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What happens when Meghan Markle wears your clothing? With HATCH Founder Ariane Goldman

Female Startup Club

Joining me on today’s episode is Ariane Goldman. Founder of HATCH. HATCH is a contemporary lifestyle brand dedicated to chic clothing for before, during and after pregnancy. While pregnant in 2010, Ariane noticed a void in the maternity clothing market and it was at that moment the concept of HATCH was born.The brand is designed to celebrate the many changes that a woman’s body experiences throughout their pregnancy, while making them feel as chic and beautiful as ever. In a natural expansion for the brand, HATCH Mama non-toxic beauty was launched in 2018 providing plant based self-care essentials for all mothers. The solution driven lines are crafted to carry women through pregnancy, and beyond.In this episode we cover what learnings Ariane was able to take from her first venture into the second, how she got it off the ground and the moment that everything changed - when Megan Markle propelled the brand into the global spotlight after wearing a HATCH dress.LINKS WE MENTION:Ariane’s Instagram HATCH’s Instagram HATCH’s WebsiteIn partnership with Klaviyo, the best email marketing tool for ecommerce businesses.Female Startup Club's InstagramMeghan Markle in Hatch Maternity Dress Megan Markle in Hatch Dress  Podcast : How I Built This  with Guy Raz Podcast: The Daily from The New  York Times 


4 Feb 2021

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Ariane Goldman, Founder and CEO of HATCH Collection

Business Class: Office Hours

Ariane Goldman is the Founder and CEO of HATCH Collection, which helps expecting mothers embrace and celebrate all stages of pregnancies. Listen in as she walks through the first – and subsequent – steps she took to adjust to business challenges. This episode is hosted by Michie Miller, Vice President of Large and Global Client Marketing at American Express. 


17 Jan 2021

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Staying Home With Whit | Ariane Goldman, Founder of Hatch, On The Common Denominator of Motherhood

With Whit

If you have been following me for a while, you know that pregnancy was a mix of extremes - major highs and major lows. I wasn’t that stereotypical mom who felt glowy or sexy or empowered. I wanted to be excited, but I couldn’t force it and that made me feel weak and unstable. I felt really alone and wished I had been able to hear other voices singing the same tune...a community of humans bringing other humans into the world with a validating and encouraging tone. In this episode, I talk with Ariane Goldman, founder of HATCH, the most amazing maternity brand that’s mission includes cultivating a community. With over 100K followers on Instagram, the HATCH community is a place for mom’s looking for support and relief. Ariane and I discuss how she built her brand, the common denominator of motherhood and the importance of adapting as a mother (this year has really proven this). Hope all you moms or moms to be love this one! This episode is brought to you by HOMER. HOMER Learn & Grow is part of HOMER’s essential early learning program that builds skills for school and life—taking kids on a personalized learning journey that boosts their confidence and grows with them. Visit learn with HOMER.com/WITHWHIT to start a free 60-day trial. This episode is brought to you by Purple Mattress. Experience The Purple Grid and you’ll sleep like never before. Go to Purple.com/whit10, and use promo code whit10. For a limited time you’ll get 10% off any order of $200 or more! This episode is brought to you by Press Seltzer. The sparkling taste of PRESS reflects that all of life’s delicious moments are meant to be savored. To enjoy Press Seltzer just go to EnjoyPress.com. If local to the Los Angeles area visit the nearest Costco, Target or BevMo retailer. Produced by Dear Media


10 Nov 2020

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Ariane Goldman, founder and CEO of HATCH: “Fear and ambition together is incredibly powerful.”

Skimm'd from the Couch

Ariane Goldman is no stranger to taking risks. She climbed the corporate ladder for years before quitting to dive into fashion. She started HATCH, a company creating style solutions for pregnant women. And it’s now changing the conversation about maternity. But she founded the brand when no one was paying attention to the category. This week, she told us why she risked it to be the first mover in a new space. In this episode, Ariane shares her philosophy of leading with “human first” during the COVID-19 pandemic (4:20), her advice for turning your side hustle into your main hustle (10:06), and what it was like to start a company with a newborn (18:15). Stay tuned at the end of the episode for a spotlight on Soapply, a company on a mission to get soap in the hands of everyone who needs it right now. Every 8 oz. of Soapply is tied to a $1 donation that helps fund water, sanitation, and hygiene efforts around the globe. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices


27 May 2020

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Hatch founder Ariane Goldman on the inevitability (and the dangers) of the DTC funding spree

