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8 of The Best Podcast Episodes for EMILY SCHILDT. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about EMILY SCHILDT, often where they are interviewed.

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8 of The Best Podcast Episodes for EMILY SCHILDT. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about EMILY SCHILDT, often where they are interviewed.

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emily schildt & pop up grocer

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on this episode of the show, we're lucky enough to host emily schildt, the brains behind pop up grocer, a stylish traveling grocery store that's popped up in cities far and wide. it’s the only place we want to shop! with pop ups already complete in soho, venice, and austin, emily and her team have created a launching pad for more than 100 carefully picked foods, beverages, and home products.

she stops by read receipt to tell the pop up story, discusses her craft of the brand experience, and what's next for pop ups in the new norm.

we hope you enjoy the show!
Sep 09 2020 · 38mins
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Pop Up Grocer founder Emily Schildt on rethinking the grocery experience

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It took a trip to London for Emily Schildt to realize that American grocery stores could do better.

"I came back personally really yearning for a grocery store experience like I had there," she said on the Modern Retail Podcast. "They were just beautiful spaces in which to shop -- gorgeous products, but really thoughtful display and design."

Last year Schildt founded Pop Up Grocer, a traveling showcase of a few hundred products that sets up in U.S. cities for a month at a time. It had four locations to date; the next one opens in Brooklyn this October.

Many of the goods, like cauliflower crust, are available at grocery stores already, but Schildt argues that they're buried in a mass of other items. Since the 90s, the average grocery store's number of items has mushroomed from 7,000 to between 40,000 and 50,000, according to a recent book on the topic.

"It's a lot of cold outreach," she said about how she gets products that are worth the spotlight, many of which she finds on Instagram. A place at Pop Up Grocer helps show off brands that might otherwise remain obscure or have trouble selling online. "I think people find starting their own business so hard if they don't have all of the connections. And it's hard even if you do," Schildt said.

Schildt talked about the company's move into ecommerce, plans to raise outside capital and her favorite place to shop for food in Paris.

Aug 06 2020 · 34mins

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Emily Schildt of Pop Up Grocer

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Emily Schildt’s appetite for life has created the foundation for a life well-lived—and well-traveled. Emily is the founder of Pop Up Grocer, a traveling grocery store that showcases hundreds of products from over 150 innovative food, beverage, home, pet, and body care brands. Since the shop’s inception, Emily has brought Pop Up Grocer around the country, and in turn, has been able to fuse her love for food, discovery, and storytelling to create a one-of-a-kind destination. But as the world became upended by COVID-19, Emily was forced to assess her relationship with food, and the important role Pop Up Grocer can play in bringing value to her community, both online and off. Naturally, storytelling has played a role in this, and in this interview, Emily kindly shared more of her own story, what living and working on the road has been like, and the questions she hopes people ask her more often. This episode also opens with a story contributed by Olivia Gossett Cooper of Today We Will and Silvr.

NOTE: This interview was recorded in April 2020. We are conscious of the current state of the world, but we hope this episode gives you a bit of respite and inspiration. Thank you for listening!

Jun 15 2020 · 28mins
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#89: Highlighting Brands with a Creative Retail Twist with Emily Schildt of Pop Up Grocer

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We like to feature conversations with founders that are doing important and unique things, and Emily Schildt of Pop Up Grocer fits that bill 100%. They're the first-ever pop-up grocery store that showcases hundreds of the most innovative and exciting brands in natural food and beverage, plus home, pet and body care. She’s thinking about retail in a broader way, and Pop Up Grocer is one of the ways that you can still do retail in our world. She saw the challenges that companies who were trying to launch their brands were facing and she wanted to be the solution that helped them come to market.

And now you can experience Pop Up Grocer from home with the just launched Pop Up Grocer Box.  Each box contains a surprise, limited-edition selection of products (grocery, home + body care) and complimentary Pop Up Grocer merch.  Plus 10% of all sales go to Feeding America.  www.popupgrocer.co/boxes

Emily talks about...

