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The Value of Truth | Simon Blackburn

Brain in a Vat

Why is the truth important? Who decides what the truth is? Is there such a thing as objective, eternal truth, or is truth simply a matter of perspective, of linguistic or cultural vantage point?   Simon's Book: https://www.amazon.com/Truth-Simon-Blackburn/dp/0190867213 Brain in a Vat bookshop (Shopify): https://smarturl.it/BrainShop Brain in a Vat bookshop (Amazon): https://smarturl.it/BrainAmazonShop Mark.Oppenheimer[at]gmail and Jwerbe[at]gmail

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22 May 2022

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One on One with Simon Blackburn


Take My Tone's Simon Blackburn enters the BITECAST kitchen to talk banana splits, McDonalds nuggets, avoiding grease and more.Topics on the menu are as follows:What food related item or dish would you compare yourself to and why?What’s your guilty pleasure?What are your weird food habits?What is your favourite food/dish?Be sure to rate, review and subscribe.Follow us on the socials:DISCORD | INSTAGRAM | TWITTERVisit our WEBSITE and official WEBSTOREMuch love, #stayhumble and #stayhungry


26 Jan 2022

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When Belief Dies #64 - 'The morality of an Infidel' with Simon Blackburn

When Belief Dies

This week Sam and Daniel are joined by philosopher Simon Blackburn. The video version of this conversation can be found here on our YouTube channel 12 hours after the audio version goes live. Simon is an English academic philosopher known for his work in  metaethics, where he defends quasi-realism, and in the philosophy of  language. In this conversation, we talk about what it means to be an infidel, what life looks like without a God and how philosophy has driven and changed  the conversations we can have today in regard to religion. You can find/follow Daniel here: Twitter  You can find Simon Blackburn here: University of Cambridge Resources mentioned in this episode: Think: A Compelling Introduction to Philosophy Ethics: A Very Short Introduction We hope you enjoy our show. When Belief Dies aims to honestly reflect on faith, religion and life. Your support via Patreon enables us to cover the costs of running this show and look to the future to make things even better as we build upon what we already have in the works. Please take a look and consider giving. Alternatively, you can support the show with a one-off gift via PayPal. Use the following link to navigate to the website, to find us on social media and anywhere else we might be present online. #Podcast #Deconstruction #God #Agnostic #Christian #Atheism #Apologetics #Audio #Question #Exvangelical #Deconversion #SecularGrace #Exchristian


25 Aug 2021

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Bioethics Series - Consent with Mr Simon Blackburn


Welcome to the third episode in our Bioethics series! Here we discuss the legal, ethical and practicalities of consent with Mr Simon Blackburn, Consultant Paediatric Surgeon at GOSH. Referenced articles include the important Montgomery case, the link to which can be found here: https://rcpsg.ac.uk/college/this-is-what-we-stand-for/policy/consent/the-montgomery-case This podcast is a must for ANYONE working in paediatrics as a professional update in current movements towards consent being patient rather than doctor focused, and thoughts on assent and dissent.Music and additional sound effects from https://www.zapsplat.com


3 Aug 2021

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Episode #106 - Simon Blackburn

All About The Song

Simon Blackburn is a podcaster residing in Albany, Western Australia.  I was a guest on Take My Tone, Simon’s podcast where two people swap songs to find out if opposites attract or react.  It was the first podcast I was a guest on, and I asked Simon to join me for a followup conversation to talk about how he got the idea, and what he has learned from recording the weekly show.   Website: https://takemytone.com/ FB: https://tinyurl.com/y8twtp58 IG: https://tinyurl.com/yc5udeka Spotify: https://tinyurl.com/yb35tp2t

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2 Oct 2020

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What do we really know? | Renata Salecl, Philip Goff & Simon Blackburn

Philosophy For Our Times

Looking for a link we mentioned? It's here: https://linktr.ee/philosophyforourtimesFor much of human history people have held firm - if mistaken - beliefs about the nature of the world and the right course of action. But now a steep decline in religious belief, compounded by doubts about the very possibility of objective truth, has left many in the West profoundly lost. Should we welcome this new uncertainty and revel in the absence of a constricting set of agreed beliefs? Are we only now recognising the limitations of the human condition, which our hubris once obscured or denied? Or must we escape from being lost - even if it means adopting illusory certainties - in order to provide social identity, personal well being and purpose?There are thousands of big ideas to discover at IAI.tv – videos, articles, and courses waiting for you to explore. Find out more: https://iai.tv/podcast-offers?utm_source=podcast&utm_medium=shownotes&utm_campaign=what-do-we-really-knowSee Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


29 Sep 2020

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Morality from an Evolutionary Perspective with Simon Blackburn

This View of Life

David discusses morality from an evolutionary perspective with analytic philosopher Simon Blackburn. Along the way they cover whether functionality discredits altruism, the two sides of morality (thou shall not and thou shall), and the importance of intent for moral outrage. This is the first episode of a two-part series on morality out of the TVOL archives. Dive deeper with our special publication asking scientists and philosophers if there is a universal morality. --- Become a member of the TVOL1000 and join the Darwinian revolution   Follow This View of Life on Twitter and Facebook   Order the This View of Life book

1hr 18mins

5 Aug 2020

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Simon Blackburn loves Pantera’s Far Beyond Driven


1hr 7mins

9 Jul 2020

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Simon Blackburn on Philosophy, Truth and Morality | Episode 2

Philosophical Trials

Simon Blackburn is a Fellow of the British Academy. He is a Professor of Philosophy at Trinity College, University of Cambridge who is well known for his contribution to meta-ethics (where he defends quasi-realism) and for his excellent introductory books (such as 'Think' or 'Being Good'). Outline of the conversation:00:10 What motivated you to write 'Think'?02:00 What is the role of Philosophy?04:10 Progress in Philosophy07:18 Remarks on the notion of Truth09:27 Deflationism about Truth14:15 The Correspondence Theory of Truth and problems with Facts17:40 Is there anything wrong with abstract objects?19:44 The Liar's Paradox28:37 The relationship between religion and morality33:55 Free Will47:18 Which philosophers influenced you the most?48:50 What contributions did Hume make to modern thought?Twitter: https://twitter.com/tedynenu


16 May 2020

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Simon Blackburn - Morally Stuck & Navigating the Pandemic

Valley Beit Midrash

Rabbi Dr. Shmuly Yanklowitz, President & Dean of Valley Beit Midrash interviews Professor Simon Blackburn, Distinguished Research Professor of Philosophy - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, on the topic of "Morally Stuck & Navigating the Pandemic."DONATE: http://www.bit.ly/1NmpbsPFor podcasts of VBM lectures, GO HERE:https://www.valleybeitmidrash.org/learning-library https://www.facebook.com/valleybeitmidrash


24 Mar 2020