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How Looking Back is Helping Zach Horvath Move Live a Great Story Ahead Big Time

Rich Ad Poor Ad

Today we’re getting sticky with Zach Horvath and looking behind the scenes of the phenomenal social promotion success of Live a Great Life -- an empowering lifestyle brand that started with stickers and branched out to accessories and apparel.  Discover the secret of their insane 35% customer return rate. Pinpoint the thumb-stopping power of a flag ad that got 450,000 views and a 2.8X ROA. Roast a campaign that somehow got away with selling people on committing a crime. Then learn from the mistakes of making an unwise debt leveraging move that they miraculously managed to survive. KEY TAKEAWAYS Discover the secret sauce behind Zach’s outstanding return customer rate and outrageously high LTV - that starts with a cheap pack of stickers. Why raising the price of a travel product paid off big during the COVID lockdown when people couldn’t travel. How an ad for counterfeit money flew under the Facebook radar. What often overlooked financing factor could cause you to pay TWICE as much for a PayPal loan as a Shopify loan. Why paying influencers isn’t worth it and what you should spend that money on instead. Zach Horvath is the Founder and owner of Live a Great Story an Austin lifestyle media company he started in 2014 which is focused on inspiring people to be the HERO of their story through content, events and products. He also serves as Head of Strategyyy at Stickyyy Marketing as well as the owner of ZCLOCO a clothing company aimed at inspiring customers to "Live a Great Story. A graduate of the Acton Business School’s My Entrepreneurial Journey MBA program, Horvath is also the author of Take Over Your City, a guide focused on helping young adults effectively and efficiently move to a new city with tips, tactics and stories from the experiences of successful and not so successful moves.


8 Sep 2020

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S01 EP11 Creating a missional movement Zach Horvath

Driven For Good with Dana Roefer

Creating a Missional Movement Zach is extraordinarily wise beyond his years… he is passionate about people, culture, inclusion, and bringing others together around a common goal. The “Live a Great Story” message has been inspiring me for years, it was a privilege and so fun chatting about the journey. In this episode we talk a lot about doing the hard personal work to truly understand yourself and how it is from those insights that your message and mission will come. The ‘Live a Great Story’ message has been inspiring millions, and Zach and I are both confident that your message can do the same. I’m so grateful for all the practical advice from Zach about starting the movement.


22 Jul 2020

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Zach Horvath — How to LIVE A GREAT STORY and the Pursuit of the Entrepreneurial Journey

