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#18 - An unconventional path to founding an AI Start-up with Mikiko Bazeley

So you want to be a data scientist?

This week on the show I have Mikiko Bazeley. She is currently busy co-founding Sidewalk.ai, an AI based solution for residential real-estate.  Her path to founding a company hasn't been very straightforward though. She has worked in many different companies, in many different domains before she got to where she is today. Her story is a great example of trying on different things and learning from your experiences to build yourself a life and a career that fulfills you.  We talk about sidewalk.ai, her story of becoming a data scientist, the projects she's involved with and the future of AI. Mikiko also shares her advice for aspiring data scientists on how they can turn their career around in the direction they want. --- Hands-on Data Science: Complete your first portfolio project course - https://www.soyouwanttobeadatascientist.com/hods Data Science Kick-starter mini-course - https://www.soyouwanttobeadatascientist.com/courses/data-science-kick-starter-mini-course


2 Jan 2021

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You ARE Going to Struggle But It Will Make You Better | Mikiko Bazeley

The Artists of Data Science

There will be a lot of ups and downs on your journey, but how you end up depends on how you frame them... Follow the show in Twitter: @ArtistsOfData, on IG: @TheArtistsOfDataScience, on FB: facebook.com/TheArtistsOfDataScience, and on LinkedIn! Join the FREE open Slack mastermind community where I'll answer questions and keep you posted on bi-weekly office hours: https://bit.ly/artistsofdatascience [02:41] The introduction for our guest today [04:26] Mikiko walks us down the career path that ultimately led to her becoming a data scientists. She came from a completelt non-technical background and through hardwork, determination, and grit she was able to accomplish her goals [07:37] She shares with us the various courses of studies she pursued while trying to find something that really resonated with her [09:43] She then shares with us how hard it was trying to find a job after graduation and eventually ended up working in a hair salon, which [12:07] She talks about how she used this opportunity to level up her skillset so that she could be more competitive in the marketplace [13:43] Mikiko talks to us about the first time she got involved with data anlaytics and goes into something she calls the "MacGyver Principle" [17:31] We talk a bit about thinking like a business leader and why after a certain point, an accumulation of memorized facts doesn't get you to the executive level. [21:09] Picasso and Data Science [23:55] What exactly is a growth hacker? [27:44] Mikiko shares some life lessons she learned from a long time mentor of hers [29:43] The importance of being so good they can't ignore you [32:55] Why you need to treasure a days work [35:58] Mikiko discusses where her desire to help aspiring data scientists comes from [39:45] She tells us about the concept of "mentors at a distance" and shes with us some of hers [40:58] Mikiko talks to us about passion, grit, and a growth mindset. [42:02] How the Pareto principle manifests itself in the day to day job of a data scientist [43:07] Passion is not innate or something to be found, its something to be cultivated through hardwork and sustained effort. [45:25] The concept of adaptability and how its helpful navigating the the data science job search process. [51:24] Mikiko talks about her experience being a woman in tech, being harassed on LinkedIn, and why women need to bring their full selves to the office. [01:03:42] The one thing Mikiko wants us to learn from her story [01:04:55] Jumping into the lightning round - Python or R? [01:05:07] Mikiko's favorite question to ask an interviewee during an interview. [01:06:22] The weirdest question she's been asked in an interview [01:07:31] She tells us what her favorite fiction book is [01:07:57] She shares her favorite non-fiction book [01:08:54] What she would say to 20 year old Mikiko Special Guest: Mikiko Bazeley.

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8 Apr 2020

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