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How to become a better Dad with Vetprenuer and Dad Coach Ben Killoy

Vertical Momentum

If you are looking for self improvement in the area of becoming a better father this podcast is for you. We talk about how to become the best father you can be starting with only ten minutes a day regardless of your past. This episode is a game changer definitely check him out at https://www.militaryveterandad.com/ Thank you to our sponsors at https://www.facebook.com/maxwellssoaps if you are looking for handmade detergent free soaps with a mission place your order today. Tell them #richardkaufman #thecomebackcoach sent you. #dad #fathers #military #militarydads #soap--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


14 Apr 2021

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Leading with Vulnerability in work and family with Ben Killoy

Awakening Leadership Podcast

In this episode, you will meet Ben Killoy, who - surprisingly- discovered the power of vulnerability during his time in the military. He speaks with passion and intelligence about the challenges he has faced, and the challenges faced by many leaders who are dads to be their best self as a leader AND as a parent, and how to overcome those challenges to create and leave a legacy for your children.


13 Apr 2021

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Hi Ben, I'm Dad with Ben Killoy.

Beautiful Bastards Podcast

This week‘s guest is Ben Killoy from the Military Veteran Dad Podcast. He knows a thing or two about being a good father, and we talk to him about what it takes to raise kids into functional adults. If being a good dad is something that matters to you, then you won’t want to miss this one.

1hr 49mins

22 Mar 2021

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Ben Killoy - Military Veteran Dad Podcast


“I’m always one conversation away from changing my life.” Ben Killoy is a father, a podcast producer, an entrepreneur, a life coach, and a veteran. 0:29 Ben pivoted into podcasting in Jan 2020 after losing his job. Others were quickly asking him for help only a few months after he started his first podcast! The skills you learn as a podcaster are very valuable. You don’t need to be an expert. You just need to know a bit more than someone to help them. 2:01 Return on Objective (ROO): How do all of your activities align with one single goal? First, identify your ROO. Then, aim all of your resources towards it. If Ben were restarting his podcast, he’d ask himself what his ROO is. Find the reason you want to launch a podcast. Why do you want a podcast? What are your listeners going to get? What are you moving your listeners towards? 8:00 Ben bought transcripts because they’re a quick SEO win. Transcripts might be better than show notes because you don’t know what questions googlers are seeking answers for - but the answer may be in your transcripts.  This is an easy quick win with little work, but big payoffs. 11:40 Ben’s primary goal when starting Military Veteran Dad was to publish. He grew his podcast by asking his guests to help promote the episode. Remove all the work for your guest! Send them the link to the episode, send them the text they could use. Go on other people’s podcasts too! Share your story and your mission over an hour. You don’t do much work, but the episode continues to grow and grow for years. People will reach out to work with you! 15:20 Stop shouldding on yourself! Shouldding is when you say “I should do this, I should do that, I should be like him, etc”. Just stop it. You can’t do it all. The most important thing in podcasting is to hit publish every week. Don’t talk yourself out of it. As long as you hit publish, you’ll grow. And as long as you grow, you move forward. 18:48 Keep in mind that finding guests is a lot of work. If you’re a good candidate for a podcast, you save them time by pitching yourself as a guest! Podcasts which are a year or younger would be great candidates. After you have a guest on your podcast, ask them: who do you know who’d fit well on the podcast? which podcasts would I be a good guest on? Do these two things and you won’t have to send out as many cold emails and calls. If you send out a cold email, be super short. “I’m always one conversation away from changing my life.” 22:44 Ben’s business ecosystem: website, instagram, facebook page, coaching program. His objective: to plant a seed of doubt into the mind of his listener. “I thought I was the only one who felt this way! If I’m not alone, what else might Ben have to offer me to reconsider? 24:34 Don’t know what to start a podcast about? Pick a problem that you had five years ago, that you've moved past, and talk about that. Someone today needs that knowledge you have about it. instagram: @militaryveterandad, @ben_killoy website: militaryveterandad.com To learn more about Podscribers, or to come on as a guest, please email me at eugene [at] podscribe [dot] ai. Thanks!