Conscious Creators Show — Make A Life Through Your Art Without Selling Your Soul

Welcome to the Conscious Creators Show; where through intimate and insightful interviews with authors, actors, musicians, entrepreneurs and other podcasters, you'll learn tools and tactics to 10x your creativity and strategies to grow and monetize your audience. On today’s episode, Zach, founder of Live A Great Story, talks about how he got started with Live a Great Story and what’s next for the brand. Learn how Zach found the motivation to keep going through obstacles, what he’s doing to connect to his customers, and how to navigate the unknown. Actions:  Subscribe to the show on Apple Podcasts or on your favorite podcast app and let us know what you think by leaving a rating and a review. Thank our guest and let them know what you thought of today’s episode — click here to send a Tweet directly to SJ and Sachit or find Zach on Instagram.  Head on over to Creators.Show to get new episodes, exclusive guides like our guide on “How to Connect With Busy Influencers”, partner deals and additional bonuses. Episode Highlights:  Zach shares the story of the moment Reese Witherspoon reposted Live A Great Story while he was at his grandfather’s funeral, inspiring him to keep going. Zach’s guiding principles are to think about whether his relatives who have passed away would be proud of what he’s doing and whether his future children and grandchildren would be proud of him. For Zach, the pursuit of being an entrepreneur is about the continuing journey of overcoming adversity. Sachit asks Zach when he wanted to quit the most, but Zach doesn’t remember a specific moment anymore. He just remembers the overall challenges. Right now, Zach is facing serious struggles with cash flow for the company but he knows he’s going to overcome the challenge and not quit. Zach believes in finding what fuels you to keep going. For him, it’s sweating a little bit each day from running or other exercise. Even Elon Musk’s company came close to running out of money. Sachit asks Zach about his evolution as a founder, and Zach says he sees himself partly as a creative and partly as an entrepreneur. Zach found the inspiration for his brand after backpacking through Europe for 7 months, and put up some spray painted messages around Austin without knowing what it would become. Zach describes how he balances envisioning what his company could be with allowing it to evolve organically, and says as you and your business change, it’s important to regularly check in with yourself about your values and impact. Recently, Zach realized that the values of Live a Great Story and their messaging have been disconnected for a while, so he’s reconnecting with his core audience and top customers to realign. Doing a deep dive into his customers allowed Zach to see that there are common feelings and experiences throughout his broad customer base, who at first glance seem entirely different from one another. Zach shares a story about learning to ask for help. He suggests that you come up with the ten people you would reach out to for help and advice. Zach talks about how and why he started the Live a Great Story conference. It was designed to encourage genuine connection with other people. His advice for conferences is to keep it simple, because it always requires far more planning than you expect. Seeing people with Live a Great Story tattoos is surreal to Zach. He feels like he’s just a small part of a wave. Zach has seen people post stickers or the brand in some crazy and impressive places, including a coffee shop in a small town in Nicaragua. To see people adapt his idea and make it their own is one of the most thrilling parts of this for Zach. The next challenge for Live a Great Story is to find ways to go deeper with the community and bring these people together to make an even bigger impact. To get in touch with Zach, send him a video DM on Instagram. Anyone who does this and says they heard it on this podcast with Sachit will get a free sticker! 3 Key Takeaways: Entrepreneurship is more about the ongoing journey than reaching an endpoint. Check in with yourself and your business to make sure your values align with your practices. Building a community requires a lot of deep listening. Tweetable Quotes: “I think it’s about figuring out what you need to stay the course. What are those elements that fuel you?” – Zach “Once you leave Austin, Texas you realize there are a bunch of people that don’t talk like you, don’t look like you, don’t believe what you believe, and having really cool conversations like that really inspired me.” – Zach “We’re not aiming for a star when we’re launching. It’s more like a constellation or a cluster of stars. It’s pretty far away, so we don’t know what it’ll look like until we get there, but heading in that direction is taking us the right way.” – Zach “In the deepest moments of I don’t know what I’m doing, I don’t know why I’m doing this, I’d hop on Instagram & there would be someone’s photo with this insane emotional response caption about how it had such an impact on them & that would boost me back up & keep me going.” – Zach Resources Mentioned: https://liveagreatstory.com/ Zach: Instagram, Twitter Actions: Subscribe to the show on Apple Podcasts or on your favorite podcast app and let us know what you think by leaving a rating and a review. Thank our guest and let them know what you thought of today’s episode — click here to send a Tweet directly to SJ and Sachit or find Zach on Instagram.  Head on over to Creators.Show to get new episodes, exclusive guides like our guide on “How to Connect With Busy Influencers”, partner deals and additional bonuses.

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5 Mar 2020

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36: A Movement of Inspiration - Zach Horvath | Creator, Live a Great Story ft. Lake Austin Ales

What’s brewing, ATX?

Zach Horvath went on a 7-month European vacation looking for answers.  He found inspiration in the people he met, the experiences they shared, and the stories they told, and what started as a simple graffiti job in some of Austin's highest traffic areas has turned into a "movement of inspiration."  Zach's simple message of "Live a Great Story" has spread like wildfire, and today he shares his journey and the future plans of this new business venture! Our cold beverage today was out of Lake Austin Ales, as we drank their Juicy Blonde Ale.  While this is traditionally more of a "Summer Brew" in Austin you can drink light beers pretty much year round.  This 16 ouncer was refreshing, crispy, and hit the spot! Be sure to connect with our guest! Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/liveagreatstory Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/liveagreatstory Twitter: https://twitter.com/liveagr8story Website: https://liveagreatstory.com Check out our featured beverage, Lake Austin Ales. Website: https://www.lakeaustinales.com/ Tune in to the "What's Brewing, ATX?" podcast on your favorite platform: iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/whats-brewing-atx/id1453626224?mt=2&uo=4 Google Play: https://www.google.com/podcasts?feed=aHR0cHM6Ly9hbmNob3IuZm0vcy85NGExODk0L3BvZGNhc3QvcnNz Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/2x1FKdbCgYqgKIpKjISSJn Stitcher: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/anchor-podcasts/whats-brewing-atx Anchor: https://anchor.fm/whatsbrewingatx Connect with us on social! Instagram: https://instagram.com/whatsbrewingatx Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/whatsbrewingatx1/ Connect with the hosts! Ian Grossman: https://instagram.com/realestate_atx Greg Carlson: https://instagram.com/gregcarlson Jonathan Ratcliff: https://instagram.com/jratcliff15


