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Understanding Yeast's Impact on Whisky with Four Roses' Master Distiller Brent Elliott

bourbonrealtalk's podcast

Four Roses is an iconic distillery producing some of the world's most sought after bourbon.  Their limited edition bottlings and many of their single barrel bottlings that gain notoriety trade on the secondary for many times their retail value. The head of production is the Master Distiller Brent Elliott. What makes Four Roses different is that they have two mashbills and five different yeast strains that produce 10 different bourbon recipes. Brent is arguably the world most experienced expert when it comes to yeast's impact on the flavor of bourbon. Yeast is a tricky little organism that loves to mutate, which is terrible if you are trying to maintain consistency of flavor.  Every whiskey nerd has a drive to understand why our whiskey tastes the way it does.  This short but information packed episode  is a must watch for every whiskey enthusiast.    Please Subscribe, Review, Like, and Comment!


30 Apr 2021

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Season 2, Episode 11: Brent Elliott, Master Distiller - Four Roses

The Bourbon Life

In this Episode of The Bourbon Life Podcast, Matt and Mark spend some time hanging out with Brent Elliott, Master Distiller, of Four Roses. The guys talk with Brent about his career before joining the Bourbon industry and how the move almost didn’t happen, the incredible history and people of Four Roses and how the brand has seen phenomenal growth since returning to the U.S. in the early 2000’s, and how he and his team manage 2 different mashbills and 5 different yeast strains to create 10 total unique recipes and the challenges (and advantages) that juggling act presents. And they also taste and review the entire Four Roses Small Batch lineup, including their signature Small Batch, the newest addition to their lineup – the Small Batch Select, and the 2020 Limited Edition Barrel Strength Small Batch. This Episode of The Bourbon Life Podcast is sponsored by The Stave Restaurant in Millville, KY and Three Chord Bourbon. Check them out online at www.thestavekentucky.com and www.threechordbourbon.com.

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12 Mar 2021

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Episode 20: Brent Elliott (Bourbon Heritage Series)

Beneath The Char

Join us as we speak with Brent Elliott--Master Distiller at Four Roses.  Brent is a fantastic storyteller and one of the most down to Earth guests we have had on the show. The team at Four Roses is producing some of the best bourbon out there, and this is a must listen!

1hr 10mins

14 Oct 2020

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The Bourbon Whiskey Daily Bonus Show - Celebrating the Best Bourbon Distillers in the Country for Bourbon Heritage Month... Today We Feature: Brent Elliott of Four Roses

The Bourbon Daily

Steve, Miss Beka Sue, Royce, Alan, Lenny & Adam talk about Brent Elliott of Four Roses. TBD music is by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com). Important Links: ABV Network Shop: https://shop.abvnetwork.com/ Our Club: https://www.abvnetwork.com/club Challenge Coin Challenges: https://www.abvnetwork.com/coin Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/theabvnetwork Check us out at: abvnetwork.com. Join the revolution by adding #ABVNetworkCrew to your profile on social media.


6 Sep 2020

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Four Roses Bourbon Master Distiller Brent Elliott plus Kindsey Bernhard

Hops & Spirits

We talk with Brent Elliott, master distiller for Four Roses Bourbon, on how Four Roses got its name, being named Master Distiller of the Year, watching bourbon grow, differences of the brand's bourbons and what's next. (Chat with Brent starts around 17 min mark) Also, Boys are from Marzen host Kindsey Bernhard joins for a 6-Pack of Questions.


27 Aug 2020

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139: Four Roses with Master Distiller Brent Elliott

