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165: Photo Sensei with Chris Marquardt

Hit The Streets with Valerie Jardin

Chris Marquardt is back on the show! Valerie and Chris talk about travel, living a creative live, adaptation, online teaching and more! 


25 Jun 2020

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Photographer + Podcaster, Chris Marquardt, Tips from the Top Floor (Germany)

The Wise Fool

We discussed: Self promotion, Marketing, Public relations, Wanting to be a rock star, If you want to learn something properly you have to teach it, The benefits of having a platform, Running photography workshops and master classes, The fear of trying new things, Jump off a cliff and build your wings on the way down, Podcasts as self driven learning or life long learning, The role of a book publisher, Who defines quality, Cult of personality, Snake oil salesmen, Having a diverse income, Online photography workshops, Managing your expectations when participating in a photography workshop, Tabletop photography, The need for constructive critical feedback, Even They Might be Giants did commercial work to make a livinghttps://chrismarquardt.com https://tipsfromthetopfloor.comBio:Chris Marquardt is a photographer and an educator based in Hannover, Germany. He considers himself to be a craftsman rather than an artist and his goal is to empower people to go through the world with open eyes and a critical mind. His photo tours take the curious to the edge of the world and as an author he takes deep dives to help his readers understand how photography works on various levels. As a podcaster Chris teaches photography to a global audience of photography enthusiasts and as a consultant, he helps businesses understand and further and their visual presence in a world that is becoming more and more saturated with photography.Please be sure to visit our Patreon page and help support the podcast by being part of the conversation. The more money raised, the larger the global reach we can offer you:https://www.patreon.com/thewisefoolFor more information about the host, Matthew Dolshttp://www.matthewdols.com

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28 May 2020

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SB-030 Chris Marquardt


Chris ist mein persönlicher Photographie Gott, ich verstehe nix von dem Thema, aber lausche Happy Shooting sehr gerne. Er hat sich die Zeit genommen und mit mir über sein Werken geredet. Wir reden ausführlich über alle seine Podcasts, Klimawandel und und und. Wie immer viel Spaß.

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17 Jan 2020

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A conversation with Chris Marquardt

Latitude Photography Podcast

Today I have a special guest with me. He is the host of the longest running photography podcast on the planet, Tips From the Top Floor, and if you’re not a subscriber you should totally go check that out. Chris Marquardt, welcome to the show… Chris, tell us a little about yourself and your photographic interests. Topic:  Today we’re talking about a few topics. We’ll get into a few design principles in photography and some travel tips, in particular, cold climates. Chris, set the stage for us. What’s one of the foundational items you have for us when it comes to approaching this idea of design in photography? Establish your goals for what you are shooting. What is your purpose? Do you need to then improve your technique? Composition? Timing, attention? Do you shoot for advertising? Or “likes” on social media? Maybe you want to convey a message. Or tell a story. That would be your goals.  Then, you can look at design principles to achieve those goals. It all becomes more purposeful. Some of the baby steps we can take to achieve those goals? Some “concrete” terms, to know what your photos are about. What’s the subject? “Rules” such as rule of thirds, not worth a thing if you don’t know what your subject is. So, get that figured out first.  Spacing, placement in the frame. What does it feel like. Scale, the relative size or impression of how big things are. What lens do we use? How does that affect proportions of the subject.  But start with the subject, and find ways to emphasize that. Backgrounds are important. Or frames, leading lines. Slowing down I have an “itchy finger” to start shooting right away. But spending time with a subject before you start shooting is super valuable.  Look at it from different angles. Walk around it if you can. Place it in front of different backgrounds if you can by doing that. Sometimes, you don’t take a photo at all, not to begin with anyway. Brent relates a story about an experience in Ireland where he missed a shot due to leaving a lens behind. Chris talks about a visit to Canyon Lands National Park in the US. Specific design ideas: Scale Focal length is a key component. It dictates how far you have ot be away from the subject. Closer you are the more that proportions are stretched out between items in front of you compared to items further back. I love showing scale by putting it in relation with other things. Back in 2009, in the Himalayas for the first time, at Base Camp at Everest in Nepal. As long as you’re not around things that you know, it will be really hard to derive scale from what you see. Only when something that is familiar is close by then the real scale can snap into understanding. Familiarity When shooting things like scale and texture, being familiar with the subject is necessary for proper interpretation. The viewer brings all their experiences and knowledge to the photo that we look at, and if we have an experience with that subject, it will inform our interpretation of that subject and our impression of the photo. Chris tells a story about people in Nepal and their experience between looking at photos of themselves compared to images of the Black Forest in Germany. Polar Extremes Discussion Lake Baikal, Freezes over, weather forces causing large ice shapes, methane bubbles in the ice, shards of ice, it can get up to 6ft thick. Some people ice dive, they cut a hole and dive under the ice, which is so clear you can wave at them. Warm sunset over bluish cold ice… a wonderful view.  Find Chris online https://discoverthetopfloor.com Feb 2020, Lake Baikal April, Bhutan, The Land of the Thunder Dragon Later in the year, Cappadocia, in Turkey. 300 wild horses just for us!