8 Nov 2019

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E28: LIVE A GREAT STORY w/ Zach Horvath

Thrive On Life Podcast

If you were to write a book about your life, would people read it?! Zach Horvath is on a mission to have people answer that question for themselves. In this episode, learn how he turned a simple graffiti design into an inspiring brand for people across the world. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thrive-on-life-podcast/message


14 Oct 2019

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Owning your Inner Game with Zach Horvath

Love Intently Podcast with Sophie Kwok

Zach Horvath is an adventurer, inspirational speaker, human, and the founder behind the movement Live a Great Story. In this interview Zach shares the powerful life lesson's he's learned by being the hero of his own story. We discuss his thoughts on failure, how he overcomes negative thoughts, and how he pushes himself outside of his comfort zone. Of course, there is a love story here too. Zach's love story is a perfect example of how if you do the work on yourself first and trust the process, the universe will respond with someone better than you could have imagined for yourself. “Through the pursuit of diving into our authenticity we can become more clear on who we are. We never “get there”, there’s never a finish line in figuring out who you are.” -Zach Horvath He has touched the lives of so many others in Austin and around the world as a community builder and inspirational speaker, including at the Ted X Youth Austin conference. He writes a blog at commonvandal.com on lessons learned through his amazing travel experiences around the world, and keeps us up to date on his personal Instagram page @commonvandal. If you want some inspiring Live a Great Story apparel and merchandise such as t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts and stickers, head to https://liveagreatstory.com. You can also check out the Instagram page @liveagreatstory. The 2019 Live a Great Story Conference will be from October 25th to the 27th in Austin. It will be an amazing chance for entrepreneurs and creatives to connect with like-minded impact-driven peers and to have thought-provoking conversations. There will be 8 small group workshops designed for you to learn hands-on strategies, get peer feedback and develop an execution plan. Head to the website https://liveagreatstory.com to fill out the application to attend. For full shownotes and links: https://loveintently.com/blog/how-to-live-an-inspiring-life


29 Aug 2019

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#13 - Whiskey Wednesdays - "Living Outside the Box" Ft. Zach Horvath from Live A Great Story

Guy Talk Radio

On this episode of #whiskeywednesdays we sit down to talk about what it's like to live life outside the box to reach your goals and live the life you want to live.   We sit down with the founder of LIVE A GREAT STORY, Zach Horvath, to hear how living outside the box has helped him take a spray painted art piece to a full blown movement Check out this episode of Guy Talk Radio. Learn more at  https://liveagreatstory.com/ Be sure to join the tribe at www.guytalk.co!  Follow us on Instagram!--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/guytalkco/message


31 Jul 2019

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PIP 061: Live A Great Story Founder Zach Horvath

Passion In Progress with Javier Mercedes

Zach Horvath is the founder of Live A Great Story, a life style brand focused on building a community of inspiration. His company was formed to inspire people on their personal journey to live their best life. https://www.liveagreatstory.com @liveagreatstory @javiermercedesx My Merch: https://teespring.com/stores/javiers-store Support the show on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/javiermercedes https://www.javiermercedes.com

1hr 2mins

17 Jul 2019

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Episode 14 - Zach Horvath - Live a Great Story

