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Elevated Voice Design - Vasili Shynkarenka, Invocable – Voice Tech Podcast ep.019

Voice Tech Podcast

Vasili Shynkarenka is CEO and co-founder of Invocable, an online tool that lets you prototype voice applications without coding. Formerly known as Storyline, the company has now pivoted from an Alexa skill builder into a first-class voice application design tool. In our conversation, you'll learn all about the reasons behind the pivot, the main differences between Invocable and Storyline, and how you can use Invocable to design better voice apps. Vasili shares his experience of seeing thousands of voice applications developed on Storyline, and his advice to voice interaction designers for what works and what doesn't. We discuss the power of multi-modal interaction, and how to design visual interfaces in Invocable. We also discuss predictions for 2019, the major problems with in the voice industry right now, copy cat startups and much more. This is a time-limited preview. To hear the full episode, and access the full catalogue of episodes and bonus content, become a Voice Tech Pro https://voicetechpodcast.com/proLinks from the show: Full show notes: https://voicetechpodcast.comInvocable: https://www.invocable.comInvocable on Facebook: http://bit.ly/2Mn0gXvVasili's email: vasili@invocable.comSubscribe to get future episodes: Apple iTunes: https://apple.co/2LqW4olGoogle Podcasts: http://bit.ly/voicetechpodcast-googleGoogle Android: http://bit.ly/voicetechpodcast-androidStitcher: http://bit.ly/voicetechpodcast-stitcherSpotify: https://spoti.fi/2IZr5hmAlexa: http://bit.ly/voicetechpodcast-alexaWebsite: http://bit.ly/voicetechpodcastJoin the discussion: Newsletter: https://voicetechpodcast.com/newsletterSponsor the show: https://voicetechpodcast.com/donateEmail me: carl@voicetechpodcast.comFollow on Twitter: http://bit.ly/voicetechpodcast-twitterReddit: http://bit.ly/voicetechpodcast-redditFacebook group: http://bit.ly/voicetechpodcast-facebook-groupFacebook page: http://bit.ly/voicetechpodcast-facebook-pageSupport the show (https://patreon.com/voicetechpodcast)


20 Jan 2019

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012 – Alexa Skills with Invocable (Storyline) – with Vasili Shynkarenka

The Chatbot Podcast

Today we talk with Vasili Shynkarenka about creating Alexa Skills using Storyline. Our guest stands behind one of the best Alexa Skills builder companies "Storyline".From now on the podcast is available via Amazon Alexa as well, just say 'listen to the Chatbot Podcast' and you can listen to the latest episode. A search function may be added in the future.We not only talk about a future but also discuss how you can have your 1st Alexa skill up and running, within 10 minutes without any knowledge of programming languages.Lots to learn to here, give a listen below:Here's an automatic transcript created by a few clicks in Botspeech our bot for transcription. It's not perfect but surprisingly accurate for the low effort.[thrive_toggles_group"]TranscriptVoice is going to be over primarily interface and how interact with technology in the next five to ten years welcome to the chat pod podcast the place where we talk about BOTS artificial intelligence smart automation and messenger marketing we value our time and enjoy when technology makes our lives easier and now your host but lint Fatah key welcome everyone this is episode number 12 and the very first one that airs on Alexa and there is a big reason for that our guest today is the guy behind one of the best Alexa skill builder companies Vasiliy from story line is giving us amazing insights of the word of voice applications and we not only talk about the future but also discuss how you can have your first Alexa skill up and running within 10 minutes without any knowledge of programming languages I guess you’re excited now so without further ado welcome to the show Vasili Shynkarenka thank you very for accepting my invitation and joining us on the podcast can you please introduce yourself really quickly for the listeners who don’t yell you yeah yeah yeah sure so first of all thanks so much for having me I really appreciate that so my name is no solution parent I’m one of the co-founders and CEO of Invocable (storyline) we make it easy to create apps or skills for Amazon Alexa without writing code and Invocable (storyline) is already the biggest tool on the market so we power more than half solve and elect skills in this floor wow I’m really excited about this because I’m a newbie when it comes to voice bots and kanuk call them voice box or they have I think we can call them apps like every big company calls them like they want so for Microsoft they’re apps for Amazon there are skills for Google there are actions but I think we can go with that yeah okay and if we come from the like the whole chat bot both cast background is it still a chatbot or where would you put it uh you can say like your boys water but I don’t think it’s it’s a good name there isn’t anyone to use apps is because so app is a much more flexible term and you can basically like the biggest use case for voices content it’s a Content is and especially like one-way delivery we are so for example of flashing when you when you activate your everything you hear some music from accent and you cannot say anything back so that is not Abad actually right it’s kind of like a one-way content that you can Prince you so that’s why I think that our apps is much better term okay thank you so is voice better or what did attract what was the main throwing force for you to get into this space is it more like the future or how is it different from a written communication and chatbots first I would say that I think that voice is voiced which really is the oldest method natural interface right so we’ve been using it like four million years or something like that and from that perspective I think it’s easier to people to talk and to write right and especially for people who are not familiar with that ...