1 Mar 2021

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#75 Ben Killoy- Military Veteran Dad- Marine Veteran- Podcaster

Fragout Podcast

Phenomenal podcast with Ben Killoy Host of The Military Dad Podcast drove 2 hours to the Fragout Podcast. Ben is a Marine Corps Veteran and we talked about Fatherhood, military, veteran community, life, and much more. Ben dropped some knowledge bombs and some positivity and different way to view and process things.   Ben was a joy to have on the podcast and he is a great human. Please check him out.  https://www.militaryveterandad.com

2hr 38mins

8 Feb 2021

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49 | A Lot To A From A Veteran Dad Like Ben Killoy

Chief Executive Connector

Ben Killoy is a dad, veteran, speaker, coach, and community builder who has made it his mission for veterans to come home and be great members of their family. The moment I met him, he told me we'd be best friends, and I loved him for it.  It was also in a super loud expo hall during PodFest Karaoke night so I had to look him up afterwards to see what he was up to.  The value of a veteran dad was a very foreign (and somewhat intimidating) concept to me.  I don't have kids.  I've never served.  How could I possibly relate to that?  Yet the moment I turned on Ben's podcast I got immense value from it.  It's a mixture of the psychology of leadership and the importance of relationships... right down my alley!  To top it off, Ben is just an extraordinarily kind and giving guy, so this conversation is packed with value!You should connect with Ben!MilitaryVeteranDad.com MilitaryVeteranDad.com/Blog Instagram @Ben_Killoy > http://bit.ly/2Sq9pBG Instagram @MilitaryVeteranDad > http://bit.ly/2JIwtJt Twitter @benkilloy > http://bit.ly/2M8gFBn Facebook Page @MilitaryVeteranDad > http://bit.ly/2y1LMGeConnect with ME! Also, I'd love it if you connected with me on LinkedIn or Instagram. Or shoot me an email at youshould@connectwithpablo.com with the "Heard CEC's Charod" in subject. This that's a genius email address?  Me too, but I didn't come up with it.  It was the idea of my good friend, and super talented web designer, Nathan Ruff. If you want your website redone, updated, and managed with unlimited updates for just $250/month (CRAZY GOOD DEAL RIGHT??), go to Manage My Website and hookup with one of the smartest, most talented guys I've ever met- THE Nathan Ruff.Support the show (https://connectwithpablo.com)


19 Nov 2020

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Heart of Dad - Season 3 Episode 8 Ben Killoy

Heart of Dad Podcast

Ben Killoy, is a U.S. Marine Veteran turned blogger, life coach, speaker, and now podcaster who seeks to bring Military Veteran Dads home to their families. He resides in Milton, WI, with his wife and three beautiful kids! Ben, went through what most transitioning veterans go through of redefining identity and rediscovering your passion and purpose for life. A seminar changed it all for him, and realigned him to his passion for leadership. Since then he has been on a mission to master leadership principles and use his passion for leadership to help dads understand who they are, develop the skills to overcome adversity, and own their life and choices truly come home to their life.In this episode we explore:His life in the marinesThe impact of pushing back on dreams and falling into jobsFalling in love with leadershipLosing his job becoming the catalyst for following his dreamThe impact of not dealing with emotionsThe impossible tension for military dadsTranscending feeling isolatedTaking action outside of comfort zonesConnection and conversation as the magic sauce for changeLearning to fit in rather than being yourselfChoosing the harder path as the route for growthThe life turning point at Marine bootcampGrowing into being a dadPrioritising seasons of life, particularly our children's early yearsLearning to take deep responsibility for our livesChocolate cookies and his grandmother - learning deep loveFeeling into his masculinity and finding peaceThe gold hidden in triggersGoing beyond military stereotypesFinding his inner huggerLearning from his dad about the power of connectionSeeing purpose emerge through adversityOur greatest legacy is created through our presence with our kidsThe power of seeing and prioritising life through seasonsYou can find out more about Ben at https://www.militaryveterandad.com/​Join us in our community at:  www.facebook.com/groups/heartofdad and apply to be on the podcast here: www.heartofdad.com/contact


29 Aug 2020

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Redefining Your Identity for Civilian Life (with Ben Killoy)

Military Money Show

Whether you like it or not, your identity will be in some way redefined when you get out of the military. What will your life be like when you get out? What will be your career path, how will you make money, what will family life be like. Getting out of the military can be challenging but there are also opportunities to make improvements.  In this show, my guest has a mission is to bring military veteran Dads home to their families. Ben Killoy is a U.S. Marine Veteran turned blogger, life coach, speaker, and podcaster. Ben has gone through what most transitioning veterans go through, the feeling of needing to redefine their identity outside of the structure of the military and rediscovering your passion and purpose for life. In this episode, he shares advice on how Dads and Moms can make the transition out in a way that works for them. You can find the show notes here: https://laceylangford.com/podcast/redefining-your-identity-for-civilian-life/


