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Growth Hacking With Mario Nawfal

What Are You Made Of?

Show Notes:In today's episode, we talk about: What events in Mario’s life propelled him to level up his A-game and commit to this path of success. How his hobby, the Bachata, helps him unwind and become more productive in business. How you must know your audience so you can say the right things to market your products. Why you must take accountability for whatever happens in your life, both good and bad. How owning up to what happens to you will determine the outcome. Why challenges and hardships are opportunities that you need to embrace head-on because they make you who you are. Learn more about Mario here:  Website: https://marionawfal.com/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bachata.ceo/Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mario-nawfal/Twitter: https://twitter.com/MarioNawfalYoutube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTWBp-39z6tvz4-LQB-Z_QATiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@entrepreneurmind  For more information and to explore podcast episodes, visit themikecroc.com.To drop him an email, use: info@peoplebuildinginc.com Follow Mike on social media: LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-ciorrocco/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mikeciorrocco Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mikeycroc Twitter: https://twitter.com/mikeycroc If you haven’t smashed the subscribe button, do it here➡️ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGWHuKojqZfcXmvGCAi_t1Q/ The views and opinions expressed on the "What Are You Made Of?" podcast are solely those of the author and guests and should not be attributed to any other individual or entity. This is an independent production of Mike "C-Roc" Ciorrocco. The podcast production and the book "What Are You Made Of?" are the author's original works. All rights of ownership and reproduction are retained—copyright 2021.


22 Oct 2021

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Building a Business Portfolio with Mario Nawfal

The LearnLead Podcast

In this episode, we interview serial entrepreneur Mario Nawfal. Mario travels all over the world building businesses and dancing professionally. For someone as young as he is, his lifestyle is incredibly inspiring. To learn more about Mario and his journey, click the link below!https://marionawfal.com/


30 Sep 2021

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Mario Nawfal: The Ethics of Growth Hacking

Thinking Inside the Box

Mario Nawfal is the Founder of the Athena Group of Companies, a business conglomerate that operates in more than 40 countries. He’s a unique individual; unlike anyone I’ve ever interviewed before on this podcast. And that appealed to me for several reasons. I’m often asked for best practices around networking - one is to set aside time to meet people who aren’t like you. The world is changing and a historical bias for deep technical expertise is being replaced with a preference for agility, adaptability & resilience. Engaging with people like Mario helps add context to a changing world. He has an incredible story. In 2012, with $300 in the bank, he was selling blenders door-to-door. By deploying unconventional marketing techniques, efficient logistical systems and a team of global contractors, he propelled Froothie to $1m in year one and over $10m in year 2 - all bootstrapped. In 2013 & 2014 he formed Optimum Appliances & launched brands such as HX, Vie, FX, Prestige Home Appliances to satisfy the demand for high-end kitchen appliances. Optimum went on to achieve global brand status. In 2016 he founded the business scaling incubator - GoGlobal. In 2017  - he established International Blockchain Consulting; quickly becoming an industry authority in the rapidly growing blockchain and Crypto space. In 2018 he established a VC Fund, Accounting & Law Firms. His latest venture, Zense, was launched in 2019, to provide entrepreneurs with the insight to launch successful businesses on a limited budget. He’s documenting that journey; adding storytelling to an already long list of accomplishments. And over the course of our nearly hour-long conversation, we chatted about his origin story. Mario gave some tremendous context on his journey, including a few lessons learned along the way, that you won’t want to miss. We pivoted to growth hacking; Mario shared some of his best practices for a space that increasingly is being defined by a lack of rules; a willingness to challenge the status quo. We talked Clubhouse, entrepreneurship, and impact investing. We had a great discussion and I hope you enjoy it. Mario NawfalMario Nawfal, the Founder of the Athena Group of Companies, a business conglomerate of 15+ companies that operates in more than 40 countries. Mario started his first business with $300 in the bank selling blenders door to door which led to Froothie Australia.LinkedInWebsiteThinking Inside the BoxConstraints drive innovation. Each week we’ll tackle the most complex issues related to work & culture.LinkedInInstagramTwitterWebsiteApple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSpotifyStitcherPocket CastMatt BurnsMatt Burns is an award-winning executive, social entrepreneur and speaker. He believes in the power of community, simplicity & technology.LinkedInTwitter