12 May 2019

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What’s Your Passion 17: Chris Marquardt

What's Your Passion?

On this episode I get to talk to Chris Marquardt about his journey in professional photography from it’s beginnings all the way to writing books and doing photo tours around the world. Nominated Charity: https://dzi.org/ Find Chris at https://chrismarquardt.com/ To find previous episodes go to: tscn.tv/wyp To subscribe to this podcast put this link in your favorite podcatcher:http://feeds.feedburner.com/tscnWYP Want to support our content? Go to tscn.tv/support to find out how! Send feedback to: samcastfeedback@gmail.com or comment in the post below! music by Musicincloud.com Artwork by Kevin Draper


30 Mar 2019

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BPP 130: Chris Marquardt - The Future of Photography

The Beginner Photography Podcast

Todays guest is Chris Mar-quart. A photographer, author, and host of the Future of photography podcast. What better time to talk about the future of photography than the start of a new year?   In This Episode You'll Learn: A brief history of photography Why we humans cant be happy with the camera technology we have today What misconceptions people think about the future of photography What specifications would be in the perfect camera for Chris Marquardt The worst thing Chris hears being taught to new photographers The best investment Chris has made in his photography What advice Chris would give to himself if he was just starting out Premium Members Also Learn: Is post production a thing of the past What is the allure of photography and how technology pushes it What current technology will explode in popularity in the coming years Why we will still need competent photographers in the future Resources: Chris Marquardt Website The Future of Photography Podcast Chris Marquardt Photography books Chris Marquardt Photography Tours


7 Jan 2019

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116: On Wide Angle Photography And Much More With Chris Marquardt

Hit The Streets with Valerie Jardin

This week Valerie shares a fun conversation with German photographer, educator, author and podcaster extraordinaire Chris Marquadt.


6 Dec 2018

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Episode 14: Chris Marquardt Goes Wide-Angle


Photographer, podcaster, and author Chris Marquardt just published the book Wide-Angle Photography, and he joins us to talk about the time he took only a 24mm lens on a photo tour and fell in love with wide-angle lens photography. We cover composition, thinking in wide-angle terms, and shooting with tilt-shift lenses. Sponsor The Photographer’s Ephemeris: It’s all about the light. Plan your outdoor photography in natural light, at any location on the planet. Get 33% off the Photo Planning Tools bundle - three apps - at the App Store. https://www.photoephemeris.com Guest: Chris Marquardt Tips from the Top Floor podcast Happy Shooting podcast (in German) The Future of Photography podcast Hosts: Jeff's website, Jeff's photos, Jeff on Instagram Kirk's website, Kirk's photos, Kirk on Instagram Show Notes: Wide-Angle Photography, by Chris Marquardt: Order from Rocky Nook, or use a PhotoActive Amazon affiliate link to help support the show. Patients are desperate to resemble their doctored selfies. Plastic surgeons alarmed by ‘Snapchat dysmorphia.’, Washington Post 24mm Canon Tilt-Shift Lens 24mm Nikon Tilt-Shift Lens 24mm Rokinon Tiilt-Shift Lens for Sony mount Lensbaby Subscribe to the PhotoActive podcast mailing list at the bottom of any page at the PhotoActive web site to be eligible for a random giveaway of Photographer’s Ephemeris apps and all future prize drawings. If you’ve already subscribed to the mailing list, you’re automatically entered. Our snapshots: Jeff: RAW Power app Kirk: The Photo Book If you like the show, please subscribe in iTunes or your favorite podcast app, and please rate the podcast. And don't forget to join the PhotoActive Facebook group to discuss the podcast, share your photos, and more.


