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Ep 34. Developing The Next Generation Of Soccer Athletes With Sean Afkhaminia CEO of Footy Factory

The Started With A Dream Podcast w/ Jacolby Gilliam

Ep. 34 Developing The Next Generation Of Soccer Athletes With Sean Afkhaminia CEO of Footy Factory Listen to the episode on iTunes or Spotify In episode 34 of The 9INE POINT Started With A Dream Podcast, Jacolby Gilliam talks with former college soccer player and now CEO of Footy Factory Sean Afkhaminia about his journey. A […] The post Ep 34. Developing The Next Generation Of Soccer Athletes With Sean Afkhaminia CEO of Footy Factory appeared first on 9INE POINT.

31 Jan 2019

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Episode 43: Sean Afkhaminia Talks about Building a Club from the Ground Up

The Coaching Journey

This week, The Coaching Journey Podcast is excited to welcome Sean Afkhaminia on the show! Sean is the CEO and Technical Director of Footy Factory, based in Dallas, Texas. Our discussion today focuses on Sean's background, and how his playing career shaped his future coaching career in a desire to bridge the gap he saw with the training he and others were receiving. We talk a lot about Sean's decision to start Footy Factory, a training organization turned club, and the challenges he faced in getting it off the ground. This is a great conversation and eye-opener for anyone wanting to know more about building or growing a club! Be sure to follow Footy Factory on Twitter:@FootyFactoryDal Intagram: @FootyFactory Facebook: Footy Factory Dallas Website:www.footyfactory.us Subscribe to the podcast to stay up to date on the latest episode and please leave a rating and review! Follow us on Twitter: @TheCoachJourney Follow us on Facebook: The Coaching Journey Music: http://www.bensound.com


10 Dec 2018

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WYC 160 – Youth Soccer – Sean Afkhaminia – Bringing European training techniques to US Youth Soccer at Footy Factory

The Winning Youth Coaching Podcast: Youth Sports | Coaching | Parenting | Family Resources

Sean Afkhaminia is the CEO and technical director at Footy Factory. The mission of Footy Factory: To cultivate players'​ athletic performance by promoting physical, technical, and personal growth. Not only will we aim to sharpen their natural abilities, but we will also teach them the values of integrity, conviction, and self-belief. We aspire to form an institution that consistently takes in raw, unpolished talent and systematically develops and generates elite, well-rounded players.Website: footyfactory.usTwitter: @footyfactorydalFacebook: /footyfactorydallasInstagram: /footyfactoryListen Now:Listen on iTunes: iTunes linkListen on Stitcher: Stitcher linkListen on Google Play Music: Google Play link--New Sponsor!Want to save time running your sports team without paying a penny? Overwhelmed by constant texts, calls and emails?  Check out the Heja app, which helps coaches all over the world more easily manage youth sports teams - 100% free of charge!Click the link to download the app and get your team better organized for free now! app.goheja.com/podShow Notes - WYC 160 – Sean AfkhaminiaLong term development vs Immediate Results Technical - It's all about getting comfortable with the ball Tactical - Small-sided games Physical - As they get older and their bodies develop this becomes more importantHow do you enjoy technical training? Have them problem solve in competitive situations Start with small-sided games. Futsol in soccer. Very fast-paced, very small areas, tons of quality touches on the ball. Use standard P.E. drills and modify them to your sport. Example: ball tag - one player has a ball in his hand and the rest are dribbling balls at their feet, the player tries to tag the other players' ballMental toughness Training needs to be hard and they need to learn to overcome adversity Encourage a culture where failure is part of the process to help remove fear of failureConnecting with and impacting kids Sean has a passion for kids who don't have the economic means to afford high-priced training. So he helps kids get the training even if they cannot pay for it.Best Stolen/Borrowed Idea Coaching is all about relationships and earning the kids' trustFavorite books/quote: Pep Confidential by Pep GuardiolaParting Advice Good is never good enough Be organized - have a structured practice design for the entire season--Reviews are the lifeblood of the podcast!- If you like the podcast- please take 2 minutes to write a review! Click here-Ready to be an Awesome Youth Coach? Sign up for our free weekly newsletter:SaveSave


