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10 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Steve Guy. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Steve Guy, often where they are interviewed.

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10 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Steve Guy. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Steve Guy, often where they are interviewed.

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Episode 030 - Steve Guy on Myotherapy, Stretching, The Iron Man Championships & Athletes!

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ABOUT THE EPISODE Stretching, Massage, Myotherapy! What impact do they have on your health and can they aid every day life? I personally know the benefits of stretching, massage & myotherapy, but I've recruited the help of Steve Guy to explain that role to you and how it can benefit your body when exercising for a specific goal.


I’d love to get your feedback or just hang out with you in general! Join us at our Facebook group and introduce yourself! Connect with me on Instagram: The knowledge I share on my podcasts comes from the personal experience as well as our professional experience that I’ve cultivated helping people around the world just like you change their lives inside and out. To find out more about how we help people visit SUPPORT US! If you could share this with one of your close friends, it would really help me grow this from a hobby into a career!

Aug 24 2020 · 57mins
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Being Black in America: A Special Edition of Happy Hour with Steve Guy (Raw, Uncut, Conversation on Racism)

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In the midst of a necessary social uprising and movement across the United States on the heels of yet more deaths of black people, (George Floyd, Breonna Taylor), at the hands of police officers, host Steve Guy sits down for a deep, intense, open dialogue with Kierra Cotton, John Bruton, and Jocelyn Ball. All three represent the Black Community in this conversation and come from different backgrounds and career paths. Kierra works as a digital media producer for a local news station, John is a standup comedian and graphic design artist, Jocelyn is an IT professional. They speak on what is happening right now, systemic (and blatant) racism they've dealt with in their lives and at work, media presentation of protests, support from others, and so much more. This is a raw, emotional, uncut conversation on the state of Being Black in America, in 2020.  This sit down conversation was recorded at All Saints Public House in Cleveland, OH. Many thanks to them for allowing us their space.  

If you'd like to support and educate yourself further on systemic racism and social injustice you can visit which is full of resources that are educational and more. You can also visit and sign multiple petitions. Both of these suggestions are of course simply starting points and you're of course encouraged to search different elements discussed in this lengthy and important conversation.


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Jun 10 2020 · 1hr 40mins
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Happy Hour with Steve Guy: The Podcast trailer

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A brief trailer/breakdown of what to expect from Happy Hour with Steve Guy: The Podcast


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May 11 2020 · 1min
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S04E08 - Jim Cornette/G-Raver/Joey Janela, Ethan Page "Putting in the Miles" w/ Special Guest AIW Ring Announcer Steve Guy

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Ed, Pat, Producer Jonah and Special Guest, AIW Ring Announcer Steve Guy dive into the cesspool that is Wrestling Twitter to answer the tough questions like... "Should Corny give up on lawsuits?" "How little followers do you have to have for Joey Janela to spare your life?" and "Is Ethan Page right about paying your dues in indie wrestling?"  We also discuss a way we can get a cease and desist from WWE and play name association with Steve... It's Pod Van Dam!

Intro: "Adult Summers (Part 2)" by Prince Daddy & The Hyena

Outro: "Did You Need Someone" by Doug Tuttle

Mar 02 2020 · 2hr 11mins
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Mental Health with Counsellor and Hypnotherapist Steve Guy

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The Buddhas talk with a trained counsellor and hypnotherapist Steve Guy. Steve works with a range of people with varying mental issues. He talks to the Buddhas about children’s mental health, how both sexes deal with mental health differently and how hypnotherapy can be used to change your life. Did you know it is possible to hypnotise yourself!?

► Understanding Mental Health - ◄



Improve Lives!


Have Fun!







Oct 21 2018 · 1hr 11mins
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19: Relatable w/ Steve Guy

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We finally have a guest who gets us (and our innate ability to go off topic)! Co-host of 'Game Show Live', host of the Big Beer Show/Bedrunken Cleveland and comedian Steve Guy (@thesteveguy) stops by this week to discuss his default: being Relatable.