14 Nov 2018

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Storyline with Vasili Shynkarenka #21

Voice in Canada Podcast

In this episode, Teri welcomes Vasili Shynkarenka, Co-Founder and CEO of Storyline, to talk about his new platform that allows anyone to make Alexa skills without any coding!Welcome Vasili Shynkarenka from Storyline!Vasili Shynkarenka in the co-founder and CEO of Storyline, a platform that allows you to create skills for Amazon Alexa in the most simple way, without requiring any knowledge of how to code. If you can type, drag and drop, and most importantly, come up with a good idea, you too can create a successful Alexa skill with Storyline!Vasili’s background is in computer science and marketing. He previously worked in voice design for 3 years, designing conversational interfaces for various brands and businesses.Key Points Discussed on the PodcastWe covered a lot of ground in this interview with Vasili. Here are some of the key points that we discussed:Storyline is a tool that allows anyone to create a skill for Amazon Alexa without writing any code. It is a visual interface, designed to be incredibly user-friendly.Storyline launched Sept 2017Non-technical people as very good at building excellent and engaging Alexa skills.A good idea is more important than the ability to code when it comes to building Alexa skills.Alexa is more similar to YouTube than an iPhone app.Children are able to dive right in and create excellent skills for the first time (as opposed to other technologies).There are currently 550 skills live that were built on StorylineStoryline users range from age 7-87 years oldStoryline allows users to update content in real time without having to submit a skill for recertification with AmazonSkill discovery is still a major challenge for the average usersKids Court, by Adva Levin (Pretzel Labs)Completely created in StorylineWon the Global Alexa kids Challenge!Kids Court is a relatively technically easy skill to create, but the concept is very unique and engaging.Tips for Creating a Good SkillCreate skills tend built around daily habits; e.g. soundscape skills and newsChoose a relevant invocation name (i.e. command to use/open the skill)Regularly update your contentCreate a repetitive experience – something that will encourage users to return to the skillRecent Storyline FeaturesYou can now add long audio files and livestream audio in your skillsThis allows for interactive radio: Alexa can start live streaming your audio, but you can also add commands that users could say during the livestream.Alexa now supports pre-built variables; you can use these for all types of information.For example, you can have Alexa learn a user’s name and Alexa can use that in the course of the experienceYou can now store phone number in skills through Alexa, which are stored on the Amazon server. These would be accessible only by the developer. The users would be able to unsubscribe if wanted.The ability to cross-promote skills built on Alexa will help with skill discoveryThe Future of StorylineAn initial goal is to increase the number of skills in the Skill storeEventually Storyline will be published to other platforms, such as Google HomeThank you Vasili!Thank you for sharing your information, experience, and incredible product with all of us! I look forward to watch how Storyline evolves over time!List of resources mentioned in this episode:StorylineStoryline Community on FacebookStoryline YouTube ChannelWhat I Learned From 5000 Reviews of Top 5 Alexa Skills, by Vasili ShynkarenkaReviews of top Alexa Skills in CanadaPlease leave a review on iTunesShopping on Amazon.ca See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


10 Apr 2018

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Storyline CEO Vasili Shynkarenka - Voicebot Podcast Episode 37

The Voicebot Podcast

Vasili Shynkarenka is co-founder and CEO of Storyline, the company dedicated to making it easy for anyone to create an Amazon Alexa skill without coding. Vasili started working with conversational interfaces in 2015 as a co-founder, chatbot UX designer and algorithm developer. He later became CEO of Botcube, a chat based applications development firm located in Belarus. Earlier in his career, he was a web developer focused on CMS for news and blogging. Storyline just emerged from the Y Combinator Winter 2018 class, its user base has been growing quickly, and over 500 Alexa skills have been published using the software. One of those Storyline created skills, Kids Court, recently took the top prize in a contest to build children's games for Alexa. 


9 Apr 2018

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How to create an Alexa Skill without coding with Vasili Shynkarenka

VUX World

But first, let's welcome co-host; Dustin CoatesWe're joined in this episode by our new co-host, Dustin Coates. Dustin is the author of Voice Applications for Alexa and Google Assistant and has been involved in the voice scene since day 1. With extensive experience in software engineering, deep knowledge of Alexa and Google Assistant development and an immense passion for voice, Dustin brings a new perspective and different angles of questioning that, not only technical folk, but non-tech people will appreciate as well.One of the challenges with new technology platforms is that you typically need to be able to speak the lingo to develop on them. As the internet has progressed, there are what seems like a million dev languages that you'd need to be able to code in to be able to create your website or app.It wasn’t until relatively recently that tools cropped up to allow designers and total beginners to build on the web. Tools like Wordpress, Weebly and Squarespace have made it easy for anyone to create a presence online.The great thing about having that history of the web is that we can learn from the past and apply the things that work well to new industries and technology. That’s exactly what Vasili has done through the creation of Storyline. It's the Weebly of voice.It has a drag and drop interface and a user friendly workflow that will allow anyone to create an Alexa Skill without needing to code a single line.It will let more technical folk do further work if they’d like to, such as using an API integration to interrogate data, but for the less technical folk out there, what you get ‘out the box’ is more than enough to build a well-rounded Skill.In fact, testament to how much flexibility is baked into the tool is the recent announcement of the Amazon Alexa Skills Challenge: Kids winner, Kids Court, was created in Storyline.In this episode, we get into detail about:What Storyline is, how it works and how to get up and runningTesting and publishing SkillsHow to make your Skill more discoverableThe Storyline communityFuture features and the roadmapThe challenges facing developers and solutions to solving themVasili’s vision for where the voice space is headingAdvice for beginner Skill-builders and voice headsOur guestVasili Shynkarenka is the founder and CEO of Storyline. After creating and selling an agency that specialised in creating conversational experiences for brands, Vasili turned his attention to focus on Storyline.Vasili is madly passionate about voice and has immense experience in the field. He’s super-keen for all kinds of people to get involved in creating voice experiences, no matter what their skill level. His vision for the future of smart speakers and his knowledge of creating voice experiences are inspirational.This episode is packed with insights and tips and tricks to help people of all skill levels create an Alexa Skill.LinksTry Storyline Check out Storyline on YoutubeJoin the Storyline community on Facebook Read Vasili's article 'What I Learned from 5000 Reviews of Top 5 Alexa Skills' on MediumCheck out Vasili on Medium See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

1hr 6mins

5 Mar 2018