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A Legal Perspective on Emily Gellis Lande’s Crusade Against the F-Factor Diet | Episode 18


Your favorite legal A-Team pairs up with the defamation gurus and reputation management masterminds Dave Wishnew and T.J. Jones of Crawford Wishnew Lang and discuss the potential legal issues at play in IG influencer Emily Gellis Lande’s campaign against Tanya Zuckerbrot’s F-Factor Diet. The team discusses potential defamation issues arising out of Mrs. Lande’s reposting DMs where women describe numerous different health problems that they attribute to the F-Factor powders and bars. The lawyers also hit on product liability and class action lawsuits, and how they could potentially apply to the F-Factor fiasco.Learn more about Crawford Wishnew Lang at cwl.lawFollow Dave on social media @dwishnewFollow T.J. on social media @mrtjjones


17 Sep 2020

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the one about the f factor diet vs emily gellis

one last thing

ok going to keep it brief for once — this week we recap wtf has been happening with tanya zuckerbrot, the f-factor diet and fashion influencer, emily gellis’ crusade to get answers. if you’re familiar with the drama, have been asking me for feedback or even do not have a single idea of who these people are (hi me too), i recommend diving into it because it’s just getting started and there is A LOT going on. so listen in, please enjoy and if you like it so much leave a review, subscribe on apple podcasts, rate five stars and favorite on spotify. that’s all for today but probably not ok bye! The post the one about the f factor diet vs emily gellis appeared first on ya, we're basic..


16 Sep 2020

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#203: Emily Gellis on F Factor, Cancel Culture & Her Mission To Help Women Globally


If you’ve been following the whole F Factor drama, this one’s for you. In today’s episode I speak to NYC influencer Emily Gellis on her involvement in the allegations against Tanya Zuckerbrot. She answers questions regarding the COA reports, online bullying and the F Factor community and products. We talk about what’s next and our predictions on how this will end. 7 DAY FREE TRIAL on Mimi MethodStalk me on Instagram hereThe MIMIBEE Podcast is a weekly show hosted by Mimi Bouchard. It features segments on motivation and success, transformation stories, health and fitness, love and relationships, and interviews with professionals in their fields. The host Mimi is a self-proclaimed Transformation Specialist. She has undergone the most incredible transformation herself - she went from being very insecure, financially stressed, depressed, lost in life... to absolutely owning her craft and stepping in to her power. Mimi has drastically revolutionized her career, body, relationships, and her mindset. Every episode is incredibly inspiring and highly motivational. If you're looking to upgrade your life in any way, you're in the right place!

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7 Sep 2020

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Emily Gellis & The F-Factor Drama: When "Wellness" Goes Wrong

Off The Gram

When influencer & entrepreneur Emily Gellis posted a personal opinion about the F-Factor diet program to her 100k+ followers earlier this year, she had no idea the can of worms she’d be opening up… or that she’d ultimately pivot her entire life to that of a crusader. What started as an innocuous social post turned her into a modern day Erin Brokovich… Emily received thousands of messages documenting people’s adverse reactions - both physically & mentally - as a byproduct of the following the diet or consuming the products. So Emily started sharing it all… the good, the bad, and the ugly. The situation snowballed, and when the story landed in the New York Times and then the TODAY show, Emily vowed to see this through to the end for the victims.Emily shares her story with us on today’s episode, along with two other guests: Liz, a former client of the practice who shares a jarring & heartbreaking story; and Lauren Slayton, founder of Foodtrainers(™) a New York City consultancy dedicated to weight management and sports nutrition. Lauren holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Nutrition from New York University, and she helps us dig a little deeper into the question on everyone’s minds: what the hell is going on here?? See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

1hr 13mins

4 Sep 2020

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How Did The F-Factor Story Get So Big? Ft. Emily Gellis Lande

Diet Starts Tomorrow

Aleen and Sami are joined once again by Emily Gellis Lande to talk about the overwhelming reaction to her recent social media posts about F-Factor. They start with a timeline of how Emily even got involved with talking about F-Factor in the first place, how the story gained so much traction, and eventually ended up in the NY Times. Plus, Emily shares how people tried to pressure her into silence by shaming her for past mental health struggles. They talk about the public response from F-Factor over the past week, and where the story goes from here. Finally, they close the show with their Non Scale Wins of the week and a great listener submission.


30 Aug 2020

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Kinda Cute- Ep. 56- Tanya Zuckerbrot v. Emily Gellis: a F-Factor Diet Deep Dive

Kinda Cute

This week on Kinda Cute podcast, we are talking: *What’s going on with the F-Factor Diet/Tanya Zuckerbrot/Emily Gellis drama? *Kate Winslet says her lesbian sex scene was not like eating a sandwich *Aaron Coleman and revenge porn? + Blackpink and Selena Gomez’s new video “Ice Cream,” Katy Perry and Orlando’s bebe, and more! The articles we discussed: https://www.thecut.com/2020/08/why-were-progressives-defending-aaron-coleman.html https://www.thecut.com/2020/08/kate-winslet-talks-ammonite-sex-scenes-with-saoirse-ronan.html https://www.thecut.com/2020/08/f-factor-diet-drama.html Legit: Biscoff Cookies: https://bit.ly/2DbKe2M Please rate, review and subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts! or at https://ratethispodcast.com/kindacute YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3AdncAo8wXIAR-WZq6Vbnw?sub_confirmation=1 Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/baileyevin/ https://www.instagram.com/kindacutepodcast https://www.instagram.com/gurgipom xx, bailey evin ps this may contain affiliate links. thank you for supporting my podcast! The post Kinda Cute- Ep. 56- Tanya Zuckerbrot v. Emily Gellis: a F-Factor Diet Deep Dive first appeared on BAILEY EVIN.


29 Aug 2020

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Stop Trying To Reach A “Goal Weight” Ft. Emily Gellis

Diet Starts Tomorrow

Sami and Aleen are joined this week by NYC influencer Emily Gellis to talk about her own personal health journey. They start out talking about her childhood and eating like a kid (which, aren’t we all in quarantine tbh). She tells us which fad diets she’ll never do again, and how yo-yo dieting has been a constant issue in her life. Next, they talk about the ways social media affects us mentally and emotionally, and discuss the stigma around taking antidepressants. Why are people so hesitant to share their mental health struggles publicly? Emily gives some tips for dressing to feel good about yourself, especially during quarantine, and how it impacts your self esteem and confidence. Then they talk about the allure of a “goal weight” and why we need to just let that whole concept go. Finally, they each share a Non Scale Win of the week and talk about why we need to make a collective mental shift in the way people use their public platforms.


17 May 2020