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Jo Boaler: Math Evangelist, Author, and Stanford Professor

Guy Kawasaki's Remarkable People

Listen in as Guy Kawasaki interviews Jo Boaler, math evangelist, respected researcher, and Stanford Professor. Jo believes our current methods for math instruction are broken and is on a mission to get rid of timed mathematics and rote memorization. She is a leading voice for a wholly different pedagogy where speed is out, depth is in, and the journey to an answer can be as important as the destination. Learn how she fought back against academic bullying from male colleagues and won. Jo Boaler is the author of Limitless Mind: Learn, Lead, and Live Without Barriers. Another fantastic episode of Guy Kawasaki's Remarkable People podcast!


9 Jun 2021

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A Conversation with Dr. Jo Boaler: Stanford Professor, Author and Co-Founder of YouCubed

The Hamilton Review

In this episode, Dr. Bob speaks with Dr. Jo Boaler, a professor at Stanford University. Dr. Boaler discusses in detail about mathematics teaching and learning - in particular, how different teaching approaches impact students' learning, how to teach mathematics for a "growth mindset", and how equity is promoted in mathematics classrooms. Dr. Boaler also talks about the misconception that we should learn and process math information rapidly - and why faster is not better. There is a wealth of knowledge and invaluable information in this conversation that every parent and educator should hear. A must listen episode! Dr Jo Boaler is a Stanford Professor. Former roles have included being a maths teacher in London schools. She is author of 18 books, numerous articles and a White House presenter on women and girls. Her latest book is called: Limitless Mind: Learn, Lead and Live without Barriers. She co-founded www.youcubed.org, is currently one of the writing team creating a new Mathematics Framework for the state of California, co-leading a K-12 Data Science Initiative and was named as one of the 8 educators "changing the face of education" by the BBC. How to contact Jo Boaler: Instagram YouCubed Twitter How to contact Dr. Bob: YouTube InstagramFacebook Seven Secrets Of The Newborn Website Pacific Ocean Pediatrics


2 Mar 2021

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Dr. Jo Boaler - Sharing the "Good" Math

Learning Futures

Ronald Beghetto talks with Jo Boaler about how she believes we are at the tipping point in math education with a data science movement. She explains that the math system is perpetuated from content and curriculum developed in the 1800s that is still present in standards, testing, textbooks, and teaching methods of today. Boaler knows math is a creative vehicle for thinking about the world and problem solving, if we just change the way it is taught. Boaler’s 8 books and youcubed.org contain resources and lessons for teachers, parents and students to help them develop a mathematics mindset.You can learn more about Dr. Jo Boaler and Youcubed by following these links: https://ed.stanford.edu/faculty/joboalerhttps://www.youcubed.org/You can also find her books here: https://www.youcubed.org/limitless-mind/https://www.youcubed.org/resource/books/@joboaler


22 Dec 2020

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Dr. Jo Boaler: 'Ons brein is grenzeloos en blijft groeien'

BoekenREC: een HarperCollins podcast

Wat zou je doen als je wist dat je, op welke leeftijd dan ook, alles kon leren wat je maar wilde? Op school krijgen kinderen vaak te horen dat ze ergens wel of niet goed in zijn. Ze worden gedwongen bepaalde toetsen te doen, waarvan de uitslag uiteindelijk zal bepalen in welke richting ze hun studie moeten vervolgen.  Maar wat nou als je heel graag iets anders zou willen leren, terwijl je ouders en docenten zeggen dat je dit helemaal niet zou kunnen? Volgens dr. Jo Boaler zitten er geen grenzen aan het vermogen voor ons brein om te leren. Hoe jong of oud we ook zijn, onze hersenen blijven groeien. 


10 Jul 2020

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N4L 137: "Limitless Mind" by Dr. Jo Boaler