31 Aug 2021

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Growth Hacking Success with Mario Nawfal

Entrepreneurs on Fire

Mario Nawfal bootstrapped his first business to 8 figures in less than 2 months, then built multiple businesses to the millions in crypto, taking companies public & growth hacking. He recently stepped up as the CEO of NFT Tech which is expected to go public under ticker NFT. Top 3 Value Bombs: 1. Being successful is tremendously difficult, and when you get it right, cherish it, appreciate it, and don't lose it. Know 2. You have to have a good product or service; otherwise, you are just wasting your money and efforts. 3. Before working hard, you have to calibrate your compass. Timing is one part of it, doing the right thing at the right time. Spend effort on researching what you want to do. Once you find it, test it. Start working hard. Be careful about who you listen to. We made millions using little-known Growth Hacking techniques. Now we are sharing them. Visit and get a FREE consultation - We Are Growth Hackers Sponsors: Kevin Anderson & Associates: Are you finally ready to publish a book the right way? For a limited time, KAA is offering Fire Nation a free 90-min consultation to discuss writing and publishing your book! Visit KAWriting.com/fire to book yours today! Stamps.com: Stop wasting time going to the Post office and go to Stamps.com instead! For a special offer that includes a 4-week trial plus free postage and a digital scale visit Stamps.com, click on the microphone at the TOP of the homepage and type in FIRE!


11 Aug 2021

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Leading When It Feels Like The World is Falling Apart with Mario Nawfal

The Tactical Leader

“When you're so deep into one thing, you can’t put small things into perspective anymore. Exiting from being too deep into your business allows you to better deal with hurdles.” - Mario NawfalWelcome to another week of Tactical Leader! In today’s episode, I welcome Mario Nawfal to talk about the incredible businesses and empires he’s built, how to deal with setbacks, and staying motivated in spite of failure. Founder of the Athena Group of Companies, a business conglomerate that operates in more than 40 countries, Mario started his first business with $300 in the bank selling blenders door to door. Through unconventional marketing techniques, efficient logistical systems, and a team of global contractors, he propelled Froothie to $1m in year one and over $10m in year two, all bootstrapped. Since then Mario launched multiple ventures into the millions, all bootstrapped, including an events business, a FinTech consulting firm, a marketing agency, and multiple ecom businesses all while surviving a massive scam, various black swan events, and all the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. He continues to launch new companies, is a partner at a law firm, and is the founder of a VC fund.In 2021, Mario decided to begin documenting his journey and helping other entrepreneurs at no cost, all while traveling the world pursuing his hobby dancing Bachata. The journey & the hustle continues with the biggest daily room on Clubhouse and a rapidly growing community of entrepreneurs and business owners[00:01 - 05:28] Opening SegmentIf you have a platform and you want to create content that DELIVERS, go over to knightly.productions!I introduce Mario to the showMario shares his background and story Starting his multi-million dollar business out of nothing and creating unconventional marketing techniques, efficient logistical systems, global contractors, etc. His diverse background, hobbies, and interests Who you are in business doesn’t have to be who you are in real life In the entrepreneurship space, people develop a slightly different personality to fit the requirements of whatever business you're launchingBefore listening to advice, first, understand yourself and then understand what it is you’re trying to achieve[05:28 - 14:38] Dealing with Our Strengths and Weaknesses      As Mario was developing himself, he would focus on his weaknesses to build the person he is today Turning weaknesses into strengths Work-life balance Using the fun part of work to balance out the stressful aspectsHow Mario is able to lead in the midst of struggleUndergoing multiple setbacks at once; getting scammed, losing his platform, health issues, personal tragedies In life, we will all undergo punches. A stoic mindset just makes it a lot easier to take those punches  How to learn to pivot and use setbacks as the next steps [14:39 - 22:48] How Mario Stays Motivated   Momentum and Growth Keeping everything in perspectiveWhen you're so deep into one thing, they can’t put themselves into perspective anymore.Exiting from being too deep into your business allows you to better deal with hurdlesThe success you experience now, is due to your actions in the pastPlant those seeds nowThe more seeds you plant, the ‘luckier’ you are [22:49 - 26:34] Highlights and Lessons Mario Has Learned One of Mario’s early mistakes was not having a mentor Find a mentor that knows what they’re talking about and is self-aware and humble Learning from your network and connections   [26:35 - 30:25] Closing SegmentThe legacy that Mario wants to leave behindTo die in peace, knowing that the people around him are okay Closing words Key Quote/s: “Who you are in business doesn't have to be the same as who you are in real life.” - Mario Nawfal “My advice is first to understand yourself. And then try to understand what it is you're trying to achieve.” - Mario Nawfal“The things you're experiencing today are because of the things you did 3, 6, or 26 months ago. Plant those seeds now and you'll get the results later on.” - Mario Nawfal“The more seeds you plant and the more you take care of those seeds, then the more opportunities you’ll have to monetize and the luckier you become.” - Mario NawfalResources Mentioned Tools of Titans by Tim FerrissThe Obstacle Is the Way by Ryan Holiday Connect with Mario Visit his website https://www.Marionawfal.com Instagram: @marionawfalTwitter: @marionawfalClubhouse: @marionawfal Did you love the value that we are putting out in the show? LEAVE A REVIEW and tell us what you think about the episode so we can continue on putting out great content just for you! Share this episode and help someone who wants to expand their leadership capacity or click here to listen to our previous episodes.Tactical Leadership is brought to you by Knight Protection Services. A veteran-owned and operated company, with extensive experience in risk assessment and crime prevention. Find out more by visiting  https://knightprotectionllc.com/If you want to learn how to build a better business check out my website at Beatacticalleader.com. You can connect with us on LinkedIn, Instagram, or join Our BATL Space and become part of the community.


