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Larry Cohen (God Told Me To & Bone)

Directors Uncut!

Down to the final month of Patreon Migrations here on Directors Uncut. This week, it is the turn of Gutterpunk legend, Larry Cohen.Joined by Graham (POP SCREEN) and CLIFF (DEVIL TIMES FIVE), the first movie we cover is his oddball 1970s sci fi-religious-cop-horror, God Told Me To - a movie which features a wild Andy Kauffman cameo. Then, we follow that up with his feature debut, Bone. A dark as they come comedy about rape and marriage in the Hollywood hills. Then in the final third, I am joined by Kat (THE HOLLYWOOD NEWS) as well as both Larry and Andy (ROAD TO KNOWHERE) to talk about a wild variety of things, from Dashcam and Stranger Things to True Romance. Till next time with Lee Chang-Dong, this is Directors Uncut.Theme A1 Rogue by Podington Bear.

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10 Jun 2022

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El Redil S02E16: Asesinos mesiánicos, bichas que vuelan y yogures con mala leche. (Larry Cohen 1)

El Redil

En un programa con más gente que la boda de Lolita comenzamos a analizar bajo nuestro ojo crítico (como nuestro estado, crítico) la obra de Larry Cohen, un escritor, director y productor que nos deleitó (igual no es la palabra) con títulos como "Está vivo" o las tres cintas que aquí entre cervezas (Estrella Galicia sigue sin patrocinarnos, obligando a algún componente incluso a beber Cruzcampo) nos esforzamos en investigar, morder y degustar como investiga el protagonista de "Demon" ("Gold told me to" en versión original), como muerde cabezas "Q, la serpiente voladora" (cuidado con la actuación... "peculiar" de David Carradine) y como degustan "The Stuff", ese yogur mutante los protagonistas de la película homónima.¡Micrófonos insuficientes! ¡Enfermitos del dato! ¡Cobardes pecadores de la pradera! (¡Grande Gregorio!) ¡Raptos en directo! ¡Raptos de locura! ¡Raptos evoluciona a Rapticate!Y para rematar...¡EL PRIMER DESPUÉS DE LOS CRÉDITOS DE EL REDIL, CON UNA SORPRESA MUSICAL QUE NO TE DEJARÁ INDIFERENTE (NI ILESO)!¡Y todo a un click de distancia!ESTE PROGRAMA ESTÁ DEDICADO A LA MEMORIA DE MANUEL BERLANGA, EDITOR DEL FANZINE BERSEK,NOVELISTA,RELATISTA,GRAN PERSONA Y AMIGO DE TODO EL EQUIPO DE FILMTROPÍA/EL REDIL.VAYA POR DELANTE NUESTRO PÉSAME PARA SÚ FAMILIA.

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8 Jun 2022

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Episode 128: Remembering Larry Cohen

The Hopscotch Friday Podcast

Ten years ago Emmet had the opportunity to interview Larry Cohen, to promote a visit to Australia as part of MonsterFest October 2012. This episode features segments of their conversation, released as a tribute to mark the 4 year* anniversary of Cohen's passing.  During their conversation, Cohen raises his feelings about the use of CGI effects in horror cinema, how his themes have allowed a new generation of film-fans to rediscover his films, as well as shout outs to Bruce Campbell, Quentin Tarantino, and The Big Lebowski.  Also for no apparent reason Emmet decides to shit on Sydney as a filming location!? 


4 Apr 2022

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The Awesomely Weird Films of Larry Cohen

Jason and the Movienauts

Larry Cohen made some brilliant and odd movies in his career, which makes him the perfect filmmaker for Jason and Chris to discuss in this episode of Movienauts. Jason fills Chris in on Cohen's career, based on the recent documentary about Cohen's life, then the guys dig into the cryptic greatness of Bone and the wacky greatness of Q: the Winged Serpant, which is kind of a gritty sideways twist on King Kong.  It's a fun episode we hope you will enjoy. If you do enjoy, please subscribe and leave us a great rating on iTunes.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/jason-sacks/message


28 Mar 2022

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Episode 2: Episode 2 - God Told Me to Talk About Larry Cohen

Call in the Night Boys

Nick introduces Gav to the films of B-movie maestro Larry Cohen, RIP, who wrote and directed such classics as It's Alive, Black Caesar and Q: The Winged Serpent. We also look in depth at his masterpiece, God Told Me To, a sci-fi-horror-Catholic-screw-up-detective classic.**This episode has been reuploaded after being deleted from the podcast hosting platform a few months ago. Why not listen again? ... Or, er, even for the first time?**


20 Aug 2021

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Promo Kitchen Podcast: Mergers & Acquisitions Larry Cohen

