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Colm Toibin: Rhythm and Life

The Artist's Statement

Irish author Colm Toibin joins us for the inaugural episode of The Artist's Statement. He discusses his early writing career and his evolution from poet to journalist to novelist, and his return to poetry.  We examine Toibin's novella, A Long Winter, and short story "One Minus One" from his collection, The Empty Family. He reads from his latest novel, The Magician, which tells the story of writer Thomas Mann and is scheduled for publication by Viking Press in September, 2021. Toibin describes the importance of finding rhythm in sentences and how intuition and intellect work together to develop his narratives. He also discusses balancing plot and details that help to enhance the world of his stories.  Hosted by Davin Malasarn.  The Artist's Statement is brought to you by the Granum Foundation. Visit us for more information.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/the-artists-statement/message


1 Feb 2021

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Playwright Interview: Colm Toibin, 2014

KPFA - Bay Area Theater

Acclaimed novelist Colm Toibin discussing his play "The Testament of Mary" which ran at ACT's Geary Theatre in October and November, 2014, and also discussing his novel "Nora Webster," which was published in October 2014. The interview with host Richard Wolinsky was recorded in the KPFA studios the afternoon of October 27, 2014.Colm Toibin is the author of nine novels, the most recent of which is “House of Names” in 2017. His novel, “Brooklyn” became an acclaimed film in 2015. Colm Toibin’s novels have been shortlisted three times for the Booker Prize.2017 interview, "House of Names." [1][1] https://kpfa.org/area941/episode/colm-toibin/

1hr 50mins

2 Aug 2020

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Celebrating Bloomsday: Paul Muldoon and Colm Toibin in conversation with Jeet Thayil

JLF Brave New World

Two of the greatest living Irish writers - Paul Muldoon & Colm Tóibín - discuss the influence of Joyce and Irish literature with Booker-shortlisted poet and novelist, Jeet Thayil, and explore why ‘Ulysses’ still matters, to mark Bloomsday on June 16See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


7 Jul 2020

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Colm Toibin - Haus der Namen

SWR2 lesenswert - Literatur

König Agamemnon hat seine Tochter den Göttern geopfert und wird dafür von seiner Frau Klytaimnestra ermordet. Sohn Orestes gerät zwischen alle Fronten. Colm Toibin erzählt das blutige antike Drama als Studie einer kaputten Familie. Uralter Stoff, aber hochaktuell!Rezension von Theresa Hübner.Hanser VerlagISBN: 978-3-446-26181-5288 Seiten24 Euro


26 Apr 2020

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Feiste Bücher 28: Colm Toibin

Feiste Bücher

"Brooklyn" von Colm Tóibín ist eines meiner Lieblingsbücher. Und weil es außerdem ein richtig gutes Buch für diese Krise ist, die uns allen gerade das Leben schwermacht, habe ich es ausgewählt, um mit euch allen das Leben zu feiern -- und 1 Jahr "Feiste Bücher". Die junge Eilis bricht in den 1950er-Jahren allein aus einer irischen Kleinstadt auf, um in Brooklyn die Chance auf ein besseres Leben zu finden. Dabei muss sie sich Einsamkeit, Trauer und -- noch komplizierter -- der Liebe stellen. Eine zeitlose Geschichte, die sich gerade jetzt erstaunlich aktuell anfühlt. Voller Wärme und Humor, mit Tiefe und Leichtigkeit, wie ein Stück echtes Leben. Bitte kauft in euren Buchhandlungen vor Ort, um sie in dieser schweren Zeit zu unterstützen: #kauflokal #bücherfürdiequarantäne „Brooklyn“ von Colm Tóibín ist als Hardcover bei Hanser erschienen (21,90 €) und als Taschenbuch bei dtv (10,90 €). Ditte und Giovanni Bandini haben die 302 Seiten übersetzt. Ich danke dtv, dass ich für diese Podcast-Episode in die deutsche Fassung schauen durfte. Und wenn euch "Brooklyn" gefällt, ist vielleicht auch Colm Tóibíns Roman "Nora Webster" etwas für euch. Hardcover bei Hanser, Taschenbuch bei dtv. Es freut mich, wenn ihr anderen von Feiste Bücher erzählt und den Podcast abonniert. Auf Instagram stelle ich auch noch andere Bücher vor und freue mich dort über den Austausch mit euch –- und aufs zweite Jahr mit euch! Bleibt gesund! Folge direkt herunterladen


31 Mar 2020

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#187 Colm Toibin's The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover (1989)

A Quality Interruption

EPISODE #187-- Today we talk Peter Greenaway's strange and sickening melodrama The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, & Her Lover from 1989. Plus we talk The Great Train Robbery, Hannibal (again), and Call Me By Your Name. Follow James on Twitter @kislingtwits and on Instagram @kislingwhatsit. You can watch Cruz and show favorite Alexis Simpson on You Tube in "They Live Together." Thanks to our artists Julius Tanag (http://www.juliustanag.com) and Sef Joosten (http://spexdoodles.tumblr.com). The theme music is "Eine Kleine Sheissemusik" by Drew Alexander. HelenMirin #MichaelGambon #Dumbledore #Gandalf #Wizardry #TimRoth #Madness #JacobianRevengePlays #Drama #WizardMovies