19 Jul 2021

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Growth hacking life, NFTs, and cryptos with Mario Nawfal. EP.088

The CEO Process

This week we interview Mario and he teaches us all about growth hacking in our lives. How you can spread your online presence through a few simple tricks. Plus the future of crypto and NFTs. 


18 Jul 2021

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E189. Mario Nawfal: Turning Your Business Into a Media-First Company!

Content Is Profit

Every business should be a content business selling a product, instead of a business selling a product that creates content.That statement became the basis of this incredible conversation with Mario Nawfal. This conversation will help those that are debating where to put their focus, if they need to create content, or how to build a successful business.Here are some of the #GoldenBoulders:🚀 Understanding The Importance of “Timing” In Business.🚀 Risk Mitigation:: The Space To Build Objective Self-Awareness!🚀 The 3 Step Framework To Mario’s Content Machine.Enjoy!Get Your Minimum Viable Content Cheat Sheet for FREE:www.contentisprofit.comConnect with BIZBROS: https://www.facebook.com/BIZBROSCOhttps://www.instagram.com/bizbroscoConnect with FONZI:https://www.instagram.com/luiscamejov/Connect with LUISDA:https://www.instagram.com/luisdacamejo/Connect with Mario Nawfal:Website: www.marionawfal.com Subscribe to the podcast on Youtube, Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, or anywhere you listen to your podcasts.You can find this episode plus all previous episodes here.If this episode was helpful, please don’t forget to leave us a review by clicking here, and share it with a friend. You can go here to see the full list of episodes: https://bit.ly/ContentIsProfit 


17 Jul 2021

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18- Not Your Typical Mario Nawfal Interview

The Simp Life

Here it is! We all know who Mario Nawfal is, or do we? I think we are all tired of that typical dry interview that describes everything that we already know if you spend two minutes on Bitclout or Clubhouse. I invite Mario back to my NYC hotel room to record my first live podcast episode after running into him at the Bitclout event that was sponsored by Flick App and Unique Snacks. Mario and I had met a few times before and even had a rocky start, but then he had helped sponsor me to get to this event so of course I had to get him on the show. We dive deep into everything you didn't know about him and discuss what he has in the works! You can find him here bitclout.com/u/MarioNawfal and the show is bitclout.com/u/TheSimpLifeTV. 


