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The Mike Samuels Interview

The Jake Feinberg Show

Die-hard Scaticonian talks about how camp and music have shaped his life. 


13 Aug 2021

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69) Coffeshop copywriting, $170M in sales and Freedom of Speech with Mike Samuels

CamBro Conversations

Today’s conversation is with Mike Samuels, the Coffee Shop Copywriter. We learn about Mike’s background working his way through the fitness industry and his journey to full time copywriting. Mike shares why leave the fitness industry despite it being an area of passion. We discuss the key lessons both individuals and businesses can learn from how Mike has secured over $170 Million in online sales through his copywriting content. These include achievement as an archetypal introvert, positively using imposter syndrome, and not playing the victim card. Mike delves into both his mindset and observations on the copy and content he sees online. We then look at what the increase in political correctness means for creating content and the written word. As part of this, freedom of speech and how we communicate now and in the future is a key area for discussion. This week's podcast is brought to you by MTN Coaching. Founder, David Hatt has appeared twice on the podcast to share his wisdom on business and fitness. David heads up a team of 6 coaches who come together to form Scotland's leading online fitness coaching service. They provide bespoke programming to enable you to lose fat, build muscle while still enjoying by building fitness into your lifestyle. You can visit http://mtncoaching.co.uk and enquire today. Connect with Mike: Website - http://thefreedomkickstarter.com/kickstarter/ Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/the_coffeeshop_copywriter/ Connect with Col: Join my Email List - https://mailchi.mp/548e38ba5942/colincambro Insta - www.Instagram.com/col.cambro

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16 May 2021

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Lifestyle over scaling business, with Mike Samuels....

The Mindset Junkie Podcast

In this episode I speak with Copy writer Mike Samuels on his Journey from personal training to creating a new business as a copy writer. Mike explains why he didn't pursue law after college and instead embarked on a career in personal training, his experiences in the fitness industry, the mistakes made and how he pivoted to online. Years later he explored more of the writing and marketing side of his business which led him then to a new business and new career.Mike now operates a hugely successful and highly respected copywriting business called "freedom kickstarter" that now teaches business owners and freelancers how to apply the skills of effective copy writing. Check Mike out here.... You can drop him a message to find out more. https://www.facebook.com/mikesamuels90


11 Aug 2020

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INTENT Podcast 009: Mike Samuels

Intent podcast

Mike is someone who gets joy from helping business coaches and companies in the health, fitness or supplement niche, beat their controls, harness the power of email marketing, and get their message across in a persuasive, influential, ethical way. Mike is a very talented copywriter who ran the blog healthy living heavy lifting for a while. He also worked as a copywriter for Livestrong. On today’s episode, we talk about how Mike started his blog healthy living and heavy lifting, where he got the interest in copywriting from and the pros and cons of a stoic personality.

1hr 9mins

19 Jun 2020

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Selling Without Sleaze Episode 9: With Mike Samuels

Selling Without Sleaze

In this episode Sarah is talking to copywriting expert Mike Samuels. After establishing a very successful copy writing career for himself. Mike now teaches other copy writers how to get more from their copy writing careers, creating more sustainable incomes and a work life balance that works for them.     Without being a 'sleazy twonk' In this episode Mike and Sarah talk navigating sales, and working in other peoples style without compromising your integrity or being sleazy.  This is an episode not to be missed if you want to grow your business and increase sales without the sleaze. 


4 Jun 2020

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24. Mike Samuels Interview

Grow Your Online Fitness Business

Mike Samuels: Previously a personal trainer and diet coach, now a copywriting guru that helps many clients grow their conversations and improve their copywriting abilityWe cover:- Mike's approach to new clients and attracting the people he’d like to work with- Measuring, refining and improving- The importance of being authentic- Morality in messaging- Consistency and a quality product- Mike’s work with Clients On Demand

1hr 20mins

5 Apr 2020

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Improving Your Copywriting Skills With Mike Samuels

The "All Or Nothing" Podcast

In this episode I am joined by the "coffee shop copywriter" Mike Samuels where he gives an insight on how to improve your copywriting skills & content creation for your business.  Mike is a highly successful & established copywriter who has grossed in £165m+ in collective revenue for his clients over the past few years.  A staggering statistic! Pen & notepad at the ready for this gem of a podcast! Related links:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/227312430774990/  https://www.instagram.com/the_coffeeshop_copywriter/  https://linktr.ee/aon_coaching


30 Mar 2020

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Mike Samuels: Online Fitness Pro to World Class Copywriter: Turn Your Words into Wealth

The Online SuperCoach Podcast | Attract, Sell and Serve like a Million Dollar Online Coach.

Mike Samuels started as a Personal Trainer in the UK then became an Online Coach. He then transitioned to Copywriting and since then has become a powerhouse copywriter and a legend of the written word. Mike helps business coaches and companies in the health, fitness or supplement niche beat their controls, harness the power of email marketing, and get their message across in a persuasive, influential, ethical way.   Connect with Mike Samuels: Facebook    For show notes, links, information and How to Attract, Sell and Deliver like a Million Dollar Online Coach go to OnlineSuperCoach.com


14 Feb 2020

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Mike Samuels - How to make emails and webinars convert

The Marketing Interrogation Podcast

Mike Samuels, a renowned copywriter, teaches how to write an email series step by step to convert cold leads into customers and how to construct a webinar that sells. In this interview, Mike shares: - How and where he acquired his skills - Step by step process on converting a cold lead to a customer - How he got his opportunity with a high-ticket coaching business - Tips on how to make a webinar convert


20 Jun 2019

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Mike Samuels

Adil Amarsi Unplugged

Most likely the quietest person you’ve never met, wearing an emotionless facial expression and writing skills so good, he has made clients MILLIONS. Today’s guest is Mike Samuels, Mike started as a personal trainer, he then discovered writing and started a website called”Healthy living Heavy lifting” in the process of running that site he discovered copywriting. From being a mobile and online trainer, he transitioned to writing copy for fitness businesses and authorities. He found his calling and transitioned fully to copywriting. On today’s episode, Mike Samuels shares how he made the jumps from personal training to copywriting. He also shares some of his insights how to handle the “boring” stuff Finances, handling retainer clients and where to find inspiration for writing copy.


12 Apr 2019