3 Dec 2018

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24 - Interview with Sean Afkhaminia of Footy Factory

Grass Roots Coach Cast

We're delighted to speak to the CEO and Technical Director of the Footy Factory in this episode. Footy Factory is an organisation dedicated to developing talent in Dallas, Texas. We get insight from Sean into the current challenges faced by US soccer and the approach taken by Footy Factory.You can find out more on https://www.footyfactory.us or tweet https://twitter.com/footyfactorydal.You can email the show: grassrootscoachcast@gmail.com. Follow the show on http://www.twitter.com/GRootsCoachCast.#football #coaching #soccer

1hr 13mins

28 Oct 2018

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Ep. 19: The Footy Factory Philosophy with Guest Sean Afkhaminia

Between The Posts Podcast: Keepers | Coaches | Parents | Soccer

Article Written By Caleb Wossen of The Dallas Observer: https://www.dallasobserver.com/arts/a-new-soccer-school-is-redirecting-the-focus-from-winning-to-technique-to-the-dismay-of-some-8951088 "Most training sessions for youth soccer feature a dozen or more players engaged in rigorous group exercises and fitness tests, mirroring the sport’s homonymous counterpart, football. Practice at Footy Factory, based in Addison, TX more closely resembles a martial arts or improv session. Players ranging from kindergartners to high school seniors scrimmage in groups of three or four per session and occasionally one is pulled aside to polish a flaw in technique. During these drills, little to no reference is made to games or competition. This is by design, says founder and CEO Sean Afkhaminia. The goal of Footy Factory is to revolutionize American youth soccer with training that is individualized and focused on developing specific skills by taking the focus and pressure off winning. “We’re trying to develop players, and no else is doing that [in Texas],” Afkhaminia said. “What’s going on in Dallas is that a lot of the big clubs will take parents’ money and put them on a team, they’ll practice twice a week for an hour, and then play a game on the weekend. It’s not enough. There’s no player development going on here.” Footy Factory is trying to work against the prevailing mindset that the purpose of playing team sports is to pad a resume for college. The attitude of Footy Factory's coaches recalls soccer clubs in Europe that incubate students for years without interruption. In conversation, Afkhaminia refers to his philosophy of passion trumping hard work. He insists that no person is born with natural talent, citing Daniel Coyle’s 2009 book The Talent Code. Afkhaminia specifically disagrees with the bias favoring athleticism and winning records over skill, and he wants Footy Factory to help eager, young players who lack the access or funds to continue developing their craft. Players train three times a week, while members of the club’s various teams practice twice a week and play a game on the weekend. As students grow older, the number of games played per week increases, but training is the highest priority. “Right now, individual training is always last,” Afkhaminia said. “It’s something that happens after their team practices and games, but that should be their main work so they can take what they know and apply it outside.” Jude Anuwe, who became a Footy Factory coach in early 2015, majored in biology and physiology at the University of Texas at Dallas. He's helped create a scientific foundation for the company's ethics and regimen. It's all rooted in proprioception or the science of body awareness in space. The plan is to mold players who are able to move more efficiently and better prevent injury. “Nowadays, you see a particular type of soccer player,” Anuwe said. “Guys pirouetting on the spot, overhead kicks — all of these skills are only mastered if you have a strong core, know where your body is in space, and master your balance. Can we move in a functional way?” Afkhaminia founded Footy Factory in late 2014 after graduating with a degree in business from West Texas A&M University. Feeling dissatisfied with the school’s soccer program, Afkhaminia briefly managed a soccer club before assuming coaching duties at Shelton High School, there realizing an idea that would evolve into Footy Factory. For more info on Sean and the Footy Factory philosophy we invite you to check them out on their website as well as social media platforms! https://www.footyfactory.us/


19 Sep 2018