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Why You Should Put Life Before Business with Mark Dolfini

The Lifeonaire Show

Are you your best self after you spend all day overworked in your job or business? Most of us would agree that we aren’t, yet for many of us, our life outside of work is the sacrifice we make to achieve what we consider “success”....But what is it all for anyway? Are we really “successful” when we do this? This week, Mark Dolfini goes over TONS of common perspectives that small business owners have that aren’t actually getting them where they want to go in life. This includes fixating on a number of doors (usually a high number), prioritizing the business at the expense of everything else, looking only at the numbers to make decisions (and not considering the emotional effects or the sacrifices) and so much more. Mark, like us at Lifeonaire, believes that the solution to these problems is to have a personal Vision to guide you. With one, you get to set up your job or business so that it works FOR YOU. And listen, we know we harp on this Vision thing a lot, but it’s because we believe in it so much. We KNOW they work. So what are you waiting for? Listen in, and get ready to put your Vision to paper today! Learn more about Mark and his coaching at https://landlordcoach.com/


18 Jan 2022

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A Conversation with Mark Dolfini, The Landlord Coach

CRE SharkEye Commercial Real Estate Show Hosted BY Yishai Breslauer

Mark Dolfini is a veteran of the U.S. Marines and the author of three books. Most notably, The Judge: A Landlord’s Tale, which released in the summer of 2018 and his much-anticipated 3rd book, The Time-Wealthy Investor 2.0, was released in January, 2019, which teaches the exclusive VIP Method of how to create a real estate business focused on Life-Output. It became #1 Amazon Bestseller in March of that same year. Mark performs one-to-one coaching for his clients in addition to a Mastermind to help foster community and accountability for small and medium-sized business owners who often feel stuck in operations. Although Mark operates under the Landlord Coach brand, many business owners have found Mark’s approach to coaching using the VIP method and eclectic background translates well across all industries. From buy and hold investors, to roofers, gym owners and CFOs, his clients span many industries and have benefited greatly from his knowledge and coaching using the VIP Method. Mark spends his free time pistol shooting and kayaking and lives in Lafayette, Indiana where he and his wife Jennifer are raising their two sons, Leland and Logan. https://www.linkedin.com/in/markdolfini/ https://landlordcoach.com/ The CRE SharkEye Show https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOjDYdAfpkrXzgUSRGt959w The best 6 secrets of commercial real estate download free https://lnkd.in/dZkCUFR The CRE Crash Course - Everything you need in order to get the Must Have Skills for Commercial Real Estate, in only 2 weeks https://www.crelaunchpad.com/cre-crash-course


10 Jan 2022

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Successful Real Estate Investing with Mark Dolfini


LifeBlood REI: We talked about how to make money in real estate while living the life you actually want. We discussed Mark’s experience in the Marine Corp that then led him to college where he first got into rental property investing.  How the career he has today chose him more than he chose it.  How his path to owning and operating 92 rental units essentially became a prison and a job that started with a ringing phone at 6am and didn’t stop till at least 10pm and sometimes all night. We talked about how the pace of that time put him in the hospital and almost killed him, and although an incredibly challenging time, one that he’s grateful for today.   We discussed how he condensed all of his learning into a process that he now teaches so people can avoid the mistakes he made and the problems he encountered in order to have the lives that they truly want. We talked about his three pronged approach to determining the best course of action for your life and business and why it’s imperative to do it in the correct order with Mark Dolfini, the Landlord Coach, Best-Selling author of three books, a Coach, Speaker and US Marine Corp Veteran.   Listen to learn why you need to figure out what your time is worth and start acting accordingly by delegating tasks that aren’t at your paygrade!   For the Difference Making Tip, scan ahead to 17:47! You can learn more about Mark at Landlordcoach.com, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn. Thanks, as always for listening!  If you got some value and enjoyed the show, please leave us a review wherever you listen and subscribe as well.  You can learn more about us at MoneyAlignmentAcademy.com, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Facebook or you’d like to be a guest on the show, contact George at Contact@GeorgeGrombacher.com.


13 Oct 2021

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The Brett Snodgrass Podcast - Ep 41: Mark Dolfini - Why You Need To Invest In Your Time

The Brett Snodgrass Podcast

Investing in real estate, stocks, and 401k's are great and all but something you can never get more of is time. You can always get more money, more houses, more cars, more toys, etc. but you'll never be able to get back time that is wasted. That is why in today's episode, Mark Dolfini, author of The Time-Wealthy Investor, and I discuss why you need to invest in your time. We cover the stresses of operating a business and how you can get carried away so easily in the hustle. Listen to Mark and I as we share experience and advice on how you can start to make the most of your time.


