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The Return of James MacPherson!

The HOP Nerd

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29 Aug 2022

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Wokeism and Extreme Islam - Crippling Artistic Expression - James Macpherson (Political Commentator) - 24 Aug 2022


We’re talking to popular commentator James Macpherson about the attack on Salman Rushdie who wrote ’The Satanic Verses’.Help Vision to keep 'Connecting Faith to Life': https://vision.org.au/donateSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


24 Aug 2022

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Wokeball takes Precedence over Football - James Macpherson (Political Commentator) - 28 Jul 2022


We’re talking about the controversy over player refusal to wear Rainbow Jumpers in the Manly Rugby League Club.Help Vision to keep 'Connecting Faith to Life': https://vision.org.au/donateSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


29 Jul 2022

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Crossover Episode - Rebranding Safety - With James MacPherson

The UK Psych Health and Safety Podcast Show

This week Sheila joins James MacPherson Managing Director and Chief Operational Risk Consultant @ RiskFluent on his Rebranding Safety podcast.Amongst over things they are discussing where mental health sits within an organisation and who has responsibility for it, ISO’s (how and who), behaviour and culture change and they give their thoughts on how mental health is currently being dealt with.

1hr 9mins

12 Jul 2022

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The Mad, Mad World of James MacPherson

The Practice of Learning Teams

Hi Safety FM listeners, this is Brent Sutton, one of the hosts of the podcast series The Practice of Learning Teams.Our goal is to support you on your journey and build a better community of practice for Learning Teams.On today's show, I am joined by James MacPherson, who wears many hats, as an operational risk professional, podcaster, YouTuber, coach, husband, and proud dad. I like the style that James brings to the new view of safety, so I thought it was a great opportunity to connect with him and talk about the mad, mad world of James MacPherson.Please share your thoughts about this episode @ podcastlearnings.comBe part of the journey with Learning Teams @ learningteamscommunity.comAnd don't forget, the book "The Practice of Learning Teams" is available in printed and Kindle editions on Amazon or from the author's website.


29 Jun 2022

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Why having a blanket approach to safety doesn't work (with James MacPherson, Chief Operational Risk Consultant at RiskFluent)

Safety Leaders Now

James MacPherson has a lot of experience in the safety space. From reading many academic papers to testing different strategies in the workplace, here's how he's trying to make a difference:- His current role and what his company does [1:03]- The consulting services he provides [2:37]- The value he provides to clients [4:34]- His thoughts on doing less, but better [11:49]- When should you not be thinking about safety? [17:23]- Why the fundamental role of a safety professional is about decision guidance [20:56]- Where he sees the opportunity for the safety space to establish some commonality in the terminologies [28:31]- How to get a good insight into how your team sees safety [39:00]- The importance of stress tests [47:16]- Why the absence of negativity doesn't necessarily mean that there's a presence of positivity [55:00]- Why having these kinds of conversations are beneficial to the safety space [59:17]- The regulators follow the people, so here's how James thinks you can make a difference [1:04:03] Reach out to James:- linkedin.com/in/jmacpherson1- rebrandingsafety.com- projectmollitiam.comGet the full show notes, here: blog.opslock.com/podcast-notes/james-macphersonReach out to Joe on LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/joejmeadowsMusic by Dyalla Swain: soundcloud.com/dyallasLike this episode? Make sure to leave it a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ review and hit subscribe, so you never miss when a new episode drops.

1hr 15mins

16 Mar 2022

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Safety Snapshot for Learning Teams: Take 34 Cognitive Diversity with James MacPherson

The Practice of Learning Teams

Safety Snapshot for Learning Teams is a quick snapshot of learning to help the community on their Learning Team journey.


27 Feb 2022

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Ep 97; Rebranding Safety with James MacPherson

A Half Dozen Things Podcast by Pete Rushmer

Rebranding Safety with James MacPherson! James is a another podcast host and successful youtuber. His podcast Rebranding Safety, well it does just that. James likes to explore, what safety is as well as the philosophical elements of safety management too. This is a bumper episode and not to be missed. James and I discuss; Is compliance safe? How can we balance compliance and safety? What is safety culture? How can we improve employee behaviours? What is Resilience? It is a great session so please tune in and share with your friends!

1hr 38mins

4 Feb 2022

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#63 - Chatting With James MacPherson: Most equipment rental businesses are not utilizing the data they collect

The Rental Journal Podcast

James MacPherson has over 18 years in the equipment rental industry, working at companies such as Coates Hire & Onsite Rental Group. He worked his way through various customer facing roles within the branches but would eventually find a passion for pricing & data. Today James is a specialist in analysing equipment rental rates, while also helping rental companies better utilize their data through reporting solutions. From this passion, James would go onto start his own company called Wolf and Bear Services, where he provides consulting services to the equipment rental industry.Get in contact with James - enquiries@wolfandbear.net.auhttps://wolfandbear.net.au/This podcast episode was sponsored by Arrow. Tired of manual data entry into your CRM? Does your current CRM slow you down? It’s time to build and close deals from anywhere. Remove the manual data entry, create and send quotes in 3 clicks with Arrow. Finally, a powerful way to close deals on your phone. See Arrow in action at the American Rental Association Show in Las Vegas on October 17th - 20th.Learn more about Arrow: https://www.rentalarrow.com/podcastGet in contact with The Rental Journal Podcast Website: https://www.therentaljournal.com/contact-us Email: mark.simonsen@therentaljournal.com


18 Oct 2021

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Rebranding safety with James MacPherson

The Safety and Risk Success Podcast

James MacPherson is the host of the Rebranding Safety podcast and YouTube channel, he's the co-founder of Project Mollitiam, he's the Health, Safety and Environment Manager at the Glass and Glazing Federation, he's changing perceptions of health & safety... and he's today's guest on the Safety & Risk Success Podcast! James and Christian have what's fair to say is more of a fireside chat than a traditional interview, covering topics including: ✅ Health and fitness in a Covid world ✅ How James' mission of "rebranding safety" is going. How this can be measured and articulated and where James sees the safety profession going in the future ✅ The success of Project Mollitiam in its first three months and the great feedback received by its members ✅ Whether or not "safety is our number 1 priority" is a platitude or a valuable thing to say. Or, is there a better way to put this message across that is more realistic and more achievable? If you're a fan of James, you can: 👍 Join Project Mollitiam: https://www.projectmollitiam.com/ 👍 Connect on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jmacpherson1/ 👍 Listen to his podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/rebranding-safety/id1445367198 👍 Watch his YouTube content: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeSzxgNnZ8QE0bdZRIxf8eA 👍 Check out the GGF: https://www.ggf.org.uk/ #safety #insurance #riskmanagement


19 Jun 2021