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Nicki Wilson on Employment trends in Consumer Market and Jobs in High Demand

The Change Officer

Over the last few years, a lot of people lost their jobs, but also many companies had difficulties finding the right talent for their business.Trying to figure out what is happening in the jobs market currently, we invited Nicki Wilson, Owner & Managing Director at Genie - Dubai-based, specialist recruitment consultancy covering the consumer industry.In the next 45 minutes you will learn:- What are the employment trends in the consumer market- Which jobs are becoming high in demand- How did Nicki build one of the hottest recruitment companies in a male-dominated part of the world.Enjoy! #TheChangeOfficerHost: Vuk ZlatarovGuest: Nicki WilsonProduction company: PoddsterStart your own podcast! Book a free consultation at https://poddster.com/ Follow our guest on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nickigenie/Check out Genie: https://www.linkedin.com/company/genierecruitment/


23 Aug 2021

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Ep. 8 - Know Your Worth & Body Image Struggles with Nicki Wilson

The Chasing Health Podcast

Body Image… So many of us struggle with it, myself included! On today’s episode, I had the pleasure of talking with Nicki Wilson. Nicki is a coach, personal trainer, and body image expert. She helps men and women look past what they see in the mirror or the number on the scale and realize what their body is capable of! Nicki shared a ton of valuable information… especially at the end - I had goosebumps, literally! We discussed: -How Nicki got into personal training, coaching, and then to focusing on body positivity, acceptance, and body image related struggles. . -How our bodies change throughout our aging process and how our standards should as well - our new “norm” . -How dieting and losing weight is NOT sexy - the little stuff adds up and the boring stuff is what matters most! . -Healing your relationship with the scale… or, should you even be weighing yourself? . -Simple steps to start healing your self-image. . -How our childhood messages from our loved ones could have actually harmed us - unintentionally. . -Are people really “big boned” - are we all born with a specific body type/shape? How much can a healthy lifestyle change that. . -When you should see a counselor/therapist? What they can do for you. . -Advocating for yourself - tactics to stop the “diet talk” when it’s not necessary. . -Body shaming and body negativity - how our peers can be making things worse - don’t be the bad apple. . -How to speak positively to yourself using affirmations - do they actually work? . -Can you ALWAYS be body positive? Is that realistic? How to use “…and…” statements to promote a better way of thinking about your body. . -After having a child, mothers are usually able to change mentally, spiritually, and emotionally - they can accept that, - but, why can’t mother’s accept that being a parent physically changed us. . -Can you get away with not tracking your food? The importance of finding out what works best for you! . -How to stop picking your body apart in the mirror - working on your “swole mind.” . -Do you find yourself comparing yourself to others on social media? Are you using social media for good… or are you just making matters worse? - other social media concerns (before/after pictures, photoshopped makeovers, filters etc.) . -How body image is so under discussed in men - we struggle too, and we need to start talking about it more! . -Masculinity is not determined just by your body image. . -Men need to be doing this work as well, it’s not just for women. . -How mothers can help their son’s understand body image. . -3 practical pieces of advice you can start doing TODAY to start improving your body image. . -One question everyone should be asking themselves - it changed the way I looked at the entire weight loss process. . Thanks again, Nicki, for coming onto the show! I greatly appreciate your time and wisdom - especially the value you brought to my listeners! Find Nicki on IG: @_nickiwilson_ . . . How to find me: IG: @changing_chase FB: Chase Smith Email: chase@chasinghealthllc.com

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30 Jul 2021

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61. Embracing Your Body's Changes with Body Image Expert, Nicki Wilson

The Fit To Be Fierce Podcast

In this episode, I am joined by body image expert, Nicki Wilson. We take a deep dive into body image, how to embrace your body's changes, and more.Nicki shares practical steps to improve the way you see and love the skin you're in. She gives 3 great strategies everyone who struggles with body image will want to apply immediately.She also discusses the difference between "body acceptance" and "body positivity", as well as the fact that you don't NEED to love your body or everything about it to accept it, but you NEED to accept it in order to improve it. You can't take care of something you hate.----------If you enjoyed this episode, please consider subscribing & writing a review, as it really does help a lot!As a thank you for supporting my show, follow these steps below to receive exclusive access to my new Sustainable Weight Loss Blueprint, so you can learn how to lose weight and keep it off even if you love carbs and struggle to stay motivated.STEP 1Subscribe and write a review on iTunes!STEP 2Screenshot and submit your review to me on Instagram (@thejoshpierce) or Facebook, with your full name + email.STEP 3Receive FREE exclusive access to your Sustainable Weight Loss Blueprint in your email!----------Nicki's IG: @_nickiwilson_Josh’s IG: @thejoshpierceMore Free Resources: https://empowermentcollectivecoaching.com/podcast