11 Oct 2021

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#83 - How to Get More Time Back as a Rental Property Owner - Mark Dolfini

Living Off Rentals

Joining me on the show is Mark Dolfini. In 2007, he had 92 rental properties that gave him about $65,000 a month. Now, he is known as the Landlord Coach, and he has authored 3 real estate books. In this episode, Mark looks back on how he got into the real estate space, stressing the importance of time. He then dives into his “vision, infrastructure, and process” formula and how it can be applied. Mark also shares nuggets of wisdom on building your portfolio and your business, drawing from portions of his book, The Time-Wealthy Investor 2.0.  Listen and learn from a rental and property management expert to go from self-employed rental housing provider to business owner! Key Takeaways [02:25] Mark’s military and real estate background [08:10] The importance of time [11:24] The events that led Mark to realize that his situation wasn’t sustainable [16:12] On budgeting for maintenance and leasing expenses  [23:30] Why and how Mark came up with his VIP method [29:42] It’s not about the number of units but what generates the most cash flow and frees up more time for you [35:05] On multiple lines of complexity and the fallacy that multifamily is easier [40:20] Set up a structure that will line you up with your vision  [43:50] On getting a virtual assistant [50:32] Mark’s observations about new investors and his advice for them Links Landlord Coach - https://landlordcoach.com/ Mark’s email - mailto:mark@landlordcoach.com Mark’s Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/mark.dolfini The Time-Wealthy Investor 2.0 by Mark Dolfini - https://landlordmasterclass.net/the-time-wealthy-investor-2-0-v31612041634793 The E Myth by Michael Gerber - https://www.amazon.com/Myth-Most-Businesses-Dont-About/dp/0887303625 Living Off Rentals YouTube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRpWXe2mWqBm5vvbO2R2AdA?sub_confirmation=1 Living Off Rentals Facebook Group - www.facebook.com/groups/livingoffrentals Living Off Rentals Website - www.livingoffrentals.com Living Off Rentals Instagram - www.instagram.com/livingoffrentals


15 Sep 2021

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Mark Dolfini - Using the "VIP Process" to Prevent Creation of a Job as a Landlord

Landlording for Life

Mark Dolfini, the "Landlord Coach", discusses his process to focus on the vision of creating a lifestyle condusive to the creation of the housing provider or landlord while not putting your process before that vision you create for yourself.


23 Aug 2021

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How to Avoid Creative a Job for Yourself with Mark Dolfini - The Landlord Coach

