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14 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Lynn Shelton. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Lynn Shelton, often where they are interviewed.

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14 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Lynn Shelton. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Lynn Shelton, often where they are interviewed.

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Lynn Shelton

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Sadly, Lynn Shelton passed away earlier this year at the age of 54. On this episode, we dive into the seven feature films that Shelton left behind. From the wild set-ups of Humpday and Sword of Trust to the naturalistic and understated Outside In, Shelton gave us a varied and entertaining filmography. 

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Jul 02 2020 · 1hr 18mins
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Lynn Shelton On Her Direction of Hulu’s ‘Little Fires Everywhere’

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I've never done an interview quite like this one before. My conversation with Lynn Shelton was a great one. Originally scheduled for 20 minutes, we talked nearly double that. Her vibrant voice was full of life and enthusiasm about the Hulu limited series Little Fires Everywhere. She described building a look book to win the job. She shared her visual and thematic influences leveraged to fashion the series of which she would direct four episodes, including the pilot and finale. She talked about why sharing the directorial role with other directors was the right choice for a project like this. She explained the necessity of the changes from page to screen. And she shared her love and respect for the career of her partner, Marc Maron.

On May 16, some three weeks after our interview, Lynn Shelton suddenly passed away from an undiagnosed blood disorder.

Originally, this interview was intended for print only. Yet, listening to the conversation, I realized I wasn't a good enough writer to fully capture the love of life she shared in every word. There is no hint of fatigue, only infectious enthusiasm and a deep, lovely laugh.

So, here is the full recording of our interview. I felt it was best this way. There is no better way to honor Lynn Shelton and her exquisite work on Hulu's Little Fires Everywhere than through her own voice.

Lynn Shelton contends for Outstanding Direction of a Limited Series/TV Movie.

Rest in peace.


The post Lynn Shelton On Her Direction of Hulu’s ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ appeared first on Awards Daily TV.

Jul 02 2020 ·

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Reflections on Lynn Shelton

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Holding off on interviewing people to allow the protests to take proper precedent, this episode is just a reflection on the work, life and legacy of the brilliant and inspiring filmmaker Lynn Shelton who recently passed away..


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Jun 17 2020 · 20mins
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Lynn Shelton Tribute

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On a very special episode of LMYE -  a tribute to the recently and sadly departed Lynn Shelton, a singular voice in the world of independent filmmaking whose spirit will be greatly missed.

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Jun 01 2020 · 59mins

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BONUS: Lynn Shelton Tribute

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Kane and Hannah pay their respects to the late Lynn Shelton, the beloved independent filmmaker, who passed away suddenly last week.
May 23 2020 · 26mins
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The Playlist 122 - 'Upload' / 'After Life' / 'Dead to Me' / 'Bad Education' / 'Trying' / Tribute to Fred Willard and Lynn Shelton

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This week Fiona and Ben uncover series using humour to approach the difficult subject of death and grief including the new Amazon Prime series 'Upload' and returning series 'After Life' and 'Dead to Me', take a look at new releases 'Bad Education' and 'Trying' in What We’ve Been Watching, offer a tribute to Fred Willard and Lynn Shelton and offer up iso-picks 'Election' and 'ZeroZeroZero' on SBS On Demand.

May 20 2020 · 31mins
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Remembering Lynn Shelton

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Marc pays tribute to his creative collaborator and romantic partner Lynn Shelton, who passed away at age 54 on May 16, 2020. This episode includes her August 2015 interview on WTF.

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May 18 2020 · 1hr 33mins
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Lynn Shelton, Baguette with Butter & Italian Gelato (the Dairy Free/Gluten Free episode)

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Indie filmmaker darling, Lynn Shelton, has a brand spankin' new movie out, Sword of Trust starring Marc Maron. But to pay the bills, she's worked as a freelance director on television shows like Mad Men, New Girl, GLOW and Master of None. Not a bad side hustle! 

For her last meal, Lynn would love nothing more than to get down with a good loaf of artisan bread and a big bowl of cookie dough ice cream, but sadly she can't have either. She's allergic to gluten, dairy, sugar, fruit (!) and a long list of other forbidden foods, so she uses her never ending supply of creativity and imagination to invent treats that will fulfill her cravings but won't make her sick. 

Lynn has been gluten intolerant for over 20 years, so when gluten free and plant based bakery and cafe, Flying Apron, opened in Seattle in 2001, she literally sobbed with happiness. And she's not the only one! Rachel chats with Flying Apron's owner, Angela Cough, about the mourning many people go through when forced to give up their favorite foods. And what happens when a professional baker is diagnosed with Celiac? Elisa Castle tells her story.

AND .. we have a very exciting announcement! Join Rachel for a Meat (ahem) & Greet on Tuesday, September 3rd* from 7:00pm - 9:00pm at the Ballard location of Lil Woody's to break buns & chow down on the 'Your Last Meal' Charcuterie Burger, inspired by the last meal of past guest, actor and cookbook author, Tiffani Thiessen (Saved By The Bell, Beverly Hills 90210).

The 'Your Last Meal' Charcuterie Burger will be on the menu from September 3 - September 9 at all four Lil Woody's Seattle locations (Ballard, Capitol Hill, SLU, White Center). So get your buns down there and try it!

Oh, and follow Your Last Meal on Instagram

*this is a date change from what you'll hear on the episode! Captions can be updated, but unfortunately, podcast episodes cannot. The correct date for the event is September 3rd.

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Aug 15 2019 · 33mins
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Lynn Shelton — Writer-Director of SWORD OF TRUST (2019)

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Guest: Lynn Shelton is a director and actress, known for Humpday (2009), Sword of Trust (2019) and Laggies (2014).

Host: Shanee Edwards graduated from UCLA Film School with an MFA in Screenwriting and is currently the film critic for SheKnows.com. She recently won the Next MacGyver television writing competition to create a TV show about a female engineer. Her pilot, Ada and the Machine, is currently in development with America Ferrera’s Take Fountain Productions. You can follow her on Twitter: @ShaneeEdwards

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Aug 10 2019 · 32mins
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This week we interviewed director Lynn Shelton about her new film, Sword of Trust which stars Marc Maron, Jillian Bell, Michaela Watkins, and Jon Bass. Tune in for our chat with Lynn about her improvisational approach to the film, what she looks for in fellow collaborators, and her filmmaking process. Sword of Trust is out in theaters today, July 12!


Jul 12 2019 · 25mins