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Season 7 Episode 4- Jay David- Drummer "Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show", "David Crosby", "Brenda Lee", Session Drummer for "Neil Diamond" and "Ben E. King", Solo Artist

Fowl Players Radio

NOW AVAILABLE ON FOWL PLAYERS RADIO!! www.fowlplayersradio.comTonight's guest is Jay David! Jay David has had a long and storied career as a rock and country drummer, performing with such greats that include "Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show" from 1970-73, Brenda Lee in the 1960's, with David Crosby in the 1980's, and as a session drummer for many years with acts which included Neil Diamond and Ben E King.He has recently released a solo album called "This Road", (featuring a single "Cover of the AARP") and plans on releasing more material in the future! He shared lots of great stories with us on Fowl Players Radio and was a delight to interview.www.jaydavidmusic.comSubscribe for free at www.fowlplayersradio.com or listen on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify Stitcher, iHeart Radio, Podcast Addict, Podchaser, Pocketcast, Deezer, Listen Notes, Player FM, Podcast Index, Overcast, Castro, Cast Box, or PodfriendFollow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!!The Fowl Players of Perryville are now booking Murder Mystery Shows for the late summer and fall of 2021! Indoor or outdoor venues, trains, boats, office parties, fundraisers, or just for the heck of it!443-600-0446www.fowlplayersofperryville.comfowlplayersperryville@yahoo.com


21 Jan 2021

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BCR - Ep. 4 with Jay David - NY Jayhawks & Long Island Lutheran HS

Basketball Coaches Roundtable

Basketball Coaches Roundtable - Episode 4 with Jay David.  Jay is the executive director of the NY Jayhawks AAU program and an assistant coach at Long Island Lutheran HS.   Topics covered at the roundtable: Importance of community service within the Jayhawks family Fundraising How he handles both roles as a HS assistant coach and an AAU executive director Getting high level players to buy in to the program Possibility of moving on to coach within a college program Player development His take on the growing NCAA transfer pool Advising 2021 student-athletes during a pandemic Sitting at the roundtable Ben Newman - Host Dan Murphy - Special Assistant - Monmouth University Alex Mirabel - Head Coach - St. Peter's Prep, Jersey City, NJ/17 U Dominican National Team Chris Ballerini - Head Coach - DeWitt Clinton HS, Bronx NY Elle Greene - Head Coach - BCAM HS, Brooklyn, NY Jay Griffin - Assistant Coach - John Jay College 


23 Aug 2020

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Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Jay David

Rebecca Sounds Reveille

When you hear the word success, what comes to mind? The guest in this episode, renowned Jay David, who is an accomplished drummer, singer, songwriter, musician, actor, recovery counselor, and speaker, has dazzled the audience in numerous performances, including his position with Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show and he will dazzle you too! Jay shares how his love and talent for music began. His first appearance was at the age of two and a half. (He will tell you more about it on the show!)! This show intertwines his life’s journey as climbs and rises to the peak of fame and what was to follow. Jay is a hoot to listen to as he talks about being at Mercury Records in New York City… “I was playing whenever all of the songwriters (they had about a hundred fifty songwriters) and whenever the songwriters would come up with a song that management thought was good, they went and they had me come in and record the drum parts for it. Then, along with two other instruments, it would just be a trio, and somebody would sing it. That's how they would shop those songs to other artists that were looking for material in those days (this being the late 60s) and so I was in the studio all the time. Then I began singing the songs too. Then I began playing the piano, then the drums and things. So I was I was very busy. And one day this producer came in and he said, “Hey Jay! Listen to this song! And he played me a song called, “The Last Morning,” and he said, “This is a new group called, “Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show,” and they don't have a drummer. They're looking for a drummer. Do you want to go?” Well, I was the staff drummer.” Later the group went to Columbia Records to meet with Clive Davis. While waiting amongst others and wanting to stand out so as to get a contract, here is what Jay said he did: “I walked behind his desk and took his trash can and turned it upside down and Dennis Andrade took that acoustic guitar and I played the trash can. That's how we did our audition; in his office. The next day they signed us to a $750,000 deal.” Jay also shared how there were challenges with the BBC and what they would not let air due to possible copyright infringement and a “word” in a song, all of which he details and you will find quite interesting when you tune in! Jay has recently been in some films and has released his “hilarious and insightful” new parody, “The Cover of the AARP,” on the album “This Road,” which includes originals and songs by Stephen Stills, Joe Egan (Steeler’s Wheel), and JJ Cale. There is a lot to glean from this episode. For example, through perseverance, envisioning a dream, then pursuing that dream, you CAN achieve it!  Jay says, “I'm a drummer for life. I always have been. I always will be and I'll always make music. I have a little recording studio in my house here and I'll be recording later today- JayDavismusic.com.” www.jaydavidmusic.com www.facebook.com/JayDavidMusic Jay David1942@yahoo.com


8 Jan 2020

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Episode #7 Jay David Bolter

Tourniquet Pod

John talks to Jay David Bolter about his new book The Digital Plenitude (MIT Press, 2019)


8 Dec 2019

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Jay David

Tales of the Road Warriors

Jay David Cover of the AARP and Other Stuff Things we discuss in this episode: My flooded basement apartment. Playing venues in Philadelphia… There’s a section that got a little garbled, I guess due to a bad connection, Maybe Jay was walking through a dead zone in his house. For whatever reason, you may not be able to understand the audio. Don’t tune out, it gets clear again for the remainder of the show. He was telling me how he started at the age of two singing not the Horn & Hardart Children’s Hour. Horn and Hardart was a “food service automat”, where all the food came out of vending machines. I remember how my mother would never let us go in. She used to tell us, you won’t like anything in there. I wasn’t crazy about eating baked beans anyway. Or a slice of pie that had been sitting inside of a vending machine of who knows how long? Anyway, Jay went on to say how he started out banging out drumbeats on the dining room table and annoyed the hell out of people with his incessant drumming on everything. He eventually took  lessons but got bored. So he learned by listening to the records, eventually giving lessons the same way he wanted to learn. Taught drums by having drum students bring him the records with the songs they wanted to learn and just teach them to play those songs. I know some music teachers who hate guys like that.  If you’re not teaching the fundamentals, they look down their noses at you. Personally, I think there’s room for both teaching styles. Hey, what’s wrong with learning to play your favorite songs? We swapped stories about his mom and Frank Sinatra’s mom Drum Corp competitions.  Reilly’s Raiders in Willow Grove, PA (Still there!) Shelter dogs, Carnegie Hall, the Navy, Hospital Corps, Dolly Sinatra, Frank Sinatra, Nancy Sinatra. Boots. Dorsey Brothers, Jimmy and Tommy Dorsey, Brenda Lee, The Wagon Wheel, Mercury Records, Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show, getting signed by Clive Davis Links to Videos, etc. The Last Morning by Dr. Hook Cover of The Rolling Stone by Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show Cover of the AARP – parody by Jay David (music by Shel Silverstein) Cover of AARP Personnel Jay David wrote and recorded based on the music of Shel Silverstein Ooks of Hazzard played, and their drummer, Matt Tecu is the guy with the deep voice singing the 2nd verse Janiva Magness – blues singer sang harmony. Here’s a little  taste of Janiva singing Make It Rain (and doing a Tom Waits song some serious justice)


12 Jul 2019

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That You May Know: God is Father - Jay David | 16/07/17

Northcross Sermons

Jay David continues our study through 1 John, preaching from 3:1-13 on what it means for us to live as children of God.


16 Jul 2017