Stay Hungry - Marketing Podcast

In this episode, Joel speaks to Mark Dolfini - The Landlord Coach who teaches entrepreneurs from all industries to succeed. They discuss how many entrepreneurs drift into overworking and trying to control everything.  What is an unproductive and stressful way of working that can ultimately destroy their business, their health and family life. Mark and Joel also discuss the importance of having a vision and sharing that with your life partner. They share how to make efficient use of your time, build strong processes and infrastructure so you can outsource virtually everything. KEY TAKEAWAYS Don´t fall into the trap of working too many hours. No matter how young or fit you are it will catch up with you and potentially destroy your mental and physical health. Everything that is going on in your world can be systemised into processes. Once you have good processes and the right infrastructure in place you can let others deal with most things. Managing your time is all about managing yourself. You need to recognise when to outsource tasks. You have to find the time to fix things. So many entrepreneurs don´t. They continue to limp along until their business fails. If you feel you are getting stuck in life, don´t ignore that feeling because it means you are stuck. A strong vision is your circuit breaker. It is what will stop you from following the negative path you are on and make progress. Focusing on your vision will stop you from getting distracted. Your goals are waypoints that are taking you towards your vision. Your belief system is trying to protect you. Unfortunately, letting it have free rein results in limiting beliefs. Absolute and cancelling language both reveal limiting beliefs. Mark explains how to recognise this. The most successful entrepreneurs are never afraid to ask for help and do so in a humble way. Value your time and don´t be afraid to hire people to cook, clean and drive for you. You need your life partner to understand and be able to buy into what you are doing. Share your vision with them. BEST MOMENTS ‘About 15 years ago I was broke. Not just in money, but in time as well. ´ ‘Just because you´ve got the drive to outwork everyone. It doesn’t mean that you should.’ ‘Your goals are just waypoints on the way to your vision.’ ‘When you stay vision focused it's really easy.’ VALUABLE RESOURCES Stay Hungry podcast series Stay Hungry Bestselling Book If you're fed up with wasting your time and money on marketing that doesn't generate enquiries and sales - hop on a Codebreak discovery call. After all, getting lots of 'likes' on your Facebook page ain't gonna make your boat go faster. But up-to-date marketing techniques that attract buyers and action takers instead of tyre kickers will. The Codebreak team are here to show you how or do it for you - https://www.codebreak.co.uk/discovery-call/ EPISODE RESOURCES Website - https://landlordcoach.com/inner-circle-coaching-application/ Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/landlord_coach/ LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/markdolfini Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/mylandlordcoach/ The Judge: A Landlord´s Tale by Mark Dolfini The Time-Wealthy Investor 2.0 by Mark Dolfini ABOUT THE HOSTS Joel Stone Joel started his working life as a graphics designer. Pretty quickly he got bitten by the social media bug which showed him the power of marketing and set him on a new career path. In 2015, Joel co-founded Codebreak. A full-service marketing agency that has bought together media experts that specialise in providing the hospitality industry with design and promotional solutions. Branding and targeted marketing combined under one roof. Andy Rao Andy studied Psychology at university, which was his springboard into the world of marketing. He realised that to sell successfully you have to put yourself into the shoes of your customer and understand their why. Andy started his marketing career working closely with dozens of Shropshire businesses, all of whom had something different to sell. During that time, Andy picked up the skills he uses today to tailor each marketing solution to his client´s businesses, the industries they work in, and the different types of customers they need to reach. CONTACT THE HOSTS Website - https://www.codebreak.co.uk/ LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/company/codebreak Podcast Description Breaking down all things marketing, design, and geek culture. Hear from Codebreak co-founders Andy and Joel as well as the experienced team. On this podcast expect to find marketing top tips, useful insights, and expert advice that you can apply to your business. So, if you're fed up with wasting your time and money on marketing that doesn't generate enquiries and sales - hop on a Codebreak discovery call. After all, getting lots of 'likes' on your Facebook page ain't gonna make your boat go faster. But up-to-date marketing techniques that attract buyers and action takers instead of tyre kickers will. The Codebreak team are here to show you how or do it for you - https://www.codebreak.co.uk/discovery-call/ See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


25 Jul 2021

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Thoughtful Property Management with Mark Dolfini of Landlord Coach

Racking Up Rentals

Why do so many real estate investors become overwhelmed by the responsibilities of property management? Because they lack Vision, Infrastructure and Process—what guest Mark Dolfini of Landlord Coach calls the “VIP method.” In this episode, Jeff and Mark discuss the VIP method, the importance of having a relationship-oriented approach to working with tenants, the value of having empathy while maintaining a business-like approach to property management, and much more.


6 May 2021

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Deals Gone Bad #1: Too Many Deals, Not Enough Cash Flow with Mark Dolfini » Episode 929

Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast

Someone once told me that “Smart people learn from their own mistakes and wise people learn from the mistakes of others”. If you’re following what you think is a smart strategy and you find yourself spread too thin, then it’s time to look for someone who’s wise and has already risen from the ashes of a monumental real estate crash-and-burn.You might know Mark Dolfini from Landlord Coach, but you may not realize that at one point he was $100,000 in credit card debt and just steps away from bankruptcy. Beginning in the late nineties, Mark was able to start investing in using the best strategy ever: OPM, or other people’s money. But just because you can purchase a property and cash flow a little, that doesn’t mean that it’s a good deal.Mark is open about some of his biggest mistakes, including how he didn’t give himself enough room for expenses and what being over-leveraged on time looks like. Today, he’s a lot more careful about how he figures out CapEx on his properties, and he walks me through some of the factors that he ignored when he first began investing.I hope you’ll love this series and learn from these tales of caution. If you’d like to see my notes of all of the different ways you can have a bad deal, text the work BAD to 313131, and you’ll be able to access my mind map for this series.And don’t worry, I’ll keep adding to this interactive mind map as I interview people, so keep checking back on it as I add new ways people can wreck a deal and almost blow up their real estate career.What’s Inside:—How Mark figures out the future expenditures for his properties.—Why it took years for banks to extend mortgages to Mark again.—What being over-leveraged on both time and money looks like.


4 Nov 2020

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#RealLifeRealEstateInvesting Presents: Mark Dolfini.

Real Life Real Estate Investing

#RealLifeRealEstateInvesting Presents: Mark Dolfini. Mark is the Landlord Coach. Mark is also a #1 Best Selling Author. He will be sharing with us The VIP Method to building a Real Estate business, not a job. Support the show

1hr 12mins

20 Jul 2020