PromoKitchen Podcast

As part of our on-going series on mergers and acquisitions Chef Kate Plummer and Sous-Chef Andrea Pereira talk with Chef Larry Cohen of Axis Promotions, now Halo Branded Solutions. Larry walks us through what an acquisition can look like from the seller side and what everyone should know. He also drops some amazing Business 101 information that you definitely should start using now. Bio:Larry Cohen is the Founder of Axis Promotions, a full-service marketing and promotions agency, and now serves on the Executive Committee of HALO, the parent company of Axis. After working as a lawyer in Washington, D.C., Larry decided to change directions and put his creative energies and entrepreneurial spirit to use. He founded Axis in 1991 with one goal: build something that was - and still is - 180 Degrees From Ordinary. Axis has grown to become a creative powerhouse in the promotional products industry, with a client base including American Express, L’Oreal, NBC Universal and more. When Larry is not busy growing Axis, he serves on the PPAI board, PromoKitchen Advisory Board, and PeerNet Marketing Committee.


11 Aug 2021

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S3E42- Larry Cohen's Phone Trilogy (with David Gherman)

The Jacked Up Review Show Podcast

We tackle writer-producer Larry Cohen's descent from Blaxploitation, B-films and Action-Horror-Mystery mash-ups to his most successful phone-themed trilogy in his latter days. First, we sum up the pros of 2002's Phone Booth, then we tackle similar crowd pleasing ground with 2004's Cellular. We wrap it up with the Hong Kong remake of Cellular, entitled Connected, from 2008, and wrap it up with the 2009 Matthew Lilliard-starring slasher Messages Deleted. Could Hollywood make this concept (which was originally pitched to Alfred Hitchcock) as well as they did back then? Are the bad guys in these first two entries as freaky and well-configured as the ones in other blockbusters like Silence of the Lambs, Speed, Die Hard and Se7en?? Could Phone Booth had easily existed in the same world as Schumacher's Falling Down??? And more of course to determine! #larrycohen #mystery #freaky #original #mysterious #thecaller #phonebooth #joelschumacher #cellular #hongkong #diehard #speed #se7en #hanniballector #silenceofthelambs #maniaccop #thestuff #capefear #se7en #genremashups #fallingdown #dfens #splitscreen #realtime #terror #madman #serialkillers #psychopaths #antiheroes #phone #cellphone #messagesdeleted #matthewlilliard #slashers

1hr 37mins

19 May 2021

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Larry Cohen, CEO, Trustwell Living


Larry Cohen, CEO, Trustwell Living by Senior Housing News


13 May 2021

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E45: An Interview with Larry Cohen and a Conversation about The Quirky World of Parking

The Parking Podcast

DESCRIPTIONLarry Cohen, CAPP, discusses his new book, The Quirky World of Parking.SPONSORSVisit www.ljcohenconsulting.com/store/p/quirky-world-signed and enter the code PARKINGPOD to receive a 20% discount on a signed copy.This episode is brought to you by Parker Technology, the customer experience solution of choice in the parking industry. Parker’s solution puts a virtual ambassador in every lane, to help parking guests pay and get on their way in under a minute. Parker helps capture revenue, provides better customer service, enables your staff to focus on other on-site tasks, and keeps traffic moving, according to your business rules. With the Parker solution, you’ll also enjoy access to real-time call data and recordings. Learn more at helpmeparker.com/parkingpodcast.The Parking Podcast is brought to you by the International Parking & Mobility Institute, the world’s largest association for professionals in the parking, mobility, and transportation industry. Registration is now open for IPMI’s virtual Mobility & Innovation Summit, to be held February 24 and 25, 2021. Get all the details and register at parking-mobility.org/MIS.Mark your calendars for IPMI’s Mobility and Innovation Summit, a new, virtual event bringing together the brightest minds in parking and mobility this coming February. Get all the details and register at parking-mobility.org/MIS.WEBSITES AND RESOURCEShttps://www.helpmeparker.com/parkingpodcast/https://www.ljcohenconsulting.com/bookhttps://www.parkingcast.com/https://www.parking-mobility.org/https://www.parking-mobility.org/MISSURVEYCould you give us 2 minutes of your time? We would be so grateful if you could fill out this quick 2 minute survey to help us learn more about our listeners: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/TV68NB9


2 Mar 2021

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The Stuff (1985) | Larry Cohen

Around the World in 80s Movies

Larry Cohen concocts this comedic horror-thriller involving an ex-FBI agent turned industrial spy hired by a desperate ice cream industry, trying to steal the secret formula from a corporation pushing a newly marketed yogurt-like food substance called The Stuff. He discovers the substance, which is found bubbling up from seemingly unlimited deposits underground, is deadly and humanity hangs in the balance. The Stuff is a delicious, no-calorie dessert that is highly addictive to all who eat it. So addictive that all people want to do it continue eating it, while the living parasite inside controls their minds as it eats them from the inside until it reproduces and the human host expires. Michael Moriarty, Andrea Marcovicci, Scott Bloom, Garrett Morris, Paul Sorvino, Danny Aiello appear.


18 Jan 2021