22 Mar 2021

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Enneagram with Nicki Wilson

PT Profit Podcast

We are back today with another brand new PT Profit Podcast, and I had a blast making this one, coaches. One of my best friends, Nicki Wilson, joined me for today's episode, and we talk all about the Enneagram types. Do you know how to best interact with everyone around you? Coaches, Enneagram helped me understand my friends, my clients, and my employees so much better. I find it so helpful in determining the best ways to communicate with folks. It has improved personal relationships and business endeavors. Nicki gives us some background on the Enneagram in this episode as well as takes a deep dive into all nine types. In this episode, Nicki and I talk about: - What "Enneagram" is and how you can use it.- How compatible personality types lead to good clients and employees.- The nine Enneagram types. About Today's Guest Nicki Wilson is a trainer and body image coach who has been using the Enneagram for years to help her clients reach their goals. Nicki Wilson Nicki's Free Courses & Additional Resources YourEnneagramCoach.com Podcast Review + Bonus Offer If you enjoy this episode, I would love to hear your favorite part or what inspired you. Leave us a 5-star review over at Apple Podcasts by clicking here.  Be sure to screenshot the published review and send it to the team at support@bsimpsonfitness.com, and we’ll send you a very special BONUS episode: How to Optimize your IG so that you can get your first 5 high paying clients even with just 100 followers. BSimpsonFitness Links Beverley Simpson's 7-Day Social Media Content Planner - Download this FREE 7-day social media content planner, and discover exactly what to post for the next seven days so that you get your first few high-paying clients. Beverley Simpson's PT Profit Formula & PT Profit Formula Plus - A complete step-by-step process to create a sales system inside your business so that you can fill your client schedule and sell out your products without sleazy sales. Beverley Simpson: PT Profit Formula on Facebook @bsimpsonfitness on Instagram @bsimpsonfitness on TikTok Contact Beverley Do you follow Beverley on Facebook or Instagram yet? What are you waiting for? Head over to Beverley Simpson: PT Profit Formula on Facebook and to @bsimpsonfitness on Instagram, and follow her and her team for additional daily content.

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23 Feb 2021

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The Cultural Undoing of Diet Culture with Nicki Wilson

The Golden Gals Podcast!

Nicki and I chat about body image, her work as a body image coach, and the cultural undoing of diet culture.  Plus, we dive into the wellness world and the stampede of wellness products like apple cider vinegar, celery juice, and more.  Get ready to be empowered to just live your life in the present instead of worrying about checking off every wellness box because, in the end, that isn't so well for us anyway!  Of course, do what nourishes you but we hope to alleviate some of the pressure that the wellness world puts on you and remind you that confidence comes from within!   Connect with me, Sarah, on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/livinglikegolden/ Join my support group: https://www.livinglikegolden.com/booknow Connect with Nicki: https://www.instagram.com/_nickiwilson_/--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/appSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thegoldengalspodcast/support


11 Sep 2020

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33: Building Your Tribe Online (with Nicki Wilson)

Work Your Wellness Biz: Online Marketing for Health and Fitness Coaches

Today is our first official podcast guest, Nicki Wilson! Nicki and I chat about how to build your tribe online with social media, and being vulnerable. You can find Nicki at www.nicki-wilson.com.


23 Oct 2018

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Tools to Make the Most out of Your Perfectionism with Nicki Wilson

The Good Curves Podcast

Cari Li interviews Nicki Wilson who is a working wife and mother and they talk about perfectionism; the two types of perfectionists, traits to look out for and the advantages and disadvantages of perfectionism. She also shares her incredible knowledge and provides many tools and tips on relationships, business, fitness and life! Outline: 00:00 – Episode introduction on Nicki Wilson by Cari. 03:19 – Cari introduces Nicki who is originally from Waco, Texas. Nicki talks about herself and her family. She also goes into how she used to be a personal trainer in the fitness industry and the journey that led her to creating her business and her own program called Fit and Free. 12:10 – Nicki also has a Podcast with Beverly Simpson, who was a guest on TGC podcast before. The Podcast is called Action Made Mamas Podcast and they want to use it to empower women and encourage them to go after their dreams. 16:58 – How Nicki manages all the different aspects of her life; from owning her own business, coaching women in fitness and being a wife and a mother of 3. 25:15 – Before Cari and Nicki talk about perfectionism we have a quick intermission: Join The Good Curves Podcast closed Facebook group if you enjoy these topics and want to continue the conversation with your personal insights, experiences and questions in a safe space with a diverse community of women, willing to have uncomfortable conversations, respectfully. 26:21 – Nicki explains about how her perfectionism has helped her succeed in so many ways but has also stunted her in other ways. She also talks about the two different types of perfectionists; the overactive perfectionists and the under-active perfectionists. 32:49 – The biggest changes Nicki has experienced with her family environment after the struggle of letting go of her perfectionism. 36:05 – The benefits and advantages of perfectionism, and how to balance it and keep it in check in your life. 38:23 – Nicki talks about the amazing mission/trip she took together with her family to Uganda in Africa and the impact it had. 45:17 – Nicki shares some words of wisdom, tips and tools that can benefit us in our everyday lives and beyond. 56:52 – Nicki goes into the business side of things and provides more words of wisdom, tips and tools people can use for that as well. 1:02:58 – TGC’s final closing question for Nicki. 1:06:52 – A big thank you to Nicki for sharing her knowledge and wisdom with us. She is so inspiring with her big heart and generous nature, and her passion for life. How to Connect with Nick Wilson: Crazy Confidence Coaching and Application : https://fitwithnicki.lpages.co/cc-application/ #ActionOverPerfection Checklist: https://fitwithnicki.lpages.co/nickis-action-over-perfection-checklist/ Instagram: www.instagram.com/_nickiwilson_ Links and Resources: Better Booty Guide : thegoodcurves.com/better-booty Hormonal Fat Loss Workshop: thegoodcurves.com/fatloss Facebook Group: www.facebook.com/groups/thegoodcurvesclub Connect with the host and community on… Instagram at: @Cari_Li Facebook at: @TheGoodCurves or join the conversation in our Closed Facebook Group!

