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Episode 1151: BLS Minute - Johnathan Grzybowski

Business Leadership Series

Johnathan Grzybowski has figured out how to make a subscription work for him, where he can focus on that one thing, rather than standard agency where you go out and get customers. This model doesn't work for everyone, but this was Johnathan found worked for him. The constant meetings, the travel, the shaking hands and kissing babies became exhausting. This is what lead Johnathan to creating Penji. A subscription based design company, that charges clients monthly for unlimited design work.


1 Jun 2022

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#70: How to Use Data & Key Metrics to Grow Your Business Faster – Johnathan Grzybowski

The Millennial Entrepreneur

In this episode, I spoke to Johnathan, the co-founder of Penji, a graphic design platform for businesses We talk about: - How Johnathan’s grown Penji to 300 employees, Inc 5000 and to a massively scalable business - How to gather data from customers, users and other metrics to better inform the growth - Using that data to execute better to grow your business Discount Code for Penji (https://penji.co/): MILLPOD15 --- The Millennial Entrepreneur publishes a new episode EVERY WEEK, showcasing the most inspirational young hustlers and analysing their journeys. Be sure to share and subscribe. Don't forget to leave a rating and a review as it really helps us grow and allows us to get the best guests for you. WANT A SHOUT OUT?  If you want to get a SHOUT OUT in the next episode by me, be sure to leave a written review with your name on Apple Podcasts and I will read the best one out every week 🗣️ --- FREE SHARE WORTH UPTO £200 🤑: https://magic.freetrade.io/join/sina/5778b9e3 YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx8Pd3VD2lZbjSoc-OCtp1w Instagram Page: @TheMillennialEntrepreneurPod Microphone/Equipment Used: https://amzn.to/31Os4fV, https://amzn.to/3kul2Fm Subscribe to my blog: https://sinablog.medium.com/ My Business (Wing) - A fully contactless business card: www.wingcard.io --- Music: https://www.davidcuttermusic.com | @dcuttermusic


8 Sep 2021

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How To Outsourcing Design -- Johnathan Grzybowski // Penji

MarTech Podcast // Marketing + Technology = Business Growth

Jonathan Grzybowksi, CMO of Penji explains how design impacts your growth strategies. How do you think about design in your business? While design plays a very important role when it comes to your finished website, it’s definitely not the primary factor. Today, Johnathan discusses how to outsource your design process. Show NotesConnect With:Johnathan Grzybowski: Website // LinkedInThe MarTech Podcast: Email // LinkedIn // TwitterBenjamin Shapiro: Website // LinkedIn //  TwitterSee Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


6 Sep 2021

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Interview with Johnathan Grzybowski, founder of Penji.co

Breakfast Leadership Show

Johnathan Grzybowski, is the co-founder of Penji. A service that simplifies the creative process, by offering unlimited and on-demand access to vetted designers that will deliver a completed project in under 48 hours. His personal mission is to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs to challenge simple minded patterns. The goal is to then help those willing to elevate, execute, and produce more revenue for their business. https://Penji.co Discount code: BFASTLEADERSHIP15 for 15% off. Support the Breakfast Leadership Network! Burnout Proof Your Life Online Course. Enter the code NINETY at checkout, to save 90% off the course: https://breakfastleadership.teachable.com/p/burnout-proof-your-life Hire Michael to speak at your event: https://BreakfastLeadership.com/speaking Burnout proof your life with the new book Burnout Proof:  How To Establish Boundaries To Avoid The Negativity Of Stress https://amzn.to/2JkbKxQ Buy Michael's life-altering book: 369 Days: How To Survive A Year of Worst-Case Scenario: https://www.amazon.com/369-Days-Survive-Worst-Case-Scenarios-ebook/dp/B074CCLKZP/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1502047423&sr=8-1&keywords=369+days Contribute on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/bfastleadership Or PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/bfastleadership Breakfast Leadership Network Merchandise: https://teespring.com/stores/breakfast-leadership-network Like, Rate and Review the Breakfast Leadership Show on Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/breakfast-leadership/id1207338410------


2 Aug 2021

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[Top Agency Series] Building an Unlimited Brand with Johnathan Grzybowski, Co-founder of Penji

INspired INsider Podcast

Johnathan Grzybowski is the Chief Marketing Officer and Co-founder of Penji. Penji is an on-demand graphic design service that simplifies the creative process by offering unlimited and real-time access to vetted designers that will deliver a project in under 48 hours. Penji obtained an Inc. 5000 in under three years and was nominated as a “top startup to watch” according to Philadelphia Magazine. Johnathan is also the host of The Blind Entrepreneur Podcast, which has been mentioned as a “top business podcast” on Apple Podcasts and downloaded over 100,000 times. In this episode… Imagine becoming a brand that offers complete creative services to businesses whose design needs are limitless. How significant would your monthly recurring revenue be? Now visualize how much work and chaos you'd have to face to become that brand — the struggle to find and retain good talent, keeping high client satisfaction, and the whole gamut. Johnathan Grzybowski had to 'eat dirt' to get his graphics design services brand, Penji, off the ground. Not only are they offering unlimited design services at a monthly flat rate, but doing it in record time, quality, and with vetted and highly skilled designers. How have they managed to build such a brand with limited resources, and how can you do the same? Listen to this episode of the Inspired Insider Podcast with Dr. Jeremy Weisz and guest, Johnathan Grzybowski, Co-founder of Penji. They discuss the challenges of building a brand that renders unlimited services with a limited pool of promising talent. They talk about Johnathan's humble beginning to keep the lights on, the Penji marketing process, and more. You don’t want to miss it!


