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3. Erin Weidemann on Raising Christian Daughters and Running a Christ-Centered Business


We talk with Erin Weidemann of Truth Becomes Her for a great conversation about raising kids in the church, positive influences for girls, and navigating social media business as a Christian. Check our her Bible Belles series here!Check out her website here!And follow her on instagram at @biblebelles @truthbecomesher @erin.weidemannAnd subscribe here to support these conversation and Litl Network here! 


23 Jul 2021

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Ep. 114: How God Uses Women of Influence In The Most Powerful Ways with Erin Weidemann

Turned On Podcast

Stories of women you need to knowI didn't know if God was real, but asked anywayMoney minded to Kingdom mindedThe cultural struggles today's girls faceWhy can girls name all the Disney Princesses but struggle to name women of the bibleGod uses women in a powerful wayThe ultimate transformationGod is our investorAiming for significance Walking testimonies are out there and need to be toldWomen who train to win souls and disciples rather than followers


21 Jul 2021

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Happy Hour 405- Encounter (Erin Weidemann)

The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

My guest for this episode is Erin Weidemann. Erin is the founder of Truth Becomes Her, which equips moms and women to step into unique leadership roles. She is also the author of 12 books, and a 5-time cancer survivor! In this episode, Erin shares about a period in her life from ages 16-26 where she completely rejected God. She considered herself an atheist, and led a life of making any and every decision that she wanted. After a deadly cancer diagnosis, being forced to move out of the home she had just bought, and lying face down on the bathroom floor at rock bottom, Erin begged God to help her. And He showed up. Erin’s story is one of beautiful healing and redemption - I hope it encourages you as much as it did for me.  Connect with Jamie Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // YouTube GET ALL THE LINKS FROM THE SHOW HERESee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


7 Jul 2021

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KDE Podcast 318: From Middle School Teaching to Discipling Girls Through Kingdom Business (Conversation with Erin Weidemann)

Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur Podcast with Shae Bynes

Today’s guest on The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur Podcast is Erin Weidemann, founder of Truth Becomes Her and the author of the best-selling Bible Belles series, The Adventures of Rooney Cruz which has sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide.  Erin is a five time cancer survivor, a former middle school teacher, and a former Atheist who had an encounter with Jesus that shifted her forever. She shares the story of how she went from teaching middle school to partnering with God in business to equip women globally to effectively disciple the young girls in their lives.


2 Jun 2021

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A Life Steeped in Gratitude and Strategy with Erin Weidemann

The Godmother with Lisa Bevere

What an amazing season it’s been talking all things motherhood on The Godmother podcast!I’m so excited to have my friend Erin Weidemann join me for this final episode of season two. Erin is a wife, mom, author, minister, cancer survivor, and so much more! Her story is one of hope, purpose, and perseverance. She truly lives a life steeped in gratitude and strategy.In this episode, Erin shares:—The importance of speaking life over your parenting abilities—How her journey with cancer punctuated her story and changed the trajectory of her life—The importance of getting in God’s Word as a parent—How to teach your young girls about female role models in Scripture—The power of “owning your influence” as a wife and momI hope as you listen to this episode you feel challenged to parent with purpose and encouraged that you’re doing better than you know!Do you have a mama-friend who could use this encouragement today? Feel free to share this episode with her!Thank you for joining me along on this ride of season two, and stay tuned for all the fun things coming for season three of The Godmother podcast!You can connect with Erin on Instagram at @erin.weidemann and @truthbecomesher.For more resources on parenting, dive into my Moms of Men course today on the MessengerX app at NO COST to you 💕Looking for information on Bible Belles? Visit BibleBelles.com. For more information on Erin’s Heroic Homeschooler course, visit truthbecomesher.com/homeschool/.


