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023: Daniel Saks - Co-Founder and Co-CEO of AppDirect

Think Like A Founder

On this episode of Think Like A Founder, SNP Co-Founder & CEO Maureen Taylor speaks with Dan Saks, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of AppDirect. They talk about the importance of values, having conviction in your vision, and staying up all night to build a mini-city as a kid. Dan and his Co-Founder, Nicolas Desmarais, founded AppDirect in 2009. AppDirect is a subscription commerce platform that powers millions of subscriptions worldwide. They make it easier for customers to find, buy, and use recurring digital services, creating opportunities for businesses to innovate and grow. An expert in cloud technologies, Dan was named on the Forbes 30 Under 30 Enterprise Technology list in 2015. Learn more about AppDirect here: www.appdirect.comThink Like A Founder is produced by SNP Communications in San Francisco, California. Learn more by visiting us at www.snpnet.com/tlaf or connect with Maureen Taylor on LinkedIn to continue the conversation there. Series Producer: Roisin HuntSound Design: Marc Ream Content and Scripting: Mike Sullivan and Jaselin DrownProduction Coordinator: Natasha ThomasThanks also to Selena Persiani-Shell, Eli Shell, Matt Johnson, John Hughes, and Renn Vara.


11 Mar 2021

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Daniel Saks - Editor das revistas Calafrio e Mestres do Terror - Costelinha 084

Costelinha - Ultimato do Bacon - Sobrecapa

Daniel Saks, o editora das revistas Calafrio e Mestres do Terror fala sobre as tradicionais obras que foram resgatadas por ele em 2015 e que seguem hoje como uma sólida publicação do terror nacional.Então não perde o Costelinha de hoje, com Lucas Souza e Alexandre Baptista.Conheça os títulos e os grandes nomes que já estiveram nas páginas dessas revistas e fique ligado que Mestres do Terror #74 está fresquinha nas bancas e lojas especializadas, além da compra online no email revistacalafrio@gmail.com.Comente o que você achou, curta e compartilhe o vídeo.E assine o canal! Isso ajuda a gente a trazer sempre mais coisas pra vocês!Participe do grupo de Whatsapp aqui. E confira novos episódios do Costelinha toda segunda no Spotify ou aqui.Confira o episódio de hoje em vídeo no Sobrecapa!


1 Mar 2021

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Papo Fantástico #07 - Daniel Saks (Revistas Calafrio e Mestres do Terror)

Papo Fantástico

Olá galera, tudo bem? O Papo Fantástico nº 07 chegou! O programa desta semana traz Daniel Saks, editor das revistas Calafrio e Mestres do Terror.  Ele contou sobre seu encontro com o lendário Rodolfo Zalla, como assumiu as duas publicações, e ainda, como tem visto o mercado de quadrinhos.https://robsonsantosescritor.wordpress.com/2020/08/07/papo-fantastico-07-daniel-saks-calafrio-e-mestres-do-terror/


7 Aug 2020

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Daniel Saks: From Zero Customers To A $1B Business By Learning One Simple Lesson


Daniel Saks is the co-founder and co-CEO of AppDirect which provides an end-to-end cloud commerce platform for succeeding in the digital economy. The company has raised so far $300 million from investors such as Foundry Group, Inovia Capital, StarVest, Peter Thiel, and Mithril Capital.


9 Jun 2019

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SaaStr 074: The 4 Step Playbook To Expanding Distribution Outside of Early Adopters & How Humans Really Want To Buy Software With Daniel Saks, Co-Founder & Co-CEO @ AppDirect

The Official SaaStr Podcast: SaaS | Founders | Investors

Daniel Saks is the Co-CEO of AppDirect, which he founded in 2009. AppDirect is the leading commerce platform for selling cloud services and at the firm, Daniel plays a key role in the growth and development of AppDirect, from attracting a leading team, to nurturing relationships with customers and partners. AppDirect has backing from some of the leading investors in the world including the likes of Foundry Group and J.P. Morgan. Prior to AppDirect, Daniel worked at Viant Capital, a boutique tech investment bank. In Today’s Episode You Will Learn: How did Daniel make the move from family business to SaaS founder? How did he get the business off the ground in the early days? From working in his family business, what did Daniel observe about the buying patterns of businesses? What makes Daniel believe humans like to buy from humans? Is it a problem that many of today’s software vendors lean on direct sales? What are the first steps to create a multi-channel approach? What does it take to support indirect sales channels such as affiliates and resellers? What is Daniel’s 4 Step Playbook for optimising the distribution of software? What does it take to move past the early adopter audience into the hands of the wider market? Why does Daniel believe that the promise of SaaS is yet to be fully realised? What excites Daniel with the rise of the cloud and the movement away from on-premise? 60 Second SaaStr When is the right time to hire your first customer success rep? What does Daniel know now that he wishes he had known at the beginning? Biggest challenge in the AppDirect journey and how Daniel overcame it? If you would like to find out more about the show and the guests presented, you can follow us on Twitter here: Jason Lemkin Harry Stebbings SaaStr Daniel Saks


14 Nov 2016

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Podcast 21: AppDirect Co-CEO Daniel Saks

Good Evening, I.T. Entrepreneurs - After Nines Inc.

Good evening, I.T. entrepreneurs. In today's podcast conversation (Episode 21), we explore AppDirect's Series D funding for $50 million -- and the potential implications for how you'll find, purchase and consume software from the Web. Plus, Co-CEO Daniels Saks describes the five core values that he and Co-CEO Nicolas Desmarais leverage as the recruit more talent and delegate more responsibilities to a rapidly growing workforce.Our podcast guests educate I.T. entrepreneurs about business development, management, transformation, growth and exits.Each CEO, co-founder or financial advisor personally drove:Company Launches -- vision, mission, passion.Funding Stages -- boot strap, friends and family, angel investments and venture capital.Expansions -- core team building, process building, automation.Exits and transformations -- IPOs, mergers, acquisitions and private equity deals.JOIN THE CONVERSATIONSponsorships: Contact Amy Katz, CEO, After Nines Inc. amy@AfterNines.comGuests: Bookings handled privately.New and Archived Podcasts: http://www.AfterNines.com/CEORSS FeedOn Apple iTunesSubscribe: Want to receive our blog headlines in your inbox each business day? Then subscribe to our enewsletter. Thanks to those who already have.

13 Feb 2015