It would be challenging to find a topic we don't cover this week. Whether it's wrestling, rom-coms, La Croix, cliques, cats, friend zones, family, firearms, Fred Rogers, tradesmen or tire changing, Steve can talk about it at length. That's not even half the stuff we talk about this week. 

This episode is pretty much guaranteed to spend at least 5 minutes on a topic you're legitimately interested in. Don't miss it.


-Pete Milk (@patrick_melk)

-OKPants (@okpants)

-Above Below Entertainment (@abovebelowent)

Sep 20 2018 · 1hr 6mins
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9: Chris Clem’s Cavs Cast #121 - The KOQ Wrestlemania 34 Preview with Justin Summers & Steve Guy

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Chris Clem joins the Wrestling Cheers podcast (hosted by Justin Summers) along with longtime friend and fellow comedian Steve Guy to preview Wrestlemania 34.

This episode has no basketball talk, no Cleveland coverage, no sports comedy. Just a straight-up, full-on podcast about the biggest night in the WWE's calendar.

Don't like wrestling? Please skip this one! But if you do, you're in for a treat, as we breakdown the grand daddy of them all.

Special thanks to Sean Ast for the intro and production help.

Check out the Wrestling Cheers podcast here:

#WrestleMania #JustinSummers #StevGuy

Apr 06 2018 · 1hr 31mins
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Main Show EPISODE 233: Steve Guy II

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We're jacks of all sorts this week with hosts Sean, Bob, Slim, Alison & Angel joined in studio by Comedian, Podcaster, Author and AIW Ring Announcer, Steve Guy. We discuss the debut of storied independent wrestling promotion AIW in Akron this weekend at the Tadmore Shrine and various stories from Steve's work and characters he meets working for them. Steve also hosts the Iconic Laughs comedy show in Cleveland every month. Plus! Sean needs Roadside assistance, and Steve reads us missed connections 

This weeks topics include: McDonalds coffee lawsuit, Hornswoggle, Wingman advice

This episode is sponsored by: Toad Sage Skateboarding & Photography

Check out Absolute Intense Wrestling (AIW) at and @AIWrestling on twitter

#Akron #Comedy #Cleveland #AIW #Wrestling

Mar 07 2018 · 2hr 1min
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Wrestling Cheers- Episode 37: “Steve Guy Interview (of sorts)”

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This week, we welcome the first live interview guest into the apartment studio. That guest is none other than Steve Guy, Ring announcer for AIW and the moderator (of sorts) to the AIW podcast. Steve stopped by after a comedy show and shot the shit for almost an hour and a half. Lots of fun stories here and we hope you enjoy it as we stay up late with Steve Guy!

Upcoming Events:

-AIW: We've Got A DilEMMA- 2/23

-OCW: The OCW Winter Games- 2/24

-PCW: Franchised- 2/24

-Mega: Press Your Luck- 3/3

-AIW: Enter The Dragon- 3/10 

-OCW: BasketBrawl- 3/11

-AIW: Gauntlet For The Gold 13: 3/23

-OCW: OCW Live- 3/24

-OCW: Tradition 15- 4/21
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Wrestling Cheers: " Where Everyone Knows Your Name"
Feb 08 2018 · 1hr 32mins
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Main Show EPISODE 168: Steve Guy

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It's a touching episode this week with hosts Sean, Paul, Bob and Josey are joined in studio by Comedian, and AIW ring announcer, Steve Guy to talk about his book Memoirs of a Wingman and other stories in comedy and Pro Wrestling. Plus! OJ Simpson, and Geauga Lake.

This weeks topics include: Rick Manning, Marrying people, Laser Disc

This Weeks Episode is Sponsored by: Rane Clothing

Fortitude Championship Wrestling Federation Presents: Carol of the Belts December 15th at the Vortex Concert Club in Akron

Comedian Patrick Quinn presents The Art Show Comedy Show December 23rd at the Musica in Akron featuring Eric Brewer, Mike Head and Jasmyn Carter

#Comedy #Wrestling #Akron

Dec 07 2016 · 2hr 9mins