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Episode 1: Lectio Divina (Or Fancy Latin Words for a Prayer Experience)

rooted (IN).ten.tionally

Welcome to (IN).ten.tionally Rooted, ten (or so) minutes designed to help you connect more deeply with God and your true self. In this episode, we engage in an ancient practice known as lectio divina or sacred reading. Author Richard Foster describes it as “the kind of reading in which the mind descends into the heart and both are drawn into the love and goodness of God.” Are you ready to experience the high, wide, long and deep love of God today? Join the rooted movement and find Susan's book at susancarson.net. Book Susan to contribute to your event, blog, podcast or retreat through the website or my emailing susan@susancarson.net.


29 Jul 2019

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A Fancy Latin Expression

Positive Psychology on the Go


24 Jul 2018

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34: Matt McDowell - Fancy Latin words


Matt McDowell is an expert in electrochemical materials and devices. On this episode, we talk about everything batteries — how they work, the state-of-the-art, what still needs to be improved, and what options are on the table for future technologies. We also discuss Matt and his students’ use of in situ experiments — those able to make measurements of a device while it is operating — and how they use this capability to understand the atomic scale details that govern battery performance and failure. We also ponder if batteries will ever be used as the main source of energy in airplanes and, if so, what it will take to get there.Show details: • Hosted by Michael Filler (@michaelfiller) • Edited by Andrew Cannon (@andrewhcannon) • Recorded on February 1, 2018 • Show notes are available at http://www.fillerlab.com/nanovation/archive/34 • Submit feedback at http://www.fillerlab.com/nanovation/feedback


20 Feb 2018