  • Where the idea for Pop Up Grocer came from
  • How her pop up events are structured
  • How the physical space is becoming more cherished
  • Connecting with your customers


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Apr 22 2020 · 27mins

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108 Culling Through the Clutter with Emily Schildt, founder of Pop-Up Grocer

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The grocery store model hasn’t adapted with how people shop. Traditional big box stores stock up on everything under the sun and rely on small margins based for big cart sizes. With traditional grocery stores struggling and US consumers being slow to adopt online grocery, Emily Schildt saw an opportunity to prioritize discovery over convenience as a way to help people find brands they actually love.

Pop-up Grocer is a highly curated 30-day activation featuring grocery brands that get an A+ for innovation, nutrition, and design. Emily has thoughtfully positioned Pop-Up Grocer to be an exciting space that leaves people wanting more. Just ahead of their Venice launch on February 7, she is sharing the careful balance between curation and discovery, the importance of location, and the paths envisions for Pop-Up Grocer in the future.

Find more links and images from this episode on the Lumi blog.

Feb 05 2020 · 55mins
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Lessons in running a small business with Emily Schildt - Episode 37

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This week, we’re doing something a little different. With influencers running small businesses through Instagram, it made sense for us to sit down with brand consultant Emily Schildt who founded Pop-Up Grocer just this year. We learn what it takes to run your own store, when you know you've got a great idea, and how to find satisfaction (even if you're a perfectionist).
Oct 18 2019 · 51mins
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"How To Freelance With Small Brands & The Power Of “No, But…” With Emily Schildt "

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On today’s show, I talk to Emily Schildt, a brand communications and marketing consultant based in New York City. If you’re looking for news you can use, this episode is beyond inspiring and useful for anyone considering doing any sort of brand consulting. Emily is one of the most organized, disciplined humans I’ve ever met. She’s on top of her finances, her daily routine, and her client protocol, and somehow, she makes time for multiple large-scale passion projects on the side. On top of all of that, she also manages to be a beacon of work/life balance (IMO, at least). She’s basically who I want to be when I grow up, even if we’re like the same age.

Emily and I actually met when I was on the hunt for freelance friends. A mutual friend connected us, and from the get-go, Emily has been so amazingly helpful to me. In the beginning, I’d shoot her emails with the most basic questions, and this angel of a person patiently answered all of them and even threw in pep talks when I needed them. She’s a gem. On the pod, we talk about:

  • Landing on your feet after a layoff

  • What it means to be a “starter” vs. someone who stays on board for long-term execution

  • The power of “no, but…” when you’re a freelancer

Grab a pen and paper, or open the notes app on your iPhone or something, because you’re definitely going to want to take notes.

p.s. If you're curious about Emily's Pop-Up Grocer, check it out on Instagram @popup.grocer.

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Mar 26 2019 · 1hr 3mins
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45: How To Stay Connected With Yourself In This Digital World – EMILY SCHILDT

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Emily Schildt is a storyteller and a brand marketer whose work has been featured in Fast Company, Time, Entrepreneur, Forbes, and Refinery29 and includes clients: Aloha, KIND, Ugly, Lavva, Fairlife, Zocdoc, Diane von Furstenberg, and Pret a Manger. She’s also one of the people responsible for Chobani’s trailblazing digital success.

I met Emily through being invited to a food conference she co-founded, Bitten. Last year Emily wrote a powerful piece that invites you to look at dining alone as a reason for celebration – that’s when I knew I wanted to have her on the podcast.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Being ok with doing many things at once in your career
  • Finding the alignment between lucrative projects and soul-fulfilling ones
  • Why dining alone should be celebrated
  • How to set healthy boundaries with technology
  • A “phone diet” that can help you be more present
  • How the digital landscape is changing and where Instagram is going
  • Can traveling for pleasure and working at the same time work?
  • Her top 3 New York restaurants

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Feb 28 2019 · 57mins