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God’s Destination with David Blakeslee, #40

Follower of One : Missions For The Rest Of Us

God's Destination with David Blakeslee, #40 In this week's episode of the Follower of One Podcast, Mike speaks with David Blakeslee. David is the current Director of Development for Pure Flix. Pure Flix is the largest producer and distributor of faith and family-friendly entertainment, to deliver inspiring television content for the whole family! Please welcome him to the podcast! Episode Breakdown 1:25 - Meet David Blakeslee 7:35 - David's Story 10:35 - David's Early Career 12:05 - David's starts to Minister 16:00 - Pure Flix 22:00 - David's Tips on Navigating the Current Climate 28:30 - Love Causes us to do some Uncomfortable Things 30:00 - Fellowship and Love is Important 34:50 - How to get in touch with David God's Destination God has a destination for us. It has been planned by him and we are not in control. This might sound scary but when we follow Jesus, we are secure in his knowledge and trust he places in us. David talks about how he came to work with Pure Flix and it has a lot of key insights on how to listen to God and what direction he is taking us (sometimes without our knowledge). One of the main goals for us is to be diligent in how we speak and listen to God on a daily basis. In the name Follower of One, we express that we follow one being for eternity! Chaos is the Enemy The world seems to be in chaos recently. There are a lot of political and environmental challenges that we face each day. In this episode with David, he talks about how chaos is our enemy. Have no fear! - God is with us and is the opposite of chaos. God is an agent of love and togetherness. How do we spread that love? Can we be an agent of love instead of chaos? Yes you can! Listen to David and MIke's discussion around this as there are practical ways to approach our ever growing ambiguity that is the world! Connect with David David's LInkedIn Pure Flix Blessings Broker Connect With Follower Of One Join us over in our Online Community, get social with us; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Listen to our podcast on your way to work and subscribe using your favorite podcast app. Be a part of our next Marketplace Mission Trip!


18 Jul 2020

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Ep41: Victim (with writer David Blakeslee)

The Cinematologists Podcast

Dario is joined by film lecturer Douglas McNaughton at the Electric Palace to screen Basil Dearden's profound drama Victim (1961), starring the magnetic Dirk Bogarde and the superb Sylvia Sims. In many ways a film ahead of its time dealing with the social implications of homosexuality in a time when it was still illegal and a taboo subject. On its release in the United Kingdom it proved highly controversial to the British Board of Film Censors, and in the U.S. it was refused a seal of approval from the American Motion Picture Production Code. Dario also speaks to writer and podcaster David Blakeslee who has written about the film for his Criterion Cast blog. Show Notes The Eclipse Viewer Podcast: http://criterioncast.com/category/podcast/eclipse-viewer David Blakeslee's contributor's page at Criterion Cast: http://criterioncast.com/author/davi  and Criterion Reflections blog (1921 through 1967): http://criterionreflections.blogspot.com/ Neil's piece on Victim for Hope Lies at 24 Frames Per Second: https://medium.com/hope-lies-at-24-frames-per-second/i-realise-everything-dirk-bogarde-in-as-victim-51b5634fa063

1hr 47mins

21 Mar 2017

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Ep. 20: Scanners (1981) with David Blakeslee

Good Times Great Movies

ConSec custodians, Jamie and Doug receive a routine call to clean up a mess in the lecture hall. When they begin scraping brain and skull fragments off the wall and ceiling, they consider handing in their resignation.Follow Good Times Great Movies on Facebook & Twitter and subscribe on iTunes, Google Play or Stitcher.

1hr 25mins

12 Feb 2016