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How to Be More than Your Enneagram Number with Jeff & Beth McCord

The Alli Worthington Show

Hey hey! Today’s episode is a must-listen! Whether you are all-in on the Enneagram or a skeptic, there is so much to consider and learn as Jeff and Beth McCord join me on the show.  Listen in as Beth provides us with a framework - sharing how the Enneagram is focused on why you think, feel, and behave in particular ways. Friends, this is so valuable to recognize in our own lives and the lives of those around us. A game changer for sure! We also dive deeper into their soon-to-release book, More Than Your Number, by talking about the importance of moving past often quickly assigned and sometimes stereotypical Enneagram Types. Instead, we can consider how our personality makes us so much more complex than just a number.  Pastor Jeff McCord and Beth McCord co-founded Your Enneagram Coach nearly 20 years ago. As an Enneagram coach, teacher, and speaker, Beth is now leading the industry in simplifying the profound truths of the Enneagram from a Biblical perspective. The McCord's passion is to make the Enneagram accessible for everyone, anywhere, so they can experience the transformation and freedom in Christ they long for. Beth and Jeff live outside Nashville, have been married for 23 years, and have two adult children.  Listen in to hear all about: Why some Christians are so freaked out about the Enneagram, according to Jeff. How you can use the Enneagram like healthcare providers use an X-ray.   Your Enneagram Internal Profile and the five ways becoming aware of your EIP can help you, through God's grace, better lead your internal thoughts. Favorite quotes: ~Anything that is not scriptural or Biblical from God's truth we are just going to throw out but let’s take what is still good and true and brings clarity about our heart;  not for self help and to work on ourselves  or self focus but it’s more about how we can align our heart with God. ~Your main type is your driving force. Your main type actually has two parts within it. It has a wounded child and a beloved child. The wounded child is the younger part of your heart that was wounded or traumatized as a child in some form or fashion and it was trying its best to survive. But what’s beautiful is that because of the redemption of Christ, when we trust in Him and receive Him as Lord and Savior,  not only are we forgiven but his righteousness is poured out on us and God looks at us as if we are Christ.  ~We want to help people understand that there’s an infinite number of variations for type and it should promote curiosity not stereotyping. ~God created us diverse but to unify and glorify Him. ~ The reason the enneagram is so helpful is because it gives us vocabulary to behave, think and feel the way we do.  In this episode I answered this question: I am working on being more self aware and raising my emotional intelligence. What are some negative thought traps do I need to avoid? (41:41) Links to great things we discussed:  Jeff and Beth McCord’s website and books  Sleeping at last - playlist spotify  Amos Lee - Worry No More [Official Music Video] - YouTube Only Murders in the Building (TV Series 2021– ) - IMDb Pure Luck (1991) - IMDb The Lord Is My Courage: Stepping Through the ... - Amazon.com Not So Black and White: An Invitation to Honest Conversations … Nest Hub (2nd Gen) – Google Store Traeger Grills® - The Original Wood Pellet Grill Mad Men (TV Series 2007–2015) - IMDb That's The Power - Hillsong Worship - YouTube Turo car sharing marketplace | Rent the perfect car Join the Confident Motherhood Community here. Hope you loved this episode! Be sure to subscribe in iTunes and slap some stars on a review! :) xo, Alli 


19 Sep 2022

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HH #520 More Than Your Enneagram Number with Beth McCord

The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

The enneagram is like an observation but the transformation is the Holy Spirit’s work -Beth McCord Guess who's back on The Happy Hour? You guessed it, Beth McCord. If you know me you know that I love talking Enneagram numbers. I know some of you are totally against The Enneagram, but don’t skip this episode too fast. Beth McCord and I talk about her new book, More Than Your Number: A Christ-Centered Enneagram Approach To Becoming Aware of Your Internal World. That’s right, a Christ-Centered Enneagram approach. Beth’s new book is faith filled and she talks about how the Enneagram is like an X-ray machine, it shows you clearly what’s going on internally, it helps you name things, but it can’t do the changing because only the Holy Spirit and the gospel can transform us. You are going to  enjoy this episode and you will have a different perspective on Enneagram types, whether you are for them or against them. Press play and join me in  celebrating Beth on her new book, More Than Your Number Connect with JamieFacebook //  Instagram // YouTubeGET ALL THE LINKS FROM THE SHOW HERE