24 Jun 2021

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Mario Nawfal: The Growth Hacker

The Tyler Wagner Show

Mario Nawfal joins us on The Authors Unite Show!  This episode is brought to you by Authors Unite.  Authors Unite provides you with all the resources you need to become a successful author. You can learn more about Authors Unite here: https://authorsunite.com/ Thank you for listening to The Authors Unite Show! --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/authorsunite/support


12 May 2021

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Growth Hacking; How to Build Your Personal Brand with Mario Nawfal

My Creative District

How do you go from zero to millions? Mario Nawfal started his first business with $300 in the bank selling blenders door to door and then became the Founder of the Athena Group of Companies, a business conglomerate that operates in more than 40 countries. He propelled Froothie to $1M in year one and over $10M in year two.Since then, Mario launched multiple ventures into the millions, all bootstrapped, and all while battling all the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. Mario has decided to begin documenting his journey and helping other entrepreneurs at no cost, all while traveling the world pursuing his hobby of dancing Bachata.  This episode is going to be packed with value, so sit back, tune in, and let’s learn some secrets about building your brand, business, and finances from the growth hacker himself.Things you will learn in this episode:[00:01 - 05:33] Opening SegmentI introduce today’s guest, Mario NawfalGrowth hacker Serial entrepreneur and successful business starterFellow dancerWhat we’re talking about todayMario gives a bit of background No one knows what triggers entrepreneurshipEntrepreneurial since a long age Learning about a kid who made his first million at the age of 14The dream vs. the reality [05:34 - 11:49] The Art of Influencing People The important things Mario learned in his early daysThe importance of copywriting How to persuade and convince peopleMario’s views on courses vs. practiceNever paid for courses while learningLearning copy from sales The key to copyGet them to clickGet them to buy/subscribeInfluencing peopleYou may be a salesperson without knowing it Whenever you influence someone The example of Mario’s Bachata experience[11:50 - 26:42] Growth Hacking; How to Build Your Personal BrandMario talks about his secret to building a nameGrowing on Clubhouse Knowing what to say and what mindset to haveHaving the right approach to lifeGetting out of the box of rules Example of Naveen JamesDoing things other people won’t do Working on a mission, not an opinion Hot waters Dealing with people’s opinions - ‘it still affects me’Minimizing risk by having other streams Dealing with the pressuresHaving the right people/team around youHave a second avenue We are designed to care about what people thinkGet obsessed with Momentum - where are you putting your eggs?Balancing and assessing risk Having a fallback[26:43 - 34:15] Million Dollar AdviceFinding the line of spreading yourself too thinFactoring in age Be analytical before being emotionalKeep testing and then hone in on what catchesBe smart about how you learn; smart cutsMario talks about his work with BitCloutHow it works: Investing in Human CurrencyWhat you can do with it now to be successful with it[34:16 - 42:16] Closing SegmentMario’s advice around investingGive Crypto some attentionDon’t overestimate the short game while underestimating the long gameDoing what you do without burning outThe importance of delegation Anything that doesn’t involve your brand doesn’t need youAdvice around building your platform Go early on a platform that isn’t oversaturated How to find more of MarioLinks below Final wordsTweetable Quotes: “This is probably my secret sauce in life, is aggressively and intelligently finding smart cuts to achieve something… knowing what to say to influence people, and having a growth hacking approach to it.” - Mario Nawfal“I came in from the outside; I don’t have their limitations because I don’t have their knowledge - knowledge comes with limitations…” - Mario Nawfal (Inspired by Naveen James)“‘It was either this or nothing,’ it sounds so sexy and gives you a drive, yes… but no one makes a movie about the 99.99% of those who did the same thing, had the same capabilities but didn’t get there… so be careful - be analytical before being emotional.” - Mario NawfalResources Mentioned: Good to GreatSmartcutsYou can connect and engage with Mario on LinkedIn, Twitter, Clubhouse, and YouTube. Check out https://marionawfal.com/ and learn more about going from zero to millions.You can connect with me, Jesse Paul, on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram or email jesse@mycreativedistrict.com. Check out https://www.worldwidedancechallenge.com/ to learn more about our creative space. Did you love the value that we are putting out in the show? LEAVE A REVIEW and tell us what you think about the episode so we can continue on putting out great content just for you! Share this episode and help someone who wants to turn passion into profit.


10 May 2021