The Spirit Guide Society

Master Distiller Brent Elliott joins us from Kentucky for an all encompassing, bourbon fueled conversation about Four Roses Distillery--Follow us:spiritguidesocietypodcast.comfacebook.com/spiritguidesoctwitter.com/spiritguidesocinstagram.com/spiritguidesocyoutube.com/c/SpiritGuideSociety/?sub_confirmation=1--About Brent: (fourrosesbourbon.com)Being Master Distiller is something Brent Elliott says is hard to call a job because, to him, “it’s a privilege and a passion to be a part of Four Roses.”A native of Owensboro, Kentucky, Brent became Master Distiller at Four Roses in September 2015 and he is uniquely qualified for this role… after all, he’s been involved in Producing Four Roses premium Bourbons since he began with the company in 2005.As the Distillery’s Director of Quality, Brent’s years of experience with Four Roses include everything from applying his Chemistry degree in production, managing barrel inventories, production planning, to selecting barrels for special Single Barrel bottlings and Limited Edition products. Brent applies his on-the-job experience to his role of Master Distiller, ensuring that each Four Roses product has the fruity, smooth and mellow character, along with a hint of spice, that the brand has become known for around the world.Every stage of the production process is critical and you’ll find Brent’s heart and soul in every one of them. Named Master Distiller/Blender of the Year at the 2020 Icons of Whisky America award ceremony, Brent Elliott is particularly proud of Small Batch Select, the distillery’s newest permanent product-line extension since 2006, and the biggest addition to the storied history of the brand since he became master distiller. Cheers.--A Q&A With Master Distiller Brent ElliottWe know you don’t like to toot your own horn, but what makes you an ideal Master Distiller?In many ways, I am somewhat reserved. I think that aspect of my personality and my interest in science are what led me into the field of chemistry. But, after coming to Four Roses, leaning more about Bourbon and interacting with visitors to the Distillery, I began to realize that I never felt reserved when it came to Bourbon. I think the key is the excitement that surrounds any conversation about Bourbon…from both sides!What is your responsibility as Master Distiller?My focus will always be what got me to where I am, and what got the Four Roses brand where it is today, and that’s quality. It will be a challenge to be as involved in Quality as I always have been and to promote a brand that I love, but it’s a challenge I welcome!If we maintain the same quality that has come to define Four Roses and I successfully share my experiences and passion with the growing number of Bourbon enthusiasts, then I will be doing my job. This brand speaks for itself, and I’m committed to maintaining the product and sharing Four Roses Bourbon with as many people as possible.What’s been your favorite thing about working at Four Roses Bourbon thus far?If you look at Four Roses, you can see the tremendous growth over the past 5-10 years. In that time there has been a surreal feeling of excitement surrounding the brand and the industry as a whole. As Four Roses has grown, this excitement has attracted more wonderful and passionate people to the company. Working with them and sharing in the excitement is my favorite part of being here.What can the fans expect in years to come?More Bourbon of the same quality they know and love. And, with our recent investments to increase our capacity, even more people will have the chance to enjoy Four Roses.What gives you the most satisfaction at Four Roses?I’m happiest either when I am so deep into a project or task that I lose track of everything else OR when something is finally complete and I can take a big step back and take pride in the finished project. One thing that comes to mind is the first sip of a Limited Edition after all the barrels are dumped. That’s satisfying! Describe a typical day in the life of Brent Elliott.Fortunately it is impossible to answer that question. Every day is different for me at Four Roses. I enjoy that there is no real routine. I mentally prepare my daily goals on my way to work every day. If I’m lucky, my day resembles my plan. Usually, it doesn’t.Do you remember your first taste of Bourbon?I remember my first drink of unmixed bourbon. Years ago, a good friend of mine introduced me to Bourbon on the rocks. I was very excited and grateful at the time. I’m even more grateful now, and I’ve told him so.Where did you grow up?Owensboro, KY.UK or UofL?I graduated from UK. That’s all I should say.Do you have a favorite Four Roses recipe?I can’t even say what my favorite Four Roses product is. It changes depending on my mood and even on the time of year. I seem to lean toward Single Barrel in the cooler months and the Yellow Label and Small Batch in the warmer months.Are you into music? Favorite band?I love music. Picking a favorite band or genre is similar to the question about my favorite recipe. There is a whole world of rich, wonderful music out there. There are a million tangible and intangible factors that at any particular time make a certain sound “perfect”.How did you feel when you were named Master Distiller at Four Roses Bourbon?Of course Joy and excitement, but more than that I felt honored thatFour Roses was putting their confidence in me.What’s the perfect meal to accompany Four Roses Bourbon?Because I am from Owensboro, KY, I was recently asked about pairing Bourbon with Western Kentucky Barbeque. Honestly I have not tried to pair these, yet, so I could not properly answer. However, I promise that on my next trip to Owensboro I’m going to have fun getting to the bottom of this question.How do you prefer to drink Four Roses?Usually I drink my Bourbon on the rocks or neat. However, when I get the chance for a talented bartender to make me a cocktail, I never pass it up. The creativity and skill of many bartenders is amazing.--About Four Roses:In 1884, Paul Jones Jr, moved his thriving business to Louisville, Kentucky, where he opened an office in a section of historic Main Street called, “Whiskey Row”. Four years later, he trademarked the name Four Roses, claiming production and sales back to the 1860s. In 1922, the Paul Jones Company purchased the Frankfort Distilling Company.In 1943, Seagram purchased the Frankfort Distilling Co. primarily to acquire the most noted and recognized name in the business at that time – Four Roses’ Kentucky Straight Bourbon. Even though Four Roses was the top selling Bourbon in the U.S. in the 30s, 40s and 50s, Seagram made the decision to discontinue the sale of Four Roses’ Kentucky Straight Bourbon in the United States, and Four Roses was moved to the rapidly growing European and Asian markets where it quickly became and still is a top-selling Bourbon in both Europe and Japan today.In 1966, a young man named Jim Rutledge, who would later become one of the world’s most legendary Master Distillers, joined Seagram in the Louisville Plant’s Research and Development Department. In 1975, he was transferred to Corporate Headquarters in New York until 1992, when Jim asked to return home to Kentucky to help with the Four Roses brand. In 1995, he replaced Ova Haney as the Master Distiller. For the next several years, Jim worked tirelessly to return the Four Roses brand back to the States – a dream that would become a reality in hands of a new owner.In February 2002, the Kirin Brewery Company, Ltd. purchased the Four Roses Bourbon brand trademark and production facilities. The new acquisition was named the Four Roses Distillery LLC. Shortly thereafter, Four Roses was once again sold in the United States and quickly earned the reputation of being one of the most notable names in the Bourbon world.In August 2015, Jim Rutledge retired as Master Distiller and Brent Elliott, who had worked alongside Jim for 10 years, became the company’s new Master Distiller.The people who work at the Four Roses Distillery in Lawrenceburg, KY and at our warehouse facility in Cox’s Creek, KY continue the legacy that began with Paul Jones in 1888. Their passion for quality and pride in handcrafting an award winning Bourbon is evident in the smooth, mellow taste that has become the signature of the Four Roses Brand.--Samba Isobel by Kevin MacLeodLink: https://incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/4316-samba-isobelLicense: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

