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Lindsay Buroker on Pen Names, Podcasting, and Rapid Release (Reair)

Wish I'd Known Then . . . For Writers

Episode 128 / We’re headed back to the archives for a fun interview with Lindsay Buroker. Lindsay talks about the benefits and drawbacks of pen names, the advantages of podcasting for writers, and how she writes and releases books into Kindle Unlimited using the rapid release model, then goes wide later.  Intro links:  Timeshifter app Claire’s Kickstaster Inkers Con digital ticket (affiliate code for discount: ALBRIGHT22) Show notes: The importance of embracing the entrepreneurial mindset when you’re an indie author Advantages of using Patreon before a launch to let wide readers get a book before it goes into KU Why Lindsay is glad she did a writing workshop before she published The benefit of giving your cover artist freedom to be creative Why first-in-series-free book still works Lindsay’s lessons-learned about writing in multiple genres and pen names Advice for writers who want to start a podcast Rapid release and how Lindsay writes the books back-to-back before launching Book One The power of using “open loops” in a series and how it boosts readthrough of a series Focusing on what you’re good at and leaning into that whether it’s writing fast or marketing Come over and say hi to Jami and Sara in the WIKT Facebook group! You can find show notes and links at wishidknownforwriters.com. Lindsay Buroker Six Figure Authors Podcast The Big List of Craft and marketing books mentioned on WIKT podcast episodes Jami’s Launch Plan Sara’s Book Release Timeline Checklist Jami’s books Sara’s books Resources from the Author and Reader Community to Help Ukrainans


12 Jul 2022

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190 - May 16, 2021 - Dawn of Assassins, Lindsay Buroker, Emperor's Edge, Kel Kade, King's Dark Tidings, The Annunaki Connection

Jon Cronshaw's Author Diary

Welcome to Jon's Author Diary for the week ending May 16, 2021. Watch the video version at https://youtu.be/elU-I-UVzIg  


15 May 2021

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187 - April 25, 2021 - Dawn of Assassins, Michael J. Sullivan, Jeff Vandermeer, Lindsay Buroker

Jon Cronshaw's Author Diary

Welcome to Jon's author diary for the week ending April 25, 2021.  Watch the video version here:  https://youtu.be/edtU_HaCGSI


24 Apr 2021

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How to write a successful book series – with Lindsay Buroker

Starke Schreiber Podcast

Meet Lindsay Buroker, an insanely prolific writer – she has written around 80 books, most of them as part of a series. With ten years of experience, Lindsay will teach us today how to write a successful book series.    2:00 Lindsay’s introduction – where she comes from, how many books she has written – hint: many!! 2:55 How she finally became a full-time writer – her biography is astonishing 7:48 Why you should write series instead of standalone 9:15 The Do’s and Don’t when it comes to writing book series   11:30 How to plan a series effectively 15:55 Lindsay’s process of writing a series   19:23 Lindsay’s secret to writing 10 novels a year 26:00 Efficient book series marketing practices 29:38 How to market subsequent books in the series 32:47 How to boost read-through 34:22 Lindsay’s favourite story   35:34 Podcast summary ✅ Lindsay’s fiction: https://lindsayburoker.com The Six Figure Authors Podcast: https://6figureauthors.com


24 Apr 2021

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SPS-275: How Free Audiobooks Can Make You Money - with Lindsay Buroker

The Self Publishing Show

Prolific sci-fi author Lindsay Buroker explains how uploading her books to YouTube brought in a four-figure monthly income.


23 Apr 2021

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183 - March 28, 2021 - The Wasteland series, Dawn of Assassins, Lindsay Buroker, Emperor's Edge, David Gemell, Assassin's Curse

Jon Cronshaw's Author Diary

Welcome to Jon's Author Diary for the week ending March 28, 2021. In this week's episode Jon talks about his forthcoming launch of the Wasteland series boxset, his progress on Dawn of Assassins, and his plans for the Easter holiday. Click HERE to claim your free copy of Birth of Assassins.


27 Mar 2021

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SUCCESSFUL Self-Published Novelist, LIndsay Buroker

"The Commute" Podcast

Climbing aboard the book mobile this week is successful (read: $ucce$$ful) self-published author, Lindsay Buroker! She is a well-known fantasy novelist, with over 75 titles in circulation. More importantly, she has solved the self-publication game--as more and more authors are turning away from traditional publishing houses. For most, they are weeded out by the grueling process of securing and then maintaining an audience. Listen in and learn from Lindsay’s experience and her good nature. A nearly unique accomplishment in the industry!


25 Feb 2021

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Episode 8 With Lindsay Buroker!

The Urban Fantasy Author Podcast

Our guest this week is Lindsay Buroker, the author of the Death Before Dragons series. Lindsay joins co-host Paul Sating to talk writing, quick releases, and book cover gaffes in this episode of the Urban Fantasy Author Podcast. This episode’s excerpt is from chapter one of Sinister Magic, book one of Lindsay’s “Death Before Dragons” […]


19 Feb 2021

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176 - February 7, 2021 - The Little Thief, Thief in the Myst, Warhammer 40k, Ben Hale, Lindsay Buroker

Jon Cronshaw's Author Diary

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6 Feb 2021

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#221 - Using Patreon as an Indie Author with Lindsay Buroker

Kobo Writing Life Podcast

Author and co-host of the Six Figure Authors podcast Lindsay Buroker joins us on the podcast this week. Lindsay has been an indie author for almost a decade and she talks to us about how the industry has changed over that time, where she thinks it’s going next, and she tells us about her Patreon and how she utilizes the platform to distribute ARCs and reward her fans.  Learn more about this episode!


10 Nov 2020