9 Sep 2022

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How to understand ourselves and others through the Enneagram with Jeff and Beth McCord

Be Love. Do Good. with Kristi Hayes

Have you ever wondered why people act the way they do, or why you and your spouse see the same thing so differently?  Why our kids can’t seem to just “get” it. Why can’t people think like you? It can be frustrating at times, but when we learn to see through the lens of others, it helps us tremendously love others the way they need loved. That’s why I wanted to have Enneagram Experts Jeff and Beth McCord on the podcast. We talk about who we are and why it is so crucial to be aware of how we view ourselves and the world. I have found the more I know about myself and others, the more love and grace I can give myself and others around me. Part of their mission is to help others, break free from self-condemnation, fear, and shame by knowing and experiencing the unconditional love, forgiveness, and freedom in Christ. Beth and Jeff McCord, founders of Your Enneagram Coach: Their upcoming book More Than Your Number: A Christ-Centered Enneagram Approach to Becoming AWARE of Your Internal World is the enneagram book I’ve been looking for years. If you feel like knowing your enneagram number is limiting and even debilitating, the McCords show how everyone has a bit of all nine enneagram numbers in them. They have ideas to show how empowering and enlightening the enneagram can be for parents. (I also love how well they fuse the Gospel into the enneagram. It is powerful.) Pre-order their book here. Learn more about the enneagram coach and all of their resources here.


31 Aug 2022

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#337 – Beth McCord – It’s All About Why

The Sister Circle Podcast

Today, I’m chatting with Beth McCord, an Enneagram expert and founder of Your Enneagram Coach. The Enneagram is a personality assessment that is designed to bring lots of clarity and insight into why we think, feel and behave in a certain way and our core motivations for doing so. Understanding who we are and how God made us helps us to better understand other people and have more grace and compassion in relationships. In this episode, Beth shares how she uses the Enneagram from a Christ-centered perspective to help individuals break free from self-condemnation, fear and shame by knowing and experiencing the unconditional love, forgiveness and freedom in Christ.Highlights from Today's Episode Exploring the origins of the Enneagram Utilizing the Enneagram as a Christian Using the Enneagram to enhance relationships Resources from today's show Connect with Beth McCord on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube. Interested in learning more about the Enneagram in a safe space? Check out Beth’s  website, Your Enneagram Coach. Check out Beth McCord’s upcoming book, More Than Your Number: A Christ-Centered Enneagram Approach to Becoming AWARE of Your Internal World. Read, “A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23” by W. Phillip Keller. Want to do a deeper dive into the origins of the Enneagram? Click here to find out more about the origins.  Take the FREE Enneagram Assessment here. Interested in finding out your core motivations? Get your free PDF download. Click here to find a certified Enneagram coach that meets your needs. Click here to see the complete show notes!The post #337 – Beth McCord – It’s All About Why first appeared on Chrystal Evans Hurst.

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5 Jul 2022

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Season 2 - Episode 28 - Beth McCord & Mark Pfeutze

I Heart PCA - the Podcast

The hosts talk to the sibling power duo - The Pfeutzes - about rocks and chalks, counseling, enneagram, Covenant Seminary, and more. 

