends, and play video games.Check him out @rightstartcanada


5 Apr 2021

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EP60 - Author of Reinventing Retail, Ian Shepherd


We are joined by esteemed author and retail consultant Ian Shepherd. Ian is the former Chief Operating Officer of Odeon, Europe’s largest cinema business. He also served as the Chief Executive Officer for Game Group, a pan-European retailer with over 1300 stores. Now writing, consulting and advising retailers, investors and innovative start-ups, Ian has penned many of his insights in his book "Reinventing Retail."Join us as we explore the purpose of stores in the new economy, why knowing your customer is key, and why retailers should never rest when it comes to innovation. Hosted by Julia RaymondResearched, written and produced by Gabriella BockEdited by Trenton Waller


5 Feb 2020

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Magnify – Ian Shepherd

Sermons by Gateway Christian Centre

23 Jul 2019

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RSR161 - Ian Shepherd - How To Keep Your Mixes Out Of The LOUDNESS Penalty Box.

Recording Studio Rockstars

My guest today is Ian Shepherd, mastering engineer and owner of Mastering Media Ltd. Some of Ian’s credits include: Keane, Tricky, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Deep Purple, The Orb, Culture Club, New Order, and King Crimson amongst many others. Ian also has a blog called ProductionAdvice.co.uk where teaches you how to master your own music with plugins in your DAW. You may be aware that the loudness wars have caused music to get louder and louder since digital music was introduced in the 1980s, but you might not know that music streaming sites have finally taken us out of the loudness wars by automatically adjusting levels of all songs on playback to hit a matched listening level. This means that louder songs today can actually get turned down by sites like Spotify and Youtube. So really you want to get your levels just right so that they hit the sweet spot and sound right when streaming. Today we will talk about Ians newest free website tool called LoudnessPenalty.com that lets you check you actual loudness for each music streaming site to make sure that it will playback at the correct levels and keep you out of the LOUDNESS penalty box! Thanks to our sponsors! Sonarworks: https://www.sonarworks.com/ OWC - Other World Computing: https://www.OWC.com Hear more on Youtube If you love the podcast then please Leave a review on iTunes here Want to learn more about mixing? Get Free mix training with Lij at: http://MixMasterBundle.com CLICK HERE FOR SHOW NOTES AT: http://RSRockstars.com/161

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5 Oct 2018

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TechLawTalks with Ian Shepherd By Gerard Kelly


Influencers. What is it all about and what do they do exactly. I had the pleasure of spending time with Ian Shepherd, a very talented and down to Earth individual and he is here to tells us how any business can use influencers.Almost all global brands want and need influencers working with them to promote their business, movies or a new line of product. Influencers have changed the way business promote themselves forever. Passionate about connectivity in the most efficient ways, Ian has spent the last 16 years in a very niche and exciting sector. In working with some of the world´s best known brands from Disney to BT and Universal to King (makers of Candy Crush, Ian shares his exclusive stories on today´s importance of influencers and his future plans for the industry.If you would like to find out more about us, visit our website www.dklm.co.uk or if you have any questions or would like to get involved, please email techlawtalks@dklm.co.uk


26 Jun 2018

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Production Masters - Episode 003 - Ian Shepherd

production masters podcast

Owen Gillett interviews Mastering engineer, Dynamic range day founder, educator and Podcaster Ian Shepherd.

1hr 20mins

15 Dec 2017

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#62: Ian Shepherd: The Loudness War - How to Fight It Properly

The EDM Prodcast

I sit down with mastering engineer and blogger Ian Shepherd to talk about the loudness problem in today's publishing industry, how to combat it, and whether mastering is worth learning as a bedroom producer. Find out more about Ian Shepherd: http://productionadvice.co.ukRead full show notes: www.edmprod.com/62


27 Jul 2017

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WCA #132 with Ian Shepherd

Working Class Audio

Working Class Audio Session #132 with Ian Shepherd!!!Ian Shepherd is a mastering engineer owner of Mastering Media Ltd, host of The Mastering Show podcast as well as the founder of the website Production Advice. Over the last twenty years he's worked on literally thousands of CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays for all of the major record labels, TV stations and independents, including several number one singles and award-winning albums. Ian has been  a fierce critic of the so-called “Loudness Wars” and in 2010 he organized the first Dynamic Range Day to raise awareness about the issue. He also developed two plugins with MeterPlus – Perception, which received an AudioMedia Gear Of The Year award in 2014, and Dynameter, which helps you achieve optimal audio dynamics for your music, and competitive loudness for online streaming. Ian has worked with  Keane, Tricky, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Deep Purple, The Orb, Leslie Garret, Culture Club, Porcupine Tree, Andy Weatherall, The Las, Ozric Tentacles, Christine Tobin, New Order and King Crimson amongst many others.Ian chats with Matt about the Loudness Wars, dynamics in music, family, clients, money matters and his plug in Dynameter.

1hr 17mins

26 Jun 2017

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MixCoach Podcast 122: Interview with ProductionAdvice's Ian Shepherd


Kevin sat down with Ian Shepherd of Production Advice and talked about what it actually means to be "mastered for iTunes".  Ian was really a wealth of information. You can find Ian on his website or check out his highly rated mastering podcast called . Topics include: Mastered for iTunes Why Analog mixes sometimes seem louder LUFS vs. K- Metering How over-compressing can actually sound quieter now in iTunes and Spotify Much More This podcast is brought to you by Links:


19 Jun 2017