20 May 2021

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Episode 156 - Erin Weidemann

The Nothing Is Wasted Podcast

Erin Weidemann thought she made all the right decisions growing up. She was ambitious, driven, and seemingly healthy, chasing after the success that she believed would bring her a good life. But under the surface, she was far from okay. A devastating form of cancer had begun growing in Erin without presenting any outward symptoms, and by the time she found out, it seemed like it was too late. With her life seemingly on the verge of being cut short, Erin found herself reevaluating everything she thought she knew. Erin sits down with Davey to share how she found God, love, a family, and a purpose out of the painful season she walked through.  Episode Resources:Visit Erin’s Website Check out Bible Belles Listen to Heroes for Her Podcast Follow Erin on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube Join a Nothing is Wasted Community Group This podcast is sponsored by Faithful Counseling

1hr 13mins

25 Feb 2021

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Author Spotlight #17: How to Lead Young Girls & Disciple our Children // with author Erin Weidemann

500 Seconds To Joy // Intentional Living for Christian Moms with the Catholic Podcast Lady

You all are in for a serious treat in this Author Spotlight! I’m talking with Erin Weidemann from Truth Becomes Her and author of the bestselling series all about Rooney Cruz. Her newest book is called Ringleaders and it’s an amazing adventure that will help you and your daughter to uncover our true worth in Jesus and will remind each of us that we all have a voice and a role to play in the Kingdom. Filled with encouragement, practical advice and inspiring testimony, this is an episode that will lift your spirits and compel you to disciple the young women in your life, and really just inspire you to share Jesus with everyone! Moms of boys are welcome too! Every child needs to be led to Jesus and you can totally apply everything Erin shares to raising your boys as well. Enjoy this incredible interview, friends!Five-time cancer survivor Erin Weidemann is co-founder of Truth Becomes Her, a brand that equips moms and women with resources to help them step into their unique leadership roles. The creator and author of the bestselling The Adventures of Rooney Cruz series for young girls, Erin is a nationally recognized speaker, radio personality, certified teacher and sought-after homeschool consultant, and host of the Heroes for Her Podcast.  Erin is a spokesperson for World Vision and an active advocate for the American Cancer Society. Erin is a graduate of Penn State University with a double major in Journalism and Spanish. She and her husband, Brent, recently relocated from the San Diego oceanfront to enjoy the charm of a small, picturesque town in Montana, along with their two miracle daughters.Connect with Erin on her website at www.erinweidemann.com or on Instagram at www.Instagram.com/erinweidemann - she’s so inspiring. Then you can grab a copy of any of her books at www.biblebelles.com - these books are incredible. Then join the movement and head to www.truthbecomesher.com which is a space for moms and mentors to gather, grow, and guide girls to discover their true value.Here are some ways to connect with me (your host, Stephanie) after this episode. My website, will ALL the good stuff - www.500secondstojoy.wixsite.com/joyfulsteph - Instagram - www.instagram.com/500secondstojoypodcast -Email- 500secondstojoy@gmail.com -Monthly happy mail (newsletter with devotionals & phone wallpapers) - bit.ly/monthlyhappymail -Free focus coaching call - Calendly.com/joyfulcoachsteph -Don’t forget to Subscribe and Rate & Review the show so I can keep reaching more lovely listeners just like you! I’m so grateful to have you as a listener and I pray that God blesses your day with joy and peace!


13 Jan 2021

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Graceologie #144 Empowering Girls with Erin Weidemann

GRACEOLOGIE with Gwen Smith

Erin Weidemann joins me for a great conversation about empowering girls to know the Bible, and about the newest book in the Bible Belles series, The Adventures of Rooney Cruz, Ringleaders. Show notes: www.gwensmith.net/graceologie/144 Graceologie on INSTA: @graceologie Graceologie on FB: www.facebook.com/graceologie Gwen on INSTA: @GwenSmithMusic Gwen on FB: www.facebook.com/GwenSmithMusic


21 Nov 2020

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True Worth with Erin Weidemann | Ep. 66