1hr 2mins

27 Jun 2022

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Leading our Wounded Parts with Your Enneagram Coach Beth McCord

The Dauntless Grace Exchange

Your Enneagram Coach founder Beth McCord is on the podcast today! She sits down with Deedra and Megan to talk all things Enneagram, including:why Christians don't need to be afraid of the Enneagramhow Beth (and Dauntless Grace) use the Enneagram as a road map for healing through the Gospel of JesusBeth's work with combining IFS and the Enneagram into her own system called Enneagram Internal Profile (EIP)shepherding our connecting parts into more healingYour Enneagram Coach was founded by Beth McCord, an Enneagram speaker, coach and teacher for over 17 years. Beth is passionate about coming alongside individuals and helping them re-write their story, allowing them to see that lasting change, meaningful relationships, and a life of deep purpose is possible. This passion is what drove her to create this community, a safe place for individuals to explore the Enneagram.Having been trained by the best Enneagram experts and pouring hundreds of hours into advanced certifications, Beth is now leading the industry in simplifying the deep truths of the Enneagram from a Biblical perspective. Beth's passion is to make the Enneagram accessible for everyone, anywhere, so they can experience the transformation they long for. For more information about Beth's courses, visit her website.


18 May 2022

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Beth McCord - Your Enneagram Coach

"What's Your Story?" with Hannah and Stephani

On today’s episode we are so excited to welcome Beth McCord - founder of Your  Enneagram Coach. Beth shares her own testimony, how God led her to develop Your Enneagram Coach, why we believe a Gospel centered approach to the Enneagram is so important and why the Enneagram cannot be your source of identity. If you love the Enneagram, have questions or concerns about the Enneagram or have no idea what the Enneagram even is…this conversation is for you.  To connect with Beth or to get information about the Becoming Us course visit https://www.yourenneagramcoach.com. For more information about Christians and the Enneagram (including the origin) https://www.yourenneagramcoach.com/originsEpisodes 64, 65 and 66 of The Your Enneagram Podcast focus specifically on theology, origins and Christian uses of the tool.  To hear Stephani's guest appearance on The Your Enneagram Coach podcast check out episode 84.  All podcast episodes available here: http://www.yourenneagramcoach.com/podcastTo follow What’s Your Story on Instagram visit http://www.instagram.com/whatsyourstory.podcastHannah Conway is a Lifeway author, a speaker and a women's ministry director in her local church. To connect with Hannah visit http://www.hannahrconway.com or follow her on Social Media: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hannahrconway Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/hannahrconway_authorStephani Cook is an Enneagram life coach, speaker, podcast host and the creator of On Purpose Coaching. Through On Purpose Coaching she helps others to improve relationships and to discover intentional abundant living. To connect with Stephani or for information about an Enneagram coaching package visit http://www.stephanicook.org or follow her on Social Media: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/stephaniscook Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/stephani_cookCover photo by Alison Weakley Photographyhttp://www.alisonweakleyphotography.comSupport the showWhat’s Your Story on Instagram http://www.instagram.com/whatsyourstory.podcast To connect with Hannah visit http://www.hannahrconway.com To connect with Stephani visit http://www.stephanicook.org


6 Feb 2022

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Beth McCord Joins Us for Smart Girl Summer

The Alli Worthington Show

Smart Girl Summer continues with one of my most popular guests of all time, the amazing Beth McCord of Your Enneagram Coach! Beth is an Enneagram speaker, coach and teacher with 17 years of experience and a co-founder of Your Enneagram Coach, the leading platform for all things Enneagram. Beth is passionate about coming alongside individuals and helping them re-write their stories, allowing them to see that lasting change, meaningful relationships, and a life of deep purpose is possible. This passion is what drove her to create this community, a safe place for individuals to explore the Enneagram. Beth and I talk about the first days of her business, how she knew she was called by God to do this, three keys that are part of her business’ success, and the daily work she does to stay focused and committed to her business. We also dive into how we can avoid blind spots in our daily lives by understanding the true nature of ourselves. Listen in to hear all about: How God has a plan and a story for each and every one of us, and how we can trust His plan and move forward in faith.  How to focus on our own work and lives in order to be exactly the person God created you to be. How the Holy Spirit doesn’t shame or mock us. The Holy Spirit will set our feet on a firm foundation to keep us moving in the right direction. Favorite quotes: 1. It is important for people to recognize God has a plan and a story for their life. We need to faithfully trust the process, the steps, the unclarity. Because he's got the clarity and we need to just keep going forward.2. I think a lot of times people get going in their business and then they stop for many reasons. But what we have to realize is that it's going to be hard and you've got to, with the Lord's help, figure out what you need to do.3. Recognize you may not have all the answers. You may not have all the expertise. But just get it out there. There are people that need this.  4. Every day I'm having to battle this internal dialogue and so it's exhausting. When I wonder: can someone else do this? Then God gently reminds me ‘No, I called you specifically for specific reasons to do this work for specific people who are going to be blessed.’ 5. I encourage people to be careful when listening to other people's stories. It's great to listen, learn, and grow. But don't fall into the trap that my story is your story or my advice should be the advice you take. Great things we discussed:  1. Beth McCord 2. What Is The Enneagram  3. Slack4.  Sob Rock5.  Brow Chow 6. Standing Strong Hope you loved this episode! Be sure to subscribe in iTunes and slap some stars on a review! :) xo, Alli 