SUMMARY In her latest book, Limitless Mind: Learn, Lead, and Live Without Barriers, Dr. Jo Boaler, Professor in the School of Education at Stanford University, explodes myths surrounding “giftedness." She asserts, “The myth that our brains are fixed and that we simply don’t have the aptitude for certain topics is not only scientifically inaccurate; it is omnipresent and negatively impacts education and many other events in our everyday lives. When we let go of the idea that our brains are fixed, stop believing that our genetics determine our lives’ pathways, and learn that our brains are incredibly adaptable, it is liberating.” KEY POINTS Neuroplasticity means brains are continually forming new pathways every time we learn. Multidimensional learning is the best way to connect with any content. “Speed is out and flexibility is in.” (Speed does not equal good intelligence.) Labeling a child as “smart” causes children to develop a damaging fixed mindset. A “growth mindset,” a concept made famous by Carol Dweck, improves when you’re at the edge of your understanding, especially when you struggle and make mistakes. Giving feedback is much more helpful to learners than giving grades is. Albert Einstein, who constantly talked about not having any special gift, was, instead, constantly curious. Connecting and collaborating with others strengthens our brains. QUOTES FROM BOALER “Whatever [brain] you’re born with is eclipsed by the millions of opportunities people have to develop and strengthen their brains.” “Anyone can learn anything!” “Every year millions of children start school excited about all they will learn, but quickly become disillusioned when they get the idea they are not as ‘smart’ as others.” “If you refuse to accept labels and these limiting ideas, and you give kids rich learning environments and the right messages, anything can happen.” “Researchers now know that when people with math anxiety encounter numbers, a fear center in the brain is activated—the same fear center that lights up when people see snakes or spiders.” “Anxiety in any subject area has a negative impact on the functioning of the brain.” “It is fine to praise children, but always praise what they did and not them as people.” “The more we struggle, the better learning and brain growth.” “Everyone is on a growth pathway. There is not a cutoff to giftedness.” BUY Limitless Mind: Learn, Lead, and Live Without Barriers RECOMMENDATIONS Watch the video, "Rethinking Giftedness." For “limitless” resources, visit Boaler’s website (youcubed.org). Listen to a related Nonfiction4Life podcast: Episode 70 - “Learning How to Learn: How to Succeed in School Without Spending All Your Time Studying." Connect with us! Facebook Instagram Twitter YouTube Website Special thanks… Music Credit Sound Editing Credit


29 Apr 2020

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48: Jo Boaler - Limitless Mind: Learn, Lead & Live Without Barriers

The Courageous Life

Dr. Jo Boaler is a professor of education and equity at Stanford University and the faculty director of youcubed—an education resource that has reached over 230 million students. She is the author of the first MOOC on mathematics teaching and learning, as well as nine mathematics books and numerous research articles. Her work has been published in the New York Times, TIME magazine, The Telegraph, The Atlantic, The Wall Street Journal, and many other news outlets. She was named by the BBC as one of eight educators “changing the face of education.” Her latest book is: Limitless Mind: Learn, Lead & Live without Barriers, published by Harper Collins.In this episode Jo shares: Her incredible story of overcoming academic bullying and what it taught her about resilience and connectionWhat neuroplasticity is, why it's a game changing finding in neuroscience, and how understanding the way our brains work can transform the ways we learn, lead & liveThe neuroscience behind why mistakes are actually a good thingHow she teaches students to embrace mistakes, and learn from failureThe neurobiology of fear, and how curiosity may be an antidote to the fear responseHow adopting a growth mindset can be a key to living without limitsThe importance of believing in oneself and why anyone can learn anythingAnd much more!If you found this episode as inspiring as I did, please share it with friends and take a moment to let us know what you thought by rating the show on iTunes.Show notes and more can be found at joshuasteinfeldt.com/podcastThanks for listening!Support the show (https://joshuasteinfeldt.com/donate/)


28 Apr 2020

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Rethinking Math: A Conversation with Dr. Jo Boaler

What's the Big Idea?

In which Dan discusses crucial issues facing math education with Stanford University professor Dr. Jo Boaler, author of 'Limitless Mind'. They talk growth mindset, math's obsession with testing, the overabundance of content in most school courses, and the role of colleges and universities in addressing these problems. As always, we welcome comments and questions on Twitter @BigIdeaEd


27 Feb 2020

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Learn how to lead and live without barriers with Stanford Professor and author of Limitless Mind, Jo Boaler: TWMM 098

the Working Mother’s Mentor

Dr. Jo Boaler is an education professor at Stanford University and the author of many books including her most recent book, Limitless Mind: Learn, Lead, and Live Without Barriers. Jo has spent decades studying the impact of beliefs and bias on education and is determined to spread the word that “we can all learn anything.”