Water with Lemon

Today I get to talk with Erin Weidemann, five-time cancer survivor and co-founder of Truth Becomes Her, about true worth. She describes how God used her journey through her 20’s to convict and re-prioritize her heart. In the midst of a cancer diagnosis and drastic career change, Erin found freedom and worth in obedience to God’s plan for her life. A little bit about the guest: Erin Weidemann is a sought-after homeschool consultant, certified teacher, coach, and nationally-recognized speaker. Erin’s personal mission is to shift the conversation around feminine values from being beauty-driven, to a focus on inherent worth. She is the author of eight books, including the best-selling Bible Belles series, The Adventures of Rooney Cruz. Erin is a five-time cancer survivor, and lives and homeschools in San Diego, CA with her husband, Brent, and their daughter, Rooney. Support the podcast through Patreon Join our mailing list Check out our website Resources: Truth Becomes Her Bible Belles Erin is reading The Treasure Principle by Randy Alcorn, and watching 13 and other documentaries. She’s being refreshed by the drive to and spending time in Montana, and barre exercises. Noteworthy quote: “The miracle of my life is not the cancer - that’s like the second most amazing miracle.  The first one is the heart transformation; like God took an angry, insecure, selfish person who was wasting her life and he completely changed her and woke her up and only his grace can do that.” - 30:09 Question for consideration: Are there areas in your life where you feel you’re pursuing comfort over obedience to the Lord? Will you spend some time confessing those areas to Him and laying them at His feet?


1 Jul 2020

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Episode 308: 5 Time Cancer Survivor and Homeschooling Pro Erin Weidemann

Extraordinary Moms Podcast

Erin Weidemann is the founder of Truth Becomes Her, a brand that equips moms and women with resources to help them step into their unique leadership roles. A sought-after homeschool consultant, certified teacher, coach, and nationally-recognized speaker, Erin’s personal mission is to shift the conversation around feminine values from being beauty-driven, to a focus on inherent worth. An on-air personality for Air1 Radio, Erin delivers “59 Seconds of Hope” daily as well as hosts the Heroes For Her Podcast where she interviews positive female role models who are living out their passions in-line with their personal values. She is the author of eight books, including the best-selling Bible Belles series, The Adventures of Rooney Cruz which has sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide. Erin is a five-time cancer survivor, and lives and homeschools in San Diego, CA with her husband, Brent, and their daughter, Rooney.  Show Notes:  FB: @erinweidemannofficial IG: @erin.weidemann FB & IG: @truthbecomesher Homeschool Course: https://truthbecomesher.com/pages/homeschool-course This Show is Sponsored by… Do you ever struggle with finding toys for the little one in your life that they will think are cool, but will also educate them, at least a little bit? Get the best of both worlds with Little Passports. Little Passports is a subscription box full of toys and games for children of all ages that educates and entertains! For $12.95 per month, there’s tons to explore, right from your own home, with Little Passports. And just for our listeners, Little Passports is offering 15% off the price of ANY subscription. That means your child could be flying rockets or looking through a microscope in no time! Use offer code EEP at checkout for 15% off your order. And… Little Spoon is an incredible baby food company, that essentially makes you small-batch, homemade baby food, and delivers it straight to your door. I am so impressed by this company who has solved the problem for moms that care deeply about what they are feeding their babies and toddlers, yet already have a full plate. No more worrying about what’s in your baby’s food. Let Little Spoon take one thing off your very big parenting to do list and cover mealtime with their fresh, organic blends. Get $15 off your first 3 orders a littlespoon.com/eep. And… Kosmatology is a kids skincare line, made with kids with sensitive skin in mind. Their lotion bar, made without all the icky preservatives, is a fantastic alternative to messy lotions, and it was truly a game changer for the founder’s child with eczema. I also love their hand soap. Get 15% your first order by going to www.kosmatology.com and use code: EEP at checkout.

16 Jun 2020