The Modern Retail Podcast

The direct-to-consumer model didn't exist when Ariane Goldman started her first clothing brand in the mid-2000s. But by the time her second company, Hatch, launched in 2011, "the only way to really start the business was DTC," Goldman said on the Modern Retail Podcast.Hatch makes clothes to be worn at all stages of pregnancy -- and before and after too -- sold both online at stores in New York and Los Angeles."The genesis was really what didn't exist out there. I was pregnant with my first daughter and looking for something to make me feel better," Goldman said. "Why wasn't it there? If I needed it, there must be millions of other women that need it too."The company landed $5 million in Series A funding last year, but Goldman is wary of the inordinate amounts of cash being stuffed into the DTC market."Why are these great ideas all of a sudden being beaten up by inflation and numbers and greed?" she asked. "Sometimes I find myself wondering what it's all worth if you're not actually building something."Goldman talked about the advantages (and inevitability) of going DTC, what she learned from her first clothing brand and Hatch's expansion into beauty products.


27 Feb 2020

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Beautiful Hustle: Ariane Goldman of Hatch

Superwomen with Rebecca Minkoff

What’s the coolest maternity brand? Does that seem like a strange question? It shouldn’t. In a global society that’s more fashion conscious than ever, it doesn’t make sense that maternity designs are so resistant to helping women feel relevant during one of the biggest times in their lives. As a pregnant woman with time on her hands and money to spend, Ariane Goldman experienced this firsthand. She couldn’t find anything she liked enough to buy. Ariane had encountered a similar problem several years earlier when she couldn’t find any suitable options for bridesmaid dresses, so she decided to create her own. A creative at heart and now a mother-to-be, Ariane paved her own way, creating fantastic maternity designs and launching Hatch. While business might have been slow at first, a New York Times article and a sighting on a certain Meghan Markle have secured Hatch as the maternity line for fashionable moms everywhere. Thanks for listening! We love our listeners! Drop us a line or give us guest suggestions here, or visit https://anchor.fm/superwomen/messages on your desktop or phone to leave us a voice memo! Follow Superwomen on Instagram. Big Ideas The value of uniting women through community-building events. [15:55] Holding gratitude through the ups and downs. [28:24] Links https://www.hatchcollection.com/--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/superwomen/support


28 Jan 2020

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42. Her Story: Behind the scenes at Hatch, from founder Ariane Goldman's perspective

Hello My Tribe

"I'm so thrilled with how beautiful our progress has come, but it has been painstaking and everything amazing in life is tough and you have to fight for it. It's not handed to us. Building this brand and connecting with people has been really an uphill battle. There's no other way to get here and we haven't even really begun in my eyes. I'm ready for the challenge ahead." Ariane Goldman, founder of Hatch, opens up about the decade she has poured into building the leading maternity (and beyond) brand. The mom-guilt, the challenges of building and managing an all woman team, the company evolution, saying goodbye to self-care as she knew it, fundraising as a woman and a mother...Alex and Ariane cover it all. Hatch today includes ready-to-wear, intimates, accessories and beauty, and three brick and mortar community spaces in New York and Los Angeles.


23 Jan 2020

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Ariane Goldman: CEO and Founder of Twobirds New York and HATCH

Second Life

Ariane Goldman, CEO and Founder of both Twobirds New York and HATCH, is disrupting the industry by providing solutions for the voids in women's wardrobe. On this episode of Second Life, find out how Ariane transitioned from her eight-year career at American Express into marrying her creativity and strong business foundation to build two successful companies. 


16 Dec 2019

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Ariane Goldman of Hatch - Building a Support Community


Many entrepreneurs call their business their “baby.”  And while there are countless resources for business owners, from coaching to seminars to podcasts like this one, mothers who give birth to a real baby often lack support in the months after birth, also known as the fourth trimester. Ariane Goldman built HATCH, an apparel brand with fashionable maternity clothes designed for every trimester of pregnancy and beyond. She was determined to build more than a clothing brand -- she wanted to build a community and a support system, inspired by her own maternity frustrations.  Ariane joins Socialfly Co-Founder Stephanie Cartin in the MouthMedia Network studio for a conversation about building her business and career, and describes her journey to success. This includes the lessons she learned from her experiences in corporate America and applied to her own ventures; how partnerships and events have played a crucial role in growing HATCH; the importance of business coaches; and, how building a direct to consumer brand with niche products opened doors for celebrity influence. Plus, a surprise. 


9 Sep 2019

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Episode 113: Desperation Breeds Inspiration - Ariane Goldman, HATCH Collection

Positively Gotham Gal

Ariane Goldman is the Founder and CEO of HATCH Collection -- a maternity clothing brand designed to give women access to cool and easy style during pregnancy, and beyond. Ariane and I sat down to talk about her journey toward entrepreneurism, and the way she built her companies from the ground up, without raising capital.


9 Sep 2019