13 Jul 2020

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#202: Bring Every Dad Home w/ Marine Veteran Ben Killoy, Host of Military Veteran Dad Podcast

Borne the Battle

Many male Veterans find it difficult to address the challenges of being a husband and a father, during and after their military service. Marine Corps Veteran Ben Killoy was one of these Veterans. He created the Military Veteran Dad Podcast to help men like himself come home “both physically and mentally to their marriage and their family.”Killoy became interested in the Marines after meeting a recruiter in 2002. He was in the Marine Corps from 2002 to 2007 and served as a generator mechanic stationed in Okinawa, Japan. According to Killoy, his time as a Marine mechanic taught him the value of taking pride in his work. He said he carried that lesson with him in his transition to civilian life.Killoy struggled with the challenges of being a father. He found online communities of other men going through the same struggle. He spent years learning to blog, write, and connect with other people. Killoy then founded his Military Veteran Dad Podcast in 2018. He shares stories and helps Veteran fathers be more present for their families.The podcast is not only for Veteran fathers. Killoy features military spouses as well as anyone who has overcome a challenge and learned something from it that he thinks is important for his audience. Killoy said he understands the importance of the father to the household. He said the conversation itself helps people connect to one another and open up opportunities for themselves.Helping othersKilloy’s favorite Veteran nonprofit is Angels of America’s Fallen, which is dedicated to providing extracurricular activities and positive role models to the children of fallen Veterans.#BtBattle Veteran of the Week:Army Veteran Kay "Linda" Emerson Additional Links: https://www.militaryveterandad.com/ 988 expansion for National Suicide Prevention Crisis Line and Veterans Crisis Line access VA receives funding from the US Postal Service for PTSD research VA launches COVID-19 screening tool

1hr 7mins

6 Jul 2020

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Helping Veteran Fathers Reconnect to Their Families with Ben Killoy of the Military Veteran Dad Podcast


In today’s episode, I’m talking with Ben Killoy. After joining the Marine Corps straight out of high school, Ben tells us about his time in the service and what happened in the 10 years following that led him to start his podcast. Ben goes on to discuss where the disconnect is for Dads when they come home and how this affect’s their families. He stresses the importance of working through the emotions they feel instead of suppressing them. In his podcast, Ben gives words to feelings that are not being processed by Veteran Dad’s, helping them to come home emotionally as well as physically.We also talk about the evolution of Ben’s podcast and how he’s changed the format up over time to more effectively get his message heard.We finish up our discussion with details about the charity Ben supports, Angels of America’s Fallen, an organization that helps support the children of our fallen heroes. Key Topics:·      Ben talks about his time in the Marine Corps (2:15)·      What happened to Ben in the 10 years after re-entering the civilian world (4:05)·      Ben describes the moment he decided he wanted to do something more with his life (5:48)·      The disconnect Dads experience when they come home (8:49)·      Ben talks about the format of his podcast and how it’s changed over time (12:13)·      What the impact has been from starting Facebook Live videos (16:36)·      The biggest lessons Ben has learned about launching a podcast (19:05)·      Ben tells us about the charity he’s supporting, Angels of America’s Fallen (22:40)Website:https://www.militaryveterandad.com/Link to Podcast:Apple – https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-military-veteran-dad-podcast/id1448127126Google – https://podcasts.google.com/?feed=aHR0cHM6Ly9taWxpdGFyeXZldGVyYW5kYWQubGlic3luLmNvbS9yc3M=Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/show/2I1mwoZ0VaR9tLdCwwxsg2 Social Media:https://www.facebook.com/militaryveterandadhttps://twitter.com/BenKilloyhttps://www.instagram.com/ben_killoySupport Ben's CauseAngels of America’s Fallen - https://aoafallen.org/DONATE Link: https://aoafallen.salsalabs.org/donate/index.htmlThanks for Listening!Be sure to subscribe on Apple, Google, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. And feel free to drop us a line at mathew@causepods.org.Follow Mathew on Social Media to stay up to date on Causepods - Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedInFor help, resources, and community support, please join the Causepods Facebook Group if you are already producing podcasts for a cause or are thinking about launching one.And if you would like to be a guest on Causepods, please fill out this form and schedule your chat here.


28 May 2020