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Jeff Zwart (Director,driver, Pikes Peak Record holder/coach)

The Smoking Tire

Jeff Zwart is an award-winning photographer, cinematographer, director, and driver. He has been behind the lens for as the photographer and director of numerous ads (print and film) for OEMs, Forza, and movies including "The Art of Racing in the Rain". He's best known for his ad work with Porsche. Check out his reel (below) and you'll recognize his work.He's also a successful racing driver, holding multiple championships in both rally and the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.  We talk about his favorite Pikes Peak drives; why coaching makes HIM faster; car setup; driving old cars properly; taking photos at 130MPH; why he loves Pikes Peak; and a lot more. Recorded on March 18, 2022 His Forza ad: https://www.fastcompany.com/3017831/how-the-worlds-fastest-camera-was-created-for-forza-motorsport-5https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeff_Zwarthttps://www.radicalmedia.com/us/directors/jeff-zwart?reel=commercial Receive 20% off your first purchase, and enjoy free shipping on any U.S. orders over $75 and free returns. Go to vuori.com/TIRE and discover the versatility of Vuori Clothing. Sign up at ButcherBox.com/TIRE and get 2 lbs of ground beef free in every order for the life of your membership Our friends at Masterworks are giving you priority access to skip their wait list. Just go to Masterworks.io and use promo code TIRE Go to SIMPLISAFE.com/tire and claim a free indoor security camera, plus 20% off with Interactive Monitoring.  Want your question answered? Want to watch the live stream, get ad-free podcasts, or exclusive podcasts? Join our Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/thesmokingtirepodcastTweet at us!https://www.Twitter.com/thesmokingtirehttps://www.Twitter.com/zackklapmanInstagram:https://www.Instagram.com/thesmokingtirehttps://www.Instagram.com/therealzackklapman

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12 Apr 2022

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Jeff Zwart | An Extraordinary Life

Porschesport Podcast

Jeff Zwart – the Pikes Peak-winning, Porsche-loving film-directing legend. Jeff Zwart knows Porsche like few other filmmakers. After 30 years shooting commercials and short films for the brand, combined with a lifelong love of the cars and a successful career racing them, you’d be hard pressed to find another living person more intimately in tune with how to capture Porsche in motion.

1hr 10mins

1 Mar 2022

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MP 930: Catching Up With Jeff Zwart

The Marshall Pruett Podcast

The mercurial Jeff Zwart joins us for an episode of Catching Up With to discuss his Pikes Peak International Hill Climb program in a new and ultra-rare Porsche 935. Subscribe: https://marshallpruettpodcast.com/subscribe Join our Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/MarshallPruettPodcast


28 Aug 2020

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Jeff Zwart - A Lifetime of Capturing and Experiencing Speed

Overcrest: A Pretty Good Podcast

Jeff Zwart - A Lifetime of Capturing and Experiencing SpeedLegendary filmmaker, director, photographer, and Pikes Peak Champion joins the podcast to discuss his career, filming, photography, Luft, and much more.  Check out the Red Bull Racing video here. See Jeff's work: instagram Support the show! www.patreon.com/overcrest


28 May 2020

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253 • JEFF ZWART director racer 🏁

Late Night Playset

TONIGHT: PECLA week continues with director, photographer, racer and everybody’s favorite unofficial Porsche ambassador, Jeff Zwart is here. We cover a lot of ground including keeping up with the joneses on Instagram and the electric future of Porsche automobiles… PLUS, Kat DeLorean, Ray Shaffer, Ramsey Potts, GIJennifer Nicole and of course #mrsryan, #tbt and #davewatch2019. Closing out the week with another full boat!Thank you for being with us tonight… See ya Saturday @ PECLA!! 🎙❤️✨To donate to the Benton Performance Fire Relief #gofundme: https://www.gofundme.com/f/benton-performance-fire?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/latenightplayset/message

1hr 19mins

15 Nov 2019

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175 • JEFF ZWART photographer racer 111 🏁

Late Night Playset

111 sits down with 111, Mr JEFF ZWART is here to talk everything. Cars, commercials, dogs and life in general. PLUS: RAY SHAFFER with a very special guest in the Heritage Gallery on #backstagepass • What a night!🎙❤️🤣 --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/latenightplayset/message

1hr 55mins

30 Sep 2019

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Legendary Dir. Jeff Zwart & Jennifer Nicole of PEC

The Smoking Tire

Jeff Zwart is an award-winning photographer, cinematographer, and the Second Unit Director (that means the car stuff) for the new film 'The Art of Racing in the Rain." Jennifer Nicole is one of our oldest "car" friends, going way back to the early Bullrun days. A proper enthusiast herself with multiple Porsche's (including an Emory-powered 356 semi-daily driver), Jen runs the Porsche Experience Center her in Los Angeles.Check out the Porsche Exp Center: https://www.porschedriving.com/los-angeles This show is also a video: https://youtu.be/d41vUVHFnXc Follow us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapmanIG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman @zwart @gijen NEW SHIRTS!https://www.blipshift.com/tst

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10 Sep 2019

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Jeff Zwart - Director/Racer/Photographer

The Smoking Tire

New Shirts: https://www.blipshift/com/tstJeff Zwart is a photographer, director, cinematographer, racer, author, and about 10 other things. A legend in the Porsche community, he learned to drive in a Porsche 901, a car now worth over a million dollars. His collection is insane, but not as insane as his stories.https://www.radicalmedia.com/us/directors/jeff-zwart?reel=commercialFollow us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman @zwart This show is also a video: https://youtu.be/LAzZbjSXQy8

1hr 36mins

7 Mar 2019

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Episode 29: Jeff Zwart

Spike's Car Radio

American racer, commercial director, photographer, and author Jeff Zwart joins Spike and Zuckerman to talk about his family's history with Porsches, starting in photography before racing, winning being the ultimate motivator to keep doing it, and whether he's a better filmmaker or a better racecar driver. Plus, they answer some of your questions AND…what are John Cena's car troubles?


20 Dec 2017

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Jeff Zwart


Jeff Zwart is a director, filmmaker, photographer, Porsche enthusiast, and racer. If you’re an auto enthusiast and haven’t heard of him, well, you’ve probably seen a few commercials he’s worked on.


23 Feb 2016