31 Aug 2018

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Camera and Inspiration #16 | PPN | Analog inspiration with Chris Marquardt

PPN.fm - Photo Podcast Network

Analog inspiration and how shooting film can make you a better photographer - with Chris Marquardt. This is episode #16 of the Camera and Inspiration show at “PPN - Photo Podcast Network” for July 2018. This episode is sponsored by: Portfoliobox.net - Everything you need to create a professional website. https://bit.ly/2uejoyx and HoneyBook - Win Clients. Book Faster. Get Paid. Stay Organized. https://bit.ly/2sAyZIv Chris is a well known photographer and educator from Germany. He is also an author and has published some very interesting and educational photography books. He teaches photo workshops in some pretty remote places in the world. And his “Tips from the Top Floor” podcast is the oldest and longest running photography podcast in the world. Chris picked Henri Cartier-Bresson as the PPN inspirational photographer of the month. Henri was a French photographer and considered a master of candid photography. His book “The Decisive Moment” coined the term in photography where the right timing is essential in order to get a perfect photo. His work has influenced many photographers. He is also one of the founders of Magnum Photos. You can find out more about Henri Cartier-Bresson's work on his Magnum website: https://pro.magnumphotos.com/C.aspx?VP3=CMS3&VF=MAGO31_10_VForm&ERID=24KL53ZMYN In the main part of the show, Chris and Marco discuss why they still shoot analog on the side of digital, what some of the unique features of shooting film vs. digital are, and what simple steps you can take in order to shoot a roll of film for yourself. And spoiler alert! They both come to the conclusion, that shooting film can make you a better and more creative photographer. Here are the links to Chris work and social media accounts: Web: https://chrismarquardt.com Podcast: https://tipsfromthetopfloor.com Twitter: @chrismarquardt “The Film Photography Handbook” Rediscovering Photography in 35mm, medium and large format - by Monika Andrae and Chris Marquardt. English version: http://thefilmphotographyhandbook.com German version at Amazon Germany: https://amzn.to/2uYMJOm (Absolut Analog) The book is a go-to reference for analog photography for the beginners, advanced and returning film photographers. It takes analog photography into the 21st century and describes all of the fundamental technical details for analog photography and gives advice on buying a used film camera. The explanation of the physical differences between analog and digital photography help the reader to understand why film has to be shot differently and what film types are good for which look and purpose. How to self-develop and scan your film is also well explained with many useful hands-on photos. Pick up this useful reference guide on shooting analog photography. Please support our show by using our B&H affiliate link (click here) that will not cost you a penny more than when you are buying at B&H without our link. And the more this link will be used to buy at B&H, the more giveaways we’ll be able to give back to our listeners through B&H. It really is a “win-win” situation :) And please share this podcast with your friends and subscribe via iTunes. We would also love to get your feedback. Is there anything that you want us to cover on the show in the future? And we would appreciate if you could take a short moment to rate or post a quick review for our shows on iTunes. For more information on Marco Larousse follow him on Twitter: @HamburgCam

1hr 34mins

31 Jul 2018

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Ep. 80: Tips from the Cheap Seats with Chris Marquardt

Sunny 16 Podcast

This week on the show Ade and Graeme are joined by Podcast Royalty in the splendid form of Chris Marquardt, host of the longest running photography podcast Tips From the Top Floor to talk educating with analogue, writing books and cooking cameras!

1hr 14mins

14 Dec 2017