27 May 2021

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The Weirdest Growth Strategies in Entrepreneurship with Johnathan Grzybowski

Influencer Entrepreneurs: Blogging & Social Media Tips

Today we are talking about some of the weirdest growth strategies companies can use in order to grow. This is a sponsored podcast episode with Penji.Penji, an on-demand graphic design service, is a company that has utilized some growth strategies that you may not have thought to try when it comes to your business. In this episode of the podcast, Johnathan Grzybowski, one of the co-founders of Penji, talks about the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, as well as how to take ownership of your company and make sure you are leading well. He also shares some of the company’s philosophies that keep them focused on what matters. Read more HERE


17 May 2021

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Johnathan Grzybowski: Assess Your Time

Tech Diva Success

On this episode, we spend time with a startup ally who shares his best success secrets with our tech divas.  Johnathan Grzybowski is the co-founder of Penji, an online subscription platform with on-demand access for designers. From his startup experience, he has many lessons to share with the audience. He shares tips on how to assess your time to help find your own success and even some tech tool hacks. He is on a mission to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs so he is ready to share best practices to make you 1% better. New episodes released Tuesdays. Visit us online at TechDivaSuccess.com for more links from this episode. 


7 Apr 2021

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89. This Startup Just May Be the Blueprint on How to Build & Scale a B2B Business in 2021 with Johnathan Grzybowski


The future of B2B startups is going to be fascinating. I’ve seen how companies have risen and transformed the traditional strategies already set in place in the industry. One such example is Penji. This on-demand graphic design service as a service company catering to businesses has shown what is possible when you instigate change. In today’s episode, I get to pick the brain of Penji’s Co-founder, Johnathan Grzybowski. We talk about the need to trust the process, growing without using sales reps, how they built customer success into their culture, the importance of putting processes in place to expand, and so much more. Listen to this very special episode as we dissect the blueprint to the future of B2B! We’ll talk about: The mistake that led to Penji [02:05] There’s no overnight success: Be resilient and trust the process [05:38] The 4 stages to growing beyond your network [11:23] Growing without using sales reps [16:50] Building customer success early on in their culture [23:26] Penji’s way of treating employees the way they want customers to be treated [27:23] The hardest thing is being able to translate the process [32:32] Employee role specialization allows the company to expand [34:26] If you can’t do it yourself, why expect others to do it for you? [35:44] Content is critical to being able to scale [36:51] Penji as the blueprint of future B2B companies [39:48] The one thing that Johnathan recommends [40:48] What’s next for Penji [43:06] Resource Links: Brett Trainor Website (https://bretttrainor.com/) Download The Growth Readiness Checklist (https://bretttrainor.com/resources/) Penji Website (https://penji.co/) Get 15% off on your first month with Penji. Just input the coupon code: B2BFounder15 Content Fuel Website (https://contentfuel.co/) About Our Guest: Johnathan Grzybowski is the Chief Marketing Officer of Penji. The on-demand graphic design service company was started by Johnathan with his co-founder Khai in 2017 after they experienced the difficulty of finding talented designers. Penji is now touted as a simple, fast, and affordable solution for business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders. Johnathan also hosts the podcast Blind Entrepreneurship, which has been downloaded over 100,000 times and is considered a top business podcast on Apple Podcasts. He uses his podcast and business to help entrepreneurs execute their vision and be profitable. If you liked this episode, please don’t forget to tune in, subscribe, and share this podcast.  Connect with B2B Founder:  Subscribe on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCySoKsETeKxu-Fnf2VfE7Gg/


9 Feb 2021

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Unlimited graphic design and bootstrapping the business model : Johnathan Grzybowski

The Yaag Project

It's very rare in the world of B2B marketing and sales, to think of graphic design as a key contributor to business. Johnathan Gryzbowksi, the co-founder of Penji, the guy who created the concept of unlimited graphic design, joins Yaag and Manish to share:---> how graphic design is not limited to being the aesthetic face of businesses— the deeper, business-critical importance does it carries---> learnings from their bootstrapping of the business model---> recognizing the racial discrimination around him and making sure that people at Penji get opportunities based on their skills, and business acumen (which helped him build an amazing talent ppl around the world)---> what he looks for in a designer, and much more...


25 Jan 2021

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Episode 06: Johnathan Grzybowski's Story | CEO Penji

The Tony Shap Show

A warm welcome to our guest today. Johnathan Grzybowski Bio: Johnathan is the co-founder of Penji. A platform that gives you on-demand access to the top two percent of designers in the world. You can submit as many projects as you want, get your completed designs back in under 48 hours and only pay a flat monthly rate. His personal mission is to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs to challenge simple-minded patterns that help elevate, execute, and produce more revenue for their business. Company Name: Penji What does your company do in 5 words or less? Unlimited graphic design Favorite online tools: Google Drive, Penji and Headspace


18 Nov 2020