The Tribe Pod

Episode 14 - Zach Horvath - Live a Great Story After Zach returned from his 7-month trip to Europe, he spray painted the words “Live a Great Story” under the MoPac expressway in Austin, TX on a whim. The graffiti gained traction on social media and soon proved to be the first step towards what he’s built now, a thriving movement based on collective action and inspiration. Join us today to discover Zach’s story, essential travel tips and how a powerful idea can be the greatest fuel for a successful personal journey. Follow Zach and Live a Great Story on the following links: Live a Great Story on Instagram Live a Great Story Website Zach’s Website, the Common Vandal You are statistically not likely to be successful... or as successful as you could have been. In today's society we have more distractions than ever, which is why we all need focus, accountability and help distilling all the signal from the noise. Tribe10k will be your signal, and help you eliminate that noise on your Entrepreneur Journey. Check Out Our Sister Company Tribe10k.com Tribe10k is a coaching and accountability group with a course back-end focused on doing just that: giving you the tools, how-to, information, and most of all, the accountability from REAL HUMANS to help you move forward every day towards your goals. Colin’s Youtube Videos for The Ancestral Mind Subscribe for my daily BIG IDEA VLOG where I share a big idea as I go about my day, recording applicable ideas as they show up during my 16 waking hours. Meet other influencers, Internet Entrepreneurs, my family, and genuine people that are an integral part of my life. Get your Real Food Wild ingredients at Wildfoods co and use code TRIBEPOD12 for 12% off your entire order! Follow Colin: Instagram Wild Foods Instagram info@WildFoods.co Check out my long form articles on life over here What Colin puts In his coffee every morning… his #DrinkYourFat elixir: Wild Cocoa Butter Wild MCT Oil Wild Coffee Wild Cocotropic What I take daily for optimal health: Wild Fish Oil Wild Shrooms Wild Pink salt Wild Collagen Follow Brent Brentity on Twitter CryptoBasic Podcast Copyright  2019 Wild Foods Brand LLC These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products and recommendations are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The Tribe Pod is a part of the Tribe Podcast Network.


3 Jul 2019

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Ep. 148 - Live a Great Story - with Zach Horvath

The Impact Entrepreneur

I was waiting for coffee here in Santa Cruz when I saw a young woman sitting in the corner reading former guest Patrick Lencioni’s book, The Advantage. I had to know more about her – because this isn’t something you see that often around here – and she told me that she’s on a journey with an organization called LIVE A GREAT STORY. I share that little story (which ended up being a magical moment of serendipity) with all of you because that’s how I ended up meeting today’s guest and the organization’s founder, Zach Horvath, someone I had been wanting to talk to for quite a while. LIVE A GREAT STORY is a diverse and authentic community focused on inspiring each other to craft their own journey, be true to themselves, and make a unique and meaningful impact. This powerful community was born out of Zach’s desire to connect with people from all around the world. Someone who speaks a different language, comes from a different place, or looks different than you may seem, well, different. However, once you get past the outer layer and start learning about their life story, you start to realize that we are all more similar than we are different. “At the core, we’re all people. No matter the variables that we tend to stack on top of that foundation of being a person – like a worldview, experience, situation, and geography – we’re all just people underneath it all.” Be the Author of Your Own Story Zach tells us that “the daily decisions that we make are what make up our story.” So when we live each day with intention and don’t let life just happen to us, we become the authors of our stories. I hope this episode and the LIVE community inspire you to take the proverbial pen and live as the author of your story, pushing yourself forward to become a hub of inspiration in your community. Because this is a way we can all make a profound impact on our families, our friends, our communities, and the world – and all it takes to get started is positive intention and a few kind words. -- Resources: Learn more at https://liveagreatstory.com/ Join the FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LIVEAGREATSTORY/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/liveagreatstory/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/liveagreatstory Twitter: https://twitter.com/liveagr8story LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/zoomhorvath/ Watch: "Somm: Into the Bottle" -- We are brought to you by the Lawton Marketing Group, a full-service advertising and design agency serving companies and entrepreneurs at all levels. They are your one-stop shop for all your website, logo, social media, print, app design and reputable management needs. Visit LawtonMG.com for more info. -- The Impact Entrepreneur Show is produced by Podcast Masters


21 Jan 2019