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The Baywatch Theory with Charlie Mihelich and Zach Olsen

Lizard People: Comedy and Conspiracy Theories

It's late January so you know what that means - time to hit the beach! We've got our buds Zach and Charlie of the delightful podcast Baywatch Watch here to explain a theory so radical, it'll make you wanna shred some gnar waves. The Bad Boys of Podcasting suspect that the US government created the show Baywatch to make more people want to be lifeguards, and that the lifeguard shortage that basically ruined last summer is in fact due to the cancellation of said inexplicably popular show. Was Hasselhoff single-handedly keeping the lifeguard industry afloat? And will Alexis' memes make more Eastern European kids want to come here to protect our pools? Find out more on this week's episode.

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27 Jan 2023

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28 Days Later with Charlie Mihelich and Erin Smith

Scary Movie Sleepover

Grab your Jim Bean and potato chips because Charlie Mihelich (@mihelicopter) has us watch 28 Days Later! We keep blood out of our eyes, though, and even find time to confuse Ralph Fiennes with Christopher Eccleston. Then, everyone's favorite character from the movie 28 Days Later, scientist Barney Frank (Erin Smith (@erinkellysmith)), shows up to reveal all sorts of deceptions that all make sense and easily coexist within the same person. Follow Tanner on letterboxd as tabner and find Matt by searching through who Tanner follows. Our editor/producer is @erinkellysmith.

1hr 44mins

12 Oct 2022

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Fargo (2014) With Charlie Mihelich

You've Got Hanks

It's finally time to talk about Fargo (2014). Colin Hanks has a big role and I've got a lot to talk about with my friend and the co-host of the Baywatch Watch podcast, Charlie Mihelich (@mihelicopter). We do get sidetracked and talk about The Man in the Iron Mask and I do make Charlie take a 30-question quiz, but the rest is all Fargo and Colin. No "Call-in Colin" this week, but if you'd like to be a part of the next one, call ‪(805) 622-9667‬ & Hanks for listening! Theme Music by Zach Olsen (@realzacholsen) Artwork by Matt Czap (@mattczap) — SHOW INFORMATIONInstagram: Instagram Twitter: Twitter Subscribe: Apple Podcasts Subscribe: Spotify


8 Apr 2022

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Charlie Mihelich

Stario Chart

What's up, star freaks? The podmos bois are joined by writer and comedian Charlie Mihelich to talk about psychics, assess some memes, and work together on a birth chart for Barrett from Final Fantasy 7.

9 Feb 2022

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71. Hype House On Netflix With Charlie Mihelich

I Need To Talk TikTok

This week, my friend and co-host of the Baywatch Watch podcast, Charlie Mihelich (@mihelicopter), joins me to talk about the Netflix series Hype House. Will Thomas be okay? Was that trailer park really haunted? Why did the show only focus on people who aren't actually in the Hype House? We answer these questions & more. Plus, why is Vinnie so angry? Have you watched? Let me know @ladytomhanks. — SHOW INFORMATIONInstagram: Instagram Twitter: Twitter Subscribe: Apple Podcasts Follow: Spotify


14 Jan 2022

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Minutemen (2008) with Charlie Mihelich

Inside the Disney Vault

We jump back in time (NOT to be confused with back to the future) with writer and comedian Charlie Mihelich (@charlesmihelich). A group of friends stumble their way into time travel and decide to use their abilities as vigilantes for good, changing embarrassing events from occurring at their high school. In doing so, they mess with the space time continuum and the world starts to change around them. Literally, the ground gives way and they create a black hole. Fortunately some very silly scientists and the FBI is on the trail. Sprinklings of Back to the Future homages and good ol' DCOM suspension of disbelief take us on this journey- but will they fix the black hole before the world ENDS!? Let us know the Back to the Future references you caught @ITDVPodcast on Twitter!

1hr 21mins

2 Sep 2021

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11:14 (2003) With Charlie Mihelich & Zach Olsen

You've Got Hanks

The co-hosts of Baywatch Watch, Charlie Mihelich (@mihelicopter) & Zach Olsen (@realzacholsen), join me this week to talk about a severely underrated Colin Hanks movie, 11:14. This black comedy of interconnected events has a star-studded cast that includes Clark Gregg, Patrick Swayze, Ben Foster, and Hilary Swank. It truly is a delight and must-watch. I also make Charlie and Zach take a quiz on who they would be in the film, and Zach's got some good puns. No calls this week for our "Call-in Colin" segment, but if you'd like to be a part of the next one, call ‪(805) 622-9667‬ & Hanks for listening! Theme Music by Zach Olsen (@realzacholsen) Artwork by Matt Czap (@mattczap) — SHOW INFORMATIONInstagram: Instagram Twitter: Twitter Subscribe: Apple Podcasts Subscribe: Spotify


16 Jul 2021

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High School Phases With Charlie Mihelich

This Is The Mix

This week, I've got my friend and co-host of the Baywatch Watch podcast, Charlie Mihelich (@mihelicopter), to talk about his high school mix. We talk about his different musical phases of high school, bands we both love, and how big of a year 2003 was for music. Also, there's a Yellowcard song, so this mix already wins! With a little Dashboard Confessional, Blink-182, Jimmy Eat World, Third Eye Blind, and Something Corporate, this mix has it all. Let me know what you're listening to @thisisthemix. Listen to the mix here. — SHOW INFORMATIONInstagram: Instagram Twitter: Twitter Apple Podcasts: Subscribe Spotify: Follow

1hr 28mins

8 Jun 2021

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"Horizon Zero Dawn" with Charlie Mihelich


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25 Mar 2021

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How The Terminator Franchise Justifies Its Own Existence with Charlie Mihelich

Why Do You Know That?

This week, Nadia and Steve talk to writer and podcast host Charlie Mihelich (@mihelicopter) about the specific topic of the increasingly inane reasons The Terminator film franchise uses to justify its own existence after T2, in which pretty much all issues are resolved. What made the first two Terminator movies so special? What's with James Cameron and submarines? Why is Genysis SPELLED like that? And how is The Terminator's drapes business going, and why isn't THAT the movie? Let's do this again some time!

1hr 23mins

3 Mar 2021