4 Feb 2020

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239 - Jo Boaler On the Limitless Mind and Learning Math That Matters

Getting Smart Podcast

Today’s episode is all about limitless learning and learning math that really matters with Dr. Jo Boaler! Dr. Boaler is a Professor of Mathematics Education at Stanford University and the author of fourteen books. Her newest book, Limitless Mind: Learn, Lead, and Live Without Barriers, shares the benefits of a growth mindset, collaboration, and learning from mistakes with a general audience. Based on lessons from research in the U.S. and the UK, Dr. Boaler formed YouCubed.org, which gives teachers, parents, and students the resources they need to excite students about mathematics. YouCubed is now used in about half of American schools. And most recently, Dr. Boaler has joined up with the UChicago Economist, Steven Levitt, in a campaign to add more data science to the high school curriculum! Dr. Boaler’s 20-year contribution to making math education more applied, collaborative, and fun is both encouraging and incredible. Tune in to hear more about what she is doing for math education, her advocacy for data science, and her recent op-ed with Steven Levitt! Key Takeaways: [:14] About today’s episode! [1:07] Tom Vander Ark welcomes Dr. Jo Boaler to the podcast! [1:13] Dr. Boaler speaks about where she grew up and her experiences with math early on. [2:46] After studying at the University of Liverpool, how did Dr. Boaler come to teach secondary maths in London? And was it a good experience? [5:08] Dr. Boaler speaks about her experience earning her Ph.D. at King’s College in London. [8:18] Why did Dr. Boaler decide to teach mathematics at Stanford University? [9:40] In 2000, Dr. Boaler was awarded an NSF grant and had the chance to do another long study about teaching maths. Dr. Boaler shares what she learned from this experience. [11:00] Dr. Boaler shares the key takeaways from her course, “How to learn math.” [12:55] Dr. Boaler describes the mission of YouCubed. [13:47] With the work they do at YouCubed, is there more uptake at the elementary level than the secondary? [14:17] How many books has Dr. Boaler written so far? [14:25] Dr. Boaler shares what her newest book, Limitless Mind: Learn, Lead, and Live Without Barriers, covers that her older books did not. [16:52] Why supporting a growth mindset is so important, especially with learning math. [18:11] Dr. Boaler summarizes her findings around the importance of struggle and mistakes. [20:44] Dr. Boaler explains what she means when she says, ‘engaging with a lens of multiplicity.’ [22:08] Dr. Boaler speaks about creative, flexible thinking. [23:32] Dr. Boaler shares her vision for collaborative learning. [25:49] Dr. Boaler shares the backstory of her op-ed with Steven Levitt, “Modern high school math should be about data science — not Algebra 2.” [30:21] Dr. Boaler shares some of her excitement around data science and why she believes it is so vitally important. [33:00] Dr. Boaler addresses some of the political challenges as well as some of the talent development challenges in supporting teachers in this change. [34:12] What goes into the master schedule now regarding math? [35:40] How do we support the current group of math teachers with these changes? [38:08] Where to learn more about this topic! [39:29] Tom Vander Ark thanks Dr. Jo Boaler for joining the podcast! Mentioned in This Episode: Stanford University Limitless Mind: Learn, Lead, and Live Without Barriers, by Jo Boaler YouCubed.org University of Chicago Steven Levitt Elastic: Unlocking Your Brain's Ability to Embrace Change, by Leonard Mlodinow “Modern high school math should be about data science — not Algebra 2,” by Jo Boaler and Steven D. Levitt YouCubed — Data Science Freakonomics Podcast — “America’s Math Curriculum Doesn’t Add Up (Ep. 391)” Concord Consortium Getting Smart Podcast Ep. 238 — “Chad Dorsey on Modeling and Data Science in STEM Education” Get Involved: Check out the blog at GettingSmart.com. Find the Getting Smart Podcast on iTunes, leave a review and subscribe. Is There Somebody You’ve Been Wanting to Learn From or a Topic You’d Like Covered? To get in contact: Email Editor@GettingSmart.com and include ‘Podcast’ in the subject line. The Getting Smart team will be sure to add them to their list!


15 Jan 2020

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EP 81: Limitless Mind Dr. Jo Boaler

Abundantly Clear Podcast

Dr. Jo Boaler, a leader in education and author of Limitless Mind: Learn, Lead, and Live without Barriers shares her brilliant and brave story with us. From overcoming adversity and pushback in her exploration of new more effective ways to learn and teach mathematics, Dr. Jo connects this to brain science, how we think, and how we can expand our own limitless minds.  Dr. Jo continues to stand her in truth despite the pushback she experiences, creating a massive movement in education around the globe, and her story of bravery is an inspiration to us all!  You’ll Learn   How all parts of the brain communicate  Why EQ is vital for business and career growth  How can you live in your limitless mind  And much more! Click here to grab a copy of Limitless Mind: Learn, Lead, and Live without Barriers  How to get involved Malorie has become an expert in helping people remove their mindset blocks, so they can experience the growth in their business and decrease in stress they desire. Check the site to learn more, download a freebie and stay connected. If you liked this episode, be sure to subscribe on iTunes and leave a review. It would mean the world to hear your feedback and we’d love for you to help us spread the word!


18 Dec 2019