9 Aug 2021

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The Enneagram and Faith with Beth McCord

Enneagram and Marriage

Today Christa and Beth McCord explore the Enneagram and relationships together as well as the deeper implications of the Enneagram. How does the Enneagram theory work with someone who's a Christian? Is it a healthy tool spiritually? How can we use it to grow closer to God? Finish out Season 2 with a close chat between Christa and Beth and find your way to grace, balance, and as always more great tools, including Beth's book, Becoming Us. For a deeper dive into each type as you grow in your faith, check out the E + M personal link to the 40 Day Enneagram Daily Reflections Series edited by Suzanne Stabile, highlighting diverse authors and published by InterVarsity Press (See coupon code for the Enneagram series below)! All links from the podcast are below as well! For Beth McCord's website, books, courses, podcast, and more, visit: https://www.yourenneagramcoach.com/ Enneagram Daily Reflections Series: enneagramtoday.com/dailyreflections For Beth McCord's info on Enneagram and Faith: https://www.yourenneagramcoach.com/origins Head on over to enneagramandmarriage.com to check out all of our amazing freebies and resources! Instagram: @enneagramandmarriage | @enneagrammarriagepod Facebook @ enneagramandmarriage   Have a specific question? Fill out this form to get your personal questions answered now!   Or leave us a comment or question by sending an MP4 recording to enneagramandmarriage@gmail.com. (You can use your voice memos app on your iPhone to record).   Love what you're learning on E + M? Make sure you leave us a 5-Star review so others can find us, too right >> here


9 Aug 2021

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159: [Best of Year 1] Leadership, Healthy Relationships, & The Enneagram - Beth McCord

Christian Woman Leadership Podcast with Esther Littlefield & Holly Cain

How can you develop healthy relationships with those you lead? And how does knowing your own wiring impact how you do this? To celebrate 3 years of the Christian Woman Leadership Podcast, we are sharing a “Best of” series. Today’s episode is the best of our first year of the podcast: Episode 17: How the Enneagram Can Help You Nurture Healthy Relationships with Beth McCord. In recent years, there has been some controversy related to the Enneagram and questions about whether Christians should utilize it. Therefore, in the intro for this ‘best of’ episode, I’m sharing some thoughts about this and some resources for you to consider if you want more information. Resources: Blog post: “Should Christians Use the Enneagram?” Podcast series from Your Enneagram Coach: #64: Thinking Theologically About the Enneagram #65: A Response to the History of the Enneagram #66: The Christian Approach to Using the Enneagram  A final note about this topic:  I want to encourage you to do your own research, prayer, and ask the Holy Spirit to give you discernment as to whether the Enneagram is a tool that you would want to utilize or not.  I am not here to tell you one way or another what you should believe or do in regards to this issue. I do not see it spelled out clearly in scripture, and thus I’m not going to tell you that my perspective is the only right one. (And check out episode 112 for guidance on sharing your personal convictions). For the show notes for this episode, visit estherlittlefield.com/episode159.

1hr 9mins

6 Jul 2021