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11:14 (2003) With Charlie Mihelich & Zach Olsen

You've Got Hanks

The co-hosts of Baywatch Watch, Charlie Mihelich (@mihelicopter) & Zach Olsen (@realzacholsen), join me this week to talk about a severely underrated Colin Hanks movie, 11:14. This black comedy of interconnected events has a star-studded cast that includes Clark Gregg, Patrick Swayze, Ben Foster, and Hilary Swank. It truly is a delight and must-watch. I also make Charlie and Zach take a quiz on who they would be in the film, and Zach's got some good puns. No calls this week for our "Call-in Colin" segment, but if you'd like to be a part of the next one, call ‪(805) 622-9667‬ & Hanks for listening! Theme Music by Zach Olsen (@realzacholsen) Artwork by Matt Czap (@mattczap) — SHOW INFORMATIONInstagram: Instagram Twitter: Twitter Subscribe: Apple Podcasts Subscribe: Spotify


16 Jul 2021

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High School Phases With Charlie Mihelich

This Is The Mix

This week, I've got my friend and co-host of the Baywatch Watch podcast, Charlie Mihelich (@mihelicopter), to talk about his high school mix. We talk about his different musical phases of high school, bands we both love, and how big of a year 2003 was for music. Also, there's a Yellowcard song, so this mix already wins! With a little Dashboard Confessional, Blink-182, Jimmy Eat World, Third Eye Blind, and Something Corporate, this mix has it all. Let me know what you're listening to @thisisthemix. Listen to the mix here. — SHOW INFORMATIONInstagram: Instagram Twitter: Twitter Apple Podcasts: Subscribe Spotify: Follow

1hr 28mins

8 Jun 2021

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"Horizon Zero Dawn" with Charlie Mihelich


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25 Mar 2021

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How The Terminator Franchise Justifies Its Own Existence with Charlie Mihelich

Why Do You Know That?

This week, Nadia and Steve talk to writer and podcast host Charlie Mihelich (@mihelicopter) about the specific topic of the increasingly inane reasons The Terminator film franchise uses to justify its own existence after T2, in which pretty much all issues are resolved. What made the first two Terminator movies so special? What's with James Cameron and submarines? Why is Genysis SPELLED like that? And how is The Terminator's drapes business going, and why isn't THAT the movie? Let's do this again some time!

1hr 23mins

3 Mar 2021

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Bachelor (2021) E2 | Birthday Queens w/ Charlie Mihelich & Zach Olsen (Baywatch Watch)

Trust the Bachelor Process

We love a week 2 episode where things start getting steamy and the drama is in full swing. Already, Nemacolin is light years ahead of the La Quinta in terms of amenities and charm, and for that, we are grateful. Remote hot tubs, photo shoots in the middle of the woods, and TWO near death experiences?! NOW it feels like the Bachelor. Charlie Mihelich and Zach Olsen from the Baywatch Watch podcast join TTBP this week to discuss new front runners, cringe-worthy moments, and of course, all things Queen Victoria. Check out Baywatch Watch wherever you get your podcasts! @baywatchwatch


13 Jan 2021

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Charlie Mihelich!

Totally Rad!

Charlie Mihelich (UCBLA, Twitter: @charlesmihelich) joins host Alyssa (@alyssa_sabo), sidekick Ben (@bencassil), and professional audience member July (@julydiaz) in 1996 to talk about lying, popular kids, atheism, how to punch up Bible stories, a turd mystery, and play a classic round of SLANGWORD!Follow Charlie Mihelich on Twitter @charlesmihelich and on Instagram @mihelicopter, and check out his podcast Baywatch Watch!Theme song by Ben Cassil. Email us for advice TotallyRad1996@gmail.com, rate and review on Apple Podcasts--leave a funny rap and we will perform it on the show! Follow @totallyrad1996 or youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHUXlBxnSEhdza0qywN_kDQ/about for video content!

1hr 6mins

17 Nov 2020

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Bachelorette (2020) E4 | Love at the La Quinta w/ Charlie Mihelich (Baywatch Watch Podcast)

Trust the Bachelor Process

It's been a while and a lot has happened, but TTBP is so happy to be back! This week joined by Charlie Mihelich from the Baywatch Watch podcast, we discuss Clare's controversial exit and the drama that ensues. Mainly just how difficult it will probably be for Blake Moynes to return that book he got while still stranded at the La Quinta Resort. Which by the way, if you plan on proposing soon, may we recommend the perfect place? Hopefully you won't be as confused as Dale about what is actually going on when you get down on one knee. All jokes aside, we wish Clare and Dale the best, Tayshia good luck, and Blake a full refund on his book. See ya next week Frank & Bachers! (we haven't forgotten about that)


9 Nov 2020

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The Wrestler w/ Charlie Mihelich

Bleav in The Crossover

Charlie Mihelich joins the guys to discuss "The Wrestler." He spends an inordinate amount of time describing high school band camp. He CLAIMS it was more sweaty than sexual. No one believes that. Chris can't let go of Friday Night Lights. Rod still doesn't have a father and this movie reminds him of that. See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.

1hr 14mins

30 Oct 2020

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E40. "A Week Ago Wednesday" Elri Horner, Charlie Mihelich, John-Michael Sedor, & Eric Pastore

Mystery in the Radio Waves

This week we revive the classic radio play "A Week ago Wednesday" from the series "Suspense". Originally aired November 29, 1945. The play was re-written and modernized by Elizabeth McIrvin.MAIN CAST OF MITRWEmily ClarkDaniel KhuneElizabeth McIrvinScott MooreThank you to our wonderful guest cast of comedians and actors!Elri HornerEric PastoreCharlie MihelichJohn-Michael SedorAND A SPECIAL THANK YOU to our sound engineer Adam R. Macias!You can find his podcast on Fingergunscoemdy.comINSTAGRAM@mysteryintheradiowaves@elizabethmcirvinEmail us at mysteryintheradiowaves@gmail.com


26 May 2020

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FOME: Fear of Missing Earthquakes - “The End?” w/ new host Charlie Mihelich!

Baywatch Watch

Set design really shakes things up this season finale when a giant earthquake destroys Baywatch headquarters (and all of LA). Ceilings cave in and pipes burst with steam; it’s groundbreaking stuff! The earthquake leaves all our favorite characters rattled. Gina falls off a roof. Craig, Cort, and their lackluster acting are stuck in an underwater cave. Hobie tries to give Rocky a bath! And if that’s not scary enough, Shauni tells Eddie, “the ground isn’t the only thing shaky around here!” Will a manic pixie pregnant woman be introduced as a plot device to help Eddie come to his senses in time to save his relationship? Will David Hasselhoff’s committed performance pleasantly surprise audiences yet again? Will all our characters be reunited once more by the end of the episode?! Luckily us hosts are able to use our own earthquake expertise to help everyone appreciate the magnitude of this episode! Follow @Baywatchwatch on IG & twitter!

1hr 33mins

26 May 2020