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Episode 210: Jim Inziello, Eliot Hillis, Zach Prusak, Bob Kodzis

To a Certain Degree

There is nothing better than a clip show. The varying audio levels. The seemingly random clips that are tied together with a thinly veiled narrative. …

1 Dec 2020

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Episode 208: Ashleigh Ann Gardner, Eliot Hillis, Robin Hofmann, Cat Ridgeway, Allison Steedle

To a Certain Degree

Thanksgiving in 2020 is anything but normal, so it makes sense that the turkey day episode of this show would also be a little off-center. …

24 Nov 2020

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Chuck Holmes and Eliot Hillis Follow-Up

Rooted Family Tree

Rooted talks about the ways in which the Lord adopted these two men into His Kingdom. 


21 Oct 2020

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Eliot Hillis: Nose-to-Tail Cooking, The Art of Charcuterie, 2020 Food Trends from Top Chefs

The Culinati Podcast

On this episode, Holly talks with chef Eliot Hillis, chef and co-owner of Orlando Meats, an artisan butcher shop and nose-to-tail cafe in Orlando's Ivanhoe District.  They talk about creativity in the kitchen, nose-to-tail eating, cooking with offal and the art of charcuterie. They also recap some food trends from 2019 and what they hope to see take flight in 2020. Subscribe for more conversations with today's culinary tastemakers! 

1hr 53mins

21 Jan 2020

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Odd Numbers – Eliot Hillis

To a Certain Degree

Being vulnerable. In your everyday life. As an artist. With the people you care about most or strangers you just met on the phone. How are you vulnerable? That's the topic for this episode of Odd Numbers, and there's no better guest than Eliot Hillis to discuss it. It's surprisingly emotional but not for the reasons you may expect, which is sometimes the best kind of emotional.

1hr 39mins

17 Dec 2019

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Taster Tuesday Dec. 17th: Eliot Hillis & The Tale of the Nuisance Lamb

What Ales Ya Podcast: Florida Brewer & Beer Tour

Quain's passion for local podcasts finally makes its mark on WAY as he brings chef & podcaster Eliot Hillis (Off Cuts Podcast, Orlando Meats) on the mic. The two get into some beers of course, but they discuss Orlando food, his podcast, where to bring a nuisance lamb, & welcome Eliot's food to our beer fest, Centermost Point. Quain has ALWAYS loved his food, his food knowledge, & his food podcast...and the two voices paired up perfectly. 


17 Dec 2019

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Eliot Hillis Of Recess Pizza And Orlando Meats

The Interested Eater

I had the chance to sit down with Eliot Hillis and chat about his latest concept, Recess Pizza, here in Orlando. We talked about his new style of pizza, his history in the food industry, fermentation, and noodles. Enjoy!


13 Jun 2019

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STH Show #248 – Eliot Hillis

Steezy's Trap House

What’s good with ya world?!  Tha Trap House is back, and prepare to have your tastebuds sparked up after this one!  I welcome tha homie, Eliot Hillis, part owner/culinary director at Orlando Meats.  We discuss his two feet tattoos he had done right before we began, his love for grindcore, cheeto dust seared meats, & being featured recently on Andrew Zimmern’s television show.  Eliot is a straight forward dude, which I appreciate wholeheartedly.  This man tells it like it is in an unabashed manner, a trait I don’t see as much nowadays (IT’S A GOOD THING HE HAS IT, TRUST ME).  If you have not had some of tha delectable food that is at Orlando Meats, stop with your poor decision making and get yo ass over there!  Whether it is at tha restaurant or butcher counter, they have you covered with nothing but premium animal products sourced locally.  Cheers and enjoy! Thanks to everyone for downloading and listening. Use our Amazon link below by clicking tha banner (turn off your AdBlock first!) to help support the show. Subscribe on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and give us a 5-star rating while you are at it on all services.  Send us an email regarding ANY subjects whatsoever at steezystraphouse@gmail.com.  Much peace and love! Steezy ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** Eliot Hillis Links: https://orlandomeats.com/ Twitter: @orlandomeats Instagram: @orlandomeats Instagram: @saltforge ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** Trap House Ish: http://www.steezystraphouse.com https://represent.com/store/sthshow www.facebook.com/SteezysTrapHouse/ Twitter: @SteezyTrapHouse Instagram: @sthshow

1hr 50mins

9 Feb 2019

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Eliot Hillis

To a Certain Degree

One of the most delicious episodes ever for To a Certain Degree. That's because the culinary director and co-owner of Orlando Meats, Eliot Hillis, is the guest. Under his direction, Orlando Meats has a philosophy of using every possible bit of the animal. Just like this podcast!

1hr 41mins

20 Jan 2019

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episode 111 – guns, hangovers & chicken wings, corduroy three-piece suits, kurt vonnegut & the bible, ska & orlando meats – a return conversation with eliot hillis

scotch and "GOOD" conversation

ELIOT HILLIS from our new sponsor ORLANDO MEATS & from EPISODE 61 returns in grand form. just like last time, there is no shortage of random but interesting conversation. topics include but are in no way limited to: kitchen heat & taint rash getting shot going to jail & learning to sleep anywhere drugs, booze & cultural norms old […]

1hr 25mins

17 Nov 2017