28 Sep 2018

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Nora Webster by Colm Toibin

Old Mole Reading List

If you have not yet read Colm Toibin, you are in for a treat. Not long ago, I reviewed his magnificent novel, Brooklyn, and today I want to talk to you about another stunning novel, Nora Webster. This is a novel that closely describes the inner mind of a woman, Nora, who, widowed in her late forties, is sole responsible for her home and her four children, only two of whom still live at home.In my experience as a reader, I rarely find male authors who create believable women characters. Toibin goes much further; he describes in great detail and in first person narrative the stream of consciousness of a woman struggling to recreate herself as an independent woman. Nora is an intensely private person, but given the small Irish town in which she lives, it is difficult to maintain even a modicum of privacy since everyone wants and expects to know other’s business.“You must be fed up of them. Will they never stop coming?” Tom O’Connor, her neighbor, stood at her front door and looked at her, waiting for a response.Nora replies that they mean well. “Night after night,” he said. “I don’t know how you put up with it.”She wondered if she could get back into the house without having to answer him again. He was using a tone with her, a tone he would never have tried before. He was speaking as though he had some authority over her.And her neighbor is not the only person who speaks to her in this new way. She finds she must return to a job she never liked, and work for a man who seems to assume this paternal tone is quite justified. Once more she noted the hectoring tone, as though she were a child, unable to make proper decisions. She had tried since the funeral to ignore this tone, or to tolerate it. She had tried to understand that it was shorthand for kindness.And further:In future, once the boys went to bed, she might have the house to herself more often. She would learn to spend these hours. In the peace of these winter evenings, she would work out how she was going to live.And what a fine job of it she does. She takes her family, including the two older girls who are out of the family home, on an inexpensive caravan holiday, and slowly her children come to see the inner strength Nora has, and that they can rely on her. Of course, the process is slow and often so lonely and painful, but she begins to find the joyful person she once was as she goes through the motions of working and dealing with others. The hardest part is knowing what to say to friends, how to socialize, when in the past she had left most of that to Maurice, her much more talkative and social husband. At the moment the only topic she could discuss was herself. And everyone, she felt, had heard enough about a her. They believed it was time that she stop brooding and think of other things. But here were no other things. There was only what had happened. It was as though she lived underwater and had given up the struggle to swim towards air. It would be too much. Being released into the world of others seemed impossible; it was something she did not even want. How could she explain this to anyone who sought to know how she was or asked if she was getting over what had happened?The profundity of this novel is not due to some sudden existential moment, some cosmic insight. Instead it is in the detailed description of how Nora copes and how she literally creates herself. After years of not being musical, she returns to singing, and that is an important step for her in becoming. She finds a singing teacher who urges her to sing in a choir. The teacher, Laurie, comments:“You know I sang for Nadia Boulanager,” Laurie continued, “and one thing she said was that singing is not something you do, it is something you live. Wasn’t that wise?”And while Nora does not know how to respond to this at the time, she does come to live her singing, and that along with the growing strength she feels in helping her children and making a home for them allow her to emerge as a self-made person.I will not provide more of the meticulous description Toibin uses to describe this coming to fruition of a strong and independent woman, but I hope you will pick up the novel yourself and marvel at both Nora and Toibin. The novel is a rather long one, and there is little dramatic action or crescendo, but I found the book lovely and deeply insightful. I recommend it to you along with his other finely crafted books.

24 Sep 2018

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#017 Colm Toibin: Universities in the era of Brexit and Trump

The University of Liverpool Podcast

University of Liverpool Chancellor, Colm Tóibín explores the role of education and universities in the current political climate. The Irish short story writer, essayist, playwright, journalist, critic and poet is author of nine novels - three of which have been shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize. In 2009 Brooklyn won the Costa Novel of the Year and was later adapted into an Academy Award nominated and BAFTA winning film. His work has been translated into more than 30 languages and he continues to engage critics with his most recently published work, House of Names.


3 Oct 2017

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Lit Lessons: Discussing Nora Webster by Colm Toibin

Blackbird Studio for Writers Podcast: Lit Lessons

In a live discussion, members of the Studio discuss the lovely and spare novel, Nora Webster, by Colm Toibin. From a review of the book, to an analysis of scenes. The goal of the conversation is to better understand Toibin's craft decisions and improve as writers.


20 Apr 2017

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Colm Toibin

Desert Island Discs

Kirsty Young's castaway is the writer Colm Toibin.Best-known for his novels "Brooklyn" - now made into a film - "Nora Webster" and "The Master," he has been nominated for the Booker Prize three times.Born in 1955 in Enniscorthy, County Wexford, the second youngest of five children, Colm's life changed suddenly when his father died after a long illness when he was twelve. He says he has been dealing with the trauma which resulted in his writing ever since. After attending St Peter's College in Wexford and University College Dublin, he spent three years in Barcelona teaching English before returning to Ireland. He worked as a journalist until his books began to get published. He once told a class he was teaching that "you have to be a terrible monster to write. I said, 'Someone might have told you something they shouldn't have told you, and you have to be prepared to use it because it will make a great story. You have to use it even though the person is identifiable. If you can't do it then writing isn't for you. You've no right to be here. If there is any way I can help you get into law school then I will. Your morality will be more useful in a courtroom.'"Producer: Christine Pawlowsky.


3 Jan 2016