1hr 7mins

12 Sep 2018

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5- Authenticity with Nicki Wilson

It's Not About the Food: Intuitive Eating, Anti-Diet, Body Positivity with Dr. Stefani Reinold

Eating disorders, the diet industry, and dysfunctional relationships with food and our bodies steal our identity. They steal our voice, our power, and our authenticity. It's not uncommon as you begin healing your relationship with food that you also begin questioning who you are. This week I'm joined by one of my favorite (and most authentic) online business friends... and also one of the only fitness professionals whom I trust. I'm talking to Nicki Wilson, host of Action Made Mamas podcast and creator of Fit and Free online program. In this ep, you'll also hear: Nicki's summer hashtag campaign that shows everyone her true colors... #JustGetinThePool Instagram's problems with body positivity hashtags What we all secretly struggle with The truth behind $1 million launch (and other dirty online business secrets) How to just be you and more! Connect with Nicki: Instagram: @_nickiwilson_  Podcast: Action Made Mamas Nicki's Fit and Free Program Connect with Dr. Stefani: Instagram or Facebook. ---------------------------------- VIEW FULL SHOW NOTES: www.stefanireinoldmd.com/005 TO ASK DR. STEFANI A QUESTION: Have a question about intuitive eating, health, wellness? Ask it here. FREE VIDEO TRAINING SERIES: Overcome emotional eating and make peace with food! Access FREE video series here! CONNECT: Instagram: @stefanireinoldmd or @notaboutthefood Facebook: fb.com/stefanireinoldmd or fb.com/notaboutthefood WHAT DO YOU WANT TO KNOW? Leave a rating + review for the podcast and share what you'd like to hear in upcoming episodes!


10 Sep 2018

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042 | Nicki Wilson - Food freedom, intuitive eating, perfectionism, body image & sex

WISE - Women Introverts, Sensitives, & Empaths

So many of us out there struggle with perfectionism and letting go of control (me included!), especially around food and our bodies. I'm so glad my good friend Nicki Wilson is on the show today to help us dismantle these notions and overcome our perfectionism to live a more flexible, free, & fit life.Nicki Wilson is married to her high school sweetheart and a mom of 3 living the dream in Waco, TX (2nd most desirable place to vacay in the country this year? 🤷🏼‍♀️).Nicki graduated from Baylor University with a social work degree and practiced for almost 8 years before having kids and switching to the fitness & health industry. After years of working with hundreds of women- she became disillusioned with the old belief system of exercise more eat less and just keep “trying”. Her clients were miserable trying to lose the last 5 pounds over and over.After researching and going through her own body image issues- she created tbe Fit & FREE course, started embracing and preaching the HAES gospel and started trying to set women everywhere free from food & body obsession. We cover:[00:08:30] - Nicki's story[00:20:17] - Perfectionism & letting go of control[00:25:45] - Letting go of quick-fixes for long-term health[00:29:43] - Body image triggers[00:34:02] - Having a free relationship with food while having a goal[00:42:00] - Being comfortable in your body with your partner[00:56:45] - Spiritual perspectivesMentions:Intuitive Eating:https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002GYI960/ref=dp-kindle-redirect?_encoding=UTF8&btkr=1Night:https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0071VUXXA/ref=dp-kindle-redirect?_encoding=UTF8&btkr=1Nicki's food freedom course:https://nicki-wilson-fitness.teachable.com/p/fit-free-food-freedom/Nicki's website:www.fitwithnicki.comFind her on IG @fitwithnickiSign up for Ashley's newsletter:https://app.convertkit.com/landing_pages/163213?v=6Ashley's website:www.ashleypardo.comFind Ashley on IG @ashleykpardo

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31 Jul 2018

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HM10 :: Grace Based Fitness with Nicki Wilson

The Hello Mornings Podcast

Kat Lee and fitness professional Nicki Wilson talk about how starting small and making incremental changes in fitness and nutrition can bring big changes for both your body and mind. Nicki talks about her personal wellness journey and tons of practical tips you can implement right away. Plus, she shares the important mental and emotional benefits for getting up and moving all with the focus of action over perfection. Learn more at HelloMornings.org and NickiWilsonFitness.org


2 Nov 2017