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Dr Suzie Sheehy's journey to the basement of reality


Scientists continue to discover the rarer and rarer objects which make up our universe. Why are we so obsessed with the particles around us?


12 Jul 2022

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Suzie Sheehy - The Matter of Everything

How To Academy Podcast

For millennia, people have asked questions about the nature of matter. In the twentieth century, this curiosity led to an unprecedented outburst of scientific discovery that changed the course of history.In this episode of the podcast, accelerator physicist Suzie Sheehy introduces us to the people who, through a combination of genius, persistence and luck, staged these ground-breaking experiments. Pulling physics down from the theoretical and putting it in the hands of the people, this podcast celebrates human ingenuity, creativity and curiosity: a powerful reminder that progress relies on the desire to know. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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1 Jul 2022

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Ep252 - Suzie Sheehy | The Matter of Everything: Twelve Experiments that Changed Our World

Talks at Google

Accelerator physicist Dr. Suzie Sheehy visits Google to discuss her book "The Matter of Everything: Twelve Experiments that Changed Our World." Her book tells a hopeful story of human ingenuity, creativity and unending curiosity, and introduces us to the people who, through a combination of genius, persistence and luck, staged ground-breaking experiments that shaped the world as we know it. From the physicists who soared in hot air balloons on the trail of new particles, to the serendipitous discovery of X-rays in a German lab; and from the race to split open the atomic nucleus, to the quest to find the third generation of matter, Dr. Sheehy offers a reminder of the thrilling discoveries that have shaped our lives—often without us even knowing it. Radio, TV, the chips in our smartphones, MRI scanners, radar equipment and microwaves, to name a few: these were all made possible by our determination to understand, and control, our world. Moderated by Matt Bongiovi. Visit http://g.co/TalksAtGoogle/MatterofEverything to watch the video.

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21 Jun 2022

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Dr Suzie Sheehy: The Matter of Everything (1932)

Travels Through Time

In this episode, we are donning our lab coats and gaining access to the secrets of particle physics. We visit 1932, an astonishing year in the history of science across the world, from Carl Anderson’s rooftop cloud chamber in California, to Marietta Blau’s mountaintop experiments in Austria, via the Cavendish Lab at the University of Cambridge. Our guest is Dr Suzie Sheehy. Dr Sheehy is unusual for Travels Through Time – she is a scientist rather than a historian – but she is also quite unusual within her own field of accelerator physics. Firstly, because she is a woman, and secondly because she is a brilliant communicator, able to beautifully articulate the wonder and complexity of Physics. In her new book, The Matter of Everything, Twelve Experiments that Changed Our World she tells the major discovery stories of the past century: the cathode ray tube that brought us television, splitting the atom, finding new particles and, of course, the Large Hadron Collider and Higgs Boson. Behind each of these breakthroughs are the brilliant scientists whose curiosity and persistence made them possible.  This episode is sponsored by ACE Cultural Tours, the oldest and most experienced provider of study tours and cultural travel in the United Kingdom. Find out more via their website at www.aceculturaltours.co.uk or speak to their friendly team on 01223 841055. Show Notes Scene One: 2nd August 1932. The discovery of the positron, Carl Anderson, at Caltech in America. Scene Two: 14th April 1932. Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge, the splitting of the atom Ernest Rutherford (at almost the same time James Chadwick discovers the neutron in the same lab!). Scene Three: 1932. Hafelekar observatory, Marietta Blau and her assistant Hertha Wambacher place 'emulsion plates' 7,500 feet above sea level, near Innsbruck, Austria. They would go on to have a huge impact scientifically, but as women their work was undervalued and overlooked at the time. Momento: Marietta Blau’s diaries so Dr Sheehy could write about her and fully reveal her genius and achievements to the world.People/SocialPresenter: Violet Moller Guest: Dr Suzie Sheehy Production: Maria Nolan Podcast partner: Ace Cultural Tours Follow us on Twitter: @tttpodcast_ Or on Facebook See where 1932 fits on our Timeline 

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10 May 2022

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The Matter of Everything with Dr Suzie Sheehy (288)

Shirtloads of Science

Observe, Ask, Explain, Predict , Test. These are the steps scientists use to improve our knowledge. Dr. Suzie Sheehy is a particle physicist. She talks with Dr Karl about twelve significant experiments that changed the modern world. https://drkarl.com https://suziesheehy.com   


8 May 2022

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Astrophiz146-Dr Suzie Sheehy - Accelerator physics and Cancer Therapies

Astrophiz Astronomy Podcasts

You’ll love this wonderful interview with Accelerator Physicist Dr Suzie Sheehy, who is doing groundbreaking work with particle accelerators to develop compact instruments that are changing the way nuclear medicine is used in clinical treatments worldwide. Dr Suzie divides her time between her research groups at the University of Oxford where she is Visiting Lecturer, and the University of Melbourne where she is a Senior Lecturer and Baker/ANSTO Fellow in Medical Accelerator Physics.For Science lovers, get her new book; it’s a ‘must have’ for every library.“The Matter of Everything ~ Twelve Experiments that changed our world”Out online or in your fav bookstore.


14 Apr 2022

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Ein Plädoyer für Neugier getriebene Forschung | Suzie Sheehy

TEDTalks Technologie

Scheinbar sinnlose wissenschaftliche Forschung kann zu außergewöhnlichen Entdeckungen führen, sagt Physikerin Suzie Sheehy. Mit ihrem Vortrag und einigen technischen Experimenten demonstriert sie uns, wie viele unserer modernen Technologien auf jahrhundertealte Experimente zurückgehen, die nur auf Neugier basierten. Damit hält sie ein Plädoyer dafür, dass wir mehr investieren müssen, um die Welt besser zu verstehen.


5 Nov 2018

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The case for curiosity-driven research | Suzie Sheehy

TED Tech

Seemingly pointless scientific research can lead to extraordinary discoveries, says physicist Suzie Sheehy. In a talk and tech demo, she shows how many of our modern technologies are tied to centuries-old, curiosity-driven experiments -- and makes the case for investing in more to arrive at a deeper understanding of the world.


5 Nov 2018

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En defensa de la investigación impulsada por la curiosidad | Suzie Sheehy

TEDTalks Tecnología

Investigaciones científicas aparentemente sin sentido pueden llevar a descubrimientos extraordinarios, según la física Suzie Sheehy. En esta charla y demostración tecnológica, muestra cuántas de nuestras tecnologías modernas están sujetas a experimentos de hace siglos y motivadas por la curiosidad, y defiende invertir en más para llegar a un conocimiento más profundo del mundo.


5 Nov 2018

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Plaidoyer pour une recherche menée par la curiosité | Suzie Sheehy

TEDTalks Technologie

Des recherches qui semblent pourtant inutiles peuvent mener à des découvertes extraordinaires, affirme la physicienne Suzie Sheehy. Dans une présentation émaillée par des démonstrations, elle nous explique que de nombreuses technologies modernes reposent sur des expériences menées par pure curiosité il y a des siècles. Elle fait un plaidoyer en faveur d'un plus grand investissement dans des recherches qui nous permettent de développer une compréhension du monde plus profonde.


5 Nov 2018