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23 Jun 2020

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Cheateau Minuty Rose + Master Distiller Brent Elliott of Four Roses Distillery


A fabulous talk and tasting with Chateau Minuty Provencal Rose and Master Distiller Brent Elliott of Four Roses Distillery


27 Apr 2020

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Ep. 60 Gators, Bear Encounters, Whitetails, and Raising Kids with Brent Elliott

Shedding Light Hunting Stories Podcast

Today's episode has it all....gator stories, close encounters with a bear, some epic whitetail stories and some lessons on raising kids. These all come from today's guest Brent Elliott from Florida. Hope you all have a safe and fun week. 


15 Mar 2020

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Sipping on Four Roses Bourbon with Master Distiller, Brent Elliott

HRN Happy Hour

The HRN crew is joined by Brent Elliott, the Master Distiller of Four Roses Bourbon who was recently awarded the title of Master Distiller of the Year by Whiskey Magazine. Brent shares his unexpected journey, which put his chemistry degree to use in the world of spirits. He also talks about what avenues he has for innovation while working at a company that prides itself on a 100+ year history. While the team sips on two different expressions of Four Roses, they chat about aging, tasting, and their favorite whiskey cocktails.HRN Happy Hour  is powered by Simplecast.bourbon, kentucky, master distiller, whiskey, four roses bourbon, brent elliott, spirits, chemistry, tasting, happy hour, cocktails


27 Feb 2020

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The Bourbon / Whiskey Show #75: Brent Elliott, Four Roses Master Distiller Talks 2019 Small Batch L.E.

The Bourbon Show

Steve & Jeremy interview Brent Elliott about the 2019 Four Roses Limited Edition Small Batch, his career and his company. The Bourbon Show music (Whiskey on the Mississippi) is by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com).  Important Links:  ABV Network Shop: https://shop.abvnetwork.com/ Our Club: https://www.abvnetwork.com/club Challenge Coin Challenges: https://www.abvnetwork.com/coin Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/theabvnetwork Check us out at: abvnetwork.com. Join the revolution by adding #ABVNetworkCrew to your profile on social media.

1hr 41mins

1 Oct 2019